A Step-by-Step Guide on Building Calm Meditation App

A3Logics 26 Sep 2023


Anxiety, depression, peer pressure, mood disorders, uneasiness etc are the greatest threats facing humanity today. Both direct and indirect results of evolving lifestyles and complex minds that lack the tools required for dealing with all that comes with human existence. This is where Calm meditation apps like platforms come into play.


How can one control an excessively argumentative mind? Psychological or physiological manifestations might provide clues as well, and instruments which might aid us in today’s digitalized era.


Meditation with technology–commonly known as On-Demand Meditation App– is an invaluable asset in attaining mindfulness and peace. Calm meditation apps like platforms play a pivotal role in aiding users. They help achieve mindfulness through deep breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, guided imagery and visualization.


Since COVID-19 hit, an unhealthy lifestyle and elevated anxiety have increased meditation and health app usage worldwide. In fact, its market has driven past the value of US$ 182 Mn by the end of 2032. This is done at an expected compound annual growth rate of 8.3% over 2022-2032. This is why the demand for enterprise mobile app development company has gotten higher for these apps.


Calm App Morning Meditation App: Detailed Overview

Meditation app Calm was first released as an app in 2012 as a meditation tool. Since then it has grown immensely. It has aid for sleep and relaxation and has been taken into usage for more than 140,000,000 times with 4,500,000 paid subscriptions.


Additionally, this app has earned recognition as both “The World’s Happiest App” and the “Top Grossing Health and Fitness App”. All this due to its seamless operation. This award should go to its developers.


Given their increased demand, every businessman is becoming interested in mood tracking apps like calm app development. Let’s assume you would like to join this industry. Let us then walk through each step required to develop one like Calm meditation app.

Calm app for meditation have not only allowed their users to enjoy peaceful lives but have also proven it as a wise decision. As it entered this market with assistance from top app development companies.


Before venturing in this direction and investing in Calm meditation app development, it is advisable to first gain knowledge of why these applications have gained such widespread attention. Or more accurately speaking, to understand its driving factors as per market size. Something we will discuss further below in this article.

Calm App Sleep Meditation App: Current Stats That You Must Know About

Calm meditation app was introduced as a meditation tool back in 2012. Since then it has gone on to gain immense traction as an effective guide for proper sleep and relaxation. Since its debut, over 100 million downloads and 4 million paid subscribers have utilized Calm. It has got the title as the “Top Grossing Health and Fitness Application” and World Happiest App.  In fact, it has become the easiest user interface possible. All thanks to Calm!


As per mobile app development companies in USA, due to rising interest and demand, business enthusiasts have become intrigued with meditation app development. This is similar to free meditation app like Calm,  and studying guides surrounding mood tracking app development. If this field appeals to you, let’s dive deeper into building one like Calm! Here are the steps required in building such an app successfully.


  • According to global estimates as of 2022, approximately 877.30 million in mediation app revenue was earned.
  • In 2022 and its immediate aftermath, mindfulness apps saw exponential download growth. With headspace apps reaching 300k downloads within three months after reaching pandemic status.
  • Meditation apps have generated revenue of $4.02 billion as of 2016, which is projected to grow 13.68% by 2026 and reach $6.72bn.

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Calm App Walking Meditation App Development: Factors That Lead To Its Popularity

According to custom mobile app development company experts, as more users seek a holistic lifestyle, mindfulness meditation apps have experienced tremendous popularity among their users. Work-life stress combined with other personal or social obligations that reduce energy levels or disrupt sleep have resulted in this surge of interest for mindfulness meditation apps. Below are two factors which have caused such growth of mindfulness app development markets:


Stress and Mental Healthcare Awareness


As many as 76% to 91% of US residents visit doctors due to stress-related ailments each year and 14% of children display signs of anxiety disorders as a result of stress, more and more individuals have become aware of its detrimental effects and have turned towards meditation practices to increase mental wellbeing and thus contributing to an expansion in mindfulness app development.


Increase in Smart Watch and Screen Adoption

As more smartwatches and screens enter homes, people now have access to real-time mental health data that enables them to track their well being more closely than ever before. Therefore, whenever feeling low or overwhelmed they turn to meditation apps such as Calm that guide them into mindfulness – which contributes to its flourishing market and customer engagement.

Now that we understand why Calm sleep and meditation app are being developed, let’s consider some of the top mindfulness meditation apps on the market.

Meditation App like Calm: How Does It Work?

Calm meditation app offering guided mindfulness exercises and meditation sessions intended to reduce stress and promote mental wellness. Apps often feature different kinds of themes for meditation sessions aimed at relieving sleepiness, anxiety reduction, stress relief or focus.


This type of trending app allows users to select their ideal meditation program – often including soothing music or natural sounds – while offering instructions for breathing exercises, visualization techniques and mindfulness practices.

Calm meditation app may also come equipped with additional features like sleep stories, meditation challenges and tracking progress as well as reminders about maintaining a regular practice. Their goal is to offer users a convenient platform on which they can incorporate mindfulness and meditation practices into daily life.


Key Features of Meditation App Development


Profile and Sign-In/Sign-Up Management: In order to keep users interested and prevent disengagement, ensure a simple sign up process allowing them to register through mobile numbers, social media handles or emails ids. In addition, give them access to create profiles easily so they can save and access personal details and all their activities easily.

Meditation Program Management: At the core of it all lies your app, meditation program management is of prime importance. To stay ahead of competition, ensure a variety of meditation program offerings in your library. keep users interested by regularly updating and refining on its basics or core features of an app.

Push Notifications: Stay connected with customers by keeping them up-to-date about all essential information. This feature can be utilized for promotional offers, reminding users about meditation times or suggesting additional meditation sessions.

Play Button: For efficient meditation sessions and to make them easier on oneself, setting an attractive background such as photos or videos may make the session more engaging and attractive. To further personalise it further, a Play button may help manage and control these sessions with greater ease.

Search Function: It is up to the development team to arrange content according to specific labels so that users can locate it easily.


Meditation Library: Offering multiple choices will increase retention rates among users and stimulate curiosity for trying different sessions. A meditation library keeps them engaged while increasing retention rate – be sure to group all the sessions into logical groups that enable users to easily browse it!


Personal Progress: Monitoring one’s own activity can be extremely motivational. reviewing reports and rewarding progress through rewards can increase motivation to stick with goals more successfully.


Payment Options: At this stage of customer acquisition, failure to offer customers their desired payment option can quickly lead to customer loss. Therefore, make sure to integrate various forms of payment such as credit/debit card payments, wallets and Apple Pay/Google Pay integration in accordance with understanding their preferences of target audiences and target customer groups.


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App Like Calm: How To Monetize


Free apps like calm don’t sell in millions – rather billions. Done properly, mobile applications have the power to generate substantial revenues. but how?


Well, that depends heavily on your business model. But we will explore popular approaches for monetizing meditation apps without incurring too much expense, while still creating exponential revenue growth.


These include, as shown below:


  1. Premium App,
  2. In-App Purchases
  3. and Premium Meditation Guide

Big data and in-app advertisement are two ways you can utilize to make money through mobile applications – and now they’re accessible for you too. Before we can make money, however, we must first spend it. and in this section we shall examine just how much of that should happen.


Steps To Follow While Creating A Meditation App

To make sure that you’re taking the necessary steps in mobile app development lifecycle, it’s crucial that your process includes some essential components:

Bring Clarity of Business Idea

As with anything new, exploration is key when starting something. Before investing in meditation apps, make sure you understand their basics as well as all available categories in the market, such as weight loss meditation apps, walking meditation apps, mental health tracker apps, yoga apps, breathing meditation apps, morning meditation apps, guided meditation apps etc.

Select The Appropriate Product Platform

Keeping one foot in front of the other” can create an equally strong foundation. To get off on a solid start, conduct an in-depth analysis on both iOS and Android platforms available to you. consideration should include things such as target audience preferences, income and education requirements of potential target groups when choosing platforms. This decision also has direct bearing on costs involved with app development projects.

Upgrade Your Limits Using AR/VR Technology

Provide users with near real experiences using virtual lenses. AR/VR technology has done wonders in making it easy for users to experience relaxing sessions integrated with meditation apps, and will increase user engagement as they practice regularly – ultimately increasing your client retention rate and client loyalty rate.

Utilize The MVP Models

Before purchasing the whole cube of something new, sampling some samples first is always wise. That is exactly the concept behind MVP models – an initial tester phase where developers have space to add or eliminate features before moving forward to phase two. As much as possible in an MVP’s initial stages, developers should try not to implement complex features like video streams, in-app payments or chat features in this phase of their product’s creation process.

Instead, they should focus on simple features to test the viability of an application such as:


  1. Sign-in/Sign-out feature for the users
  2. Introductory video for the initial aspect
  3. Stats showcasing customer progress
  4. Push-Notifications
  5. And many other basic attributes

Select The Appropriate User Experience Approaches

Success lies within what your customers experience, so adopting the appropriate UI/UX approach is integral for business success and confidence-building. Prioritize animation over fonts when prioritizing animations over fonts. and avoid any overloaded and chaotic design patterns as these could potentially detract from meeting business goals immediately.

App Integration With Wearable Devices

Increased interactions lead to stronger bonds. Integrating meditation apps on wearable devices reduces the distance between users and technology, creating an effortless meditation practice for them that’s accessible at any moment using smartwatches, fitness trackers or any other wearable devices. As users will feel more at ease while doing meditation with these easy methods, users will feel even more at home doing it at any time they choose – perfect for busy individuals!

Select The Ideal Development Team

An effective development team is key for creating a meditation app, and must possess in-depth knowledge about features, functionalities and technologies which could make your app truly remarkable. Here is some essential features information:

How Much Does A Calm Meditation App Cost?

There is no set cost estimate associated with developing a meditation app. Its development cost will entirely depend on its features, platform and hourly development rate as well as team structure, location of development teams etc.


App Platform – Will your app run on either iOS, Android, both or neither platforms? Each will require different costs depending on which option is chosen – costs vary by platform type.


App Design – To keep users interested and loyal to your app, the design must engage their senses and keep them coming back again and again. Don’t sacrifice design in favor of cost cuts – hire only experienced UI/UX development companies after thoroughly checking their portfolios!


Development Team – Your development cost will depend heavily upon the team you select for development. its costs will differ based on factors like team experience, size and expertise as well as location differences. Ultimately these variations affect costs in various ways.


Third-Party Integrations – Apart from developing features and functionalities within User app and Admin Panel, opting for any third-party integrations will add extra costs as their development requires time-intensive efforts and additional costs.


Features and Functionalities – App features are certainly crucial, with more complex ones costing more. Therefore, it is always advisable to set aside sufficient funds if planning on developing a full-fledged app. Otherwise you could try going for basic apps within a tight budget.


But to give an estimate for meditation app development costs. They begin around 20k and increase as your requirements change during development. To get a detailed answer, you can always connect with the best Android and iOS app development services provider and get all your needs covered.


Calm-like App Development: Challenges You Might Face

Building a Calm meditation app can present many unique challenges. This is where we need the help of iOS and Android app development services experts. From loading speed issues and high subscription fees, to developing user experiences tailored for meditation apps. So without further delay, let’s dive in!


Localizing App Content

There are various challenges involved with app localization that your hired app partners would need to overcome to deliver multilingual apps in time and on budget. Mitigating these challenges and meeting delivery timelines would certainly present itself as a hurdle in its own right.

Simplification and Speed

The primary challenge facing teams of Calm meditation app developers would be maintaining simplicity while increasing loading speeds while adding various options into an application.

Increased Subscription Rate

Users in the mindfulness market typically do not support paying subscription fees for apps they download and companies in this domain are heavily investing in price benchmarking to get better outcomes, which means a high subscription rate may pose an impediment for entrepreneurs looking into Calm meditation app  development projects. So let’s not delay and bring down costs to build our app similar to Calm.


There are currently many mindfulness meditation apps on the market. However, only some are backed by solid research, leaving consumers uncertain which apps they should prefer over another. This makes business owners struggle to win customer trust and keep customers connected to their platform. This is something achievable through providing adequate transparency into app operations.

To know more you must not hesitate and connect with the experts at iOS and Android application development company and get the response you need.


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Wrapping Up

Meditation apps have undoubtedly gained tremendous market traction recently and are helping millions to relieve anxiety and boost concentration power. Unfortunately, technological development means there are now an ever increasing number of market players offering such services. Therefore, if you wish to take competitive advantage and join their leadership journey then focus on leading companies and their marketing strategies. This post covers all essential considerations when building meditation app development. So use that understanding and make smart moves for maximum social good! This world needs your efforts in combating rising anxiety issues across age groups! This is why you must put effort and connect with one of the best on demand app development companies in USA.


How do meditation apps work?

As per custom mobile app development service provider, meditation apps are created to familiarize users with meditation skills. Offering guided sessions that teach breathing techniques, brain training exercises and mental relaxation. There are multiple sessions you can play when using this app. Including mood tracker/timer features to gauge session length as well as expert assistance who can offer more knowledge regarding mediation practices. To get more details you can connect with experts providing mobile app consulting services in USA.

Are meditation apps effective ways of relieving anxiety?

Apps like calm do help with relieving anxiety. Calming music and breathing techniques work to relax the mind, alleviating symptoms of worry. Mindful apps also allow the brain to stay present rather than looking ahead. Furthermore, different meditation techniques improve brain focus so as to remain calmer – leading to improved sleeping quality! To know more about the same, you can connect with the best meditation app development company. 

How much does a calm meditation app cost?

Estimating meditation app development costs begins around $20k and may fluctuate as your requirements evolve during development.