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Pentaho Data Integration And Business Intelligence Services

We are here to help you with all types of pentaho data integration and business intelligence consulting services as per your business needs.

Pentaho Data Integration

Our experts help to develop and automate data integration processes using Pentaho Data Integration tool which extracts, transforms and loads data from various sources into target systems through customized ETL workflows and jobs.

Pentaho ETL

We have the required expertise in terms of providing ETL development and migration services for legacy databases to the Pentaho ETL environment to build efficient data integration solutions based on business needs.

Pentaho ReportingYou can trust us as we have the required experience in report design, development and delivery of reports through interactive dashboards and reports for better decision making using Pentaho reporting capabilities.

You can trust us as we have the required experience in report design, development and delivery of reports through interactive dashboards and reports for better decision making using Pentaho reporting capabilities.

Pentaho Analytics

Our experts can not only help in the process of building analytics applications but also assist you with dashboards integrated with Pentaho Analytics that have capabilities for advanced data analysis and visualizations.

Pentaho Dashboard Designing

Our team at A3Logics can assist you with all the support in designing interactive dashboards and scorecards assimilated from various data sources to track and monitor key business metrics for improved visibility and actionable insights.

Pentaho Data Migration

We have complete understanding and experience in terms of managing data warehouse migrations, extracts data from multiple sources, harmonizes and moves to target Pentaho data warehouse with standardized and optimized structures.

Pentaho Data Visualization

We have required skills and understanding to help you in the process of creating and designing visualizations for trend analysis and graphical reporting with diverse charting capabilities integrated within Pentaho tools and platforms.

Pentaho Consulting Services

If you are looking for Pentaho consulting services, then our experts can assist you with complete end-to-end consultancy for requirements analysis, architecture planning, development, integration, testing and support of Pentaho based BI solutions.

Pentaho Plugin Development

We work with the best in-house team to help you with Pentaho plugin development services that covers customization and extension of Pentaho functionalities through Java plugin development and modifications as per evolving business needs.

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Pentaho Solutions Across All Industries

Pentaho provides a unified view of data through analytics, reporting and data integration that supports operational decision making across industries.

Pentaho for Finance

Pentaho can play a key role in making it easier for financial organizations to streamline processes like credit risk analysis, fraud detection, investment portfolio management and financial reporting by integrating data from disparate sources.

Pentaho for Insurance

Pentaho not only assists but also takes essential steps to support insurers to gain insights from policy, claims and customer data to improve underwriting, detect frauds, personalize customer engagement and ensure regulatory compliance.

Pentaho for Healthcare

You can always trust Pentaho as it plays quite a crucial role in assisting healthcare organizations to integrate clinical, financial and operational data to enhance patient services, monitor quality metrics, detect revenue leakage and facilitate data-driven research.

Pentaho for Automotive

Pentaho allows automotive companies to consolidate engineering, production and sales data to optimize supply chain, forecast demand, facilitate predictive maintenance and enable dealer profitability analysis.

Pentaho for Manufacturing

Pentaho can also assist in the process of manufacturers to leverage shop floor data, inventory positions, customer orders to streamline plant operations, trace quality issues, dynamically adjust production planning and ensure on-time deliveries.

Pentaho for Supply Chain Management

Pentaho is also quite known in terms of allowing organizations to achieve end-to-end supply chain visibility through integration of demand signals, inventory levels, shipment tracking across trading partners to optimize logistics.

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Gain Actionable Insights with Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho development streamlines extraction of data from diverse sources and aggregates it within a centralized data warehouse for further exploration through interactive reporting and visualizations.

Open Source Flexibility

As an open source platform, Pentaho allows flexibility to customize and extend functionalities as per evolving business needs at lower costs.

Pentaho Data Governance

Pentaho facilitates implementing data governance with features like data lineage, impact analysis and metadata management for maintaining data quality and reliability.

Customizable Dashboards

Pentaho enables creation of highly interactive and responsive dashboards with the ability to add a variety of widgets and visualize data in formats like charts, graphs, geographic maps.

Real-time Reporting

Pentaho supports real-time integration and delivery of reports powered by streaming or batch loaded data from multiple sources for up-to-date insights.

Comprehensive Analytics

Pentaho offers extensive analytical capabilities for descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics through tools like OLAP, data mining and machine learning.

Accommodates Large-scale Data

Being scalable, Pentaho empowers smooth management of both structured and unstructured large volumes of data for big data and IoT based applications.

Pentaho Data Integration Tools & Technologies



Apache Ant

Apache Ant

Apache Maven

Apache Maven

Apache Ivy

Apache Ivy



Eclipse IDE

Eclipse IDE

SVN (Subversion)

SVN (Subversion)


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Your Trust Is Our True Reward

Pentaho is an open source BI and data integration platform for aggregating, transforming and analyzing data for insightful reporting and better decision making.

Yes, Pentaho Data Integration (Kettle) is the core ETL tool within Pentaho suite which facilitates extraction, transformation and loading of data into databases or data warehouses.


Pentaho Data Integration is a drag-and-drop ETL tool used to build data workflows/pipelines through sources like databases, HDFS, NoSQL etc. into targets. It supports transformation, scheduling, version control, monitoring and debugging.

Pentaho Data Integration uses a structured job design, where each stage of ETL is handled through specific steps like Extract, Process, Transform connected across workflows that are scheduled and monitored for reliable data movement.

Pentaho Data Integration supports popular database sources like Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, DB2 and file types like XML, JSON, Flat-files along with Hadoop cluster for big data integration.

Pentaho BI tool allows creation of visualizations like line, bar, pie charts, gauges, geographical maps, scatter plots etc. integrated into the dashboard for intuitive representation and analysis of data.

Pentaho BI tool is available in community, desktop and enterprise editions to suit functional and team collaboration needs. Community edition is open source while enterprise offers premium support from Pentaho.

Pentaho consulting experts analyze workflows to address bottlenecks, recommend architectural improvements, provide training to leverage full capabilities for streamlined, automated and governed data integration as per industry best practices.