50+ Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Businesses to Execute in 2021

Are you looking for the best mobile app ideas in 2021 for your startup business? 

You’ve landed on the right spot. 

To get success in mobile app development, you’ll need good app ideas first. But, many startups or entrepreneurs face difficulties while seeking answers to the following questions: 

  • How To Get App Ideas?
  • How To Outline An App Idea?
  • How To Brainstorm App Ideas? 
  • How To Turn App Ideas Into Reality? 
  • How To Patent An App Idea? 
  • How To Get an App Idea Started? 

If you’re also facing similar doubts, then don’t worry, this guide includes some innovative mobile app ideas that haven’t been implemented yet. As a startup or enterprise, you can explore the following cool app ideas to get success in the enterprise mobility solutions arena. 

So without further adieu, let’s get started: 

What are Mobile App Ideas? 

Coming up with the best app ideas is not an easy task. You might also be wondering what are app ideas exactly? In simplest terms, an app idea refers to an innovative business strategy that is implemented through a mobile app. The idea could be related to anything - products, services, or even a utility. 

Mobile App Ideas

Brilliant App Ideas for Startups to Implement in 2021

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1. Room Design AR App

Today, most customers want to try and test items before purchasing them. In a pandemic like COVID-19, people prefer shopping online. Most customers even shop home essentials like furniture, groceries, etc. via online web apps/platforms. But, the concern they have while purchasing furniture is would it suit their room or its interior design. 

To solve this problem, you can build a reliable AR app that allows customers to use their camera to place 3D models of various items and furniture in the virtual room space. This would help customers make the right purchase decisions. You can even partner with various shopping sites/apps so uses can make orders from your app. 

2. PDF App based on Scan & Convert 

Most students and working professionals require solutions (leaving email and fax aside) that let them scan and send essential docs immediately. With a scan and convert PDF app, users can store/send vital docs like receipts, report cards, whiteboards, etc. This is among the top innovative app ideas you can try out. Provide options like high-quality PDF, JPEG files,  multipage PDF, and so on. 

3. Food Planner and Health Guide App 

Health problems are rising at a skyrocketing pace globally. Poor dietary habits and lifestyle are among the primary reasons for increased health risks. You can build an Artificial Intelligence-powered app that smartly tracks daily meals and provides healthy food advice to people. You can partner with top dietitians, nutritionists, and health agencies for content and support. For instance, a user with heart problems will receive personalized suggestions for food recipes and health tips to keep his heart healthy. Also, the user can get health advice from experts and order healthy items via your app. 

4. Railway Tracking and Alerts App

People in metropolitan cities across the globe rely heavily on trains for daily travel. They often miss deadlines due to delay in train arrival. To help them out, build an app that provides accurate alerts about train arrival/departure. Apply geolocation and other location-tracking technologies to display the exact train location. Also, provide detailed train schedules/route information in your app. 

5. Language Learn App 

It is among the easy app ideas which you can implement in 2021. For maximum user comfort, integrate multiple difficulty levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Also, add quizzes, games, rewards, and leaderboards for high app engagement and user retention. The users will stay motivated to complete courses. Also, add the “voice” feature so users can learn how to spell a word exactly. 

6. Language Translation App 

While traveling abroad, most people find it hard to communicate with others as they don’t speak/understand their knowledge. To seek this, you can create a voice translation app. It is among the brilliant app ideas in 2021. Travelers will use this app to translate their voice or sentences to the desired language. Make sure the app works both ways for real-time translation.

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7. On-demand Bike Servicing App 

It’s an innovative app idea that you can implement as a startup business in 2021. What this app will do is basically allow the bike riders to connect with top-notch bike service providers in their locality for doorstep pickup/delivery. Users will be able to save time and avoid the hassle of visiting bike service stations while the service providers will get more customers with planned servicing options in the pocket.

8. Call Recording App with Emergency Alert

Many people today suffer due to harassment, prank, or phishing calls. To help them out, you can craft an app that lets users record every phone call. The advanced facility would be immediate reporting of the harassment call to the nearby police station for quick action. Connect with android or iOS app developers to execute this easy app idea quickly. 

9. Criminal Notify App 

People often don’t remember about criminals seen during newspaper ads or TV flash news. To help them out, craft an app that informs users about criminals in their nearby vicinity. Add options like call police, administration number list, and more. This will increase your app popularity due to community support. 

10. Mall Navigation App 

Large mall sizes often result in kids missing from parents, navigation difficulty, and time overrun for people. To simplify this, craft a digital mall navigation app that covers most of the popular, difficult-to-navigate malls in a locality. This will let users find a store and complete the purchase faster. Even they can check crowdedness, parking spots, and mall open times via your app. Connect with iOS or Android app experts to turn this app idea into reality.

Best App Ideas 2021: Part 2

App Ideas-2

11. Scan and Shop App 

Craft an app that lets users point their camera towards an item to purchase it or find similar items for buying. The goal is to ensure convenience for users. So, provide the list of nearby shops with the item in stock and navigation option to reach them. For an advanced app, allow users to purchase items directly via your app by partnering with multiple stores. 

12. Fitness App 

A reliable fitness and health tracking app is all that fitness freaks desire today. They want quick updates on their activities, health, and nutrition. To make a dream fitness app, it’s ideal you provide a plethora of useful functions like track activity, management weight, plan meals, check nutritional count, and the list goes on. Make sure whatever you offer adds value to their fitness regime. To know more about how to build a fitness app, read our blog. 

13. Restaurant Graphic-based Seat Reservation App

Couples, families, or businessmen often find it difficult to book private spaces at restaurants. Even if they book one on call, its ambiance drops down their morale when they visit the place. You can build a restaurant seat booking app working on a graphical view. So, customers get an exact idea of the place or arena where the seat will be reserved. Implement this brilliant app idea in 2021 to maximize your business profits. 

14. Video Streaming App