Elearning App Development: LMS Trends To Watch Out In 2022

A3Logics 19 Aug 2022


We all are aware of how worst the situation this pandemic has created for us. Every one of us is finding our way to fight with and break through the barrier between COVID and other important components. However, if we talk about the business, many companies have loosened their grip and they are thinking about how well they can train their employees during this tough time.

Many companies are caught in the dilemma to make sure that they might offer better upskilling opportunities to their remote workforce, but how? Indeed, it is crucial not only for employees but for every learner who wants to gear up their reskilling and upskilling possibilities not only in 2021 but in upcoming years too. 

Indeed this pandemic has created some unwanted challenges that have forced businesses across the globe to look for alternative methods and because of this many new areas have been seen. Developers and business entities are now in a race to offer their own customized elearning software development in the market. For some, this pandemic was an opportunity and for others, it was a calamity. 

Before jumping directly into the pool of trends, let’s take a look at what the future holds in the eLearning app ecosystem. 

Future Of eLearning App Development 

As said above, not only do employers want to train their employees but many learners and students also want to increase their competencies in the varied fields to upgrade their personality during the COVID-19 phase. Here again online learning takes the lead, doesn’t it? 

Indeed! According to the forecast shared by Global Market Insights, “eLearning business will expand to $375 billion by 2026”, while, MarkinstyleUK affirms“ IBM conserved around $200 million once they introduced e-learning.” Now you know, e-Learning is here to stay and now it has been a trend to offer learning across the globe just by sitting at one place. 

There are amazing eLearning apps that are offering various courses starting from languages to art classes, everything is gathered in one place. However, it is important to get valuable insight into e-learning statistics. 

  • Up to 42 % of fortune 500 organizations are using the eLearning platform.
  • According to a recent survey, 82% of students have professed that online education has enhanced their skills and grades. 
  • There are many prestigious universities that are supporting online education to combine innovation with the learning system such as Oxford University, Howard University along with Stanford University. 
  • According to the sources, companies who have spent a good amount of money to train their employees through online training platforms have gained a 24% enhancement in value margins.

However, online learning is not new. It has been a couple of decades since e-learning platforms came into existence, but because of COVID-19, it has entered into the spotlight, and now it is spreading like wildfire. If we take a look from the year 2018, the e-learning market has risen with a power of $160 billion as many businesses have integrated online learning platforms into their training and development modules for better productivity. 

From 2019, the US government took a lead to obtain e-learning outcomes worth $2.59 billion. It is because the federal government wants to enhance the workforce with the latest products that can help them in overall development and progress. 

After 2019 till 2026 the online learning will expand up to  $376 billion. Many new trends are expected to rise in the market and as a result, it will offer new opportunities to the educators and instructors who want to help numerous people to upgrade their skills. 

E-Learning Trends To Look In 2021

We will divide our article into two segments, the first part will cover the technology trends and another half will give valuable insight into learning trends. Make sure to seek help from the IT professional services to understand in more detail. 

Part 1- Technological Trends In The E-Learning Development 

1. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and it will continue to rise in the upcoming years and many people are already implementing AI not only in the learning sector but in other fields too. Indeed, AI is helping to great extent by offering to automate numerous tasks that were previously done by humans. In addition to this, humans can also focus on the other vital tasks that require high-order thinking abilities. In the learning sector, artificial intelligence will enhance personalized learning methodologies, interpreting the data, offering better course recommendations. You can get a better response from the IT consultation services regarding Artificial Intelligence. 

2. Personalized & Adaptive Learning

Personalized learning is a method to help students with the learning content according to their preference and adaptive learning denotes the method with the help of confidence-based assessments, smart algorithms, and mapping. However, personalized learning helps students to choose the modules as per their choice and this can be done through smart assessment engines, artificial intelligence, and so on. Personalized learning will be in the trend for upcoming years where LCMS software will play a key role in allowing organizations and institutes to deliver adaptive learning, offering flexibility in the learning process. Students can learn anything as per their needs in their space. This is the best way for employers who want to upgrade their workforce skills remotely. These two will be rising trends not only in 2021 but beyond.

3. Microlearning Platforms & Learning Experience Platforms

Microlearning is growing each passing day, basically, it involves a small learning pattern with short-term learning activities. We firmly believe microlearning platforms will stay in the upcoming years as it promotes learners to quickly grasp various subjects easily and efficiently. Many microlearning platforms are using assessment modules as core strategies and others are using gamification, this will drag many students and learners to embrace learning at their pace. On the other hand, learning experience platforms or LXP development are getting popular among the companies to scale up their employees by offering interactive learning experiences. The main purpose of LXP is to help learners with variable subject expertise. However, LXPs are now considering a good alternative to the traditional LMS platforms.

4. M-learning Solutions

Popularly known as mobile learning, it is a method of training and educating learners through small handheld devices. This portable method of learning is in vogue due to an effective pandemic prevailing across the globe. Due to being handy and the freedom from sticking to one place, mobile application development services are rising.

Hence, learning methods are also drifted towards getting responsive. The concept of Mobile learning solutions has emerged, emphasizing responsive design that smoothly adapts with small screens. 

5. Data Analytics

For continuous scalability and learning about today’s users’ needs data tracking and analytics have become imperative for businesses these days. Learning data collection and analysis require the latest tracking solutions. However, some companies have their analytical solution to track and analyze data, while others may use third-party apps to analyze their data which further assist them to constantly evolve & personalize learning paths for maximized training return on investment (ROI).

6. Immersive Content 

Immersive content is another trend in the market for the extensive learning experience. The immersive technique uses the latest tools & technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR). However, these technologies are new and expensive, hence not all are encouraged to adopt them. People may also look upon the less expensive, tried, and result-oriented methods that can be easily scalable to improve their social scalability. There have been mixed views on immersive technology, yet it is considered to be listed in the trends of custom LMS development for customized & personalized learning experiences.

Part 2- Learning Trends In The E-Learning Development 

1. Smart Content with Catalog Courses 

Indeed, catalog courses are going to rise in popularity again as COVID 19 has emphasized that many employees look to have smart content curation according to the digital aspects. The primary interest of catalog courses is the offering that is dependent on the various subjects and learners can use these courses immediately. It is a good method to enhance and upgrade competencies without much effort. You can also ask your UI UX development services to look for interactive layout and designs. While we know that smart content is scattered on the internet, it also consists of a broad repository of various content and knowledge bases. Additionally, smart content curation is also important where the learners prefer the relevant matter of the subject that they want to look forward to in their study pattern. Therefore many companies and industries are adapting interactive content curation for better reasons. However, it is important to make sure content should be relevant, effective, and more agile when it comes to learning as users can find the relevancy and they can stick to the interactive learning platform. We firmly believe that content curation along with catalog courses can be seen in the trend for 2021. 

2. Collaborative and Social Learning Platforms

Many organizations have laid their eyes on the social learning platform as it is increasing rapidly and students are actively participating in collaborative learning to leverage their skill through  various methods such as forums, learning sessions, chat meets and the list goes on. Social and collaborative learning is cost-effective and also offers a plethora of new ways that enable more areas of learning in the students. These types of learning platforms can be fulfilled by the best product engineering services that can help you in understanding every part of this learning method. Apart from this, students can also find more open, transparent, and encouraging ways to grasp new knowledge and skills. 

Note- If you want to go with an LMS learning platform, there are various factors that you should consider. Hence, make sure to do your own research before proceeding with this learning method. 

3. Game-Based & Gamification Learning 

Gamification is indeed here to stay and will surely grow leaps and bounds as it will retain the attention of experts across the globe to provide the right learning. Employers can share their feedback, review, and rating whenever their employees complete the courses or any assigned assignments in the given time frame. In addition to this, gamification also provides an aim to work harder to receive badges. Later, employees can also turn these badges into incentives or certifications to motivate the employees. Your employees will learn new skills and they can implement them quickly in their work effectively. Gamification also provides better and engaging learning experiences. But wait, are you looking for advancements in elearning technology, make sure to understand every bit of it. 

Final Words: 

Elearning app development is the rising trend in 2021 and many sectors are already implementing e-learning modules in their workplace to reskill and upskill their employees. However, it has been seen that many business entities are approaching web development company to create their own e-learning platform. If you want to own your customized online learning solution, we are open to conversation. Let’s break the ice!