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100 Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Businesses to Execute in 2022

Are you looking for the best mobile app ideas in 2021 for your startup business? 

You’ve landed on the right spot. 

To get success in mobile app development, you’ll need good app ideas first. But, many startups or entrepreneurs face difficulties while seeking answers to the following questions: 

  • How To Get App Ideas?
  • How To Outline An App Idea?
  • How To Brainstorm App Ideas? 
  • How To Turn App Ideas Into Reality? 
  • How To Patent An App Idea? 
  • How To Get an App Idea Started? 

If you’re also facing similar doubts, then don’t worry, this guide includes some innovative mobile app ideas that haven’t been implemented yet. As a startup or enterprise, you can explore the following cool app ideas to get success in the enterprise mobility solutions arena. 

So without further adieu, let’s get started: 

What are Mobile App Ideas? 

Coming up with the best app ideas is not an easy task. You might also be wondering what are app ideas exactly? In simplest terms, an app idea refers to an innovative business strategy that is implemented through a mobile app. The idea could be related to anything - products, services, or even a utility. 

What are Mobile App Ideas?

Brilliant App Ideas for Startups to Implement in 2021

1. Room Design AR App

Today, most customers want to try and test items before purchasing them. In a pandemic like COVID-19, people prefer shopping online. Most customers even shop home essentials like furniture, groceries, etc. via online web apps/platforms. But, the concern they have while purchasing furniture is would it suit their room or its interior design. 

To solve this problem, you can build a reliable AR app that allows customers to use their camera to place 3D models of various items and furniture in the virtual room space. This would help customers make the right purchase decisions. You can even partner with various shopping sites/apps so uses can make orders from your app. 

2. PDF App based on Scan & Convert 

Most students and working professionals require solutions (leaving email and fax aside) that let them scan and send essential docs immediately. With a scan and convert pdf app, users can store/send vital docs like receipts, report cards, whiteboards, etc. This is among the top innovative app ideas you can try out. Provide options like high-quality PDF, JPEG files, multipage PDF, and so on.

3. Food Planner and Health Guide App 

Health problems are rising at a skyrocketing pace globally. Poor dietary habits and lifestyle are among the primary reasons for increased health risks. You can build an Artificial Intelligence-powered app that smartly tracks daily meals and provides healthy food advice to people. You can partner with top dieticians, nutritionists, and health agencies for content and support. For instance, a user with heart problems will receive personalized suggestions for food recipes and health tips to keep his heart healthy. Also, the user can get health advice from experts and order healthy items via your app. 

4. Railway Tracking and Alerts App

People in metropolitan cities across the globe rely heavily on trains for daily travel. They often miss deadlines due to delay in train arrival. To help them out, build an app that provides accurate alerts about train arrival/departure. Apply geolocation and other location-tracking technologies to display the exact train location. Also, provide detailed train schedules/route information in your app. 

5. Language Learn App 

It is among the easy app ideas which you can implement in 2021. For maximum user comfort, integrate multiple difficulty levels - beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Also, add quizzes, games, rewards, and leaderboards for high app engagement and user retention. The users will stay motivated to complete courses. Also, add the “voice” feature so users can learn how to spell a word exactly. 

6. Language Translation App 

While traveling abroad, most people find it hard to communicate with others as they don’t speak/understand their knowledge. To seek this, you can create a voice translation app. It is among the brilliant app ideas in 2021. Travelers will use this app to translate their voice or sentences to the desired language. Make sure the app works both ways for real-time translation.

7. On-demand Bike Servicing App 

It’s an innovative app idea that you can implement as a startup business in 2021. What this app will do is basically allow the bike riders to connect with top-notch bike service providers in their locality for doorstep pickup/delivery. Users will be able to save time and avoid the hassle of visiting bike service stations while the service providers will get more customers with planned servicing options in the pocket.

8. Call Recording App with Emergency Alert

Many people today suffer due to harassment, prank, or phishing calls. To help them out, you can craft an app that lets users record every phone call. The advanced facility would be immediate reporting of the harassment call to the nearby police station for quick action. Connect with android or iOS app developers to execute this easy app idea quickly. 

9. Criminal Notify App 

People often don’t remember about criminals seen during newspaper ads or TV flash news. To help them out, craft an app that informs users about criminals in their nearby vicinity. Add options like call police, administration number list, and more. This will increase your app popularity due to community support. 

10. Mall Navigation App 

Large mall sizes often result in kids missing from parents, navigation difficulty, and time overrun for people. To simplify this, craft a digital mall navigation app that covers most of the popular, difficult-to-navigate malls in a locality. This will let users find a store and complete the purchase faster. Even they can check crowdedness, parking spots, and mall open times via your app. Connect with iOS or Android app experts to turn this app idea into reality.

Best App Ideas 2021: Part 2

11. Scan and Shop App 

Craft an app that lets users point their camera towards an item to purchase it or find similar items for buying. The goal is to ensure convenience for users. So, provide the list of nearby shops with the item in stock and navigation option to reach them. For an advanced app, allow users to purchase items directly via your app by partnering with multiple stores. 

12. Fitness App 

A reliable fitness and health tracking app is all that fitness freaks desire today. They want quick updates on their activities, health, and nutrition. To make a dream fitness app, it’s ideal you provide a plethora of useful functions like track activity, management weight, plan meals, check nutritional count, and the list goes on. Make sure whatever you offer adds value to their fitness regime. To know more about how to build a fitness app, read our blog. 

13. Restaurant Graphic-based Seat Reservation App

Couples, families, or businessmen often find it difficult to book private spaces at restaurants. Even if they book one on call, its ambiance drops down their morale when they visit the place. You can build a restaurant seat booking app working on a graphical view. So, customers get an exact idea of the place or arena where the seat will be reserved. Implement this brilliant app idea in 2021 to maximize your business profits. 

14. Video Streaming App 

People love watching their favorite shows on OTT apps these days. It’s ideal to choose video streaming app development in 2021. A rising trend that can reap you good money. To make your app stand out, don’t forget to add useful features like, quality adjust, user profiles, watch later, and so on. Give it a try as It’s among the best android app ideas in 2021. 

15. Find Parking Space App 

It can be a pretty handy app for people working at crowded malls or ones who love shopping in brick and mortar stores. Partner the maximum number of restaurants, malls, and food outlets to craft an app for their parking spaces. It will let users find the available parking spot in no time. Use GPS, webcams, AI, and real-time data for the realization of your app idea. 

16. Virtual Study Group App 

The demand for eLearning software development is tenfold now. Students are relying heavily on online learning apps for education purpose, To get you to lion’s share in this growing market, building a virtual study group app is an excellent option. The competition is low and growth is high in this segment. Add features like live chat, study guides, expert help, and more.

17. Supermarket Self-Checkout App 

No one likes to wait in a long queue before POS terminals at supermarket stores. Convenience, speed, and comfort are what delight customers the most. So, level up the billing and checkout game by building an app with the features of POS that lets users scan the product and make the payment instantly at the store. 

18. Gift Guide App 

We all have scratched our heads sometime back, figuring out the right gift for our loved ones. Isn’t it? Simplify this problem by building an app that offers gift recommendations to users by running through their friend’s social media feeds. The use of AI and data analytics will make this happen. If you liked the app idea, connect with the expert app developers at A3logics to turn it into reality. 

19. Virtual Interior Design App 

This app is pretty handy for users who want to explore different designs and color options for their houses, rooms, or any other place. Users can click pictures of their rooms or any living space to try out different colors, objects, stickers, etc. in the virtual app. Also, they can purchase the best-suited items directly via the app. 

20. Total Security Control App 

Any breach or robbery in house results in a huge financial loss for people. Most people today love to install security devices of all sorts. For increasing home security, you can craft a universal app that connects with security devices easily at home, offices, or commercial buildings. 

Top App Ideas 2021: Part 3

21. Goods Exchange App

You can design a social networking app where people can connect with their friends and family members to buy/sell stuff online. The app will enable users to suggest products to their friends as well as purchase them. 

22. Smart Dating App 

A dating app that suggests best matches to people by scanning their friends and social media feeds is an innovative app idea that you can implement today. The app will use data mining, AI, and predictive analytics to operate properly. To implement this idea, connect with expert iOS or Kotlin app developers.

23. Subscription Arrange App 

Most people now have 3 to 5 active subscriptions of various OTT platforms. Managing or making payments timely often becomes a cumbersome process. To save users from such fuss, design a subscription management app that keeps track of everything, from bill payments to upcoming recharges and more.  

24. Receipt Management App 

Wouldn’t it be cool if one can store all his receipts/bills at one place securely with instant access?  Well, turn this thought into reality by building a receipt storage app that keeps user bills intact with a one-tap share option. 

25. Tenant Management App 

Landlords living outside their rented premises often get stuck while receiving payments from tenants. You can turn this a business opportunity by building an app that allows both parties to communicate and exchange money. It will eliminate the need for any dealer/broke. 

26. Maximize Credit Card Rewards App 

Credit card buyers with high spending often look to maximize their reward point/cashback earnings by finding suitable deals. Build an app that provides matching services for credit card users so they can maximize their earnings. 

27. Fridge Explore App 

Build a unique app that provides recipe suggestions to users smartly by scanning the items in their fridge with IoT support. It will consider vegetables, eating spices, and other materials quantity while providing smart cooking suggestions. 

28. Loaned Money Track App 

Often people outing together in a group find it hard to remember who contributes how much in a particular fun or leisure activity. To avoid this confusion, you can build an app that keeps track of money spent in a group outing. This makes managing expenses a breeze. 

29. Toy Exchange App

Parents often face the problem of their kids getting bored with the available toys in the house. Building a dedicated app where parents can exchange their kids’ old toys with neighbors or family might be considered among the most innovative app ideas 2021. 

30. Travel Planner App 

Everybody plans their dream travel, but most get stuck when it comes to finding the right date. To solve this problem, build a smart travel app that provides suggestions for ideal travel dates along with holiday destinations. You can build such an app using Big data, AI, and GPS technology. 

Brilliant App Ideas 2021: Part 4

Brilliant App Ideas 2021

31.  Find my Chef App 

This app will allow urban users to book their favorite chefs from different hotels or restaurants on-demand. App functions include booking a chef, user location sharing, and route map to the chef so he/she can reach the desired destination. Connect with iOS app developers to build such an app and target well-off users from developed countries. 

32. Book Sharing App 

Similar to freelancing marketplaces, this app will be a boon for book lovers looking to share and get new reading material at affordable rates. People will collect and exchange books on his app after registration. Add app modules like arranging a meeting, chat, share location, etc. 

33.  Skill Building App 

This is among the best app ideas 2021. All you need to do is craft an app that lets experts from various fields (art, programming, dancing, etc.) register on the app, build a profile and share their expertise with other users looking to upgrade or learn new skills from various niches. 

34. Solar Connect App 

Environmental organizations across the globe are pitching for a green and healthy planet. It’s the need of the hour, undoubtedly. Contribute your bit by building a solar connect app that lets users track the amount of power left in their solar panels, installed at home/offices. You can also add modules for switching between traditional/renewable energy power. 

35. AR App for Tracking Carbon Footprint

The modern AR app development for tracing carbon footprint has been inspired by the latest AR & VR solutions. This app will allow users to track their carbon footprint due to various activities like coal burning, etc. For example, coal businesses engaged in fuel production can use this AR app to track the emission level by scanning burning material. Obviously, the app will require manual data entry for unknown activities and will self-improve over time to help users comply with eco-friendly practices. 

36. “Try Before Buy” App 

Build an AR-based ecommerce software solutions that lets users try items virtually before buying them. Increase user satisfaction and build trust by letting users try most of the items listed on your shopfront, from beauty items, clothes, watches, etc. using Augmented Reality.

37. Farmer Connect App 

We all organic is the rising trend in business. Most customers want to purchase items that are healthy and free of harmful chemicals. So, build an app that focuses on building a profitable partnership with farmers. Individuals or businesses will connect with registered farmers based on what they produce. The app will also provide a strategic view of farmers’ yards via CCTV so their partners can verify and gain trust before they purchase items. 

38. Event Management App 

Managing various event tasks is a hectic task. Manpower and money get exhausted a lot with event planning and management. So, it’s ideal you build an app that lets event planners synchronize and manage multiple departmental tasks while getting updates on the go. It would be pretty handy for meetup events, professionals events, product launches, and more types of events. 

39. Smart Home App 

Smart devices are the new norm these days. People love turning lights off/on, getting news updates, and more via voice commands instead of manual efforts. So, build an app that syncs with most of the smart devices at home and lets users manage them all from one place, on-the-go. 

40. On-demand Courier Delivery App 

The on demand mobile app development has many use cases. One majorly is - courier delivery service app where users can select among multiple courier professionals for picking their couriers via home and delivering to the destination on time. You can connect with various third-party courier businesses to execute this idea. 

Innovative App Ideas 2021: Part 5

Innovative App Ideas 2021

41. Wedding Arrange App 

When planning for a wedding event, planners take care of every little thing to get success. In some countries, weddings are a long-event with multiple activities. So, build an app that lets wedding planners manage and organize multiple tasks like decoration, catering, lighting, etc. with instant updates. 

42. EBook Reader App 

Most digital-savvy readers love reading e-books these days. And, are constantly looking for app solutions that improve their online reading experience. So get an LXP development service embedded into your reading app to proffer exceptional learning experience to your readers. Additionally, integrated latest tools can let your readers organize and sync their ebook collections while providing new book suggestions. You can add modules for the ebook catalog, download list, my library, and more.

43. Food Utilize App

After massive events like business meetups, birthday parties, etc. - a lot of food is leftover which goes directly into the dustbin. To stop food wastage and make money, you can create an app that tracks data of untouched food in any party and then notifies the nearby orphanages and other government organizations to collect that food for distribution for the underprivileged.

44. Price Compare App

These days people love comparing product/service prices before making a purchase. So. build an app that provides product comparisons from various platforms and provides recommendations that suit users best based on their preferences. Apply this concept for ecommerce, food & restaurant solution industry, and more. 

45. Business Card App 

A visiting or business card is the primary need for most companies today. But, startups looking to cut costs often have to settle for less attractive card designs. Take advance of this opportunity and build an app that lets users enter business details to get various card designs. Add features like card share, save pdf, and more. 

46. Best Coupons App 

Millennials or tech-savvy users today prefer getting discounts while purchasing products online. So, why now come up with an app solution that provides the best coupon deals to users based on their interests. For monetization, charge commission from promoted platforms on your app. 

47. Benefits Administration App 

Most employees want multiple benefits (health, vision, dental, etc.) without getting stuck into paperwork. They want to track their benefits from one place with timely updates. So, build a benefits administration app where employees can select, update, and change their benefits plans on-the-go. However, if you see this service is also among the most outsourced, especially people working in the healthcare sector. Nonetheless, outsourcing benefits administration also applies to other industry verticals as it is meant to enhance efficiency and accuracy.

48. Donate Unused Goods App 

By building such an app, you can allow users to donate their unused items to underprivileged people in society. Add modules like donate items, find a match, etc. Also, provide the option to contribute trash items in bulk to various NGOs. 

49. Track Originality App 

Such an app will let users check whether the items they are buying offline are original or not. The app will analyze product colors, tags, and quality to identify the originality of the brand. It will also make use of historical data and will be self-involving to produce better results over time. 

50. DIY App 

It is one of the coolest app ideas to execute in 2021. Such an app will encourage users to learn and perform daily tasks ( cooking, cleaning, etc.) on their own. Also, guide them to perform tasks that improve their physical and mental health. 

Bonus Ideas 

51. Personal Diary App 

Many people have a hobby of writing down their daily lives or incidents. But, they often fail to keep it in a secure place and end up losing it. To solve this problem, build a personal diary app solution that let users record their everyday life with reminders.

52 Deals Alert App 

Most Millennials lookout for best deals while performing leisure and fun activities outside the home. So, building an app that notify or alert users about the best deals in their nearby vicinity is a worthy idea. Users can also personalize their categories (food, leisure, etc.) they wish to receive alerts for, 

Note: Most of the app ideas depicted above are suggested by our app experts and by taking the assistance of reliable internet sources. It might be possible that some of the above ideas are already realized. So, proceed with caution. 

Also, if you need any assistance with mobile app development, connect with our expert team at A3logics. Our app developers have years of experience in building futuristic app solutions for various verticals, including health, travel, e-commerce, and more. 

Real-Time Application Ideas

53. Blockchain apps

Well, these applications can be built on-demand only as blockchain is a technology that is required for a purpose. And we just can’t develop these like chatting applications or any other. Blockchain is a technology that is required for some purpose to be embedded within something that needs security and transparency.

Thus, developing a blockchain technology that can be easily integrated with any business idea would be ideal.

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The main target that could be set before developing a blockchain application is that it should not face any such issue that a blockchain-based application usually faces meanwhile execution be it regarding cloud support or digital safety, etc.

Do not forget to look for a dedicated blockchain development company for this if you are an entrepreneur, running a business and thinking to launch a blockchain-based application for your business.

54. Water-reminder app

Health-based applications basically have no such end for their innovation. You could create an application to keep track of your daily schedule. However, the water-reminder application could be quite useful for those lethargic professionals who are suggested to drink as much water as possible by the medical professional but they couldn’t keep on that habit.

It can be designed to remind the person to drink at least 3 liters of water every day at a regular interval of every two-three hours.

55. A Trip-budget app

Usually, people are ambiguous about the destination they want to choose for their pre-decided holidays and the biggest reason why they remain confused is their lack of awareness of the new place.

A new application can be built that should have adequate information regarding at least locally famous destinations and the resources available there with their approximate charges.

It could further be expanded to its larger version by covering the entire state or country, and by tying up with the local resource vendors, it could help people choose their desired destination in a far quicker way.

56. Mileage-app

Although vehicles have adequate hardware resources embedded in them already, yet an application could help you in reminding when to refuel the engine. It works with GPS and keeps tracking the distance travelled by the vehicle through it, analyzing the fuel consumption on a traffic and speed basis.

The driver could manually enter the mileage of the vehicle on an idea-basis and could get accurate results with the help of it. Connect with an IT professional services provider to get your idea turned into reality.

57. Tax management apps

An application that could assist the user in paying and managing taxes without requiring any tax and money advisor all by itself. It can save a lot of time and money by allowing the user to file an Income tax return as well as manage all the money investment at different sources.

Such applications require some registration from the government and are required to have adequate safety as far as financial matters are concerned.

58. Application for employee benefits 

As far as enterprise software development companies are concerned, they can produce a dedicated application to handle the employee benefits, or even offer an all-in-one HRIS software for small business to manage everything related to employees including payroll management, compliances, leave and attendance, and employee healthcare benefits as well. 

Drop us a line to turn your app idea into reality.

59. Lyrics tracking application

However this idea isn’t going to help earn money on that level, yet it could be a favorite application for those who live around singing and are fond of music but also are irritated by their own humming sound.

People usually don’t remember the lyrics and keep humming along with the songs like many similar others. This app, if made in a very light mode as it has to have just text as its data but nothing else, could be the readily downloadable solution and also reach the most downloaded app once if made of small size and light.

60. Application for Color Blinds

Again, an application that is not just a money earner but a helper to the needy it would be, if developed.

A color-identifying application could help those who are color blind and could not recognize the green and the red i.e. the most important colors of our lives. Also, some of them hesitate and prefer not to ask anyone if they are in between the market.

This app could assist them in choosing the appropriate color meanwhile purchasing something from the shop or at other places too.

The last few are daily-life applications that could be helpful in real-time and assist the needy whenever required. As far as enterprise software development is concerned most of them are easy to develop and could even earn well if once launched in the market with adequate agility for their size, scale, and integrability.

Miscellaneous Applications to Consider 

61. Airbnb for Car Apps

We are well aware of the on-demand uber rides. These online quick booking apps have made short-distance travel or traveling within the cities convenient. Since people loved the concept of online booking cab applications, they also evaluated the need for cars for long-distance traveling. Here is where Airbnb, the renowned homestay provider, solved the issue while providing the peer-to-peer car-sharing service for the people who wanted a long-distance ride at a nominal price.

62. Scan and Shop Apps

With rising Covid and seeking the best measures to deter it from spreading, the food restaurant services providers have come up with a good idea, which is to scan and get a menu to order food. Additionally, grocery shopping has been simplified when instead of cash, all your need is to scan and pay. With AI in the market, companies have been relieved from a lot of manual work, including this payment process which not just boosts business efficiency but enhances customer experience. 

63. Peer-to-peer Self Storage App

The need for extra storage is imperative. This mobile app helps people looking for renters and hosts who offer storage space to keep your extra stuff in their houses. So, with this app, you can easily find these people. 

64. Handyman App

Maintenance, whether house or business, is essential to keep them going. Handyman App is to free the people from searching for the fit handyman for their house repairs. The on-demand handyman software solution can solve your multi-service work, empowering the industries to find the right audience who are dedicated to providing fixing services of all kinds. 

65. MVP Mobile App

Do you want to launch your brilliant idea but are willing to have a few feedback about your startup? Then you must go for this easy yet useful mobile app. With the help of the MVP app, the company can analyze the user experience and gain inputs of the key features of the product, which can be useful for further improvements.

66. Virtual Health Apps

After the deadly virus spread, people have become more conscious of their health. Seeing the concern, many product engineering services providers amalgamated with care providers to provide patients with virtual assistance keeping their distance intact. The concept today is gaining popularity as a patient has been leveraged to speak to the care provider from the comfort of his home as well as gain more opinions in no time.

67. Manufacturing Execution System App

Unlike the other industry verticals, the manufacturing industry handles most of its tasks manually. As the work done and handled is precise and crucial yet, due to enormous data and lack of time, the organization could not achieve efficiency and delivery accuracy. This system application was able to deliver responsiveness with enhanced productivity while empowering the manufacturing workforce.

68. Custom Cake Ordering App

With time, people have not just become creative in inventing technology but also in food. This application is dedicated to talented and creative cake bakers and their admirers. This app is only for those who have a sweet tooth and like to try a new variety of cakes in the market or want to get a tailor-made cake for a special occasion.

69. Decorative Apps

Creativity is involved in everything, from DIY ideas to trying new concepts. This app is completely new and unique for people who are artistic and love to decorate. With this mobile app, you can get the best decorators in the town and hire them for any special occasion to make the moment even more precious.

70. Dog Walking App

You probably have not heard of this app much, but this one is for those with excessive work and too busy to stroll down the lane with their pet. With this app, the dog owner can look for a suitable dog walker and then reserve one for its pet. The scope of this platform is wide and open.

71. Warehouse Management Application 

Companies dealing with enormous goods require stable and reliable software to calculate and offer management of everyday business activities, such as picking & packing, inventory replenishment, putaway & much more. This app is best for business owners and requires a dedicated software development team to understand business needs and provide a substantial solution.

72. Snow Removal App

One of the biggest problems of the people living on high altitudes. The snowfall always causes trouble to the people living in such regions where they have to deal with large & deep snow blankets on sidewalks, curbs, porches & more. With the help of a snow removal app developed, people can quickly connect with you if you offer a snow plowing service.

73. Lawn Mowing App

Unlike the snow, big grass does not cause any trouble yet to make the garden look untidy. People also looking at their garden chop can request a home service. Companies offering services can also have the application to handle orders as well as provide consumers with seamless solutions reaching more and more audiences to expand their business.

74. Automotive Repair App

Who doesn't like their vehicle to stay running and smooth? However, these comfort-giving machines require timely survey and maintenance that gives them extra life and not ditch in the middle of your journey. The main hassle is to find the right and quick automotive repair person who can visit your vehicle and make it brand new. Hence, this app is just right for you! With just a click away, you can connect with an auto service business person and get the needfuls for your vehicle. It is also beneficial for the service provider as their work gets recognized more and more.

75. Electronic Health Record (EHR) App

These days we have been dealing with many chronic diseases and a large number of patients rush to the hospitals, which are most struggling for the management. The EHR program is an efficient way to manage patients as well as the inefficiencies within the medical industry. With a robust EHR, app hospitals can deter severe errors, protect data while providing comprehensive and nourishing care to the patients. One of the biggest examples is integrating EDI in the Healthcare industry, which is helping them to manage & control data while increasing productivity.

76. App for Baby's Daily Needs

One of the most challenging tasks is for parents, especially when they have to manage work and care for the little one. Looking at the struggle of these parents, IT professional services providers came up with the solution in building a convenient app for parents with features to order supplies, such as baby food, diapers, creams, and much more. Additionally, you can manage the database and plan marketing seamlessly with the app.

77. App to Find the Nearest Utility Place

Nature's call or fuel refilling are some of the unnecessary issues that occur while traveling. This app has been crafted for people with the need for frequent restroom usage on the highways. This app will help you locate the restrooms as well as fuel stations or gas stations through GPS, so you travel stressless.

78. Trip Planning and Budgeting App

Since the rise in the excitement of traveling is seen, professional travel agencies adopted the idea of providing their services from the comfort of home. Travel app development services are advancing to attract customers and make them loyal. With these apps, customers face less to no chance of getting cheated and enjoy travel.

79. Food Donation App

People running restaurants and cafes have to manage the leftovers of the day, which are generally wasted. Instead of throwing it all away, a new trend has started - to feed the needy. This mobile app idea emerged to stop food wastage as well as fill the appetite of the starving, hence NGOs and governmental bodies have come forth and are using this app more and more. 

80. Hire an Artist App 

This one is also among the best mobile app ideas, as hiring a stand-up comic has become a want for making the party environment joyful. You do not have to look for the artist everywhere, with just a click away you can look for an artist quickly. Additionally, a party planner can also use this app to connect with the best artist in town. 

81. Finding a Remote Job App

Having a good job in hand has become imperative to live a happy life. Earlier, people did not have the opportunity to leverage technology in finding suitable jobs for themselves. Today, with the help of managed service providers, companies have opted for the digital world to market, which helps job seekers find jobs easily. Additionally, location-based jobs help in filtering jobs in nearby locations. 

82. On-Demand Gift and Flowers Delivery

This app is efficient for those who are looking for a last-minute flower gift to buy. Whether you have a grand occasion or a simple birthday, with the help of this app, you can pick and get your gift and flowers delivered to your doorstep.

83. Emergency Alert App

Safety is an important aspect for any individual to look upon. Seeing the crime rate rise and uncertain conditions, such as fire outbreaks, emergency alert apps have been developed to cope with such situations quickly in order to save people quickly.

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84. Quality monitoring app for veggies and fruits

You buy fruits and vegetables to eat, noticing their external condition. Regardless of handpicking fruits and veggies, are you sure they are of good quality? To monitor the quality, you can download this application. The advanced features within the app give you a complete report on the quality of the food that you pick.

85. Influencer Marketing App

The next-gen application developed is solving even the tiny bit of the user's problem. However, this app is useful for small businesses to make their marketing effective. Even if you are unable to connect with a specific celebrity for marketing, this app can help you get in touch with numerous celebrities and influencers. 

86. On-Demand Car Wash App

This on-demand app is revolutionizing the need for quick services. No wonder, people have been using the car wash app for quick and reliable service for their vehicles. With the help of this app, car owners can order a car wash within their house, which gives them real-time convenience as well as reach for the car repair and wash service owners. 

87. Security App

The app has been furnished for people looking to secure their homes and offices. Among one of the promising mobile app ideas, this is probably a savvy app idea that can help protect the most valuable devices. The integration of the latest technology, AI-face recognition & biometrics for fingerprints. 

88. Stress Relaxation App

This app eases the person from everyday stress and keeps them healthy and mindful. Many fitness brands have come forward with a meditation or relaxation app to relax and revive mental and physical energy.

89. Karaoke App

An entertainment app, Karaoke app, can help bring out the pop star in you. For the love of music and singing, amateur and professional singers & musicians can look out for this app to practice daily singing wherever or whenever. Regardless of its simplicity, the app has a lot of potential in the market today.

90. Symptoms Tracker App

Symptoms tracker, as the name underlines,  the app tracks health issues in a person. Whether it's a normal flu or a cardiac arrest, or a chronic disease, you can ask questions and get the relevant answers. Additionally, the advanced features of the app allow you to track the person that might have been infected and came in contact with you.

91. Telemedicine App

The fastest and the most convenient app to get medicines at your doorstep or even have doctor access when you cannot visit them is the telemedicine app. The app is useful with multiple functionalities such as tracking medicines, ordering, virtually getting assistance from a doctor, scheduling an appointment, and much more. 

92. Health and Nutrition App

Track your diet and nutrition intake in your everyday meal through these amazing and calorie-tracking apps. These apps are mostly used by fitness freaks or thinking to lose weight. People can easily track the number of calories intake and set their daily diet plan accordingly.

93. Brand Identifier App

A unique app to define the brand of the product, vehicle, or more that you wish to buy. This app can be used simply by clicking the photo and uploading it to the app, which tells you the brand of it. The app allows you to submit your reviews and feedback for further help to the users.

94. eLearning App

After the pandemic, the schools & colleges struggled to reach their students and provide them with relevant education. This was when the need for robust and custom LMS development services was on the rise. However, the need for elearning solutions will stay in demand for the upcoming years, looking at the current conditions, it can be chosen as a startup idea as well.

95. Emotions Tracking Apps

The current emerging technology - AI is used almost everywhere in the market. This technology evolution has empowered many ideas among which, tracking emotions is a creative and innovative idea. The AI-enriched app can detect happiness, nervousness, voice tone, body language, and a lot more, which can further be used in making decisions.

96. AI-Enabled Text Extraction

This kind of artificial intelligence solution is used to observe data patterns. The NLP and machine learning amalgamation can allow companies to quickly extract data using predefined algorithms. This app can save a lot of time and money used in data cleaning and preprocessing as well as segregating data on the basis of different parameters.

97. Belongings Reminder App

A unique yet useful app for those who tend to have the habit of forgetting things. Things such as wallet, key, glasses, pen, and more requisite articles can be remembered through this app. The app demands photos of the object in order to set a reminder of it and alert you when you are looking for the object everywhere.

98. GIF Maker

The most entertaining and used emotion these days while chatting with friends or family. GIF app marker gives a whole bunch of offers using pictures and webcam or already uploaded images that can be uploaded and shared on the web.

99. AR Painting App

This AR app development solution is a fun and creative way to draw and paint. Paint or draw your masterpiece using the phone's surface. Explore new ideas and expressions to paint without the need for caution. Experience virtual technology while giving way for beginners to discover more.

100. Due Reminder App

You've already heard of the app named CRED. Yes, it is a great example of due reminders. This is an essential app for those who want a reminder of their dues. This gentle reminder app simplifies the calculation and eliminates the need for pen and paper to jot down the details. Get this creative and useful app to fill your dues.

FAQ: Mobile App Ideas 

How to Make an App Successful?

To turn the above app ideas into reality, you need to check whether the app idea is feasible or not. Perform tasks like market research, app features finalization, app prototype development, regular maintenance, etc. to make your app successful. 

How To Turn An App Idea Into Reality? 

To turn your app idea into a working solution, you need to perform multiple tasks like setting app objectives, identify the target market, creating a solid development plan, etc. For fast project completion, team up with an expert app development company like A3logics. 

How To Monetize An App? 

There are various ways to monetize an app. Some of the popular methods include in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, freemium models, subscription models, sponsorships, etc. 

What are the best app ideas in 2021 for startups?

Some of the best app ideas for startups to execute in 2021 include on-demand bike servicing app, smart home app, travel planner app, language translation app, supermarket self-checkout app, etc. 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop/Execute App Ideas? 

The overall cost to build an app depends upon several factors like app complexity, features, developer location & experience, total development hours, etc. 

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