What Are the Top 20 Android App Development Trends for 2024?

A3Logics 20 Nov 2023


When you think of apps, the first thought that comes to mind are apps like Facebook, Zomato, Uber, and more. There are more than 10 million mobile app downloads per month. Android app development trends has been one of the fastest-growing industries of the present. Absolutely, mobile apps will change your life!

The market for enterprise mobile app development is growing every day and growing beyond the imagination. Technologies like AR/VR, Beacons, IoT to 5G networks, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning have given growth to this sector.

Super apps, On Demand apps, and instant apps have certainly taken on the position of “lifesaver”. All this for the majority of those who have been affected by lockdown. Additionally, apps for shopping, games, entertainment, learning, and payment also garnered lots of attention in this period.

The latest applications and technologies have become integral to mobile apps in the present. It is, therefore, essential to be aware of the newest trends to be witnessed this year. Let’s see what trends will amaze us in 2024!

Mobile App Development: All About It

Android mobile app development has witnessed a dramatic shift in the last few years. We live in a 21st-century world. Could you imagine spending all day without using any mobile app? Seems impossible, right! Smartphones have helped make our lives so much simpler for everyone. Whether a kid or an older person – is restricted to one tiny device, smartphones.

There are a myriad of popular apps that people use to simplify their lives. Do you know which apps stand out from the millions of apps available? It is impossible to even guess unless you are familiar with the latest trends in mobile apps in 2024.

According to Statista, the total revenue of the app sales is predicted to increase annually at a rate of 7.13 percent. This leads to an estimated market value in the range of US $2.4 million in 2027. New technologies and evolving customer behavior will continue to influence the future of mobile apps every day. This will create possibilities and challenges. 

If you’re looking to get hands-on with the recent trends in custom android app development, you are on the right path! We are now going to explore the most fascinating developments in mobile apps by 2024. It’s going to transform your life over the next few years.


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Latest Trends in Android App Development

Below are the top Android app development trends as per the top Android app development company.


1) The Emergence of 5G Technology

The latest technological advances have led clever minds to come up with new apps. It improves the ones already in use. In this case, 5G is now one the most viewed mobile apps by 2024. 5G technology has changed the ways that people use smartphones. It has also led to the creation of new mobile applications. Just a click away from accessing anything you need with greater speed and efficiency, as well as lower latency.

Let’s look at the effects that 5G will have on the development of mobile apps to gain a better understanding:


  • 5G networks can assist in the implementation of IoT app development seamlessly. It allows applications to seamlessly connect smart devices as well as wearable technology.
  • Applications that run on the 5G network will offer an enhanced video streaming experience. It will result in a rich multimedia user experience.
  • Android app development experts will have the ability to include AR as well as VR in their mobile apps. All do with 5G speeds that are extremely efficient.
  • 5G networks will aid in transforming mobile app development built upon 3D features. This includes immersive gaming as well as 3D printing.
  • 5G’s increased connectivity will improve the capabilities of navigational applications.

Thus, 5G technology will be able to accommodate the next generation of mobile applications. It offers a better user experience, with lower delay, higher speed and a higher density of connections. This could result in higher retention rates and increased app revenue.


2) Foldable Devices & App Development

As per the Android app development agency, Foldable phones are creating innovative trends within the smartphone market. It offers valuable capabilities and new possibilities for its users. Based on Statista Data, the market for foldable smartphones is expected to increase in size. It will reach more than US $105 billion in 2025.

Therefore, it is essential to enhance the number of smartphones with high-end features. All this by introducing better mobile apps for foldable devices. And also it makes it one of the toughest trending mobile apps in 2024.

The growing demand for folding devices will affect the development process of apps. This will in turn help the developers by creating rich experiences for a variety of different types of multi-window displays.

This mobile trend in apps could be taken to the next level by creating apps that fold and have various screen sizes. We will look at a few of the incredible advancements that can assist users and developers to improve their effectiveness:


  • They can make use of different orientations when streaming videos.
  • They can access multiple banking accounts from multi-windows, and then complete their transactions.
  • It will be much easier to switch between several applications.

3) Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook has said that AR could one day be as essential to our living in the same way as “eating three meals per day.” AR and VR aren’t the next trend in app development but are “here today” in the health and fitness industry and entertainment, to shopping navigation and organization, as well as marketing.

According to a report, the AR as well as VR is projected to rise the range of USD $114.5 billion in 2027, with a expansion rate of 25.3 percent.

AR has been a major force throughout all industries and has emerged as one of the biggest trending mobile apps in 2024. Even the largest tech firms like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have made significant commitments to develop innovative technologies for this area. Users are utilizing AR features on a daily basis in companies without realizing. Let’s take a look at a few of the most innovative examples that provide a rich user experience


  • Pokemon GO captured the whole world in 2016 with its stunning AR experience, which took gaming to a high-tech level.
  • IKEA makes use of AR features that allow customers to visualize their items within their own home before making purchases.
  • Asos, the clothing brand, makes use of an AR feature known as Virtual Catwalk to visualize 100 Asos Design products and “digitally make” clothes onto models.
  • Sephora is a makeup company that uses AR features that allow customers to understand how certain products might appear on their face.

So, AR and VR technology plays a significant part in the emergence of a trend in mobile apps by 2024. Businesses are investing in technological advancements and are providing opportunities for the development of new and exciting mobile apps for users to download.


4) Wearable Technology Integration


As per custom mobile app development company experts, technology that wearables can open up a new world of possibilities that is unimaginable. The possibilities of wearables have grown so large that they were not even visible in smartphones and laptops. The scanning and sensory capabilities of wearables have created new standards on the market, which makes it one of the top mobile apps in 2024.

According to the data, the global wearable technology market size is projected to exceed USD $392.4 billion by 2030.

The wearables market is changing parameters of mobile applications, which makes it a new trend on the market.

Wearables have made a huge difference in the creation of innovative mobile applications such as:


  • Screen sizes chanted through mobile applications
  • The development of lighter apps to provide more functionality and faster speed
  • The development of customized notifications, such as voice memos, various colored signals for wearable devices.
  • Data transmission seamless through mobile applications
  • Higher layer connection between the end user with hardware

Wearable technology has affected a variety of fields like healthcare, education, transportation, communication, gaming, and other areas. This has led to the demand for mobile apps that are custom-designed have risen twofold.

5) Rise of Low Code/No Code App Development

The need for low code/no programming of apps has increased dramatically in recent years as new business opportunities open every day. This makes it an essential mobile fashion in 2024.

As per Android app development services expert, the trend is taking off as companies are seeking to increase efficiency and streamline their processes. Businesses require every information at a single click. Which can only be achieved by speeding up the development process using low-code systems.

Low-code Android app development is becoming an app trend because of these reasons:


  • It offers users easy and efficient ways to manage their process.
  • It allows for a fast development cycle without having to create massive codes and programs.
  • It requires less time and effort in the development of an application, which, in turn, aids in reducing Android app development cost.
  • It is less prone to bugs because of the lower volume of code, which results in more performance.
  • It lets users have an accurate view of the app and assists in addressing the needs of customers.

Thus, low-code is now the norm for mobile application development.


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6) Mobile Entertainment and Gaming Apps

Who hasn’t heard of Netflix, Amazon Prime or YouTube? Gaming apps and mobile entertainment have been a major hit in the world of entertainment. The impact of the gaming and entertainment business has risen worldwide.

Do you think you can go for an entire day and not watch your favourite television show or play your most loved game? From playing PUBG throughout the day or binge-watching Netflix, your day is all about entertainment apps and mobile games, keeping them as one of the most popular mobile app trends of 2024.

According to latest forecasts that the market for mobile gaming content will exceed US $173.4 billion by 2026, if mobile gaming and smartphone usage continues to rise.

As per Android app development companies, displaying every little aspect of your smartphone’s screen is important. It makes it easy for users to access every bit of information while relaxing and enjoying themselves, mobile apps have changed in a variety of ways the entertainment and gaming industries. This is why it is essential for mobile app developers to concentrate on providing more flexible designs as well as easy sharing options.

7) Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in App Development

“Hey Siri, can you play my song of the day?”

“Hey, Alexa, what is the forecast for today’s weather?”

You’ve probably had similar questions via Siri as well as Alexa. Do you know that Siri from Apple Siri or Amazon’s Alexa are the most adored AI-powered technology for consumers? These technologies also raise the bar for mobile app development trends for 2024.

Artificial intelligence development, as well as ML, have begun to take an important role in our lives and have transformed how we think and act at every stage in our lives. From choosing the best filters for Snapchat or setting up your Netflix preferences, you’ll see an influx that is AI and ML all over the place.

AI, as well as machine learning solutions, have gained control over all areas of technology-related mobile development of apps. Every sector, including banking, healthcare, and more and everything in between, has benefitted from the creation of mobile apps that incorporate AI and ML-enabled features, making it possible to succeed in all sectors. The most intriguing mobile app trends driven through AI as well as ML will be listed below:


  • Face recognition functions built in on phones.
  • Chatbots and voice assistants are enhancing the experience of customers.
  • Google and Microsoft employ advanced algorithms, with the aid of Machine Learning, to improve search engines.
  • Food delivery apps online that you can use on mobile phones to anticipate the behavior of your customers and recommend appropriate food items.

It is worthwhile to look into new mobile app trends driven by AI and ML in 2023. that will turn our lives upside down again!

8) Mobile App Security & Privacy

Let’s step back and consider the 2022 year. While the mobile app security market gained a lot of praise in recent years, it was at the very beginning of development with regards to security. Security was becoming more polarized.

A study of 150 apps for mobile financial services indicates that at the very least, one critical security flaw can be discovered in 84 percent of Android and 70 percent of iOS apps.

It is, therefore, essential that developers take more of an active role in the security of mobile applications by 2024 in order to limit the risk. This is why mobile privacy and security has emerged as one of the top mobile app trends in 2024.

9) Super Apps

Super apps have gained prominent position throughout Asia as well as Africa and are a growing fashion in the West with its impressive integrated services and products. Organizations in the business sector are moving to one-stop solutions which can meet their various requirements. It is the reason it has become a well-known trend and a forward-looking strategy for all mobile app development firms.


In China, from WeChat through Latin America’s Rappi Super apps are commonplace in a lot of countries today. They have transformed everything from markets on the internet to financial institutions that are digital. One of the top apps for India can be found in Tata Neu, which has created a euphoric impression on the population.


The app lets you make bookings for hotels, flight bookings, food orders, as well as quick loans. It plans to grow into microfinancing microinsurance, purchase now and pay later, and additional services in the future. an all-in-one solution for any need!


Super apps are able to bring together experiences that used to be separated because of limitations between different industries. Although they may not completely replace all apps available on smartphones, they will certainly change the expectations of customers who want an experience that is mobile-first. Super apps are a sure mobile app trend worth a look in 2024.

10) Mobile Commerce and P2P Apps

Today, customers are relying on mobile commerce apps to purchase products and services at any time and from any location. These apps have made life simple and flexible, creating the latest mobile app trends by 2024.


The market for developing mobile apps has seen its highest growth after App Store along with Play Store. According to an forecast the mobile ecommerce revenues are expected to surpass US $510 billion by 2024. It is also going to surpass $710 billion by 2025. Another study from Shopify  indicates that tablets and mobile phones were the top shopping channel during Black Friday. It made up 69% of the total sales.


Another trend in mobile apps that has been observed in the last year is the P2P payment app. It makes it easy to access online banking and mobile banking. It is no longer necessary to carry around your wallets, or fret about cash being stolen. All because of the evolution in P2P apps.


Precedence Research released a study that the global P2P payments market was worth US$ 1.89 trillion by 2024. The market is projected to reach USD 9.87 trillion in 2030, a growth rate of an annual rate of 20.16 percent during the period from 2022 until 2030.


So, creation of mobile commerce apps and P2P payment applications is in high demand. It is now a requirement for developers to develop applications that can be customized with features so that customers can use it in the most efficient way.


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11) Blockchain Integration in Mobile Apps

Blockchain technology has transformed a variety of sectors like education, healthcare and finance, as well as real estate and has now developed its application to the development of mobile apps, which makes it one of the most awaited apps in 2024. Software developers and mobile apps utilize it to fix several flaws due to its decentralized design.

According to Statista Data, the global market for blockchain technology is projected to reach US $39.9 billion of revenues in 2025.

Let’s see what blockchain tech has done to assist in developing mobile apps and has become the most popular trend of the past few years:


  • It improves data privacy and helps in ensuring that apps are secure. Additionally, the risk of third-party apps is reduced due to its decentralized design.
  • The development of mobile applications through blockchain technology provides transparency and reduces the possibility of fraud and bogus information.
  • Mobile app stability can be improved by using blockchain, which is a stable infrastructure.
  • Making a mobile-based blockchain application efficient in terms of cost and time savings for the developers, resulting in an enhanced customer experience.


12) Predictive Analytics for Mobile Apps

As per custom mobile app development services expert, predictive analysis is growing quickly because of its advanced analytical tools. It assists in making predictions for the future. Businesses today can accurately predict trends and behaviors through tools for predictive analysis. That have been deemed an essential mobile application trends of 2024.

As per Markets & Markets, forecasting analytics are expected to grow to USD 28.1 billion in 5 years at a CAGR of 22.17 percent over the forecast time.

While the term has been around for a long time, it is a completely new concept for mobile app development services, and is becoming an emerging trend right now. Mobile app developers can develop innovative, high-performing applications by leveraging the potential benefits of predictive analytics.

We all know about Amazon’s shopping apps, but did you know that Amazon makes use of predictive analytics to tailor your requirements based on past purchases and browsing habits? This is similar to how the IT giant Google employs predictive analytics to generate search terms. That are based on the location of your home, religious preferences, and browsing past. If you browse around, you’ll see predictive analytics used in our daily lives!

It can be employed in many ways to improve the overall user experience as well as the efficiency of mobile applications. Let’s take a look at how predictive analysis will become the norm for mobile applications by 2024:


  • Predictive analytics gives an unambiguous picture for users of the ways in which they can interact in their app.
  • Business companies provide their customers with customized messages and other information, in addition to personalizing the experience of the mobile applications.
  • Predictive analytics helps in identifying bugs in apps that force users to delete the apps. This allows companies to find the root of the issue and its solution efficiently.
  • Predictive analytics for mobile applications can also help companies understand the specifics of the device as well as its operating system that they select to connect to the application.


13) Internet of Things Enabled Mobile Apps

The Internet of Things is the revolutionary technology that is transforming our time! It can transform how we work or play as well as live. IOT App Development Companies use IoT to develop applications that will improve the living quality, due to this, it has earned place in the list of new mobile apps ideas and trends in 2024.

With IoT, it is possible to create a myriad of possibilities for mobile apps to be developed. The possibilities of developing new and innovative applications will only grow as many devices and users become connected in this brand-new technological age.

Based on IoT Analytics’ Global IoT Enterprise Spending Dashboard, the IoT market size is forecast to grow at a rate of 22% and reach the value of $525 billion in 2027.

IoT is revolutionizing every industry, be it health or tourism. Additionally, “smart home” has blown up the world with its most impressive features, making it an autonomous version of the smart cities. IoT is definitely impacting the development of mobile apps and will be able to outdo the world by introducing new technologies in 2024.

14) Beacon Technology Integration in Mobile Apps

Imagine receiving coupons personalized to you and early access to sales with huge discounts at your favorite retailer! This is possible thanks to beacon technology. A fascinating aspect of the technology used is that it doesn’t use your Wi-Fi connection. The technology that is based on location uses “Bluetooth Low-Energy”. It gives you all the information you need within the general location parameter. It is hard to think of not including this technology on our top 20 list of mobile app trends in 2024?

Google, along with Apple, were the two biggest tech companies to utilize beacons in 2013. Its popularity grew due to its extensive customization and its easy access to every feature in a matter of minutes. In the present, hundreds of retailers utilize this technology to provide automation and ease of use for their customers.

The popularity of top app development companies in USA can increase two-fold by using beacon technology. 

So, Android app development can not only provide an edge to tech companies as well as the marketing sector to a large extent. Here are two instances that have provided an increase to mobile app companies and been included in our list of the top trending apps for 2024.


  • Informing customers about special offers and deals while they are in the area in your retail store.
  • Notifying users when they’ve stepped into an area that is not permitted using smartphones.

With the growing popularity of beacon technology. It will be fascinating to find out what app developers can contribute to this technology in 2023 using this incredible beacon technology.


15) Instant Apps

You might have seen a “Try Right Now” button for specific applications that are available on the Google Play Store page. When you click it, you are able to play the app without downloading it. It allows you to access certain functions without having to host the app completely in order to use it without consuming a lot of storage.


As per Android app development company USA expert, one of the major benefits of instant apps is their simple testing. It lets users familiarize them with the latest applications quickly and effortlessly. Thus, these apps are bound to be the top choice for users.


16) Cloud Computing Integration in Mobile Apps

Everyone has been notified on your phone’s screen “your phone’s storage capacity is exhausted!”

As per the best mobile app development company in USA, Cloud computing has given us an answer to this message that appears on your screen. Instead of having to purchase and maintain physical servers and data centers. You can connect to applications through the internet and increase the performance of your smartphone by hand.

In the present, many people are dependent on cloud storage for the majority of their work. It is believed to be 30% of companies anticipate running 75 percent of their workloads on cloud storage by 2024.

We will look at the way cloud computing has taken the place of the trends that are growing in popularity for mobile app development in 2024:


  • Making a mobile application with cloud computing capabilities eliminates the need to create applications for different platforms.
  • All data is saved on cloud storage and is accessible through the internet, so it doesn’t need extra space on your mobile phones.
  • Since all data information is stored on a server, the chance of losing your data becomes very low.
  • Cloud computing technology enables app developers to reduce their time managing servers while developing the application.

This is why cloud computing technology is going to play a significant role in the development of mobile apps. And offer developers ease of use in terms of functionality and features.


17) On Demand Services Mobile Apps

Do you feel sick and need to schedule a doctor’s appointment? Or do you want to arrange an Uber ride to your preferred location? The first thing that pops up to mind is the amazing on-demand mobile applications like Practo as well as Uber! Now, there’s no way back.

In the wake of COVID-19 in mobile usage, the number of apps grew dramatically, and increased the quality of the on demand app development. Healthcare, food delivery online education, and all on-demand offerings saw an increase in the course of this.

According to the most recent PwC report the market for on-demand smartphones and web apps could be worth US $335 billion before 2025. The growth and increasing demand for on demand app development company has positioned it the most fascinating mobile trend in apps in 2024.


On Demand App Development Companies


Let’s take a look at some of the incredible new trends coming into the market for mobile apps for services on demand:


  • The number of people who join the app economy on demand will grow in steady increments.
  • On-demand services will soon be embraced by a growing number of transport and food delivery companies.
  • The number of users using on-demand applications will increase because more and more people are moving toward digitalization.

There is no doubt that on-demand mobile application development consulting services will become more popular in the coming years because of the constant growth in mobile users as well as the dependence on the internet. It is therefore crucial that app creators create apps that are on demand with more personal features and greater performance.


18) Touchless User Interfaces (UI) for Mobile Apps

As per best mobile app development company, demand from the consumer for applications which reduce the need to interact face-to-face has led to the creation of touchless interfaces. Mobile apps have played crucial in the battle to transition public touchscreens with touch-free experiences. It is, therefore, one of the new trends for mobile apps in 2024.

Because of the potential for constant behavior changes, touchless technologies are transforming user experience and the processes. It’s time to embrace the changes of the “new normal” approach to interaction that is evolving as time passes.

A great illustration for Touchless UI is Amazon’s Echo range of products. All you have to do is give the commands once you have set the device up. The hands-free work is required following the initial setup. So, app developers have to know the needs of their customers and build proficiency in touchless technologies.

19) Mobile Learning

In the digital age the children are surrounded using apps and digital media as a part of their lives. The demand for mobile learning has increased dramatically after COVID-19 which saw a variety of apps created for student’s wellbeing.

According to an report from Technavio according to a report by Technavio, the market for educational apps is projected to grow in the amount of USD 46.88 billion in the period 2020-2024. There are many companies developing apps that are focussed on developing applications for the education-related industries. Based on the information above, it is evident that e-learning is becoming a prominent emerging mobile application trend in 2024.

A lot of mobile apps for elearning are offering engaging elements to their education. One example is ScienceSpot, which allows students to discover different scientific principles by playing a variety of games. That make it simpler for students to comprehend the fundamentals.

The ability to provide information via video is yet another advantage of mobile learning apps, which has led to it becoming a wildly popular trend. Videos keep the students active and help to provide a better comprehension of the topic.

20) Edge Computing

As we’ve discussed previously the use of AI and ML is evident everywhere. Since there has been a rise in the use of AI and ML technologies. Businesses are relying on edge computing to keep important data in place and enable latency. 

According to research by the MIT Media Lab, AI, analytics as well as deep learning, will be driving 44% of the data. This data comes from the edge and core and will be a major driver in the growth of IoT devices. Edge computing can play a crucial role in enhancing the user experience for mobile apps. Which is an extremely challenging smartphone trend of 2024.

Do you understand the reason why mobile edge computing is the latest trend? Let’s find out:


  • It incorporates the most recent technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning as well as the Internet of Things, along with data processing.
  • It is a great tool for many different applications, including smart home devices, wearables video analysis, deep lens cameras, and gaming.
  • Demand for edge computing on mobile devices has risen due to the necessity for speedy connectivity and greater security of data.

As companies grow and expand, staying connected to the rest of the world is becoming essential to speed up advancement. It is the latest area of focus, offering a flexible method of connecting to Internet exchanges. Cloud computing and the wider ecosystem inside the center of data.


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Final Thoughts

The most recent trends in mobile apps described above showed that technology is on the rise as it continues to create amazing discoveries in the near future. Mobile technology has provided new possibilities for app developers.

The increasing need for connected gadgets and platforms such as smart homes, wearables as well as voice-based assistants, will provide new opportunities for mobile app integration by 2024. These trends will keep the market for mobile apps growing and provide users with access to more advanced and personalized experiences as well as enhanced connectivity and ease. If you are looking to hire Android app developers, then you can connect with the experts at A3logics. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which are the most popular mobile application development trends in 2024?

The mobile app development industry has taken a different path toward technological innovation. It has made advancement and the industry is experiencing new developments each day. The most amazing developments in mobile apps that will be in place for 2024. This includes 5G Technology as well as foldable Devices IoT, VR/AR Technology, AI and Machine Learning Super On-demand, and Instant Apps. These Apps are related to education, gaming and payments, e-commerce and entertainment Wearable Technology along with Blockchain Integration.

What kinds of apps are popular?

Apps have become a fundamental aspect of the modern day life of everyone. The most popular apps include Instant and On-demand applications like Zomato, Uber, Netflix, Facebook, Instagram and numerous others. Additionally, apps for e-learning like BYJUS and Udemy, as well as fitness and health apps like Google Fit and HealthifyMe. These apps are taken into consideration as a trend right today.

Which framework is best for developing mobile apps?

There are many different mobile frameworks to develop apps on the market. However, some of the most effective frameworks include Native Scripts, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, and JQuery Mobile. If you hire mobile app developers, they can help you with proper guidance.