How to Make Health & Fitness Apps Like Fitbit? [2024 Guide]

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A3Logics 26 Apr 2024

Table of Contents

Time is making the world more automated and technologically advanced. Time is precious for firms that are busy. What do people do when they don’t have time to speak with personal trainers? For their staff, they buy a premium membership to fitness monitoring applications or get in touch with a
Custom App Development Services to build a personalized fitness apps like Fitbit that suits their unique requirements.


You can get assistance from numerous fitness app development businesses to build a profitable fitness app for your company. It’s crucial to take your target market, your budget, and the functionality your app needs into account when selecting mobile application consulting services.

About 21% of Americans, according to a Gallup survey, use fitness trackers. Thus, a lot of businesses are spending money on the best apps for health and fitness. The days of working out, running, and occasionally practicing meditation are long gone. They now live a healthy lifestyle on a daily basis since it has become a lifestyle.

However, not everyone can afford to join a gym and regularly attend to work out. As a result, many began to rely on Apps Like Fitbit. As a result, a lot of stakeholders discovered that it was the greatest approach to monetize apps. In this Fitness App Development Guide we will take a look at building an app like Fitbit.


What is a Health and Fitness Application?

One location to get individualized exercise routines, dietary planning, and health advice is the fitness and health smartphone app. You’ll know exactly how many calories you burn and consume each hour, day, week, and month. Coaches will assist you further in the process, and users can also participate in guided programs. Others will be inspired to get fit and healthy by getting together for workouts and posting updates about their success on social media.

Since 2020, the use of these apps has grown significantly in popularity. There is a lot of demand for these smartphone apps. Top apps for health and fitness that satisfies all user requirements will dominate the market and be scalable. 


Types of Fitness Apps like Fitbit

The development of technology has altered our way of life. You download a Fitbit like app and order delicious food through an online food delivery app. However, since there is no other choice but to live in this century, eating well and maintaining a healthy weight are both essential. Health fitness apps come in a variety of forms with unique features and target markets. Let’s take a look at the different types of health and fitness app development:


Activity – Tracking app

Apps Like Fitbit gather information about a user’s physical activity in a variety of ways, including steps taken, steps climbed, heart rate, sleep quality, calories burned, and distance traveled. These applications come in the shape of fitness trackers that are wearable.

There is no requirement to link the app to smartphone sensors in order to utilize the activity monitoring feature. Apps Like Fitbit continuously detect and monitor pulse, and users can enable data flow from a fitness tracking gadget by implementing a Bluetooth connection.


Workout App

You may use these free workout apps as a personal trainer on your smartphone to follow through on anything from a new exercise routine to a training schedule.

Apps for working out offer users a series of exercises and an example of how to perform them.

You may even select a personal trainer using these workout apps according to the type of training you require.


Diet and Nutrition App

Apps for diets and nutrition help users keep track of their eating habits and caloric intake. The popularity of these mHealth Apps is largely due to their visualization. The user is pushed toward their objectives by the daily numbers. With a simple barcode scan, users of certain apps can track food that has been ruined and obtain complete calorie information.


App for Yoga and Meditation

The two most important things that one must do religiously in order to maintain good health are yoga and meditation. Typically, this is where the yoga and meditation app shows you how to perform different asanas and pranayamas. The practice of meditation calms the mind and unwinds the body.


App for Intermittent Fasting

Everybody utilizes applications for intermittent fasting, both celebrities and regular folks. It’s the most effective approach to lose weight and feel great. You can plan out how long you will fast and when you will eat. For instance, eating only when you’re hungry, skipping dinner, and switching days. As a result, you can customize your nutrition regimen.


Features Your Fitness App Must Have

Numerous categories of fitness-related mobile applications exist, such as those for dieting and weight reduction, those for on-demand personal training, those for working out and exercising, and more. You must first pick what kind of app you want to design before you can choose the Health Application Features for the fitness application. On the other hand, the following characteristics need to be kept in mind by any mobile app development company as fundamental to all forms of applications:


1. Account Creation

Since Apps Like Fitbit are meant to help people, creating a personal account is the most important feature to take into account. It is imperative to provide end customers with the option to create their own personal account, add as many components and facilities as they desire, and effortlessly follow their journey.

It’s best to keep the process of creating a profile straightforward and easy. The procedure shouldn’t be difficult or time-consuming. Allowing customers to register using their social network credentials in addition to their email address is the most efficient method of offering account registration services. This will facilitate the procedure and assist you in obtaining and using the necessary data.


2. Sharing on Social Media

Who doesn’t enjoy boasting on social media about their accomplishments? Don’t we all do that? Social media sharing ought to be on your mobile application feature list for fitness apps for the same reason. Users will feel good about using the app and spread the word about it when they can discuss their objectives and successes within it. Additionally, Apps Like Fitbit will become known to and anticipated by members of their social media networks, resulting in low-cost brand recognition and marketing. The application needs to be interactive, gesture-oriented, and grounded in color psychology—that is, adding calm colors would produce positive energy.


3. Customization/Achieving Goals

Each user has unique physical characteristics, requirements, and expectations. Giving them the same exercise regimen won’t work well. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with the customisation service. Apps Like Fitbit allow them to choose the exercises and activities they wish to do, the timeframe for doing so, the supplements they will take during the course, and other details. Fitness applications gain popularity because their users are more likely to stick with them when they offer individualized features.


4. Notification

A skipped workout may cause a user to become less engaged with your application and less enthusiastic. So, investing in the notification system is essential for every fitness Flutter App Development Company. You can encourage customers to utilize your apps on a frequent basis by providing them with an excellent notification system. Additionally, it can give you a wealth of knowledge that will enable you to better understand user behavior and provide a better experience. But be careful not to bother users with too many notifications; irritated users will undoubtedly quit your app and never come back.


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5. Integration of Geolocation

Top mobile app development companies in USA on both iPhone and Android devices need to use geolocation technology if you are creating an app for outdoor exercise. The user will be able to see the path, traffic, and least amount of time needed to complete the course thanks to geolocation capabilities. Additionally, it will assist them in monitoring user activities like the number of steps walked, cycling, swimming, etc. Users will begin to value your application as a result of your ability to quickly compute and communicate the insights you obtain with this GPS-collected data.


6. Integration of Wearable Devices

You can track users’ steps, heart rate, and pulse rate in real-time and give insightful advice by integrating your software with wearables like smartwatches and wristbands.


Advice: If you want to incorporate wearables like Misfit, Garmin Wellness, and Pebble into your fitness app, there are a number of public APIs and development kits available. Choose the one that works best for your application processing needs, then eagerly use it.


7. Syncing Across Several Devices

You may incorporate multi-device synchronization into your application, much like Fitbit does. When a user wants to work out but does not have a synced fitness tracker, this feature will be quite helpful. It will be simpler for them to follow a strict regimen and experience the rewards if you let them sync another device. Customer loyalty will increase as a result.


8. Information Security

Recall the Strava app data leak case? The software combined the private data of US military personnel to offer tailored exercise and fitness programs. However, without getting their permission, they made the information public. Users of smartphones are now more aware of the security and privacy policies of the mobile applications they use as a result of this incident, which suggests that healthcare app development companies should focus on the security and privacy of data.

To gain the trust of mobile users and encourage them to use your application, optimize the efficiency of your app and make sure there are no points where data leaks out. Additionally, confirm that your app complies with HIPAA regulations and other similar health privacy laws.


9. Activity Log

Another important thing to think about when creating a mobile application for health and fitness is to record the everyday interactions that the app has with the user. Fitness enthusiasts can learn how many calories they have cut and how long it will take to attain their goal by looking at the recorded statistics. They are greatly motivated to exercise regularly and be more active as a result.


10. Chat Function

Users will be able to communicate with a group of fitness professionals through a chat function, receiving the most individualized answers for their health and fitness issues. Additionally, users will be able to design daily challenges depending on their needs and potential, as well as communicate with other fitness enthusiasts. In this manner, the chat function will increase the ratio of app success to user engagement.


11. Guide with Audio and Video

Make your workouts more intense by using an audio/video guide. Similar to a teacher, a guide will assist users of health and fitness apps in understanding proper form and technique for exercising. This will improve their experience, reduce the chance of injury from bad postures, and encourage them to work out every day.


12. Gamification

Surely, music in the fitness center and gym adds to the enjoyment of burning calories? What if a mobile application could provide the same experience? The idea of gamification makes it simple to incorporate enjoyable components into your app’s functionality to increase user engagement. You may raise the rate of user acquisition and retention by adding various components, such as badges, rewards, leaderboards, and progress bars.


13. The Admin Panel

We had talked on what essential elements the fitness app should have from the user’s perspective. However, the best healthcare app development company also must ascertain which functionalities are essential for the admin panel.


Establishing a Dashboard

All of the user records are meant to be kept in one location on the dashboard, where the administrator may also monitor ongoing sessions.

Reward and Loyalty Programs

In order to keep your current, devoted users, you must introduce loyalty programs and prizes for them. It will serve as a crucial instrument for marketing and promotion as well.

The Payment Record

In addition to paying the gym trainers for providing live sessions, the administrator must maintain a record of the money they collect from users.


14. Personal Mentor and Coach

By customizing fitness tracking software to meet their needs, it is feasible to increase its user base. Apps Like Fitbit that promote themselves as mentors and personal coaches to their users are superior to those that do not. With the use of tools like goal monitoring, performance comparison, and individualized exercise regimens, users should be able to customize their workouts. Users of fitness tracking software should be able to enjoy a more customized experience.


15. Nutrition Tracking

Good nutrition is the cornerstone of any fitness program. There are many nutrition tracking programs available on the market that help your consumers stay on top of their weight by providing them with data on calories burned, water balance, and encouragement to follow good eating practices.

Setting personal objectives is one of the most basic features of fitness software. If you struggle to maintain a balanced diet, you may use the app to create grocery lists and even compile recipes for filling meals.

On Demand App Developers

How to Create a Fitness Apps Like Fitbit: The Step-by-Step Guide

The custom mobile app development company will understand your goals and create a strategy to motivate users to lead healthy lives. They will use the newest, most innovative techniques to create a fitness software that seamlessly integrates with the greatest technology available, guaranteeing scalability and zero downtime. The organization will assist you all the way through and create an app that offers the user the most innovative and optimal experience possible. For fitness apps, it’s essential to integrate cloud, IoT, and data analytics services with ongoing user encouragement to keep users going when they’re just starting out.


Create the Basic Features

Every application layout has a number of fundamental elements. Your application becomes engaging and interactive with these features. 

User accounts:  You need a personal account for any fitness app. It allows the user to move between devices without having to repeatedly enter the same information. 

Notifications: An essential component of any program is notifications. Users get acquainted with new exercise regimens and forthcoming activities through push notifications. In-app notifications in diet and nutrition apps serve as a call to action, inspiring users to move from the comforts of their couches and burn some calories in order to reach their objective.

Social media sharing: This helps to promote your application and enables users to network and share their accomplishments on various social media sites.


Choose Monetization Approach

The market for fitness apps is expanding, and there is a huge potential user base. There are various ways to monetize an app and make money:

Freemium: Freemium refers to a Revenue Model for Healthcare App where users download a basic version for free and then have to pay a certain amount to upgrade to the premium edition.

In-app purchases: Choose this strategy, which incorporates both free and paid choices, if you’re wondering how to monetise your app. Although the software is free, users must pay for the premium features.

Paid-app: If you already have a paying audience, you should think about using this method; otherwise, it would be tough to persuade consumers to buy an unknown product.

Advertisement: Sponsored adverts are the most often used revenue model. The app makes money from clicks and views in addition to showing third-party advertisements.


Hire a Development Team

A team of five to seven people typically works on developing an app. This makes it the most costly and time-consuming option. Major investments are needed throughout the development stage. Top mobile app development companies in the USA typically cost between $100 and $150 per hour, or more per app project. The average price varies from nation to nation.


Phase of Inception

The product discovery phase is the first step in every development phase.  In this phase, your development team and you will:


  • Describe the project’s demographics.
  • Make the project’s roadmap.
  • Budget for the minimum viable product (MVP) and schedule resources.

Usually, the discovery phase lasts four to six weeks. It comprises developing a functional specification, creating a UX/UI design, and creating a visual prototype of your app so you can see the finished product clearly.



The developer will now create each of your application’s separate screens, or “skins.” The design team needs about 160 hours to complete the UX and UI portions of the fitness app. It’s merely an enlarged version of the prototype that designers will create using wireframe software.


Quality Assurance

An additional round of testing for the application can begin after the design is finished. It helps find the glitches, crashes, and absent functionality. These problems will be resolved in the upcoming development stage.


Cost to Develop an App Like Fitbit

A basic fitness app can be purchased for between $10,000 and $30,000. The cost may be significant if you want additional features and cutting-edge UI/UX designs for an improved user experience. Furthermore, the kind of software you choose will determine how much healthcare IT solutions cost.

The price of developing an app can change depending on whether you want to work with an agency, a development team, or freelancers. In the USA, a developer makes from $70-$150 per hour. On the other hand, mobile app developers in central and eastern Europe charge between $50 and $100 per hour. By hiring On Demand App Development Company from Central Asia, you can get a more economical arrangement. The rate for developers in this area is $20–$50 per hour.


Factors that Affect the Cost of Mobile App

Here, you can look for a few essential components that demonstrate the influence on cost growth.


App Store

Both iOS and Android users should be able to use the health fitness apps. Due to Android’s 85% market share in smartphones, a wide range of devices can be compatible with it. Thus, Android development costs are marginally higher than those of other operating systems.


Team Size

The Cost of Developing Mobile Apps will also depend on the size of the app development team. A full complement of developers, managers, designers, and testers is required. A3Logics is a health and fitness app development company with all the resources needed to deliver your app on schedule.


Application Design

Your software will always stick out from the app stores’ dark corners if it has a user-friendly design. Your users will remain intact and never be able to leave. Thus, Custom App Development Services should never skimp on design, even if doing so increases the cost of development.


Development Time

The features and quantity of platforms will determine how long it takes to design a mobile app. The price of developing an app will therefore be directly impacted by this. As a result, Hire Mobile App Developers must be well aware of the features of the mobile application. To find out the precise time frame and cost, contact us.


The Development Team

How can you pick a mobile application consulting service that can turn your idea into a workable mobile application? And why would you want to hire a team rather than a lone freelance developer? A development team, first and foremost, provides you with access to a wide range of talented individuals, such as UX and product designers, seasoned developers, and a project manager. Your concept will be improved the more people that see it. You will be able to crowdsource insightful information that is simply not possible to receive from a single engineer. When it comes to choosing an Enterprise App Development Company for fitness, you should look for someone who values communication, has a robust portfolio of fitness apps, and is situated in a comfortable time zone.


Benefits of Using Health and Fitness Apps like Fitbit

We’ve outlined a few advantages of fitness and health apps like Fitbit that support us in maintaining our motivation and enhancing our overall wellness.


Monitor Your Activity

Everybody engages in some kind of activity in addition to their daily responsibilities. Examine how your minor movements, such as walking, climbing stairs, and lifting stuff, might assist you in burning calories and achieving your objectives.


Stress Reduction

Everyone’s life is now filled with stress due to the demanding schedule and goals, which is having an adverse effect on health. Using the Best AI Apps for iPhone and android, you may start your day with peaceful and focused intentions by downloading free audio tracks. For better sleep, you can also listen to calming soundtracks.


Monitoring Sleep Duration

A restful night’s sleep is essential for a productive morning. With sleep objectives and reminders, you may modify your nightly routine and view your sleep score on the Fitbit app. The weekly analysis graph will provide unambiguous data regarding the attainment and enhancement of sleep.


Monitor Development

Maintaining a balanced diet and making improvements in your fitness will constantly challenge you. Every week, users receive messages from the Fitbit app to review their goals that have been met. Additionally, it gives you incentives for reaching your exercise goals.



Fitbit and other health and fitness apps notify users of their planned exercise, sleep pattern, water intake, and food intake. Because finishing the task each day will improve your fitness and health, it is crucial.


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Fitness apps gain popularity as people’s knowledge of health issues rises. Even though Fitbit health and fitness apps and Blogilates are currently dominating the industry, there are still a ton of untapped chances that you can organize and take advantage of. You may create the next industry-leading app by conducting thorough market research, adding essential features, and then implementing the right marketing strategy. Above all, we are aware that creating the best health and fitness apps is easier said than done. The ideal Custom App Development Agency is necessary if you want to make an app that becomes well-known in app stores.


We at A3Logics are aware of your business, your goals, and your desire to encourage fitness. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the development, testing, and prototyping phases. We, one of the best healthcare app development company provide you with the greatest tech stack available from the outset to improve the functioning of your business app and produce a successful product for both you and your clients!



What features ought to be included in a fitness app?

Workout tracking, customized planning, progress tracking, and social sharing are essential aspects.


How Much Does It Cost to Create a Fitbit-Style Fitness App?

The features, complexity, and resources available will determine how much it costs to create your own fitness app similar to Fitbit. A basic model might be priced at approximately $100,000. The more advanced software with social features, customized training, and integrations, however, might cost anywhere from $15,000 to $25,000 or more, depending on the needs.


Fitness app: what is it? 

Workout apps are similar to fitness apps in that they let users exercise themselves at home or on the go. This software was created to help users maintain their level of physical fitness. These apps monitor their development and offer workouts and dietary guidance.


How is a fitness app developed?

Perform a market study, decide on the kind of fitness app you want to create, determine a revenue model, pick between basic and complex features, keep track of your decisions, and engage a development team. After the app is prepared, open it from the app store(s) of your choosing.


What steps are required in creating an app for fitness?

A fitness app’s development process entails gathering market research, deciding on its features and functionalities, creating the user interface, writing the code, testing it, and releasing it.