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A3logics: Top Cloud Computing Consulting Services Firm USA

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A3logics is the leading provider of cloud computing services. We have a team of certified cloud experts who are proficient in developing cloud-native apps, managing cloud infrastructures, and migrating data and application to cloud environments. We support you on your journey to the cloud with effective design, successful implementation, and comprehensive security measures to protect your containers, VMs, and serverless workloads. A3logics is an end-to-end cloud computing service provider to meet your cloud computing needs. Our Cloud Management Portal enables you to manage and configure your cloud platform with just a single click. From mainframe to containers running, we get everything covered cost-effectively.

Top Cloud Computing Consulting Services Firm USA

Different Types of Cloud Computing Services

Types of Cloud Computing Services. Infrastructure as a Service, or IaaS, gives business access to vital web architecture.


Avail automation solutions for your business while reducing costs associated with software failure. Our reliable Testing-as-a-Service ensures the best quality and high-performance for your systems, saving huge business investments.

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Enjoy application delivery with Software-as-a-Service that allows simple software access via the internet. No more struggle of maintaining or installing business software and also avoid the complexities of hardware and software management.

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Get rid of the need to build, buy, or manage the basic infrastructure with Platform-as-a-Service that provides an on-demand cloud development environment.

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Get a fast, easy, and cost-effective method of IaaS that eliminates the need of supporting, investing, or managing the infrastructure by allowing you to use IT infrastructure as per subscription.

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Benefits of Cloud Computing Services

Define your business scope and enhance the accessibility of data with our cloud computing services.


Are you planning to expand your business activities and operations? Then the cloud computing solutions are perfect to meet your scaled-up demands and needs. It is flexible to match your increased services and infrastructure. Also, you get access to the cloud services from anywhere, anytime with a reliable internet connection.

  • Scalable- One-stop solution to support fluctuating business workload and operations as the cloud infrastructure scales up according to your demands.
  • Control Options- Now, you can decide the level of your control over the cloud infrastructure with IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS solutions provided by us.
  • Tool Selection- The cloud computing services offer varied tools and features that organizations can choose from based on their business goals, and strategies.
  • Storage- Storage space is a big issue for businesses. Cloud services offer hybrid, private, and public cloud options according to security and other factors.
  • Security- Keep your security worries at bay as cloud architecture comes with APIs, virtual private cloud, and encryption to safeguard your data from theft.


If your marketing efforts and maintenance struggle are stumbling blocks to smooth operation, then cloud computing has a perfect solution for it. It allows enterprises to market their applications quickly and conveniently. Also, you need not worry about maintenance and infrastructure costs once you implement cloud solutions in your organization.

  • Savings- With cloud computing services, you also avail of remote resources. Hence, you can save a huge investment in servers and other essential equipment.
  • Speed- Cloud services also saves your marketing time. Yes, enterprises can launch their applications for the public quickly without any hassle.
  • Pay Method- Unlike in-house servers, where you have to spend on resources and expert team, cloud solutions work on pay-as-you-use approach.
  • Accessibility- Keep your business organized and allow easy access to data to your teammates with cloud apps and data that are accessible via any internet-connected device.
  • Security- There will be no more data loss because of hardware failures. Cloud computing solutions take networked data backup regularly and keep it safe.

Innovative Solutions

Keeping pace with technological evolution and advancements is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. With cloud computing, you implement the latest tools and innovative solutions in your organization which provides a competitive advantage to your business and takes it to the next level.

  • Competitive Edge- As there is no need to invest your IT resources to manage your infrastructure, your organization can move ahead more easily.
  • Streamlined Activities- As a trusted cloud computing service provider, we will take care of your IT infrastructure so that you can focus on core activities.
  • Collaboration- You can connect with partners across the globe with cloud services. It gives a worldwide access to all the collaborators in different locations.
  • Frequent Updates - We keep a close watch on all the latest updates and new in cloud computing technology and implement them in your organization instantly.

A3logics Core Services - Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services offered by our team includes a wide range of solutions

  • Cloud Application Development

    We engineer your business application from ground up so that it is cloud-ready. We help you implement it seamlessly so that it co-exists in a mixed environment and offer you optimum benefits of cloud computing.

  • Cloud Infrastructure Services

    Our team will assist you at every step from planning and creating to managing and deploying cloud infrastructure. Seek a diverse range of flexible options with our robust networking infrastructure expertise in varied areas.

  • Cloud Consulting services

    A3logics offers comprehensive consulting services that cover cloud computing strategies, detailed analysis, and an effective pathway to implementation so that you experience responsiveness, scalability, and cost-efficiencies of the cloud. Our IT consultants will ensure that our solutions align with your business goals.

  • Cloud Support Services

    Now keep your technical concerns at bay as we offer cloud support solutions to assist you in case of any issue. Even after deployment, feel free to connect with us for any help and we will respond at the earliest with the best solution.

  • Cloud Migration Services

    Still stuck with a traditional on-premise hosting platform? Then it’s time to transform by migrating to the cloud. We will help you evolve your existing applications by switching to the cloud efficiently and quickly without causing any disruption to data.

  • Cloud Managed Services

    Employing in-house servers to store data and run applications can be strenuous and expensive. Hence, we offer cloud managed services that allows you to outsource daily IT management for IT support and cloud-based services.

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As a leading provider of bespoke software solutions, A3logics has also achieved ISO 27001:2013 certification.

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We have been recognized at the national level for our hard work and dedication in IT solutions and IT staffing services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Have Doubts Regarding Our Cloud Computing Services? Experts Answer the Most Commonly Asked Questions Here

The most important factor to consider when integrating computing security solutions is the developer. Reach to a consulting firm that considers all the security loopholes when creating a cloud architecture. When your cloud computing solution is up and being executed, an array of different cybersecurity solutions help business be safe from the threats in the internet domain. These solutions include some preventive measures and detective measures that alerts the enterprise in case any potential threat knocks in. Other than basic antivirus and safer file handling process, it is also suggested to keep your cloud computing solution safe, one should use SSL encryption and enforce strong API security.

As the reports of 2018 reflect, 73% of the business names have already adopted cloud computing solutions. The other 17% of the business ensure to follow the trend in the coming years. Thus, the main challenge in the coming years would be to establish a cloud solution as a default technology with your business. The technology would run the business domain. Maybe you would not have to transfer the complete business but just a few operations. No matter what, but cloud computing would run your business. The cloud computing solution experts provide services like cloud architecture, cloud system administrators, cloud security engineers, and a few more.

There are a few cloud computing solutions that you can choose from. Saas, Iaas, Paas are a few to name. Saas or Software as a Service is the most popular cloud computing solution that one can choose from. Almost 89% of the businesses have relied on technology for some of their operations. Iaas is the second most popular cloud solution with almost 73% percent of the organizations relying on technology. Paas may not see much popularity, but still, 69% of the organizations implement the technology for a part of their operations. Cloud computing is looking forward to making some more space in the industry with better features.

Foremost the IT sector, in general, relies on cloud computing technology for its operations. Other than the IT sector, it is the finance sector of the enterprises that rely on technology a lot. With easy storage and transfer of data cloud computing has extended its assistance to the HR department too. So, there are a lot of not so technical fields that seek a helping hand from cloud computing technology. Other than these there are a few technical fields that would definitely need its assistance.

Well, the most important thing for a cloud computing solution is to be secure. When integrated with your operations it should not impede them. Also, a good cloud computing solution would ensure that data transfer is safe and over an encrypted network. It is important that the solution you have integrated keeps your system and your business safe.

What budget should I keep for cloud computing solutions in Enterprises and SMBs?

It is important for enterprises to have a good budget for cloud solutions too. An enterprise on average can spend $3.5 million on expanding, integrating, and updating the technology while SMBs can spend around $889,000. The budget shows an exponential growth over a couple of years and is expected to increase in the nearing years.

Do not miss to take product demos before you decide to proceed with the cloud computing solution. Also, ensure that you check the consultants’ review, clientele, recommendations, and other aspects. If you think you are confused, check our website once.

When you move your business to cloud computing, it is important that you find the right vendor, keep your network secure, know the basics of your server and where your data is stored, lack the right skills you need to extract maximum value for cloud investments and integration concerns. These are a few checkpoints that can help you find the right solution

The major challenge you face when you move to cloud computing is to take care of the security breach. Enforce security by creating policies as well as safeguard the company’s storage with dedicated tools. Efficiency would be another challenge that you may face. The integration of the solution with the company’s systems would be another issue.

Well, if you reach to us take cloud computing solutions surely you would face no issues.

A3logics allocates software engineers from closing projects to new openings fast. We rarely downsize many people from a dedicated software team at once. If a large team is assigned to work with you, down-scaling may take a few months. Most of the members in the team enjoy higher retention rates. The growth contexts and team building events are among the most appealing to software engineers.

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