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Operational excellence means adjusting the company's structure, processes, and practices to ensure that the company is constantly learning and improving. The goal of operational excellence is to achieve the overall improvement of all functions of the company.Hence, to gain a comprehensive overview of production processes and, identifying other factors, CRM software development services came into existence. The CRM offers great potential in areas with complex and dynamic processes, multiple inter [...]

There exist numerous platforms to develop IT solutions to facilitate the demands generated in the market. However, there exist various such demands that can be fulfilled with various solutions but are not cost-effective at all.Thus, choosing the best solution to fulfill the need at the best possible rate is smartness. Here, we have two different platforms to discuss upon in a similar way i.e. Backbone JS and Ember JS. We will figure out in this article that where each of them suits best and why [...]

QR codes were earlier used to track vehicle bodies during their manufacture. And even earlier to that, the barcodes did the same job but due to their one-dimensional information holding capacity, they got obsolete and are not so much in trend nowadays.QR code is a 2-dimensional information carrier and a player of the enterprise industry today with a pattern that carries information regarding the locator, identifier, and the website or an application it is concerned with.The other main subject of [...]

Being a medical practitioner, it gets grinding to handle administrative work simultaneously for the one who has to handle all the medical operations as well. A doctor not just has patients to deal with but a lot of other responsibilities to fulfill if runs a clinic. Apart from general medical operations like physical checkups and diagnosis, money management and insurance-related stuff are the most vital things that should be facilitated within the premises to assist a patient and its proposer or [...]

One technology that has the most profound impact on common people and the business world is none other than GPS or Global Positioning System. Almost every smartphone user is familiar with this smart satellite system that helps in easy navigation from one place to another. The app has replaced the traditional method of finding a way through maps and has also made it possible to track vehicles effortlessly. GPS technology was introduced in 1978 with the aim to improve the navigational capabilities [...]

2020 was a turbulent year full of unexpected challenges. The pandemic affected many businesses, causing massive closures of physical stores and forcing more people to shop online. In the first half of 2020, online shopping grew to 150% compared to 2019 and the sales of some goods like fitness gear and beauty products have increased significantly.With the recent acceleration of online shopping, having an innovative, well-designed eCommerce store is more important than ever. Whether you are trying [...]

Today more than ever, businesses are eager to go through a digital transformation to match their customer expectations and build deeper relationships with them. Companies of all shapes and sizes are pushing hard to deliver a differentiated product in the market that puts them ahead of their competition. The obvious way to achieve this is by focusing on innovation and software disruption. For that, streamlining software delivery is crucial. Shortening the time between product ideation to delivery [...]

If everything around us is getting digital then why parking management should stay behind? It is the time when digitization of the world is exponentially increasing and almost nothing is left untouched from the reach of the internet. Parking is not just an issue for smaller or bigger cities singularly. But it is a matter of concern for both equally as well as of the conscience of a human being too. It becomes troublesome to tackle the issue for the city (in the case of public or open area parki [...]

So, you have decided to implement a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) strategy in your business? Well, congratulations first! Implementing a GRC is important to improve overall business security, reduce risk, and stay compliant, It lets you align your IT activities with broader business goals. Having a solid GRC foundation also keeps your customers, company, and employees away from cyber attacks and data breaches while staying compliant with industry standards. However, GRC’s strategy doe [...]

Hardly any industry or organization can work without freight, whether it is regularly or weekly, or monthly. From distribution companies to e-commerce and more, every enterprise that needs transportation realizes that there are many aspects and phases of the shipping process. Starting from quoting to delivery, shipping freight look for better ways to optimize cost and improve processes. However, manual labor or traditional methods are not efficient enough to achieve this. They are not only time- [...]