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A3logics is a custom software development company specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technologies. We offer industry-specific blockchain development solutions that are driven by Agile methodology to bring high-end security and mobility to your organizations. We operate with a team of highly skilled developers and designers that can improve the time-to-market and help your business to leverage the potential benefits of blockchain. You can avail amazing blockchain solutions for your business by integrating the latest distributed ledger technologies, smart contracts, and identity solutions.

Blockchain Development Solution

Blockchain Consulting & Development

Bring transparency and efficiency with the latest blockchain tech to support your business success.

Blockchain Technology Consulting

For more than 10 years now, A3logics has been helping organizations of different scale and structures to improve and modernize their Blockchain Development strategies.

Blockchain Security Solutions

Our team of experts provide Blockchain Security solutions to eliminate probable loopholes and help build secure and reliable relationships between parties.

Blockchain Smart Contracts Solutions

At A3logics, we use leading-edge technologies to develop digitally-secure contracts. We offer Ethereum based custom smart contracts development services in a cost-effective budget.

Ethereum Blockchain Solution

The team at A3logics is dedicatedly working on app development models to build highly secure business networks that ensure efficient and trusted transactions.

Blockchain wallet Application Solutions

We provide cryptocurrency wallet application solution that ensures effortless exchange of crypto-currency. The user-friendly attributes and enhanced security of wallet tends to give seamless user-experience.

Blockchain Banking Solution

We offer Blockchain solutions to the financial sector. The integration of blockchain technology can enhance operational efficiency, security and safety and improves end-user experience.

Our Blockchain Development Services

We offer numerous blockchain development services to help businesses become leading Crypto Entrepreneurs in their respective industries

Private Blockchain Development

A private blockchain is exclusively built for your business and can be accessed by the selected people. The network is controlled by one or more entities and the participants have details about transaction history.

Decentralized Application Development (dApps)

Our blockchain developers will help you streamline your process by building decentralized applications that can run on a P2P network of computers, hence, accelerating time to market and maximizing your ROI.

Wallet Development Solutions

Using their blockchain skills and knowledge, our developers will create a cryptocurrency digital wallet to hold your digital assets. These are designed to attain the highest level of security and keep track of trading.

Smart Contracts Development

We have a team of smart contract developers who offer a wide range of services with Ethereum for blockchain development. The smart contracts are built for crowdfunding and supply chain and are completely private.

Hyperledger Development

Keeping up with your diverse requirements, we bring to you an enterprise-grade distributed supply chain system called Hyperledger. It uses smart contracts and enables full data security and controls monitoring as well.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Want your won Bitcoin trading platform? Then seek our cryptocurrency exchange development service. We ensure customized features for your system that resonate with your business requirements.

Benefits of Our Blockchain Application Development

Our experience in the blockchain development ensures round the clock client satisfaction.

Agile Methodologies

Our aim is to deliver you a successful and flawless project. Hence, we use agile methodology where we constantly review the development progress and evolve throughout the process.


We have designed an economical and cost-effective price strategy where you have to pay only for the service that you seek. With our customized solution, you get the best solution within your budget.


A3logics has won the trust of clients for years with its transparent working environment. We keep our customers updated and they can get in touch with our team anytime regarding any query.


We believe in serving our clients with the best. Therefore, we have a flexible working environment where we adapt to their requirements effortlessly, be it changing our working hours or methodology.

Types of Blockchain Development

Depending on the nature and scope of your business, you can seek 3 primary types of Blockchain development solution

  • 1

    Public Blockchain

    No restriction to join the network

    Secured data

    Works on Consensus Protocol

  • 2

    Private Blockchain

    Access to selected people

    Participants have a transaction history

    Controlled by one or more entities

  • 3

    Consortium Blockchain

    Combination of public and private


    Limited node execute a consensus


Industries We Serve

We use quality-driven processes to build and implement industry-specific solutions to get maximum ROI.

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Tools & Technologies

At A3logics, we have a team of Blockchain experts that offers strategic support for successful implementation of Blockchain technology to maximize ROI.

  • etherum


  • parit


  • Hyperledger Indy

    Hyperledger Indy

  • EOS


  • Corda R3

    Corda R3

  • Stellar


  • Exonum


  • Multichain


  • NXT


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