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Why You Should Hire A Dedicated Development Team in 2021?

Working with a dedicated development team is the most popular strategy used by most of the IT enterprises today. This is done by most IT consulting firms today to get access to a wider pool of offshore developers for completing their projects faster and getting quality results, that too, at a significantly low cost.

As most companies face budget constraints with the permanent, full-time dedicated development team today, they prefer outsourcing software development work to a team of dedicated developers. Partnering dedicated teams, companies get benefits like project flexibility, improved control, and access to a wider pool of talented developers and so on. Despite this, many global IT companies still don’t understand the need to hire a dedicated development team for software, website, or app development. 

Hence, the article will shed light on to the key reasons to hire a dedicated team, but before we move on, let's first understand:

What is a Dedicated Development Team?

The words ‘dedicated development’ focuses on a dedicated development team model. With this model, whatever software you need, you can hire dedicated developers who are willing to work on your project. Each personnel with distinct areas of expertise to accomplish the tasks at hand.

A dedicated team directly refers to the dedicated team model (DT) under which there are three main entities: client, outsourcing company, and software developers.

dedicated development team

In the dedicated development team model, the outsourcing company offers you recruiting services, administrative support, and all other resources you want for completion of your project. The development team of your outsourcing partner works full-time with utter dedication towards your project and reports directly to you. 

However, you must understand that the role of an outsourcing company in a DT model is limited. It acts as a middleman or supportive entity for the realization of your project. You, as a client, is the one who has more hands-on work like arranging daily meetings with offshore developers, monitoring daily activities and overall progress of the project, etc.

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Here are the top reasons to hire a dedicated development team in 2021: 

Focused Approach

When you hire a dedicated team, they work with full commitment towards your project. The members of dedicated software team also work with minimum distraction and are ready to hear any comments, propositions, and requirements from your side, as a client. 

Save Development Costs

When partnering dedicated software teams, you don't need to worry about budget hikes. You only need to pay developers of dedicated teams on the basis of the number of hours they worked upon your project. Also, with offshore teams, you save costs related to office space rent, IT hardware/software and project training, etc.

Get Project Flexibility 

With dedicated teams, you get the option to adjust the size of your development team as per the project requirements. Direct control over team, tasks and workflow is also an advantage of working with dedicated teams. Agility and adaptability in dedicated software development is also high in case of any change in project. Hence, the biggest advantage of hiring dedicated teams is the flexibility that they offer to complete your project on time.

Faster Time to Market 

Hiring a dedicated team for enterprise software development saves you from the headache of hiring freshers and explaining every tiny detail of your project to them. Skipping the learning and training curve for developers of a project makes it easier for you to build your product faster and complete the project on time. The more familiar members of dedicated teams are with each other, the more chances are there for you to finish a project earlier with less coding errors and budget. 

Full Involvement and Complete Control over Project 

By hiring dedicated software teams, you get 100% commitment and focus to your projects. The members of dedicated teams work wholeheartedly to achieve the key milestones of your project within specified timeline and budget. You, as a client, also get an opportunity to exercise total control over project workflow and be a sole decision maker in hiring, altering, administration, and changing the project direction. Unless you delegate the responsibility to an onsite project manager, you are in total control over your project. 

Respond Faster to Emergency Situations 

Bottlenecks occur every now and then in a project due to turbulent external market conditions. Losing your top priority clients due to excessive work is something no one can bear. So why not hire a professional dedicated development company to help you meet deadlines. By, doing this you can stay proactive and respond faster to client demands. 

Improvement in Productivity Level

The focused and committed approach adopted by members of dedicated software teams while working on a particular project helps them maintain maximum productivity. Instead of working on different projects, dedicated teams focus on a single project, which in turn, produce significant results. It is better to outsource a complex project to an expert team of dedicated software professionals with a proven portfolio, instead of spending resources on training your in-house team.

Get Access to Wider Pool of Technology Experts 

With in-house development teams, you get limited skills and expertise to build a complex project. This means when project requirements change, your in-house team struggles to adapt to the changing work environment. Therefore, hiring a dedicated team is a good idea to get access to a wider pool of talented developers, working on cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, AI/ML, Cloud computing and so on. These developers work upon a wide variety of projects as each client comes with unique requirements. This allows them to shine and improve their skills better compared to in-house teams. 

Long-Term Collaboration Opportunity

When you choose a dedicated team to work upon your project, they work with full commitment and dedication. As they work with extreme focus, you can sign up long-term contracts with them to ensure stability and superior business results, every time they turn up. Finding a team who adapts faster to changing project requirements and works swiftly with any technology slack is always a tough task. So, if opportunity arises, never miss to sign a long-term deal with a dedicated software services team.

Wrapping it Up…!

In a nutshell, outsourcing software development work to dedicated teams is an excellent idea for modern day firms to get superior results. Dedicated development IT companies working from offshore locations help their clients finish complex projects on-time, meeting their budget constraints. 

If you are also looking for an expert team of dedicated developers to complete your project on-time, hire a dedicated team from A3logics. We are a global IT solution provider with expertise in web development, mobile app development, and digital marketing. We have a large pool of talented developers who work upon new-age technologies and have experience in working on diverse projects with varying requirements.

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