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You can hire dedicated software developers from us and get access to the top 1% of talent who work exclusively on your project.

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Hire Software Developers to Add Agility to Your Core Team

Hire dedicated software engineers from A3logics and upgrade the skills, efficiency, reliability, and professionalism of your in-house team.

Businesses across industries work in a dynamic environment where they face unexpected and complex challenges in talent sourcing. Whether it’s lack of IT professionals or requirements fluctuations, a plethora of issues are pain-points of any software development project. Hence, A3logics offers the flexibility to hire software developers so that organizations can add agility to their teams and achieve project goals efficiently. We have handpicked the top talent from thousands of applicants to deliver high-quality results. It is through a strict interviewing and screening process that we finally recruit the candidates with exceptional skills and knowledge. You get access to certified software developers for hire to optimize project speed, costs, and timeline.

From reengineering your current software system to developing a new product from scratch, we provide you with the best-fit resources. You can hire dedicated software engineers with proficiency across a range of technologies to augment your core team and accelerate the development process. So, connect with our experts now and let our qualified candidates take care of your project.

Hire Software Developers to Add Agility to Your Core Team

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We have designed several software developers hiring models to meet different project sizes, types, and budgets.

Dedicated Development Team

Dedicated Development Team

This model allows you to hire dedicated developers to work exclusively on your project. You will get complete control over their tasks and they will report directly to you regarding their progress and work.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

You can collaborate with professional developers who work with your in-house team to enhance their capabilities. They work temporarily on the project with an aim to bridge the skill gap in your development team.

Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing Services

When you neither have an in-house development team nor want to hire professionals for a project, outsourcing comes handy. It is an arrangement where you hire vendors to develop software solutions for your business.

How We Hire Skilled Software Developers?

We follow a stringent process comprising vigorous stages to acquire the top IT talent.

  • Job Applications

    From thousands of applications received, we select the top 1% skilled professionals by assessing their profiles. Using a unique algorithm system, we assign the right candidate to the most suitable job position. After selecting the best applications, we begin the main hiring process.

  • Candidate Screening

    Next is the online interview and screening to filter the candidates further and finalize the best candidates for the next rounds. Our automated system assigns an online test to review their skills, knowledge, and technical excellence. The questions are based on the job applied for.

  • HR Interview

    Our screening process is still not over as our qualified and knowledgeable HR team is yet to conduct another round of interviews with applicants. To ensure that you hire software developers with the best skills and talent, we evaluate their experience, prowess, and efficiency meticulously.

  • Knowledge Check

    As we are hiring for software development and IT solutions, it is vital to check their skills and knowledge in the field. Therefore, before we hire software engineers, our technical interviewers conduct an exhaustive screening that involves real-time problem solving to recruit the finest candidates.

  • Recruiting & Hiring

    We use an automated and advanced software system that suggests the most appropriate candidates for the project. From developers to analysts, it finds the cream applicants who excel in every aspect, be it past performance, management skills, availability, or characteristics.

  • Building the Team

    Once we have all the right people selected for the project, it’s time to build the team. For this, establishing a well-defined communication channel is vital that involves in-house and dedicated developers. Also, we assign the hired team to a small project to make them familiar with the work culture.

  • Project Execution

    Finally! You have an excellent team ready to work on your project and ensure successful completion within the committed time and budget. We will keep an eye on the team and its performance so that you face no issues. Our experts will guide them and resolve your issues for faster results.

Effective Tools to Track Team Productivity

Project Management

Hire software developers and get access to agile project management tools for better project management. These advanced systems facilitate smoother project planning for small or medium projects.

Performance Monitoring

You can easily keep track of the progress of the development team and provide feedback with our monitoring tools. It is a useful way to prepare communication plans including agendas, meetings, etc.

Defect Tracking

Another useful tool that we recommend to track software developers for hire is defect tracking. This efficient platform is perfect for source code management, issue or defect tracking, and effective management.

Team Collaboration

As you hire dedicated software engineers, you will need a reliable system for timely submission and approvals. This tool evaluates resource performance against the benchmarks and shares timely reports.

Why Hire Dedicated Software Developers from A3logics?

We not only provide resourcing services but make sure that you recruit and hire software engineers from the top talent for accelerated project success.

Technical Expertise

A3logics offers consultation and management services for enhanced development lifecycle and system performance. Hire software developers with excellence in UI/UX, salesforce, automation, and more.

Vast Resources

We provide you with a team that delivers results and drives success. You can choose project managers, business analysts, technical architects, test engineers, strategists, and designers from a wide pool of talent.

Integrity & Transparency

We value our customers, their privacy, and critical project information. Hence, we maintain integrity and transparency throughout, respect their secrecy, and follow strict NDA regulations.

Smooth Operations

You get an extensive choice of software developers for hire to manage the development lifecycle. We help you find, recruit, and train the right people by implementing the best tools that align with your procedures.

Easy Administration

Connect with us to hire the top developers and engineers who work exclusively on your project. We will manage payroll operations, team setup, contracts, team management, and NDAs for you.

Flexible Model

To meet the unique needs of clients and exceed their expectations, we offer a flexible engagement model. This enables you to hire software engineers on a monthly, hourly, part-time, and fixed cost basis.

A Quick 4-Step Methodology to Help You Hire Software Developers

Gather Requirements

Our IT specialists and strategists will collect all the project requirements, objectives, end goals, challenges, and customer expectations. They understand key aspects and based on evaluation, select the tech stack, finalize resources, create roadmap, and pick mutual synergy areas.

Team Selection

Now that we have all the critical information and vital data, it’s time to select the right team structure and assign job descriptions to every member. We make sure to cover all the required technical skill sets, extensive experience, right job roles, and remote workers before shortlisting the developers.

Contract Sign-off

Our top managers and consultants discuss all the terms and conditions with clients before they hire software engineers from A3logics. Once all the policies are agreed upon and clients are happy with the selected candidates, we draw up the contract and assign the right team immediately after that.

Project Execution

Selected software engineers are now ready to be deployed to work on a client project. They will work according to their timeline, requirements, and budget. Also, clients get complete control over their tasks as they will report to them daily, making it easier to track their progress and provide feedback.

Technical Experts to Hire for Your Software Development Project

Cloud Developers

Cloud Developers

Available software developers for hire who help you maintain cloud systems and build scalable, secure, and interactive cloud-based mobile and web applications.

DevOps Engineers

DevOps Engineers

Seek professional assistance from our DevOps engineers who guide you through API and plugin development, release automation, and continuous integrations.

Frontend Software Developers

Frontend Software Developers

Offer impactful software to users and hassle-free navigation features with our frontend developers who deliver client-side server scripts and implement UI design mockups.

Backend Software Developers

Backend Software Developers

Our dedicated software developers offer end-to-end services for backend development, including integrating APIs, setting up database & cloud, and delivering code of server-side scripts.

QA and Testing Analysts

QA and Testing Analysts

To ensure top-notch quality and error-free performance of your software, hire software engineers from us. They will run several tests to verify compliance, fix loopholes, and meet quality standards.

Full Stack Developers

Full Stack Developers

Seek the assistance of our full-stack developers to work on different types of web and mobile applications. From APIs and databases to servers, they will take care of every aspect of the development process.

Software Architect

Software Architect

Hire dedicated software developers to create a detailed plan for software architecture. Our professionals will monitor the entire architecture while meeting compliance and scalability requirements.

AI Experts

AI Experts

Our team also includes AI engineers to work on your project and help you develop data-driven solutions. They adopt a unique approach to streamline the business workflow.

IT Consultants

IT Consultants

Hire software developers who also offer IT consulting services to address technical challenges, optimize project workflow, explore better opportunities, and recommend the best solutions.

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