Instagram’s Threads: The New Challenger to Twitter’s Dominance

A3Logics 14 Jul 2023


Has the hype of Threads still not touched you yet? Are you confused about how it is different from Twitter? You are certainly on the right page. Instagram’s latest app appears to be giving Twitter a run for its money with its text-based platform. We are here to help you understand how these two social medial platforms are different. But, let us first introduce you to the prince of the tweet world Threads and then proceed ahead.


We all know how Twitter and Threads are popular social media platforms. Compared to Twitter, Threads has just arrived in the market and made huge inroads already. It is in the news and gossip without a miss.

With competition so high, we all might think how these two platforms are different. So, here we are to help you out. Below we will talk about both platforms in brief so that you can choose one without any hassle.


Threads: What Is It and What Does It Require?


The Instagram team recently came up with Threads. It is a new application under the supervision of Mark Zuckerberg. The respective application allows one to share text updates, just like Twitter. It makes updates and conversations quite interactive and engaging.


The primary objective of the respective application is to connect the users and help them share their opinions uniquely. The best part is that it is working on compatibility with all the other available social media channels.

Twitter – Where Does It Stand?


When it comes to Twitter, it is a popular social media platform that is known for real-time messages. These messages are very popular in the name of tweets. The platform gives users a great opportunity to express their opinions in an engaging manner. It helps in building conversations and connecting with millions of active users available worldwide.


Today it is a very powerful platform that helps in the process of real-time conversation, news updates and social communications. In the same context, Threads has been designed. But what makes it different is the question.


This is why we are here to help you out. Below we have discussed a few of the differences between these two platforms that can give you clarity and move in the right direction.

Instagrams Threads The New Challenger to Twitter Dominance

Key Differences Between Threads And Twitter


Now we are in the primary section of the article. Below are the pointers that reflect the differences between Threads and Twitter. Check it out.

1. Availability


A key distinction between Threads and Twitter lies in their respective availability: Twitter began as a website before evolving with smartphones to become an app available on both Android and iOS platforms. But, Threads remains exclusively mobile for both OSes at present, rendering Threads exclusively a mobile experience.

Given Instagram’s success as an app-centric social network, parent company Meta may follow in its footsteps. It might discontinue accessing it together in favour of creating its app-centric version. This means its website may no longer exist in future.


2. Account Sync


Twitter offers several login options when it comes to account sync. This includes email address, phone number and username. These are just three ways in which one may sign in to Twitter. It stands alone and does not rely on login data from other applications, and does not force its users to have accounts with those services. In contrast to this approach, Threads synced directly with Instagram is currently the only way for one person to log in.

This close integration between Threads and Instagram sets it apart from Twitter which remains independent in operation compared with its independent nature when signing on. Threads also allow its users access via their Instagram login information but do not force them into creating accounts elsewhere. This close integration sets it apart from its independent nature, which Twitter does not require.


3. Pricing and Verification


Both offer verification solutions but with various price and benefit variances between platforms. Under Elon Musk’s leadership, Twitter launched their signature subscription program Twitter Blue which offers additional benefits.

This includes increased word count, an ad-free experience, as well as their iconic blue tick verification badge. Meta subsequently followed suit by offering this same service on Instagram. Threads only receive this badge through Instagram transfers, whereas both platforms charge approximately 799 monthly for verification services.

4. Multimedia Posts


Both Threads and Twitter allow users to post multimedia content such as website links, videos, images and GIFs. However, each platform handles this differently.

On Threads, for instance, GIFs need to be saved first from camera roll before sharing. Twitter allows direct GIF sharing without additional steps, as required by Threads.

Additionally, Threads allows up to 10 items at once, while Twitter restricts users to four per tweet.


5. Text Limit and Feed Curation


Threads and Twitter differ substantially when it comes to text limit and feed curation, respectively. Twitter was originally notorious for its 140-character limit. Later it increased to 280 characters after Blue was introduced by Twitter itself.


Threads set an artificial limit of 500 characters to keep their posts concise.
In-app messaging functionality also differs. Twitter provides this service, while Threads does not. Users cannot send private messages within the Threads app.


Threads don’t allow their users to search beyond usernames and accounts. Hashtags do not work within Threads’ feed. In contrast, Twitter offers two feeds. One is tailored specifically towards individual user preferences, while the second displays all accounts that a person follows.


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Final Thoughts


So, hopefully, now you are clear about the differences between Threads and Twitter. Both are unique platforms with the same format but vivid differences. Twitter has been there for a long time and has made a huge impact. Threads is new and refreshing, and there is certainly a long way to go. You can use it both as per your specific needs and requirements.