10 Best Free Workout Apps in 2024

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A3Logics 16 Apr 2024

Table of Contents

Recently, many have embraced the
best free workout apps. This increase is mainly due to a growing interest in health and easy smartphone access. The numbers don’t lie: the digital fitness industry is booming!  It’s projected to grow from $21.04 billion in 2023 to $28.89 billion by 2024.  That’s a 37.4% increase in just one year!  This tells us two things: more people are prioritizing their health, and tech companies are finding innovative ways to make exercise more accessible than ever.


Fitness apps, including top free options, meet various needs. They track physical activity and diet and offer custom workout plans. These apps are easy to use and help millions stay healthy. The app market has grown not just in user numbers but also in the complexity of its features. For instance, an on demand app development company uses AI to craft more customized fitness experiences. This enhances workout effectiveness and is tailored to personal needs and likes.

Surge in Free Workout App
Moreover, the best workout apps offer structured exercise programs suited to users’ fitness levels and goals. Whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle, or boosting heart health, there is an app to help. These apps often feature video guides, progress tracking, and virtual coaching. These are especially useful for exercising at home, crucial in our busy world where finding time for the gym can be tough.


In conclusion, on-demand app development companies have greatly improved fitness apps by integrating advanced technology. These improvements offer personalized workout suggestions and motivate users through game-like features. The best free workout apps are now essential tools for millions globally. They will play an even larger role in enhancing wellness and health awareness worldwide as they evolve.


10 Free Workout Apps in 2024


App Name Number of Downloads Compatibility Type of Training
Caliber 100K+ iOS, Android Strength Training
Fiit 100K+ iOS, Android General Fitness, Yoga
Nike Run Club 10M+ iOS, Android Running
MapMyRun 10M+ iOS, Android Running, Walking
Johnson & Johnson 7-Minute 500K+ iOS, Android Quick Workouts
Burpee Be Stronger 10K+ iOS, Android HIIT
MyFitnessPal 100M+ iOS, Android Nutrition, Exercise Tracking
Freeletics 10M+ iOS, Android Bodyweight, HIIT
Future Personal Training 10K+ iOS, Android Personal Training
Obe Fitness 10K+ iOS, Android On-Demand Classes


10 Best Free Workout Apps

1. Caliber: A Standout Among Free Workout Apps

Caliber is one of the best free workout apps, famous for its focus on strength training. It’s great for everyone, no matter their fitness level. The app adjusts your workouts as you improve, so you keep improving without hitting a standstill.


Caliber’s design is simple and easy to use. Its clean setup helps you quickly find workout plans, check progress, and access training guides. This makes Caliber ideal for those who like straightforward and practical fitness tools.


Caliber has many workouts that are perfect for the gym or home. They suit whether you have the equipment or not. This flexibility makes it stand out among the best workout apps


2. Fiit: Dynamic Fitness at Your Fingertips

Fiit brings the gym to your living room. It offers cardio, strength, and yoga classes led by expert trainers. The app gives you a structured class feel with feedback on how you’re doing in real-time. It’s perfect for people who prefer workout classes.


Fiit works well with many devices and platforms, which is crucial for enterprise mobile app development today. It supports iOS and Android; you can access your workouts from anywhere, whether on a phone or tablet. This shows Fiit’s commitment to mobile app development trends.


Fiit is great at building a user community. You can compete in live leaderboards, join challenges, and share your wins on social media. This community feeling keeps you motivated and creates fun competition, making Fiit a unique choice among free workout apps.


3. Nike Run Club: More Than Just Running

Nike Run Club is often celebrated as one of the best free workout apps, especially for runners. It offers advanced tracking that records your pace, distance, GPS routes, and heart rate. These features are essential for casual joggers and dedicated runners who aim to enhance their training.


The Nike Run Club app works seamlessly with other Nike apps and products. This integration allows users to combine their data with other Nike fitness tools or connect to Nike smart footwear. This synergy improves performance insights and boosts functionality within the Nike ecosystem.


User reviews for Nike Run Club are overwhelmingly positive, reflected in high ratings across various app stores. The app’s motivational features, such as audio coaching and personalized plans, are frequently highlighted. This acclaim reinforces Nike Run Club’s status as a top choice within the best workout app category, celebrated for its functionality and inspirational qualities.

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4. MapMyRun: A Premier Tool for Runners

MapMyRun is one of the best free workout apps. It is distinguished for its accurate mapping features. The app uses GPS technology to track your routes precisely, which is vital for runners who depend on accurate data to track progress and plan routes.


MapMyRun caters to runners of all experiences. It offers pace calculators, distance trackers, and customizable plans for beginners and experienced marathoners. This broad appeal makes MapMyRun a leader among the best exercise workout apps.


MapMyRun’s ability to sync with wearable devices extends its functionality. This feature is part of essential health application features, allowing runners to view their metrics across different devices effortlessly, enhancing the user experience.


5. Johnson and Johnson 7-Minute Workout

Sometimes, finding the motivation to exercise is harder than the workout itself. That’s where the 7-Minute Workout comes in. It’s not about getting ripped; it’s about getting it done. 


This app is about proving you can squeeze fitness into your life, no matter what. It’s not just random exercises. The high-intensity format boosts your metabolism for hours after you’re done.


6. Burpee Be Stronger: Excellence in HIIT

Burpee Be Stronger focuses on HIIT, which mixes short, intense anaerobic exercises with less intense recovery periods. 


That app offers detailed progress tracking and various difficulty levels. These features help users see real results and challenge themselves further, enhancing its status as one of the best free workout apps and a powerful motivator for fitness.


Burpee Be Stronger’s success is backed by many user testimonials and success stories. These accounts confirm its effectiveness, boosting the app’s credibility and attractiveness to those looking for proven workout solutions. These apps stand out for their quality and reflect the latest trends iOS app development companies set.


7. MyFitnessPal: A Comprehensive Health Tracker

MyFitnessPal is known as one of the best free workout apps. It’s valued for its comprehensive calorie tracking and nutritional details. Users easily log their meals daily, gaining insights into their calorie and nutrient consumption. This is perfect for anyone serious about managing their diet. 


MyFitnessPal works well with various fitness apps and devices, improving the overall experience. For example, syncing with the best workout tracker apps combines dietary data with exercise details. This mix provides a strong tool for overall health management. MyFitnessPal excels in helping with diet and weight control. It tracks calories in and out, aiding effective weight management.

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8. Freeletics: AI-Driven Fitness Coaching

Freeletics isn’t just an app; it’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket who gets to know you. This makes it one of the best workout apps for women (and anyone!) who are serious about seeing results.


It turns your living room into your training ground, your commute into a cardio session…proving that getting fit is about mindset, not fancy equipment. The AI coach pushes you, but safely. It’s designed to make each workout harder than the last. That way, you see yourself getting stronger, which is incredibly motivating.


9. Future Personal Training: High-Tech Coaching

Future Personal Training stands out by offering personal coaching through technology. This lets you experience face-to-face training virtually, right from your home. It’s a perfect blend of individual coaching and digital convenience, highlighting its role in innovative hybrid mobile app development.


Future Personal Training uses advanced technology to create a training experience similar to meeting face-to-face. Having a personal trainer with you through video calls and smart feedback systems feels like having a personal trainer with you.


This service offers various subscription levels, making it affordable for more people. You can choose a plan that fits your budget while still enjoying professional training guidance.


10. Obe Fitness: Interactive and Varied Fitness Classes

Obe Fitness provides many live and recorded classes in yoga, pilates, strength training, and more. There’s always something new to try, which keeps your workout routine exciting and varied.


Obe Fitness includes great features like live leaderboards and real-time feedback. These not only make workouts fun but also help build a community feeling. You can take on challenges and connect with others in a lively, supportive environment.


Many users say working out with Obe Fitness is like being in a real class. The quality of the instructions and the interactive setup make it feel like a studio experience, but unlike most trending apps, you can enjoy it from anywhere.


These platforms show why they’re top choices among the best free workout apps. They use the latest technology, like AI coaching and detailed health tracking. A custom mobile app development company has crafted these apps to meet the varied needs of today’s users, showing great skill and innovation.



When the App Store first launched in 2008, there wasn’t a single fitness app available. That didn’t happen for another two years, when the first workout app rolled out in 2010. But in the decade since, the rise of fitness apps has been meteoric. Today, there are more than 97,000 fitness apps available to anyone with a tablet or phone. Heather Balogh Rochfort

What To Look For In Free Workout Apps


Essential Features: User Interface and Customization


  • User Interface: A good workout app should feel as easy to use as your favorite pair of sneakers.  You shouldn’t have to waste energy figuring out the menus, right?  The best apps let you find the workout you need, log your progress, and tweak the settings in just a few taps. Top mobile app development companies in USA know this kind of intuitive design is key – let’s face it, nobody wants a workout that starts with frustration!


  • Customization: A key app feature is the ability to customize workouts. This lets you adapt exercises to fit your goals, time, and available equipment. Whether you set the workout length, choose intensity, or target specific health goals like weight loss or muscle gain, customization makes the app a valuable part of your fitness journey.

Key Considerations for Selecting the Best Free Workout Apps
Additional Benefits: Community Features and Integration Capabilities


  • Community Features: Community aspects in an app can boost motivation and engagement. Features like leaderboards, challenges, and sharing progress can foster competition and accountability. 


  • Integration Capabilities: Integration with other apps and devices can greatly enhance a workout app’s utility. Many Android app development companies ensure they can sync with fitness trackers and health apps. Apps for workout fans often support popular wearables and health platforms, offering a comprehensive view of your health.


Tips on Choosing the Right App Based on Individual Fitness Goals


  • Consider Your Lifestyle: Your lifestyle influences which app is right for you. If you travel a lot, look for apps with offline capabilities or bodyweight workouts that need no equipment. You might prefer apps that offer various streaming fitness classes if you’re mostly at home.


  • Read Reviews and Ratings: Reviews and ratings give insight into what users think of an app. They can point out bugs or highlight excellent features like customer support. Reviews also tell you how the app handles user data, which is important for privacy and security.


  • Test with Free Trials: Many apps provide free trials, letting you try features before subscribing. This helps you see if an app meets your fitness goals and preferences before you spend money.


  • Look for Ongoing Support and Updates: Opt for apps updated regularly by their developers. This ensures the app stays compatible with the latest devices and includes new, improving features. Regular updates also mean quicker bug fixes, enhancing app functionality.


Focusing on these features and tips can help you choose a free intermittent fasting app or a general workout app that supports your fitness and wellness journey. The best app is adaptable, easy to use, and supports your health goals.


How We Picked and Tested the Best Free Workout Apps

We carefully select the best free workout apps by examining their quality, functionality, and user satisfaction. This section explains our criteria, detailed testing process, and why keeping apps updated and listening to user feedback is important.


Criteria for Evaluation


  • User Reviews: User feedback is crucial. It tells us how real people feel about using the apps. We look at these reviews to check for satisfaction, usability, and how well the workouts are working. Apps with high user ratings are likely the Best home workout apps.


  • Expert Opinions: We also ask fitness trainers and healthcare experts for their views. They help us understand if the workout plans are scientifically sound and healthy. This expert advice helps us pick the best workout apps for men.


  • App Functionalities: We look at what each app offers, like customizing workouts, setting goals, tracking progress, and working with other devices. The best workout plan apps make all these features easy to use. A top fitness app development company usually makes them.


Testing Process: Real-World Usage, Feature Testing, and Comparison


  • Real-World Usage: Our team tests each app in real-life settings. We use the apps at different times, in other places, and on several devices to make sure they work well everywhere.


  • Feature Testing: We carefully test each app’s feature to ensure it works as promised. This is important because even though an app might have great features, it must work correctly.


  • Comparison: We compare the apps based on their features, ease of use, and workout quality. This helps us see which apps stand out.


Keeping Apps Great: Updates and Feedback


  • Continuous Updates: Apps need regular updates to stay current. These updates can add new features, fix bugs, or make the app safer and easier. The best healthcare app development companies keep their apps up-to-date.


  • User Feedback: Listening to what users say helps improve apps over time. The best free workout apps improve based on what users like and want.


Using these thorough methods, we ensure our recommendations for the best free workout apps are solid and dependable. These apps meet high standards and are backed by custom app development services that care about keeping them excellent and up-to-date. This means they help users enjoyably reach their fitness goals.


Benefits of Best Free Workout Apps

Benefits of Best Free Workout Apps
Cost-Effectiveness of Free Apps

One of the top benefits of the best gym workout apps is that they save money. Unlike expensive gym memberships with monthly fees and long contracts, free workout apps offer various exercises at no cost. They are great for people who prefer not to spend much or like to work out only occasionally.


Many of these apps provide options similar to professional training. For those who can motivate themselves, these apps are a great alternative to gyms, potentially saving hundreds of dollars each year. Mobile application consulting services often highlight this affordability, noting the economic advantages of digital fitness solutions in today’s market.


Convenience of Exercising Anytime and Anywhere

The best free workout apps allow you to exercise whenever and wherever you prefer. This eliminates the need to travel to a gym or a class schedule. Whether you fit in a quick session at home before work or in a hotel room while traveling, these apps help keep your fitness routine flexible.


This adaptability is especially valuable for those with busy schedules or frequent travelers. It also benefits those who might feel uncomfortable in a gym, providing a private space to exercise. The best female workout app providers emphasize this convenience, understanding the need for flexible fitness solutions that suit the varied lifestyles of women today.


Motivational Features and Progress Tracking

The best free workout apps understand that fitness is as mental as physical.  That’s why they include features designed to keep you motivated, such as:


  • Data Visualization: Charts and graphs turn workouts into something tangible. Seeing how far you’ve come is incredibly empowering.
  • Gamification: Earning badges, competing with others, etc., taps into our competitive nature, making workouts a bit addictive (in a good way!).
  • Social Features: Sharing your wins, getting encouragement from others, or joining a challenge group adds an extra layer of accountability.
  • Customization: Being able to tailor workouts to your fitness level and goals prevents frustration and boredom – two big reasons people quit.

None of this would be possible without the sophisticated programming languages for app development.  Algorithms that analyze your data interfaces that are intuitive to use…these make fitness apps more than just timers; they make them partners.


Fitness apps leverage technology to provide benefits no gym can match:


  • Affordability: Saving on gym fees means more money for healthy food!
  • Convenience: Workout anytime, anywhere, on YOUR schedule.
  • Motivation: The right app makes exercise something you look forward to, not dread.


This combination of features is changing how we think about fitness. It’s no longer just about going somewhere; it’s about building a healthy lifestyle into your everyday life.


Cost of Developing Free Workout Apps

Developing a free workout app involves many factors that affect the cost. From the first design steps to the final tests and updates, it’s important to detail every stage to ensure the app works well and satisfies users. This section explores the typical costs for creating top workout apps, focusing on design, features, and the advantages of outsourcing.


The first step is to design a workout planner app‘s user interface and user experience (UI/UX). A well-designed app draws users in and keeps them by making it easy to use and visually appealing. 


Adding features is crucial for the functionality of the best free workout apps. These might include video tutorials, customizable workouts, progress tracking, and social sharing options. The development stage usually uses most of the budget. 


Skilled developers who know the programming languages for app development are crucial here.


Testing the app to find and fix bugs is essential before it goes to market. Quality assurance (QA) specialists look for app performance, security, or user experience problems. 


After launching, an app needs regular maintenance and updates. Annual maintenance costs include server fees, content updates, bug fixes, and feature enhancements,


Many outsource app development services to save money and access specialized skills. 


The cost of developing mobile apps, particularly for fitness, varies widely based on app complexity, feature choices, and development strategies. Understanding these costs and considering outsourcing can help manage budgets while delivering high-quality, competitive apps. This approach can position a company to succeed in the market, potentially making its app one of the best free workout apps available.


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Our exploration of the best free workout apps for 2024 highlights the incredible variety available to support your fitness goals. From comprehensive tracking and personalized plans to community features, these apps offer the convenience and motivation you need to succeed.

Here’s a quick recap of our top picks:


  • MyFitnessPal: Ideal for those focusing on both diet and exercise.
  • Nike Run Club: Offers detailed tracking and motivational features for runners.
  • Freeletics: Excels with its AI-driven workouts that adapt as you get fitter.
  • Future Personal Training & Obe Fitness: Bring the personal trainer experience home.

Remember, the best app for YOU is the one you’ll use.  Here’s how to find it:


  • Define Your Goals: Weight loss? Strength training? Endurance? Knowing this helps you narrow down the options.
  • Try Before You Buy: Most apps have a free trial period. Use this to test the interface, workout variety, etc.
  • Embrace Experimentation: Don’t be afraid to switch apps if your needs change or you get bored. Fitness should be fun!

The real transformation happens when you use the data Flutter App Development Companies in the USA provide to make better app choices.

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What Qualifies an App as One of the Best Free Workout Apps?

An app qualifies as one of the best free workout apps based on:


  • Effective, science-backed workouts and personalized plans
  • User-friendly interface and smooth functionality
  • Progress tracking, community features, and motivational tools
  • Clear communication about free features vs. potential paid add-ons


Are There Hidden Costs in Free Workout Apps?

Yes, some “free” apps have hidden costs. These might include:


  • In-app purchases for individual workouts or specialized programs
  • Subscriptions for features like ad-free usage, advanced tracking, etc.
  • Always read the app description and user reviews for details.


How Do These Apps Protect User Data Privacy?

Reputable apps protect your data in several ways:


  • Encryption to secure personal information
  • Compliance with data protection laws (GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)
  • Transparent privacy policies explaining how your data is used
  • Before using ANY app, check its privacy policy.


What Are the Essential Features of a Workout App?

The best features depend on your needs, but common ones include:


  • Accurate workout tracking
  • Personalized plans based on your goals
  • Motivational tools (challenges, rewards, etc.)
  • Social features to connect with others
  • Compatibility with fitness trackers you already own
  • An intuitive interface that’s easy to use


When Should I Change My Workout App?

Consider changing your app if:


  • It no longer challenges you, or your fitness level has changed
  • The workouts become boring or repetitive
  • The app isn’t updated regularly with new content
  • You find a different app that better suits your needs


How Do Workout Apps Keep Up with Fitness Trends?

The best free workout apps stay current by:


  • Adding new workouts and training styles regularly
  • Incorporating the latest research-backed exercise science
  • Updating features based on user feedback
  • Partnering with fitness experts to ensure quality content