20 Best IOT App Development Companies [2023-2024]

A3Logics 06 Oct 2023


Here we have taken great care in compiling a list of IoT app development companies doing outstanding work. Below we provided the list of the best in the business in developing IoT technologies.

These past several years have revealed the immense promise of IoT technology. It utilizes network sensors to transmit data across devices and platforms. Not only this it creates a network in any given location. Thus, its name is “Internet of Things“.

Smart home devices such as smart curtains and lights often appear among IoT applications. This includes user engagement across Retail, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Banking & Finance sectors and beyond.

People are constantly on the lookout for ways to simplify their life. Internet of Things technologies fit perfectly within that scheme of lifestyle utilities. We have made it easy for you below:


IoT: Things You Must Know About It

Let us also remind you of some general facts about IoT technology. These facts should help to clarify exactly what IoT application development company can provide you.

The Internet of Things can be defined as an interconnected network of physical objects. It communicates via wireless technology to communicate and exchange data over the internet. These objects (things) connect via sensors, special software applications and other technologies and tools incorporated within them. When asked which types of devices make up an IoT network our response may vary. This is because every type from fitness bracelets, lamps or kettles to complex industrial machinery can play their part.

According to published statistics as of December 2022, there were 14.3 billion global IoT devices connected in December. By comparison, in 2021 this number stood at only 12.4 billion. Experts predict that by 2025 this figure may surpass 75 billion devices worldwide.

IoT devices and systems continue to proliferate due to their utility for both business and individual uses. It provides us with remote management control of processes. You also get valuable insight from collected data by intelligent devices. The rise of connected devices as well as IoT-enabled solutions is evidenced by their increasing adoption. Such solutions allow us to streamline processes while remotely managing them. This allows us to gain valuable insight using data gleaned by multiple connected smart devices.

Complex IoT app development services require increasingly sophisticated approaches from developers. When starting an IoT project, selecting an outstanding development company with proven credentials is of great significance.


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IoT Application Development: Industries That Can Benefit Significantly

As per IoT app development companies expert,  IoT application technology can be applied in nearly every industry. However, certain fields have seen it flourish more than others. Here are five widely utilized IoT application development fields.

Smart Cities

Smart cities represent the future of city living. Similar to smart homes but on an expansive scale. IoT technology aims at making life in particular urban areas more efficient and comfortable by building smart cities.

Smart Homes

Automation homes allow residents to remotely control appliances ranging from plugs and outlets connected to your phone to Smart TVs, toasters, lightbulbs, ACs, heating systems, locks, speakers and other IoT solutions.


IOT in retail is revolutionizing the shopping experience, helping locate items quickly and provide cashierless check-out. One prominent example is AmazonGo. It is an experimental grocery store where customers scan a personal QR code at entry. They can place groceries into a bag, then walk out.  The Walk-Out technology scans each bag and charges customers’ accounts accordingly.


An Internet of Things platform can aid with transporting both people and cargo. This technology allows remote control over trucks, warehouses and cargo using GPS tracking or satellite technology.


Healthcare IoT mobile app development often uses IoT for monitoring patients and devices such as insulin pumps, wheelchairs, defibrillators and oxygen pumps.

Internet of Things App: Features You Must Keep in Mind

Features can differ depending on your industry, end goals and user needs. We compiled this list as an IoT app prerequisite or wish list of features to consider for its development.


Dashboard serves an integral function: it displays all collected information – such as available parking spots, indoor room temperatures and approaching buses – depending on your IoT application type.

User profiles

User profiles are essential features in Internet of Things systems. Apps designed specifically to give the best personalized experiences are all about personalization. Thus it’s vital that users feel welcome on any smart device connected. In order to deliver high-end customized experiences for each of your users, be sure to collect as much personal data, notification preferences, presence sensing preferences, security and privacy settings.


Security features may include app locks with FaceID or PIN codes, access control measures and secure communication channels to transmit data securely. When dealing with sensitive personal data and information storage needs, such features should never be overlooked.


Notifications help users stay informed and receive instantaneous updates of any changes. This is like when smart doorbells use motion sensors that send alerts when there is movement near their doors. It also sends real-time updates directly to a user device when there is movement nearby.


Activity history provides users with a snapshot of all devices turned on or off, how they moved and any actions taken within an app. Customization options may include shortcuts, routines and saved devices for faster access when making decisions. Ultimately this enhances user experiences even further.


Onboarding refers to a series of screens designed to introduce users to an application’s main functions and interface, and provide them with the best experience possible. Aiming for positive user interactions through onboarding should always be top of mind for businesses.

User Feedback

User feedback provides IoT apps with an opportunity to collect customer opinions and identify areas for improvement. Most apps provide users with an anonymous form where they can provide details of an issue as well as upload an image showing it occurring.

IoT App Development: Aspects You Must Consider

Before deciding to create your own IoT solution, take time to identify both its potential advantages and challenges.

Customer Behavior Analysis

Internet of Things solutions can provide businesses with data on user behavior. For instance, they could utilize tools that monitor customer activity on websites, social media and surveillance systems in offline locations in order to track customers and adjust services appropriately.

Cost Efficiency

By employing IoT solutions in day-to-day operations, companies can lower costs associated with daily tasks. Equipment monitoring helps anticipate possible problems and minimise disruption downtown.

Improved Work Safety

IoT applications in high-risk environments can gather real-time data collection to detect any threats which might pose risks, giving employees in those companies the assurance of working safely in such an environment.

Experience Enhanced Customer Relationships

Interconnected devices produce vast amounts of data that can help enhance customer experiences and identify problems early. Solutions designed specifically to do just this have become popular.

Improved Productivity

IoT app development companies help boost productivity across industries and processes, particularly manufacturing and critical processes automation. Solutions built for IoT can assist managers to effectively oversee processes, monitor equipment state and inform of any problems or malfunctions immediately.


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Top IoT Companies: How To Shortlist the Best

Subsequent to that thought, we will now address the top 20 IoT companies everyone should know about in the industry. In selecting these best-in-class IoT players for this list compilation exercise, the following evaluation criteria was employed to choose them:

Hourly Rate

To meet various business budget needs, we analyzed hourly rates offered by IoT service providers in order to select those offering competitive pricing without compromising the quality of IoT solutions provided.


We evaluated each IoT app development agency‘s experience providing IoT solutions by taking into account how long they had been active within their field and their portfolio of projects as well as expertise in creating applications, platforms and devices associated with IoT technologies.

Service Focus

To assess an IoT app development company USA expert’s service offerings, with special regard for their ability to offer comprehensive IoT solutions such as strategy consulting infrastructure development device management analytics services.

Company Size

A full assessment was made to ascertain that IoT app developers possessed all necessary resources and workforce capacity in order to deliver projects of various scales and complexity.

Reviews and Testimonials from Past Clients

Analyze client testimonials of all IoT app development companies compiled from multiple sources such as business review websites (Google, Clutch and The Manifest), company websites as well as client review sources to gauge client satisfaction levels overall and determine their ability to offer high-quality IoT solutions to target audiences.

Engagement Models

A comprehensive review was performed of various engagement models such as fixed-price, time and material and dedicated team models to allow their end customers to select their optimal collaboration model based on project requirements and budget constraints.

Industry Focus

We assessed each IoT software development services provider’s industry focus in order to verify if they had experience and knowledge catering specifically to IoT needs within different industries, such as healthcare, automotive, retail or smart cities.

Top 20 Internet of Things (IOT) Companies to know in 2023

Through our selection methodology, our aim is to offer readers top IoT application development company service providers that excel while meeting the unique requirements of businesses across industries with reliable solutions that promise excellence. So let us get going: Let’s begin!


A3logics is an IoT development company with expertise in wearables and smart devices. Their custom IoT solutions incorporate hardware design, firmware development and software programming aimed at satisfying consumers. They can help you with industrial IoT healthcare, IoT smart homes, and wearables use. You also get consulting support to identify appropriate use cases, technology solutions and deployment models. This is done for different use cases and deployment models based on business objectives and strategy requirements.


Intent helps businesses conceive, design and develop innovative AI-powered IoT products for today’s interconnected world. Intent’s team has earned a solid reputation for producing software products essential to IoT solutions. And with an extensive portfolio of successful apps they understand the challenges associated with making investable IoT apps that succeed on the market. Intent provides businesses with AI/IoT technologies in order to automate processes while improving decision-making capabilities.


Intellectsoft’s IoT Lab offers an expansive suite of services, from custom software development for connected devices and infrastructure solutions, smart infrastructure designs, IIoT ecosystems, data analytics and cloud integration to sensor networks, smart devices and cloud-based storage and processing projects. They have worked on projects with sensor networks, smart devices and cloud data storage and processing. Intellectsoft works with businesses of all sizes — startups to Fortune 500s — with proven expertise at developing high-quality solutions which meet each business requirement effectively.


HQSoftware specialises in IoT solutions for diverse industries like healthcare, manufacturing, logistics and energy. Their IoT consulting includes hardware development, software development, data analytics support as well as cloud integration support. Their popular development frameworks and platforms used for IoT development include Node.js, Java and.NET Core while Amazon Web Services IoT and Microsoft Azure IoT development is supported as are smart home devices such as Raspberry Pi boards and Arduino boards among many more.


Yalantis is one of the top IoT app development companies offering Internet of Things development services. This includes IoT strategy, platform development and device management to businesses worldwide. Their IoT solutions help improve efficiency and connectivity within businesses worldwide using various technologies. This includes embedded systems, wireless communication protocols, cloud platforms and data analytics tools. They even follow agile development methodologies so their IoT solutions meet different business requirements and are delivered on schedule!


Algoworks is one of the best IoT app development companies. They specialize in custom applications, connected devices and analytics that offer tailored solutions tailored to specific industries’ needs. Algoworks works closely with businesses from diverse fields across diverse industries to design custom IoT apps or devices and analytics that meet them. Helping develop new products from ideation all the way to launch day with thorough quality assurance tests to make sure products perform exactly as anticipated and bug free!

Gecko Dynamics

Gecko Dynamics is a software development firm focused on custom IoT solutions. Their expertise includes consulting services for developing innovative and scalable products for retail stores, real estate management firms, logistics operations centers, automobile manufacturers and manufacturing plants across industries like retail real estate logistics automotive manufacturing as well as hardware integration data analysis cloud based solutions. Gecko takes great pride in being able to incorporate current industry trends in product creation processes while staying abreast of them!


EMBIQ, an IoT app development company in USA, offers services that span all stages of the IoT project lifecycle: strategy & consulting through design & development to deployment & maintenance. Their specialties lie within embedded system development as their developers specialize in embedded system and hardware programming. Their competent developers & engineers collaborate closely with businesses to understand their objectives before developing customized IoT solutions that address them effectively. This experience spans industries like healthcare, manufacturing and transportation while working on protocols / standards like BLE UWB LoraWAN RFID GPS and ZigBee among many more!


Reinvently is a digital product agency offering IoT services including strategy, design and development to deliver exceptional mobile and IoT experiences for their clients. Their specialty lies in supporting businesses’ digital transformation journey by building scalable products instead of projects which help rethink go-to-market strategies more successfully. Reinvently prides itself on producing transformative IoT solutions which enable businesses to scale effectively.


AJProTech is an engineering partner providing innovative consumer electronics and IoT products for companies of all sizes – from solo-founder startups to Fortune 500 corporations. Specialty areas for AJProTech range from IoT, AR/VR wearable devices, sports tech, digital health wellness devices. In addition, their hardware services range from feasibility study, engineering, product design and development, industrial designing embedded with firmware LTE, WiFI rapid prototyping, production design, design for manufacturing (DFM), mass production support, and more.


Intuz offers comprehensive IoT solutions that enable businesses to connect devices, systems and machines for improved operational efficiencies and increased insight. Digital transformation agency IoT consulting services help companies identify use cases, technology solutions and deployment models best suited for meeting their business goals. Intuz specializes in hardware design, firmware development, cloud connectivity services and mobile app development for startups & businesses of all types and sizes.


Very Technology

Very Technology is an engineering consulting and product development company focused on crafting reliable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions with tangible business benefits for their clients. Their specialty includes custom hardware and software development for multiple sectors including healthcare, agriculture and energy. Data analytics/visualization services to aid decision makers using insights gleaned from IoT devices. As well as product design using cutting edge technologies in creating secure yet scalable IoT platforms.


LANARS is a hardware and software mobile app development consulting company offering IoT/IIoT services such as mobile app development, website design, CRM/ERP system implementations and custom enterprise solutions. Their team can assist with IoT app development by connecting hardware directly to high-featured apps with intuitive UX design. LANARS’ solutions integrate smoothly into existing enterprise architecture as they perform analytics on devices for various equipment & devices that they collect data from as well as consulting services to identify new opportunities or revenue streams for clients.

Integra Sources

This company provides customized Internet of Things (IoT) solutions by working closely with business and IT leaders to implement internet-connected devices that collect real-time data ranging from sensors, wearables, smartphones and wireless networks – from simple sensors through wearables and smartphones – wireless networks. Integra Sources manages all layers, from hardware and software through analytics applications for IoT applications – offering services including proof-of-concept prototype development as well as reviewing existing designs to complete solutions.


SoluLab offers comprehensive Blockchain, Metaverse, AI/ML, IoT and Mobility solutions, serving startups as well as small to large enterprises across 25+ industries verticals. SoluLab’s IoT services encompass web Bluetooth app development, wearable app creation and iBeacon development. Combining their extensive expertise in IoT, blockchain, machine learning (ML), and big data (Big Data), they utilize predictive maintenance, CCTV surveillance, supply chain forecasting applications as well as Big Data analysis techniques to develop predictive maintenance, CCTV surveillance, supply chain forecasting applications. 

Konstant Infosolutions

Konstant Infosolutions, one of the top IoT app development companies, specializes in integrated development services for startups and businesses alike. Their goal is to build smart homes, workplaces and industries using environmental data collected via sensors connected via the internet that control devices through IoT apps like mobile end user apps, Bluetooth app development, backend API development, iBeacon development consulting services as well as Big Data analysis – amongst many other products they provide! 


Appinventiv is a global product development agency equipped with the expertise to navigate through the complexity of the connectivity ecosystem. They focus on IoT-wearable connectivity development to deliver higher connectivity solutions by merging IoT application development services closer together. Employing superior tools that ensure bug-free custom android app development services. Additionally they offer IoT consultancy services so businesses can explore its full potential.


Trigma is an IoT software development company offering customized, smart IoT solutions tailored specifically for various niches. Their experts and knowledge define IoT as physical systems connected to the internet that collect and exchange data – Trigma provide all-inclusive IoT solutions covering telecom, IT and financial services that help businesses effectively target their audience – automotive manufacturers, smart home automation businesses, retailers, healthcare facilities and energy management businesses can take advantage of Trigma solutions to reach out effectively to their target audiences.


TechAhead, an IoT development company that specializes in crafting smart and customized IoT solutions for various niches, provides multiple services like IoT app development, equipment tracking app development, IoT integration, wearable IoTs and cloud connectivity. Their dedicated IoT developers excel in creating feature-packed wearable apps on Android or IoT using cross platform app development services while their end-to-end IoT cloud platforms such as Azure or AWS enable businesses to easily scale operations while managing, storing, retrieving IoT data efficiently.



QBurst has quickly established itself as a top company in the field of digital product development and consultation since 2004. Now, with over 2400 professionals from various backgrounds, including UX engineers, QA specialists, business analysts, and project managers, QBurst has successfully completed over 1200 projects. They have experience in catering to mid-market businesses, small businesses, and enterprises alike. Partners of QBurst can take advantage of services related to AI/Data engineering, Cloud Development/Monitoring, DevOps, Cybersecurity, etc, to grow their businesses further.


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Overall, IoT industry growth will experience exponential expansion over the coming years and businesses that invest now will be well positioned to take advantage of it. Unfortunately, creating IoT solutions may prove complex and challenging and require expertise in hardware design, software development and data analytics if they want to remain successful in this space. If you are looking for one of the top iOS app development companies for IoT apps, then hire A3logics. You get all the bases done to perfection. 

So, do not hesitate and connect with A3logics as you get custom iOS app development services ticking all boxes. Good luck!


Can You Provide Case Studies Or References From Previous IoT Projects You Have Concluded?

Yes, we can help you with the case studies so that you can get complete clarity on how we approach the services. It can help you make the decision a lot more confidently. To know more, connect with the respective Android application development company experts now!

What Technologies, Frameworks, and Platforms Do You Specialize In for IoT App Development?

We will understand the kind of project you would like us to work on and accordingly specify the technologies and frameworks we will use for the required development. We possess all necessary technologies and tools needed for your IoT application and ensure the outcome matches your needs. 

What Security Measures Should be Implemented when Building IoT Apps?

As IoT applications contain sensitive data, prioritizing security should be of primary concern. We employ best security practices, data encryption mechanisms, access control mechanisms and compliance with relevant regulations. Being one of the top mobile app development companies in USA, we take care of all the aspects to keep your data secure. 

How Can Project Management And Collaboration Affect Development Process?

Project management approach allows you to assess the experts ability to gather requirements, define milestones and respond quickly to changes as necessary. Collaboration and communication play an integral part in producing successful project outcomes. The top
custom mobile app development company like A3logics have both these aspects sorted.