a3logics 7 Top e-Learning Mobile Apps That Redefined Online Learning

Mobile technology is the biggest revolution that the world has witnessed. It has turned our lives upside down, for good and bad but primarily for the former. Now, our routines are more organized, sorted, easy and smooth, thanks to some brilliant applications that our whole world has wrapped up on our smartphones. These online platforms are helping users to hone their skills, learn new activities and indulge in something productive. Rather than distracting young minds from their studies, these mobile applications are mentoring students with online courses and classes. 

With the evolution in mobile application development solutions, proficients converted the phones into virtual classrooms where students can be a part of curricular activities, interesting sessions and get connected with experts. Moreover, these online classes are more interesting, interactive, and engaging than traditional ones. 

Every major business today seems interested in building powerful elearning solutions like online learning mobile apps. We have compiled a list of 7 educational applications that are not only guiding scholars through their studies but have also inspired startups and businesses to try their hands in something creative. Here we go:

Khan Academy

We all are familiar with how expensive education can be. Thanks to Khan Academy, you can learn common subjects, such as math, economics, science, English, Biology, and many others without shelling out. Yes, this one of the top mobile learning apps is free to download on your smartphone without any hidden charges. For all the curious minds around the world, this application boasts over 10,000 video tutorials combined with various courses and lessons. Whether you want to brush up an old concept or plan to learn something new, it has got your back. There are online courses as well for standardized tests like SAT, LSAT, MCAT, etc., in multiple languages along with practice exercises and a dashboard to track your progress.


As exciting as it is to learn a new language, there is no denying the fact that it also demands patience and practice. If you can’t get your hands on effective and engaging learning techniques, you can lose your interest and focus in a few seconds. Hence, Duolingo, a mobile app that makes this whole learning process easy with mini-games. You can choose from about 30 languages, including Mandarin, French, English, Latin, Spanish, and whatnot and each class is for 5 minutes on an average. The sessions start with simple picture labelling games and with each level, you are involved in innovative games to hone your grammar and vocabulary. You have daily goals and can also keep an eye on your performance to gain more XPs that open gates to interactive stories to work on your listening and reading comprehension.

Google Classroom

Going to an educational institute, completing daily homework or assignments, submitting them within the deadlines and then waiting for the grades. This all seems so normal for students and is apart of their daily routine. Even teachers have got accustomed to reviewing and grading assignments but this process is not easy at all and can get to your nerves at times. So, Google Classroom has come up with a perfect solution to streamline this procedure. It is basically a virtual classroom that can be used to send announcements, start discussions, create class, submit assignments, review and grade them, share resources and give feedback. Teachers simply need to share code with students so they can join the class and the rest is a cakewalk. If you are also planning to launch your own app like this, then seek a reliable Android app development consultant that can provide you with a miracle like this. 


What is the one subject that gives sleepless nights to students? No prize for guessing, it’s Mathematics. Solving basic math problems is a nightmare for many scholars, let alone mastering it. But not anymore as Photmath brings to you a convenient way to solve complex math problems. As the name suggests, this app is focused on mathematics, which assists you as a buddy to solve the questions and even explain the solutions. The primary reason that makes it one of the best and popular Android educational apps is its OCR technology. You have to take a picture of the question and the app will give the step-by-step procedure to the answer. Moreover, it also breaks down multiple solving methods along with animated instructions so that you don’t mug up the answers but actually understand the principles. 


Here is a learning app that takes online education a notch higher than those traditional courses. It goes beyond those common subjects and offers classes to polish your skills in science & technology, banking, foreign language, designing, cooking, yoga, drawing, marketing, and more. There are almost 130,000 video tutorials for 32,000 courses that cover a gamut of industries and sectors. You can learn about software programming, music, photography, writing, fitness and more at your own pace and raise your query whenever you feel stuck. This app has set an example for many mobile app development services with its unique features and simple design. Also, it includes open discussions with expert instructors, making online classes interactive and interesting. Although most of the courses are free, you might have to pay a reasonable amount for some selective classes.


Every aspirant has a dream to study in a leading university like Oxford, Harvard, Columbia, MIT, etc. However, getting admission in any of them is a tough row to hoe. So, why not bring these universities to your phone and get access to their courses at one destination? Yes, with edX, one can achieve the dream of studying in the top universities as this app offers the courses of these colleges. There are courses for business studies, computer science, engineering, psychology, linguistics, statistics and more. Also, it provides learners with professional certificates and university credit that adds to a professional career. Planning to step into this field and introduce your educational app? Then connect with our experts who are adept at providing educational e-learning solutions with features like interactive quizzes, video lectures, assignment review and whatnot.


There are only a few applications that are dedicated to coding and programming language and one that stands out for its wide range of computer programming courses is SoloLearn. This is a paradise for coding enthusiasts with an immense collection of specialized sessions, such as Python, C++, Java, CSS, SQL, PHP, Swift and many others. Now, students don’t have to worry about finding reliable classes, just install this app, get registered and join the course. This app has raised a bar for educational app development considering the smooth navigation and features like mobile code editor and interactive community that it offers. 

Summing It Up

Today, we are surrounded by a plethora of mobile applications that are making our lives easier and convenient at every step. Educational apps are not a new addition to the list but have been a part of it for the years. These online learning portals gradually attracted users and are now dominating mobile development trends. They are the most popular category on Play and App Store and have around billions of registered subscribers. You can also deliver a virtual learning experience to students by building your own custom app taking the help of elearning services provider company. 

As you can see, online learning apps have a lot of potentials to grow in this global market where everybody is on a lookout for learning or teaching something. Why wait when you already have your next idea? Contact A3logics and we will help you reach the audience you wish to connect with by building the app of your dream.


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