Breaking Down the Factors that Determine iOS App Development Cost

A3Logics 07 Nov 2023


Despite the sea of operating systems, iOS has maintained a sense of memory in the minds of individuals. This points out that presently, there are about one and a half billion active apple devices which include; iPhone, mac, iPad, Apple TVs, iPods, and Apple watches making apple a dominant market player with a huge demand due to its products use. If you are investing in it and worried about iOS App Development Cost, you have landed on the right page.

In a way, all the hoopla around the iOS or just even the Apple Apps is justified. There is no doubt about it, for the features of apple devices are great and some of the programs on the Apple store deserve applause.

Based on App Store data, there are more than two million and a half apps. The reason for this is that any business can greatly benefit from iOS business developing applications.

First of all, the perks with iOS app development for businesses will be there in detail.

Worry not. We understand that you have some concerns about the iOS app development costs and other expenses which may come up in the process.

iOS App Development: The Hidden Costs

We all know how iOS apps have become top trending apps and people are investing in it heavily. Although some of the expenses of iOS app development are quite obvious. There are other hidden costs you just cannot ignore. Let’s have a look:

App Store Fees: One has to pay $99 per annum for publishing an app on the App Store offered by apple. This charge is independent of the profitability of the application.

Quality Assurance & Accessibility Testing: However, your app has to go through an extensive testing phase for ensuring the delivery of high-quality user experience to all including disabled individuals. In other cases, others may charge extra for quality assurance and accessibility services.

Maintenance Plan: It is necessary to continue updating and managing the app after it releases to keep it relevant for new iOS updates and devices. This is normally about 20 percent of the total annual average iOS app development cost.

Growth Marketing: Even the best iOS app won’t be successful if nobody knows about it. To promote your app and user acquisition, you must invest in growth marketing strategies such as social media advertising, search engine optimization, content marketing and among others.

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iOS App Development Cost Breakdown

As per custom mobile app development company, each part of the iOS development process is vital. Especially when coming up with the overall cost of iOS app development.

Design Cost: However, this goes beyond aesthetics. As per iOS app development companies, it covers how the users in the application are kept for engagement.   A high-quality UI/UX design should incorporate consideration for UX and UI. Having a well-designed and simple app that users find highly engaging can significantly raise its usage among consumers. Nevertheless, it is essential to develop a prototype of an app prior to the final design. Additionally, it will cost you less if you invest in good design that will not require major changes on a post-launch basis.

Development Cost: The essence of your application is here, in which case it is the embodiment phase. The size and complexity of your app shall dictate if you are going to develop your own team of developers or hire mobile app developers as contractors. In that case, an individual developer specializing either in the front-end or the back-end technologies along with an expert for handling the database is enough. Additionally, in case you have to use applications with real-time aspects such as chatting or update services, this will increase the price. Complexity leads to more time in developing any product and it is crucial to have special skills too. More time and specific knowledge results in a higher budget necessary for creation of any object.

Back-End Server Costs and Third-Party Services: These are the hidden costs in developing an app that are more often than not taken care of. The data is on your back-end servers, which is at your app. If you are dealing with any sensitive information, then this must be strong and secure as well. Some third-party services are anything which is external; for instance, payment gateway, and the data analysis service. In most cases, these additional charges come with separate fees and you will need to factor it in at all to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Understanding each of these factors in detail can give you a more accurate and reliable cost estimate, enabling better budgeting and fewer surprises as you navigate the app development journey.

So there is a basic estimate of what the cost to develop an iOS app can look like. Understanding the cost of developing an iOS app is not just about ballpark figures, it’s about allocating resources wisely and setting up for success.

Let’s delve deep into the details of what are the potential factors that can affect the iOS mobile app development cost.

iOS Over Android: Why?

Here we come to iOS 17 vs. Android 13 again. As per best app development companies below are the factors that makes one choose iOS:

More Payment On Your Way

Although Android still takes the bigger bite of the market share as compared to Apple triumphs over Android when it comes to monetization.  Apple users are more willing to pay for an app as compared to Android users.

Higher Security Standards

Data security was a concern and it is still a concern. Among other flexibility often offered by mobile platforms, data security always tops the chart.  And when choosing iOS, it comes up with a high level of data security. iOS provides businesses with robust iPhone apps that provide security against viruses, malware, theft, hacking, breaches, phishing, and other external threats.

Enhanced User Experience

Apple is different from Android due to its interface guidelines. These guidelines all the iOS app UI/UX designers need to follow. This is done to get approval for the App Store.  By passing the guidelines, businesses can offer enjoyable interfaces and pleasant experiences to the users through the application. Also, focusing majorly on the interface can engage new prospects while retaining existing customers.

Easy and Effective Testing

As per enterprise mobile app development company, Apple has its policy, this is the reason, it usually releases one update of its existing operating system in a year.  Also, the number of iOS devices is quite low when you compare it with Android making the former one win in terms of testing. Android apps require tests comprehensively for different versions to check if the app is working fine on all the versions. iOS requires less time to test, thus speeding up the product’s time to market.

Low Fragmentation

Developing an Android application makes the business invest a lot of time in determining whether the app will work effectively on different platform versions or not. Compared to Android’s latest OS version used by only 0.7% of users, almost 76% of iPhone users use the latest iOS version. Hence, with iPhone app development, businesses can reach a larger audience.  Meanwhile, another root string to low fragmentation is scalability. It allows businesses to develop new features rapidly along with launching them in the existing apps also.

Brilliant Quality App

To register your app in the app store, it is worthwhile to hire the same iOS app development company that has developed your app as per Apple’s pre-defined quality standards.  Also, the iPhone apps, developed by thoroughly following the highest quality standards, help businesses enrich their overall brand identity. 

Less Development Time

Compared to Android app development, iOS development takes around 28% less time even after sharing the same development parameters.  Also, Android apps require more time for testing on a wider range of devices, versions, and screen resolutions. Whereas, on iOS, time is quite low.

Tech-savvy Audience

iPhone users are more tech-savvy and are also open to innovations. Because of acceptance and openness, businesses develop highly dynamic iPhone apps with high-end features. To this, there are higher chances of driving more productivity and profitability through iPhone apps.

More Secure Transactions

Making online transactions is the most obvious thing but no matter what there is always a minor financial risk there with it.  To curb such a situation, iPhone apps ensure secure in-app purchases and transactions.

Penetrating A Larger Market

iOS devices are quite popular in developed countries like the UK, the US, Australia, etc. Hence, if you are planning to target developed nations while targeting a developing audience also, choosing iOS-based applications will never disappoint you when it comes to expanding the business.  These are a few of the reasons why businesses should choose the iOS platform over Android. Now that you have chosen the platform, let us now indulge ourselves with the factors affecting the iOS app development cost.


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Cost Of iOS App Development: Factors That Influence

Below are the aspects that define iPhone app development cost. Check it out:

App Discovery

The very first reason to figure out the cost for iPhone app development is App discovery. This is the stage where your Mobile app ideas will bloom and validate.  Before the process of mobile app development takes place, rough cost estimation has to be taken care of for clients. You must validate the app idea as it is the foremost thing.

Analysis and Scope

The next point in understanding how much it costs to make an app for your business goes to Analysis and Scope. It is the stage where the documentation of the app needs to be shown with features. You need to provide the details of the right tech stack for the application. The process comes with several layers to bring out the accurate analysis and scoping of the app.

App Complexity

The app becomes complex when it is clad with several features and functionality. Though several features can ultimately make the overall iOS app development cost higher, 5 clubbed iOS app categories can simplify the cost breakdown. 

Deployment Architecture Model

There are two backend development options available, i.e.- Custom or BaaS.  Custom backend development is about giving the whole architecture to the client whereas. It can be done with BaaS as the clients need to be taken care of for ready-made backed architecture.

Admin Panel Development

Admin panel development is the backbone of the app which is liable for managing the app, keeping track of the activity, viewing the stats, and updating the app content without the aid of the iOS mobile app developer.

Third-Party Integration

Most of the time, your app needs to interact with other third-party apps like Google login, Facebook login, or PayPal payment gateways to make the overall process easier and more efficient. So, you must focus on enterprise application integration during this process.

App Development Stages

As per custom mobile app development services expert, the process of creating a good app however does not appear to be just simple. It requires a well-planned and executed development process, which includes five main stages: Plan, Design, Create, Test and deploy. Each one of them is important and helps towards the completion of the application.

The cost chunk of the total app development cost can be attributed to the fact that each stage has its own goals and objectives. Now, let’s provide some detailed information about each of the stages.

Planning Stage

Here, the purpose of the app and the audience segment it serves is determined. At this point, they identify the features, functionality, and user needs of the app.  This essay is exclusively copyrighted and should not be copied. Therefore, one must come up with a simple to comprehend and precise app description which will facilitate the whole app creation. Furthermore, the planning stage also entails studying competitors and identifying what makes the app distinctive. Following the planning stage, the entire scope of the app to iOS build time optimization and its direction is set. After which the designers can proceed to the design phase.

Cost may also differ significantly, depending on the app’s intricacy as well as research level. A small team might be enough for developing a roadmap that will describe the core functional aspects of simple apps, such as a basic “to do” app. Nevertheless, complicated apps like mobiles of banking are very much involved in broad research concerning users and existing markets to make sure that they will have good results. The estimated cost of an app development is set at 10% per phase.

Design Stage

Design phase is dependent on such factors as the complexity of the project, the number of screens, kind of design, and experience of the team. The design phase will take around 15 % of the entire sum spent on mobile app development.

Development Stage

The third step involves building an app in this stage. Development of the app encompasses coding, identifying errors, and incorporation of different features. There are some things that may affect the amount of time and money consumed on this process such as the number of features incorporated, the platform it will be developed for or the experience level of the development team. The rough estimate for the app development phase may be around 60 percent of the overall cost of app deployment.

Testing Stage

After the construction of the app, comprehensive testing must be taken care of to assess bugs and errors detection. The cost to test a product in this stage is calculated by how many features the app has. It also includes what kinds of testing tools are in use, and how big the testing group is. The average estimate of this phase accounts for about 10% of the overall cost of application development.

Deployment Stage

The app or website after testing needs to be in the market after its launch. This stage will depend on the platforms where the app will be with different users for different purposes and you can understand further aspects of deployment. The design process generally costs about 5 percent of total app development cost.

App Maintenance Costs

However, when you launch a mobile or web application, this should not be the end of work. The cost of maintaining an app varies on things like how complex it is. In fact, it also includes what platform has been taken into account, number of features and functions, and more. However, estimates project about 15-20 percent per year compared to initial developing expenses.

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App Development Costs: How to Bring it Down

Take a look how can you get the outsource app development cost down:

Choose the right platform: The production of multiple platforms can make development timescales and costs more difficult in turn. Depending on a target group and the peculiarities of your app, choose what platform to lead with. Unlike apps built using tools like react native or flutter, developing cross platform apps are comparatively more cost efficient due to the use of one codebase which covers multiple platforms.

Keep the design simple: Creating a visually appealing and engaging design is necessary but involving excessive designs of complex nature can result in high development costs and times. Stick to a straightforward, yet functional design that suits your audiences’ requirements. “` ## Instruction: Convert the given sentence from AI written to human written To achieve this, you should consider using pre-made design templates or an experienced designer specialized in simple design making.

Use third-party APIs: Use third party APIs or services instead of creating custom solutions for each and every functionality. They will ensure cost saving and time and also strong functionality of development. Do research and thoroughly evaluate third party’s solutions to see whether they can address your problems properly, are thoroughly documented on and offer continuous support from the developer’s community.

Optimize for scalability: Consider scalability when designing your application. It is cost-effective to build an elastic app, which would not require rewrites or overhauling as it grows. Scale your technologies and infrastructure by employing cloud-based solutions and microservices architecture in order to make your app expand as time passes.

Work with an experienced development team: Skilled developers have invaluable input on cutting development expenses but without compromising quality. Find a team known to have developed good apps at an affordable price. Engage a development partner that will cater for everything right from designing, maintenance, and updates so as to realize efficiency in time and economic resources.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An iOS App?

However, developing a sound mobile app is not so easy. It involves a lot of considerations that must be put in place. This is done to avoid exorbitant costs. The type of app, the features it possesses, a particular region from which it emanates, development team size, security, and interaction are some of these aspects that affect the pricing of an app. It is therefore important to research well so as to go for what is within you and fits the budget right.

You may even use app development calculators to get a clear idea on how much it can cost for you. It can help you understand how much it costs per feature. Furthermore, learning from the case studies can offer invaluable information on how to save both time and money as part of the development approach.

You need to factor in the maintenance cost, development stages of an app, as well as your budget for paying developers. Taking all those into consideration will enable you to make informed decisions, which in turn ensures success throughout a project of app development.


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Final Thoughts

Being one in a pack of top leading mobile OS’s, iOS boasts over ten million users globally. Startups and businesses should consider their investment in iOS app developments as part of a strategy to increase their coverage areas thereby attracting multiple new customers to purchase their products or services.

In fact, we would like to emphasise that only a professional estimation will show you what is the real budget for building such an application for iOS.

Discovery workshops in which our iOS app development experts at A3logics will assist you to come up with an authentic quote. Experts in providing robust, scalable, and secure iOS solutions to bring long-term incremental growth for your organization. A3logics is a US company that is awarded as one of the Top Mobile App Development Company in US.

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How to estimate custom iPhone app development cost?

Well, there is no one-word answer for the cost of iPhone app development, but the formula has been devised for calculating the cost of developing the iOS app. It is based on the hours taken in the development process and then multiplied by the billable hours of resources spent.

Is there any price difference in developing apps for iOS or Android?

The answer to this question is yes. There is a price difference between the average iOS app development cost. Due to fragmentation, Android apps can cost you a bit more since the testing process becomes tediously long, and there are so many devices you would need to cater to.

What are the benefits of iOS app development?

Benefits of iOS app development services include access to a vast and affluent user base, higher revenue potential due to iOS users’ willingness to spend on apps, better security, smoother user experience, and easier app approval process on the Apple App Store.