Handyman App Development: Best Handyman Apps of 2024

A3Logics 15 Sep 2023

Household issues such as electronic malfunction, leaky pipe joints, carpentry issues or repairs and short-circuiting are often unpredictable situations. All of it needs to be taken care of professionally to ensure they do not reoccur in future. While this task is mostly DIY in certain circumstances, professional help must be sought to ensure they do not occur again. We will help your handyman services grow by taking them online so you can reach a wider audience.


With this blog, we aim to show how entrepreneurs have found great success in providing handyman services on online platforms such as handyman apps. Furthermore, this insight into their success allows customers to receive quality services at affordable rates while simultaneously creating great revenue for entrepreneurs.


This is where you can connect with the custom mobile app development company and get all understanding related to it. But, we have sorted everything for you here. Before discussing popular handyman apps, let’s review how these platforms function to connect users to local handymen when necessary.

Handyman App: All About It

Simply stated, handyman apps serve as an intermediary between people seeking handyman services and those capable of offering them. With
handyman apps as a facilitator between clients and providers, homeowners and handyman businesses alike will benefit. Not only can homeowners utilize handyman apps’ benefits – including cleaning, plumbing, pest control and painting services – easily, but with just a tap or two on the screen, handyman businesses too will benefit as their network allows registration so as to reach more potential clients through it.

To know more about the same, you can always connect with the best enterprise mobile applications development company and get all the understanding related to it. Now let’s understand and move on to the types of applications it can bring for you.


Handyman Apps: Types of Applications You Can Have

App for handyman
can be divided into two distinct categories depending on their services offered.


1. Single service aggregator App

Single-service aggregator apps fall under two broad categories. As its name implies, these applications cater specifically for one service, such as car repair, beauty treatments or housekeeping; they are easily managed as they connect professionals from specific specializations.


2. Multiple service Aggregator App

Handyman apps in this category provide multiple services under a single umbrella application, from plumbing, carpentry and furniture moving services. Involving multiple professionals with various expertise is necessary when managing such apps effectively; therefore, managing them may prove challenging.

For any kind of handyman app, you can always reach out to the experts at a custom mobile application development company. The experts understand your needs and ensure the work is being done to perfection.


On-Demand Handyman Apps: How Does It Work?

Apps that offer handyman services provide users with access to skilled handyman and home service providers in their locality. Users download and register with one of these apps by providing some basic personal details – name, email address, etc – before browsing a list of verified professionals to review experience skills and customer reviews before selecting their perfect handyman service provider.


Once they avail of these services, users can make payments and submit feedback and reviews through the handyman services app. Furthermore, users will get real-time updates regarding job status while tracking provider locations as they travel between appointments.


Hopefully you got clarity about how the respective application works. To know more, you can always connect with the professionals at mobile app development companies in USA and get complete knowledge about it.

Mobile App Developers

Handyman App: Why?

Gone are the days when hiring a handyman meant surfing the web, speaking with them directly and verifying their licenses before ultimately hiring one. Now, with mobile apps, customers can hire someone within just a few clicks.


No matter if a leaky faucet needs fixing, remodeling is taking place in their bathroom, or they need their kitchen renovated, hiring the appropriate professionals from app to hire handyman is all they need to complete their tasks successfully. Handyman services apps have become a common trend these days and should not be underestimated as services such as these become available through various apps on phones or other digital platforms.


Developing an app to find handymen has proven to be one of the most successful strategies for advertising and marketing your handyman business. It will take your handyman business to new levels! Startups and established enterprises alike are creating apps to serve as intermediary services between service providers and users – offering one of the best business plans for handyman services. Your handyman business will easily become unstoppable by getting an app designed specifically to serve it.


Handyman App Development: What Makes It Important?

Handyman app development
entails various stages, such as planning & research, user experience (UI/UX) design and backend development. Each of these steps has different degrees of complexity that affect the budget. Therefore, before investing in Handyman app development, it’s wise to do your due diligence first and consider all your options carefully before investing.


Here, we provide five compelling reasons for investing in Handyman app development:


Proliferation of Smartphone Users

Since smartphone usage continues to skyrocket, having an online presence for your handyman business is increasingly lucrative and profitable. Global smartphone user estimates currently stand at 5 billion; analysts project that this number could grow 24.1% by 2029, reaching an expected total of 6.2 billion smartphone users. Rising smartphone use means your handyman app likely has a growing user base; larger user bases mean greater growth prospects!

Enhancing Customer Experience and Convenience

Home service apps give customers the ability to instantly connect with skilled handyman professionals at their fingertips, leading them to greater levels of customer satisfaction. Furthermore, mobile apps are capable of tracking individual user behaviour, such as language preferences or interests, and delivering personalized user experiences tailored to suit individual preferences.

Surging Demand for Handyman Apps

Nowadays, everything is moving online; people use apps such as Uber to hire professional handyman services for household tasks. Data Intelo estimates the global handyman app market was worth approximately $2,634.8 million in 2021, with a compound annual compound growth rate estimated to reach 5.4435 million by 2030 – on-demand handyman applications have an expanding market size and could yield great rewards!

All you need is the support of the best mobile app development company in the USA to avail maximum benefits while moving ahead in this direction.  

Checklist You Must Keep In Mind While Investing in Handyman App Development

How can you begin
on demand handyman app development? An on-demand handyman app is an effective way to automate your business, increase customers and professionals, and drive quick sales growth – but before embarking on its creation you need to know all the steps. Below is our handyman development checklist:


  1. Detailed research on the market
  2. Assessing target audience
  3. Business plan creation
  4. Provide your services
  5. Develop UI/UX
  6. Work on the features
  7. Work on the finalization of the Handyman app
  8. Test the application
  9. If everything goes well, launch the app
  10. Lastly, market the application

Adopting these steps will assist in creating a handyman app that meets both your business goals and desired results. Features play an essential part in its success as well. You just need to connect with one of the top app development companies in the USA where you get excerpts at service to do the job for you.


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Handyman Apps: How To Monetize The Same

One key thing to understand when learning
best handyman apps is revenue generation. Every business begins with the intent of turning a profit, just as handyman apps do.

Handyman apps are consumer apps that use various monetization strategies to earn their keep. We provide you with an overview of these tactics used by handyman apps:


apps for handyman services ideas could provide an avenue of income through advertising space. Home services require not only skilled professionals but also an array of equipment, supplies, and instruments – which users and handymen might require from time to time. As users and handymen might require these items on occasion anyway – placing advertisements for these items so customers can purchase them easily can bring business directly to manufacturers while your app provides another sales-generating avenue through which revenue may flow back in from each transaction made using your application!

Purchaser will Receive Commission on Each Sale Conducted on Application

On-demand handyman apps use one of the more widely utilized revenue models: setting a percentage that will be charged from service providers on every successful sale that occurs through your platform.

TaskRabbit stands out among handyman service apps as an indispensable revenue generator, as its primary revenue stream. The app takes 15% of each tasker payment as its fee and charges them accordingly.

Your app could follow this same model. In its early days, keep commission fees as minimal as possible so as to draw professionals towards joining. Registration Fee TaskRabbit collects a $25 non-refundable registration fee when service providers first access its application for the first time, known as Taskers or Taskers.


You could make your application free for users while charging taskers monthly or annual service fees; as more taskers join your app, revenue opportunities become apparent.

Connecting with the best mobile app development company in USA can help you have the above steps executed to perfection.  

Top Handyman Apps You Can Consider In 2023

As per the top android and
iOS app development companies in the USA, below are the top handyman apps that you can consider. Check it out:


Thumbtack is another handyman application designed to connect people with skilled professionals in their local area. From landscapers and DJs, DJs, movers, or any other kind of pro, the Thumbtack app makes finding and hiring these services quick and simple – plus, over 70 Million projects have already started there since 2011. With such wide access, Thumbtack truly stands as an app designed for handyman work!


It is an on-demand handyman service app that enables people to locate skilled professionals for jobs like furniture assembly, house repair, cleaning, painting, plumbing installation or gardening work at any given moment in time. TaskRabbit first emerged as an app in 2008 and today operates across over 45 cities worldwide, including those located within the US, Canada and Britain. With just three steps, you can select experienced professionals. Once your task is clear, simply describe your requirements, browse TaskRabbit’s team of skilled professionals and select your ideal professional to complete it. As proof of its success, TaskRabbit boasts over 140,000 registered users globally as of 2022; revenue was over $81.5M that year alone while more than 1 Million Downloads on Google Play Store had occurred by then!

Knock Knock

Knock knock is an on-site and online home repair marketplace in North America offering both on-site and remote handyman services from trustworthy, prescreened handymen. Launched in 2019, the app now partners with over 1,000 vetted professionals ready to meet all of your home repair and maintenance needs – 24×7 customer support is offered during the service process to guarantee an enjoyable customer journey – listing over 50 household service categories to satisfy project requests.

Urban Company

Urban Company (formerly UrbanClap) is one of Asia’s premier apps for handyman work, offering services including appliance repairs, home painting projects, pest removal & disinfection, disinfection of water pipes & fixtures and general home maintenance tasks. While originally founded in India, its reach now spans Australia, Singapore, USA, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, etc, with over 5 Million happy customers globally registered and 32,000 professionals signed on the platform (Urban Company).


Handy is the premier handyman app, connecting individuals with high-quality, prescreened independent home service providers. Established in 2012 and operating across 20 cities globally (including the United States, UK & Canada). Their money-back guarantee promises that you will not be fully satisfied with their work. Then, all charges will be returned; additionally, all professionals registered with this platform have had their backgrounds checked & insured against.


Angi is another highly popular app that makes hiring local home service professionals simple, offering house owners access to ratings and reviews of top professionals for multiple needs in one easy place. Furthermore, house owners can compare quotes from providers so as to find the most cost-effective one for their project. Since 2017, Angi has expanded operations into 500+ home improvement categories while creating a community of certified local service professionals available to both Android and iPhone users – the Google Play store alone has seen over 5 Million downloads!


Home is another on-demand handyman service app which connects homeowners with verified professionals from your neighbourhood who have been highly reviewed by homeowners in your area. Launched in May 2016, Homee has developed an expansive community of over 1000 trusted professionals ready to serve in 30 minutes from booking an appointment – and all jobs are priced according to a minute-by-minute timer, making pricing transparent for you!


As one of the leading home services providers, JOBOY brings an expansive variety of home maintenance & cleaning services directly to you. Ranging from deep cleaning and sofa cleaning services all the way through plumbing to electricians, JOBOY covers it all – initially in India but since expanded across different nations such as the United Kingdom, Azerbaijan and Canada. In addition to traditional maintenance & cleaning needs, they also offer lifestyle services like cake deliveries, surprise gift deliveries or flower deliveries for extra peace of mind!

Diem Home Services

Diem is one of the top
apps for handymen offering home services throughout North America. Offering cleaning, lawn care, moving and more that you can count on at an instantaneous level – everything from home cleaning, lawn care or moving with professional teams backing them – Dime offers services across NYC, Los Angeles, Toronto, Miami, Washington DC Denver, Las Vegas as well as others throughout North America.


Neighborly is a family of home services brands dedicated to simplifying home maintenance for you and providing customized offers tailored specifically for each user. Since it launched its app in 2021, this application has quickly become one of the most beloved apps around today thanks to its superior services and wide range of customized offers tailored specifically to you as a user.

Build Amazing Apps

Handyman App: Steps To Develop The Best

This section will address how to build a handyman app step by step as suggested by the top iOS and
Android app development company. Creating such an application involves developing a strategic plan tailored specifically to business requirements; from planning through to the development and launch of your product, you must be clear with regards to functionality, purpose and goals for developing and launching it successfully. Here are four steps for creating successful handyman applications.

Determine Your Target Audience

Uncovering your target audience is key when developing a handyman app. Establish a list of services you will be offering and search for the appropriate audience accordingly; your handyman app could potentially target homeowners, renters and small business owners who require maintenance, repair or installation for their properties – this demographic tends to value convenience over price when finding and hiring service providers via technology solutions like apps.

Target audience individuals typically range between 25 and 55 years of age and have moderate to high household incomes; most likely own or rent property of some kind or another (such as their home or small business property) either residentially or for small business use. By understanding their needs and preferences, handyman apps can effectively meet them while creating an outstanding user experience for these target consumers.

Consider factors like cost-effectiveness versus premium solutions offered through an app, what services could the handyman app provide through it, and which locations or areas your app will operate within. Once answered, this will enable you to market and reach these ideal consumers effectively and reach them effectively for marketing efforts and campaign success!

Research and Analyses on Competitors

Once your plan is in place, the next step should be studying your competitors in-depth – what strategies they employ and whether or not their strategies align with current market trends. Conduct competition research and investigate your market comprehensively so as to build an effective plan for your company.

Build a Solid Plan

Successful on-demand handyman app development begins with an effective plan. Without one, development would resemble going on an expedition without an end destination in mind, which may be fun but eventually end in futility. But don’t get stuck into thinking your plan must remain the same forever (except where relevant to core concepts). There is always room for adaptation within business plans (within reason!).

Pick Services After a Thorough Market Study

Step four in creating a handyman app involves choosing services. Before beginning this step, however, research the market trends to find services with high demand; you might even choose an area in which to specialize and stand out. While you might excel in various aspects of business, we advise focusing on just one primary service to gain enough customers for expansion later. Once established with enough customers under your primary services and customers acquired through marketing channels for expansion purposes.

Know Your Local Legislation

Do you wish to damage the reputation of your organization? Understanding which services require certifications or licenses in order to operate uninterrupted is vitally important while additionally exploring if any limits exist regarding how much a handyman can charge in terms of pricing or charging as handyman services. Furthermore, laws impact businesses significantly; you need to familiarise yourself with legislation in your region of operation in order to remain compliant.

Set the Prices Smartly

Setting prices wisely is unquestionably one of the most essential tasks when creating a handyman app. In terms of pricing structures, however, they will often fluctuate with time; typically, prices are set for six months at first before becoming flexible again or remaining constant, depending on your choice.

Now is the time to formulate an effective marketing strategy now that all major factors have been clearly established. Thoroughly analyze every facet of your business from all aspects – threats, challenges, opportunities and target audience demand — then focus on pain points first — that way, you’ll identify any most painful problems for customers that require solutions before considering possible services and finally,, spreading brand recognition in both real life and virtual forms – this task should take enough of your attention and time for proper success!


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Final Take

Handyman service app
platforms have proven themselves incredibly valuable tools for consumers looking for convenient home services booking right from the convenience of their own mobile device at home. Not only have these applications proven their worth as useful tools, but they have proven incredibly profitable business models in future years.

A3Logics’ team of highly skilled app developers can deliver results tailored to meet your vision. We deliver results you will appreciate and enjoy using!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Handyman Application?

An app designed as a handyman service connects service providers (handyman professionals) to users by offering plumbing, fixture installations, carpentry services, electrical work services and so forth.

How much would it cost to develop an app similar to Uber for handyman services?

Cost estimates for
best app for handyman services development depend upon numerous variables, including platform cost, complexity of app code development and developer region; as these varying elements change from project to project, it is difficult to provide accurate estimations without consulting with mobile app development companies in the USA first. To obtain accurate cost estimates, it would be prudent to schedule a meeting or consultation session with one.

Are Handyman apps user-friendly for people without much tech expertise?

Yes, on-demand handyman apps feature user-friendly designs to facilitate accessibility for anyone without technical expertise.

What are the advantages of handyman apps?

An app for handymen offers numerous advantages over its traditional services: instant services and offers, wider audience access, higher returns on investment (ROI), instant feedback capabilities and brand awareness are just a few benefits to consider.