Top 8 Features To Be In Parking Management Software

If everything around us is getting digital then why parking management should stay behind? It is the time when digitization of the world is exponentially increasing and almost nothing is left untouched from the reach of the internet. 

Parking is not just an issue for smaller or bigger cities singularly. But it is a matter of concern for both equally as well as of the conscience of a human being too. It becomes troublesome to tackle the issue for the city (in the case of public or open area parking space) and for the public simultaneously (in every case). Once it starts tangling around, it consumes valuable time from everyone’s life and puts on unnecessary pressure on the mind.

This initiative of online management of vehicles has resolved the issue quite effectively. The software-based solutions for parking management transformed almost every manual task into the automated one.

Following are the features that should be embedded in by any parking management software development company –

Online schedule of vehicles and employee 

If we consider an organization with an obvious parking facility available, the software has to have the data for all the in-house employees and the space arrangement set for everyone accordingly. As per their time shifts, working hours they usually spend in the office, the time at they arrive and leave the premises, their position or space reserved as per their priorities, etc. A custom application development of a parking management system would allow these features to be customized if you desire.

Automated Ticketing for violators

An online application system empowered with an online positioning system could charge tickets online for those who violate the rules or those who go overboard with any other guidelines pre-decided by the organization.

Online ticketing can be useful for the driving person as it could pre-intimate the driver for such violations through a notification. After all, that’s the most praised advantage of a mobile-based application.

Tracking public as well as private parking spaces

An agile parking management software must have the ability to track vehicles for available spaces and should navigate the seeking one to the appropriate space. The more accurate and precise the synchronization of the positioning system with the software in real-time, the more efficiently an application would guide the seeker.

Scalable software: Should work with small as well as large entities

A successful parking management system should be scalable in nature and must work smoothly with and for any scale of business be it then small, micro, medium, or large-sized. There are many online parking management solutions available in the market with certain limitations but with hefty charges to pay for. However, it is undesirable for any purchaser if the software comes with limitations over scalability.

Manage visitors smartly

There must be some buffer space or redundant parking slot feature for emergency or contingent situations such that it could manage a sudden rush with redundant spaces available and smarter management with agile analysis before the occurrence of any rampant or over-crowded possibility.

Also, the software may guide the visitor for an easy exit or entry passage if the other one has a tendency of massive movement at once. If the software does so, it could be termed as smarter management of a visitor by a smarter parking management software. One should have to hire dedicated developers for such customization as well.

To be usable at all platforms with interactive UI

Compatibility is a case in which many enterprise solutions gets failed. However, most of the solutions nowadays come out with full-fledged compatibility. Yet this factor is the one which has had seen some really smart applications lose their massive customer base just because of its compatibility issue with other platforms to run in.

It is ideal to embed the compatibility within the solution to run smoothly in any of the operating systems be it then Windows or Mac, Android, or iOS.

Standalone application feature

It is data mined that most of such parking management applications come as a standalone application. Those applications which do not require any other service installation to get run, or run without internet connectivity are Standalone applications. However, it is on the parent organization or management team, to get it developed as a standalone application or not. There would be many extra-ordinary features which would get suspended without an internet connection.

Note that, we have just put on some light over an ideal parking management software over how better and advance it could be. It is also to be noted that if most of such applications are coming out in the market as a standalone application mode, there must be some reason behind it, which could be covered with the help of technology.

Or say, the complexities raised due to technology can be avoided in two ways only. Either through not going with technology anymore or through using advanced technology this time with better results and lesser complexities.


Although the concept of chalking the tires is unconstitutional at many places across the globe. Yet, there is some purpose with the concept, and if the issue with physically chalking the vehicle can be replaced with an electronic chalking method, why not we should implement that?

The government considers physical chalking the tires of a vehicle as interfering without a warrant with someone’s private property. Thus, online parking management software nowadays is coming up with an e-chalking feature that helps to mark a vehicle with overtime space occupation.

Conclusively, to keep the parking system efficiently managed, your organization should get it well-customized through the best enterprise software development company along with better parking management consultancy services so that you do not require to hover around at different places for development and consultations simultaneously. 

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