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HCM Solutions

A3logics offers HCM solutions combining all facets of HR talent, payroll, HR management on one application.

Human Capital Management (HCM) is a rising trend in enterprises to streamline their hiring, payroll, and all HR management functions. Companies are implementing HCM policies to administer their workforce. HCM is an umbrella term that covers all the stages of an employee lifecycle from acquisition, onboarding, payroll, development, growth to offboarding. HCM is a unified solution that not only contributes to HR functions but also brings the entire workforce on one smart platform. It has become a critical investment for companies to enhance their HR capabilities and reduce the cost to manage employees. A3logics holds expertise in designing tailored Human Captial Management Software that meets your unique needs. Be it compliance, enhancing employee performance, or optimizing their performance, we have got it all covered on one platform. Rest assured that it will be the most effective and connected solution for all your HR needs working as a trusted source of information, hence improving decision making. Connect with us for reliable HCM software solutions in the USA and manage your employees without any hassle.

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Features of HCM Solutions

Our Top-notch HCM software covers all the aspects of HR and enterprise.


Our Human Capital Management Software will handle all your worries regarding payroll processing. It will prepare a single timesheet for you along with pending and approved requests to ensure accuracy before you finalize the payroll process.

Employee Acquisition

Get your peace of mind by overcoming all the complexities of recruiting and hiring new employees with our integrated HCM solution. The system will synchronize with recruitment portals and give you the list of the most eligible candidates.

Benefits Administration

With HCM, you can educate your employees with various employee benefits schemes of your organization. The system will automatically send information to qualified employees and also help them compare different options and select the best for them.

Workforce Management

Reduce compliance risk and ensure better control over your workforce with ease. With our most reliable HCM solution in the USA, you can track and record the performance and goals accomplishment of employees while enhancing their experience.

Attendance Scheduling

Make punch in and punch out process easier with a smart mobile app. Employees can mark their timings and working hours with just a single click. They can also log in while working on the field and specify the project or program they are working on.

HR Management

From an organized hiring strategy to recruiting the most suitable applicant, the unified system will take care of all HR needs. Moreover, the files can be completed on an automated system and news can be shared easily across the organization.

Competitive Advantage with Enhanced Employee Experience

Streamline Workforce Management and tap into the true potential of your employees.

Recruiting and hiring the right candidate is a hard nut to crack for HR professionals. Also, the quality of recruits depends on the experience of your existing employees. Hence, A3logics brings to you a trusted and unified Human Capital Management Software that is empowered with all the latest tools and resources. It will create a transparent environment in your organization and build trust among your employees.

Seamless Implementation

Advantages of Powerful HCM solutions

We are a team of dedicated and experienced developers who are committed to their work.

Bring your business on mobile for the users to offer ease and convenience.


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