What is the Cost of SpotHero-like Parking App Development?

A3Logics 19 Dec 2023


The demand for mobile apps in the digital age is evident everywhere. Every business of all sizes is striving to provide more customized services using mobile apps. Global companies have embraced custom app development services and are reaping the advantages to the maximum. Mobile application development companies are helping with all aspects of making Android and iPhone apps to meet all kinds of business requirements. Similar to other aspects, mobile apps can help you find parking spaces for cars in the current crowded world, which are becoming more crucial and growing in popularity. The parking app development is a smart choice for companies today that can help in making a huge impact in the time to come..

Apps for parking on Android and iOS will assist users in finding the closest parking spot for their car to park. The apps are highly intelligent in helping users locate free parking spots. These navigations can make it easier for users to save time and take away any hassles of finding hot spots. This is helpful information for companies that are planning to invest in developing apps for parking cars. Let’s explore the fundamentals, mobile app developers need to be following when developing the car parking app. And also, we will discuss the features that you must have in your apps for car parking.

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What is a SpotHero App?

SpotHero is a parking app development example that lets drivers reserve parking spaces ahead of time in more than 77,000 parking garages, lots and valets across more than 300 locations throughout North America. The platform links parking facilities with people looking for easy, inexpensive, hassle-free parking alternatives.

SpotHero came out in the year 2011. All of this with the help of Mark Lawrence, Jeremy Smith along with Larry Kiss. They want to develop a user-friendly platform that could solve the issue of finding parking spaces. The company has developed into one of the most popular booking platforms for parking in the US that has helped millions of drivers locate and reserve parking spaces without difficulty.

SpotHero parking management software is available for both iOS and Android devices. Drivers are able to use the app to look for parking options close to their destination. The app lets drivers search for parking options according to distance, price as well as other variables and makes it easy to choose the most suitable option to meet their needs. After a parking spot has been reserved, the driver is able to pay for it with the app and get an electronic parking permit that they can use to access and leave the parking area.

Apps like SpotHero also works with a variety of top car manufacturers as well as navigation software. This is to incorporate their parking reservation platform with information systems in cars. This lets drivers find and reserve parking spots traveling, thereby making parking more convenient. SpotHero’s revolutionary platform makes it much easier and efficient for drivers to locate and reserve parking spaces.  

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SpotHero has teamed up with Waze to assist drivers reduce travel time, ease congestion and assist them to locate parking more quickly. Waze is a navigation and traffic application that assists drivers in understanding the conditions of traffic in regions. When combined with SpotHero, you’ll have the most beneficial of both.

SpotHero on the 22nd of August, 2019, took in $117.6M in the series D round. The company is led through 30 shareholders. Alpha Partners and OCA Ventures are the two most recent investors.

It’s no surprise that we are pleased to report that United Centre of Chicago chose parking apps like SpotHero to be their principal parking service provider. This is an indication of the platform’s rapidly growing popularity.

In a survey that was conducted through SpotHero on February 20, 2022 the survey of 1,000 U.S. adult drivers revealed that COVID-19 has drastically altered Americans attitudes towards driving. The study found that almost 75% of drivers intend to take public transportation off the list and drive to work at this point in the disease. All these reasons show why the demand for custom mobile application development company service has gotten for this service.

Reasons To Invest In Apps Like SpotHero

There are many reasons why to think about investing in car parking app development just like SpotHero:

1. Solves a problem that is common:
Finding parking is a major problem for many, particularly in cities that are crowded. If you develop a parking application such as SpotHero it will aid in solving this problem by offering people an easy and simple method to reserve and locate parking.

2. Possibility of income
: SpotHero app can earn income in many ways, including fees that are charged to parking service providers or by capturing a percentage of the price of every parking reservation that is made via the app.

3. Benefits to competitiveness:
If you are able to develop a parking app with a user interface that’s more comfortable and offers an array of alternatives for parking or has cheaper prices than the existing apps such as SpotHero or SpotHero, you might have an edge in the marketplace.

4. Expanding existing businesses:
If you run a business which is connected to transportation, like a delivery service or ride-sharing, SpotHero app can be an ideal extension of your company.

5. Diversify portfolio:
By creating a parking application like SpotHero can be a means for diversifying your portfolio, and also provide an income stream that isn’t tied to your current offerings or products.

SpotHero application will be based on your objectives, resources, and market conditions. Also as per top mobile app development companies in USA, it depends on the market demands for this app, the degree of competition, and also the potential revenues. 

SpotHero Parking App: How It Helps

As per the parking booking app development experts, below are the problems resolved by the respective app.   

Locating Vacant Parking Space

SpotHero has helped many users by guiding them to the nearest parking space that is vacant. The issue was that people were unaware of parking spaces that were vacant when they were not in view. However, with the assistance of this application, SpotHero application, users can locate vacant lots close to them and use the spaces.

Parking Costing Big Bucks

Because of the limited number of parking spaces available parking was quite expensive. In addition, there weren’t any discounts available prior to. Since the introduction of the SpotHero app and the SpotHero app, things took a tech direction that was positive.

One of the advantages of a parking app such as SpotHero is that its users could find attractive discounts and deals with the monthly subscription option. This facility SpotHero charges 15% of the commission plus $0.99 for each transaction that is recurring. Its hourly fee for parking charged by SpotHero for reservations that are less than $10 is 20 percent plus $0.99.

Parking is not Always Available in Lots

It is difficult for people to find the perfect parking spot or even the ideal one. The lack of parking spaces results in traffic jams and roadblocks. As per custom mobile app development company experts, SpotHero has come up with the solution. They are going to partner with garage or lot proprietors to lease the space for parking to earn cash from their vacant parking lot.

Multiple Parking Rules

Every parking space has their own rules i.e. Some cost per hour, others daily, and some according to a set time frame. It was not a problem for the flexibility of parking owners to charge what they deemed appropriate. In such situations, an app for parking can significantly simplify the process by allowing users to select multiple choices.


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Parking Apps Like SpotHero: Factors That Affect the Development Cost

The factors that impact the SpotHero-like parking app development costs are here. Let’s read on. 

Features and functionality: The more functions and features the app comes with the greater the development cost. For instance, when an app such as SpotHero needs integration to several payment gateways, maps or location service, as well as notification via push, development costs will be greater.

The complexity of the design: Complexity of the user interface and experience may impact the cost of development. If the app has an intuitive and complex user-friendly design, the app will cost more to create.

Platform for apps: The platform that an app’s built upon can impact the development costs. For instance, developing an app that works on two platforms, iOS and Android, requires greater time, effort and resources than developing apps for just one platform.

Location of the development team: The area that the team is located may also impact the cost of development. Developers in specific areas and countries could cost higher or lower rates for services.

Integrations from third parties: Cost of integrating third party services, such as payment gateways mapping services, as well as push notifications, may also impact the development costs. The more integrations are required to be integrated, the higher the cost will be.

So, you can connect with the leading mobile app development company and discuss the costs based on the above factors.

How much does it Cost to Develop a Parking App?

The cost of creating a platform just like SpotHero parking app will vary based on many factors. This includes the operating system (iOS, Android, or both) as well as the functions and features available and the degree of complexity of the app. Also it covers the location of the team that is developing it and the time it takes to finish the project.

Based on these variables, the price of creating an app will depend. As per top Android app development companies, it could range between $50,000 and $150,000, or higher. The final price can be varying depending on the particular specifications of the application. It is essential to partner with a reputable developer and software development company who are able to provide a precise estimate and assist you throughout the whole procedure.

How does Spothero Work?

As per
on demand app development company experts, this is how the parking app works:

Hassle-free Browsing

Mobile app development agency experts that develop apps ensure that you create a feature that is customer-focused. It’s where a person seeks out free slots, by either permitting their GPS position or manually pinned entries of their exact location on a map in the app. This feature is essential and must be included in parking apps for improved customer experience.

Filters to Measure the Proximity

As per mobile app development firm, a personalized car parking application must provide a variety of options for users. The proximity of the destination and the price of parking are the two most essential filters to be included in mobile apps for car parking.

The app provides a wide range of parking spaces near locations, the in-app filters offer users the ability to evaluate the closest and cost-effective locations to park vehicles with safety.

Quick Booking

It’s among the most important steps to take into consideration when creating apps for parking your vehicle to be used on Android as well as iOS devices. After selecting the closest parking spot, the app must allow users to reserve the space as soon as it is possible.

Therefore, the digital processing of payments and OTP verification to verify payment and booking confirmation must be performed quicker. These secure and speedy booking capabilities will aid business or mobile app developers in enhancing the performance of their apps and user experience.

Multiple Payment Modes

Enterprise mobile application development experts must create an app for parking which supports multiple payment options. This means that customers can pay parking costs using Unified Payment Interface (UPI) net banking, credit/debit cards, e-wallets, and so on. Therefore, the flexible payment options allow users to pay for parking services as easily in the way they prefer.

Enable GPS Navigation

This feature can aid users in finding reserved parking spaces more easily and speedier. Map integration in the app helps users find the most efficient ways to get to the parking spaces that customers have reserved to park their vehicles.

There are many important characteristics of apps for parking cars. This seamless flow of car parking apps, from finding a parking spot to parking vehicles, booking to pay online and getting to your destination, will give users a pleasant and easy experience. customers.

Car Parking Apps: Must-Have Features

These are the most distinctive and important features in mobile car parking apps as per top iOS app development companies.


  • Quick registration form to get on board the app.
  • Hassle-free login procedure.
  • Social media integration.
  • User Profile Management Interface: The interface allows users to modify or look up information related to their personal data, such as parking slot reservation information and payment information, as well as other information.
  • GPS locator that includes maps in-app to mark the exact location of the vehicle. It will also navigate to parking spaces in close proximity.
  • Search tool to locate the most suitable spot to park from the array of provided spaces.
  • A colourful interface is employed to book parking spaces that have specific departure and arrival times. This feature keeps records and helps ensure a smooth payment process.
  • Pre-schedule booking allows users to schedule parking times in advance and guarantee 100% occupancy upon arriving at parking spots.
  • Pre-Departure: This user-friendly option enhances the quality of the app. Users can edit and set an early departure time if there is one. This information will aid service providers in distributing the parking spaces available to cars that are waiting.
  • History: The integration with this function will enable users to look up parking history and payment related information.
  • Review and Ratings: These features help users to read feedback provided by other users regarding parking spots. It also assists users in making rapid decisions about parking spaces that they have to reserve.

How does Spothero make Money?

It is a fact that software is considered to be successful when it has attracted users, provides a flawless user experience, and, most importantly, the one that generates cash for your account. In the case of SpotHero, the app’s success and recognition are indisputable on every level as per mobile application consulting services providers.

You’re probably thinking, “how much cash can you earn from these apps?”. In that situation, let’s examine the monetization model for parking apps that SpotHero is also a part of, to guess how it makes its revenue and what you use your app to make it more successful as SpotHero.


For a large number of users to benefit from your own SpotHero replica app and offer subscribers to your users to allow them to pick a monthly subscription program and then pay services ahead of time.

This type of revenue model is widely used in the app industry, and a variety of industries are utilizing this method to increase profits.

A few of these apps include Netflix, Uber, Spotify and a myriad of other apps.

Reward Points

Another effective method of generating more profits from an online parking application is to provide rewards points to users. Although at first, it might seem somewhat unjust, however, it can actually work wonders. In this way, it will help create the feeling of loyalty among your customers for life, and an additional benefit will be a more enjoyable customer experience, which eventually leads to an increase in revenue.


In this blog post, SpotHero charges a fixed percentage of commission per payment. This means that you can follow the same way as SpotHero to increase your profit and revenues.


Inviting your users to recommend your application to earn more money is like killing two birds in one shot. If you can speak well and your customers are satisfied with rewards for referrals, your app will be able to attract many more customers.


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Wrapping Up

SpotHero application that connects motorists with parking spaces that are available in different cities throughout the United States. Based on reviews from users and the credibility of the company, SpotHero is a convenient and reliable method of finding and reserve parking spaces in crowded areas.

One of the major advantages of the SpotHero app is the capability to evaluate prices and locations of parking options in real-time. This will help customers save money and time by locating the most affordable and efficient parking option for their requirements. In addition, the app provides options like navigation in-app along with reminders and notifications that can keep users well-organized and on track.

SpotHero App is a highly rated parking app that offers an excellent service for drivers in urban zones. Its user-friendly interface, wide coverage, and robust functionality makes it a great choice for people looking for hassle-free parking solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q 1. Which is the Best Vehicle Parking App?

If it comes to the most effective parking app, you are able to judge it by the number of people using the app. SpotHero is dominating the field with more than 1.8 million monthly visits.

Q 2. How to Develop a Parking App Like SpotHero?

Here are the eight steps needed to create an app for parking like SpotHero.

Step 1: Create the business plans

2nd Step: Go for deep market research

Step 3: Hire an experienced application development company

4th Step: Create an MVP

Step 5: Design UI/UX

6th Step: Incorporate new features

Step 7: Test then launch the application

8th Step: Update frequently

Q 3. What is the Minimum Cost to Develop a Parking App Like SpotHero?

The cost for developing an average parking application starting from scratch is about $30,000. The cost could be lower when you have an app that has basic features. For more information, schedule a complimentary session.

Q 4. How Does a Parking App Like SpotHero Make Money?

Parking apps such as SpotHero earn money through subscriptions and reward points, commissions and referrals. To know more you can hire mobile app developers at A3Logics and gain all the assistance.