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A3Logics 01 Apr 2024

Table of Contents


Working with a dedicated development team is the most popular strategy used by most of the IT enterprises today. This is done by most IT consulting firms today to get access to a wider pool of offshore developers for completing their projects faster and getting quality results, that too, at a significantly low cost. As most companies face budget constraints with the permanent, full-time dedicated development team today, they prefer outsourcing software development work to a team of dedicated developers. As per Statista, “revenue in the IT Outsourcing market is projected to reach US$512.50bn in 2024″. Partnering dedicated teams, companies get benefits like project flexibility, improved control, and access to a wider pool of talented developers and so on. Despite this, many global IT companies still don’t understand the need to hire a dedicated software development team for software, website, or app development.

Hence, the article will shed light on to the key reasons to hire a dedicated team, but before we move on, let’s first understand:


Who Are Dedicated Development Team?


The dedicated team encompasses tech engineers who ingrain best practices and requisite knowledge to develop an exquisite software solution. The team of engineers comprises front-end developers, back-end developers, QA software testing service providers, UI UX designers, business analysts, and project managers.


The dedicated team is the asset of the company responsible for the scalability of the business. Hence, picking the right personnel is vital for any organization.

What Are Their Roles and Responsibilities?


Each professional IT service provider has defined the roles of their team members. Below are briefly described their responsibility which compiled together makes a project successful.


Business Analysts – The so-called bridge between the client and the IT team. Their job is to evaluate the process, determine requirements, offer relevant suggestions, and report to the executives to get the job done as expected.


Front End Engineers/Developers – What you see on a product, the features, design and also the functionality of the product is coded and tested by the front-end developers.


Back-end Engineers/Developers – The inner logic, technology integration, and connectivity of the features and functionality of the product. The front-end and the back-end go hand in hand, hence needs to be aligned.


Project Managers – The proficient and appropriate IT strategy planning and execution is made by the project managers. Their key role is to lead the team and initiate and design the plan and monitor the entire development process.


UI UX Designers – The ones responsible to make the product intuitive and engaging. Hiring a creative UI UX designer will leverage the most creative and innovative designs that could be implemented in the product to make it look exceptional.


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Why Do You Need A Dedicated Software Development Team In 2021?


Indeed, we know it is distressful to fulfil your business requirements with a limited budget and strict timeline when it comes to finding a reliable team for your organizational process. However, when it comes to running your business at its best, business leaders need to explore new areas and opportunities to ensure everything must be in a sleek process. On the other hand, business owners and entrepreneurs also need to understand that there is also a lack of expertise and due to this, there is a high demand for skilled and dedicated software development teams for product engineering services.


On the other hand, there are many reasons that emphasize business entities to look for the reliable method in terms of choosing the right dedicated software developer to ensure overall organizational success. We have mentioned the top factors that can help you in hiring a dedicated development team for your project.


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Here are the top reasons to hire a dedicated development team in 2024:


1. Focused Approach


When you hire a dedicated team, they work with full commitment towards your project. The members of dedicated software team also work strategically with minimum distraction, creating a proper IT assessment checklist and are ready to hear any comments, propositions, and requirements from your side, as a client.


2. Save Development Costs


When partnering dedicated software teams, you don’t need to worry about budget hikes. You only need to pay developers of dedicated teams on the basis of the number of hours they worked upon your project. Also, with offshore teams, you save costs related to office space rent, IT hardware/software and project training, etc.


3. Get Project Flexibility


With dedicated teams, you get the option to adjust the size of your development team as per the project requirements. Direct control over team, tasks and workflow is also an advantage of working with dedicated teams. Agility and adaptability in dedicated software development is also high in case of any change in project. Hence, the biggest advantage of hiring dedicated teams is the flexibility that they offer to complete your project on time.


4. Faster Time to Market


Hiring a dedicated team for enterprise software development saves you from the headache of hiring freshers and explaining every tiny detail of your project to them. Skipping the learning and training curve for developers of a project makes it easier for you to build your product faster and complete the project on time. The more familiar members of dedicated teams are with each other, the more chances are there for you to finish a project earlier with less coding errors and budget.


5. Full Involvement and Complete Control over Project


By hiring software developers, you get 100% commitment and focus to your projects. The members of dedicated teams work wholeheartedly to achieve the key milestones of your project within specified timeline and budget. You, as a client, also get an opportunity to exercise total control over project workflow and be a sole decision maker in hiring, altering, administration, and changing the project direction. Unless you delegate the responsibility to an onsite project manager, you are in total control over your project.


6. Respond Faster to Emergency Situations


Bottlenecks occur every now and then in a project due to turbulent external market conditions. Losing your top priority clients due to excessive work is something no one can bear. So why not hire a professional dedicated custom software development company to help you meet deadlines. By, doing this you can stay proactive and respond faster to client demands. Additionally, the current IT professionals are also experts in providing business continuity and disaster recovery services, so that companies can have long-term uninterrupted business.


7. Improvement in Productivity Level


The focused and committed approach adopted by members of dedicated software teams while working on a particular project helps them maintain maximum productivity. Instead of working on different projects, dedicated teams focus on a single project, which in turn, produce significant results. It is better to outsource a complex project to an expert team of dedicated software professionals with a proven portfolio, instead of spending resources on training your in-house team.


8. Get Access to Wider Pool of Technology Experts


With in-house development teams, you get limited skills and expertise to build a complex project. This means when project requirements change, your in-house team struggles to adapt to the changing work environment. Therefore, hiring a dedicated team is a good idea to get access to a wider pool of talented developers, working on cutting-edge technologies like blockchain development services, AI/ML solutions, Cloud computing services and so on. These developers work upon a wide variety of projects as each client comes with unique requirements. This allows them to shine and improve their skills better compared to in-house teams.


9. Long-Term Collaboration Opportunity


When you choose a dedicated team to work upon your project, they work with full commitment and dedication. As they work with extreme focus, you can sign up long-term contracts with them to ensure stability and superior business results, every time they turn up. Finding a team who adapts faster to changing project requirements and works swiftly with any technology slack is always a tough task. So, if opportunity arises, never miss to sign a long-term deal with a dedicated software services team.



They Know How To Address Your Queries


If you want to have a long-term collaboration with your future projects and blueprint it is important to get in touch with the IT professional services who know how to help your business with the best-dedicated software team to ensure overall success. They are your call to action whenever you want agility and long-term association with them. But wait, before proceeding ahead, it is also a vital factor to make sure you are also signing a contract with them for smoother and better implementation.

This is a primary method towards the success of the business strategy. You are already aware that your team is experienced and prolific to offer hands-on experience along with implementing a technological stack to the product cycle. Later on, these technological solutions can also integrate with your business vision and mission. Hence, this is the best way to align the organizational goal to attain overall success.


They Are Experts!


Yes, they are experts, and they know what they are doing. They can help you with global expansion and life-long learning experience to make sure you are getting the right thing. They are maestros in their own field and understand what they are pursuing in order to help you with an agile product lifecycle. However, you can also manage basic grounds that ensure the qualifications, and experience you are looking for when it comes to finding a dedicated development team. Undoubtedly, outsourcing IT services will help you to know the levels in diverse forms.

software development lifecycle

What Aspects Should You Consider Before Hiring Dedicated Development Team?


We have mentioned a few aspects to keep in mind and evaluate before you pick an outsourced team for your upcoming project.




How do you confirm that you have associated with the best team? Either from a good and reliable source or a Google search. These are the most common and preferred methods to find the perfect development team.

But, in order to confirm the right one, you must ask them for

  • Relevancy of their work,
  • read feedback on the reputed listing companies,
  • examine their activeness on social platforms,
  • awards and allocation, and
  • certifications they have obtained.




The cost majorly varies on the years of experience they have in their field. Other factors, such as the skills and location also, matter when hiring an offshore dedicated team of developers. You may have to set a relevant budget and settle for the one that matches your budget and needs.



The common concern when hiring a development team for your project can be located. As aforementioned, location defines the cost of hiring them, hence you can either hire an overseas team. If budget is not a big issue, you can take advantage of the remotely located or nearshore development team.



Lastly, companies have to evaluate the risks of working with a third-party contractor, hence, only after a thorough investigation, you must associate with an offshore team for governance risk and compliance services.

You must give away your vital and confidential trade secrets, patents, access to sensitive information, and copyrights. A few points that you can underline to avoid security risks are –

  • Your associate must be well aware of the GDPR policy and abide by the rules.
  • Mutual agreement contracts must be thoroughly examined, and in case of breaches or law broken, must incur losses in any form defined in the contract.
  • For data breaches, robust actions must be taken, hence, your associate must be skillful enough to use proper security measures, including network security, physical security, device management, and others.


Actionable Strategies to Follow By Dedicated Team


Before you hire a dedicated team to extend your current team or new software product development where you need expert hands, you would want to do a background check and gather relevant information about their past projects, customer feedback, location, and other aspects. More than that, your dedicated team must –

Use Best Practices And Follow The Newest Trends


Following the industry’s best practices has always been imperative for the scalability of a product. Moreover, utilizing the best and latest industry practices improves workflow and minimizes the cost spent on experimentation and risks of failure.


Just like best practices implementation, technology trends can open opportunities while analyzing the best ways used by the experts in order to achieve the best performance.


However, a very much debated topic as to which technology is best to design and develop a product. You must always ask the developer they plan to use or whether they have used the preferred technology before. You can ask them to validate while creating a list of testing tools and cases to use.

Adhere To Stringent Security Protocols


Not just robust and flexible, your product must be secure as well to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Stringent security integration at every stage of the product architecture development is a crucial factor which also is an essential factor to hiring a dedicated development team.


You can discuss the best practices they follow to deter security vulnerabilities. The best security testing approach can be commonly used by both – dedicated team and the in-house team – right from the start of the project to assure the best software development.

Encourage Multiple Agile Methodologies


Did you know that the product re-engineering services providers who practice the agile method for their projects are 28% more successful? However, there have been multiple methodologies used, such as extreme programming (EX), Kanban, Scrum & lean, for agility, continuous improvement, efficiency, and flexibility. Whichever methodology you practice, your dedicated team, whether remote or on-site, must be on the same ground.


If the current and dedicated team works differently, you can keep a training session to dictate the methodologies being practiced while improving the coordination. Arranging weekly meetings and standups can ensure coordination and project heading in the correct direction.


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When to Hire a Dedicated Development Team?


Projects with Tight Deadlines


When surveyed, 61% of recruiters faced challenges in finding qualified candidates, while 24% faced difficulty in employing developers within a tight timeframe (Source: CodinGame).

In a scenario where a team is working on software development, and the release date is nearing, you need more hands and brains to speed up the development. Here is where you need to outsource a dedicated development team.

Redesign Projects


Since dedicated teams work on various technologies, they attain good experience on necessary techniques and practices to develop an intuitive and engaging redesign. Adding new updates with evolving trends seems an ongoing process. However, redesigning projects demands meticulous attention and planning.


A dedicated team here can leverage the best tools for redesign while keeping the in-house team in the loop to streamline the redesigning process assuring the success of the new solution.

Long-term Development


Companies with long projects come across technical challenges with the lack of a robust team. Meeting deadlines and commitments also seem impossible while dealing with the challenges.


Extending the team by hiring a comprehensive team consisting of front & back-end developers, QA testing services professionals, scrum masters & others can strengthen the team.

Additionally, the extended team offers flexibility and scalability, ensuring the smooth running of the platform while lifting the stress of deadline and performance.


Shortage of Development Skills


Developers have the burden to constantly keep abreast of the evolving trends and provide necessary insights for their respective organizations. This certainly inspires to implementation of new tools and best practices to build enterprise-grade software, such as ERP, CRM, or HCM Solutions.

A report said that 46% of the companies outsource their software development projects due to a lack of skills in their in-house teams. (Source: Statista).

Certainly, employing a dedicated team gives your organization new technology stack and development styles to implement in your projects.

With relevant training and support from the dedicated team, the in-house team also learns to implement new methods. It ultimately help in business scalability.


Wrapping it Up…!


In a nutshell, outsourcing software development work to dedicated teams is an excellent idea for modern day firms to get superior results. Dedicated development IT companies working from offshore locations help their clients finish complex projects on-time, meeting their budget constraints. They understand how to perform their business and also they are well-versed with the newest market trends. Make sure you are conducting better market research along with taking insights into testimonials and client reviews.




What are the benefits of hiring a dedicated development team?


  • Focus & Expertise: A dedicated team is laser-centered on your challenge, bringing specialized abilities and in-intensity expertise.
  • Improved Communication & Collaboration: Direct communication fosters robust expertise of your imaginative and prescient venture dreams.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Compared to in-house hiring, dedicated teams offer competitive fees and lower overhead costs.
  • Scalability: Easily modify group length based on task needs, scaling up or down as required.

What kinds of projects are suitable for a dedicated development team?


  • Long-term tasks with ongoing development needs.
  • Projects requiring specialized capabilities or area of interest information not effortlessly available in-residence.
  • Situations where faster development and quicker time-to-market are vital.

How do I find the right dedicated development team?


  • Research organizations with expertise in your enterprise and knowledge of relevant technology.
  • Look for robust communication talents, a culture in shape, and an established track document.
  • Consider patron testimonials, case research, and portfolio examples.


What are the exceptional engagement models for a dedicated development team?


  • Fixed-value version: Ideal for tasks with properly defined scope and capabilities.
  • Time & Material version: Provides flexibility for evolving initiatives with unsure timelines.
  • Dedicated Team model: Offers a dedicated group operating solely to your project for a retainer rate.


How do I control a dedicated development team remotely?


  • Utilize mission control tools for clear communication and assignment allocation.
  • Establish ordinary verbal exchange channels (calls, video conferences) for progress updates and feedback.
  • Define clear expectations and performance metrics to track progress and achievement.


What is the important thing for a hit partnership with a committed development team?


  • Clear conversation: Transparent communication is critical for aligning goals and handling expectations.
  • Defined roles & responsibilities: Clearly outline the roles of both your team and the committed team to avoid confusion.
  • Regular comments & collaboration: Provide non-stop comments and foster collaborative surroundings for top-quality consequences.