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A3Logics 13 Oct 2023

Table of Contents

Businesses everywhere are taking their operations to the next level with cloud software technology. Not only is this enterprise software vertical booming but also it’s transforming businesses. Due to the innovative platforms, technological features, and customization options, these cloud platforms equip businesses to revolutionize their operations. All in all, this is a pivotal era for cloud computing solutions. Moreover it’s no surprise that in 2022 the global market had a value of over USD$500 billion. So what are the leading platforms in cloud computing and how do businesses derive maximum value from their chosen service? In this A3logics guide, we’ll unpack Amazon Web Services (AWS) — a top three cloud computing platform — and its features. Then we’ll explore the key ways businesses hiring a software development company for AWS consulting services benefit from expert guidance.


Now let’s get started on these points in the full article designed to support businesses ready for migration to AWS.


How the AWS cloud product works for businesses


To begin, let’s recap how the AWS product works for business.


Overview of the AWS cloud platform


So this article focuses specifically on the AWS cloud product and understanding its features.


AWS comprises multiple different Amazon solutions available to the market


  •  Analytics
  • Application Integration
  • Blockchain
  • Business Applications
  • Cloud Financial Management
  • Compute
  • Contact Center
  • Containers
  • Database
  • Developer Tools
  • End User Computing
  • Front-End Web & Mobile
  • Games
  • Internet of Things
  • Machine Learning
  • Management & Governance
  • Media Services
  • Migration & Transfer
  • Networking & Content Delivery
  • Quantum Technologies
  • Robotics
  • Satellite
  • Security, Identity, & Compliance
  • Serverless
  • Storage


AWS cloud platform features:


  •  Solutions for specific uses, industries, and types of organizations
  • Cost-effective, on-demand pay-as-you-go pricing for the majority of AWS cloud services with no termination fees
  • Offers agility, automation, and reliability
  • Elastic, scalable, and flexible
  • Migration of existing applications to the AWS cloud
  • Purpose-built databases
  • Core infrastructure meets security requirements for military, global banks, and other high-sensitivity organizations
  • Deep set of cloud security tools with data encryption ability
  • Global accessibility
  • Options for automated and manual deployment


What sort of cloud platform subscription is AWS


  • AWS is constantly evolving and it is a public cloud platform
  • It is a mixture of Software-as-a-Service, Platform-as-a-Service, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service
  • This is why AWS is an extremely comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud service.


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The cloud AWS platform compared to other leading public cloud service providers


AWS is one of the world’s top three public cloud service providers. At present, technical expert rankings put AWS first followed very closely by Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Though these three platforms are the largest in the public cloud service market, this solely reflects their market share. Further to this, other leading public cloud platforms include IBM, Salesforce, Dell, and Alibaba Cloud.


Why the AWS cloud computing platform meets varying business needs


Undeniably a core value-add of AWS is how it unleashes business capabilities to achieve organisation-wide transformation. Overcoming ongoing challenges and advancing processes are essential capabilities of 21st century business tools. Altogether this is a significant justification for cloud computing investment.


The leading U.S. businesses using AWS


  • LinkedIn
  • Meta (previously Facebook)
  • Pfizer
  • ESPN
  • Airbnb
  • Netflix
  • Epic Games
  • Nordstrom
  • McDonald’s
  • X (previously Twitter)


These businesses use AWS to meet a range of operational needs. Whether for customer site navigation user experience (UX) or speeding up core processes through automation technology, AWS helps improve businesses. As digital transformation is widespread and a necessity to maintain a competitive edge leveraging robust tools strategically is critically important. Hence AWS improves operations and advances businesses having more profitable activities.


Another reason why leading U.S. businesses across industries such as social media, technology, retail, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage opt for AWS is creative problem-solving. In essence AWS introduces the infrastructure that positions businesses to simply function better. For instance, this can be better data insights that result in changing service procedures or eliminating latency through external API.


Thus businesses have scope to pick and choose from the wide range of AWS cloud products and their features. Then they utilize AWS products to fit their unique business, circumstances, and dynamic barriers to success. Brown Davis emphasizes functionalities for MyTechMag, “Well, it’s the scalable and unique ways AWS has managed to solve their challenges.”


The role of AWS consulting services for businesses using the platform


So there are extensive benefits for businesses that use AWS. But how do they get started with the product and how essential are consulting services for businesses planning AWS use?


Chiefly businesses need to understand that AWS consulting services cover the following:


  •  Evaluating readiness for the AWS cloud platform
  • Analysis of the business systems in use
  • Development of a roadmap strategy for AWS and integration including options for multi-cloud
  • Planning that covers costing, scaling, and managing AWS effectively
  • Overseeing all aspects of AWS implementation including development, migration and integration, deployment, and maintenance


Are AWS consulting services the same as an AWS Consulting Partner company


  •  According to AWS, the Partner Network (APN) is “a global community of partners that leverages programs, expertise, and resources to build, market, and sell customer offerings”
  • The APN can offer cloud-related services based on their skills and experience bringing quality AWS solutions to customers
  • This AWS Consulting Partner certification is a reflection of expertise, a track record of best practice, and experience implementing solutions
  • Achieving official certification in the APN enables them to give professional, consulting, and managed services
  • A Premier Consulting Partner has reached the highest tier of the APN
  • APN members have early access to AWS resources, features, training, tools, and support services.
  • Within the APN, developers and team members of an AWS Consulting Partner can gain accreditation that gives them expert certification
  • Therefore AWS Consulting Services are delivered through a member of the APN — an AWS Consulting Partner.


Overall AWS consulting services delivered via an AWS Consulting Partner have the following advantages


  •  Guaranteeing growth boosts for business clients
  • Highly advanced AWS services use
  • Providing accurate and informed guidance on AWS products
  • More cost-efficient and time-efficient AWS use
  • Access to scaling, updates, and ongoing optimization
  • End-to-end AWS cloud solutions resolving both system and staffing resource management

Unquestionably AWS consulting services are a value proposition that in design alone can maximize an AWS cloud subscription.


What businesses need to know to choose AWS consulting services


Now that we’ve explained AWS consulting services and the APN software development companies delivering these, let’s discuss finding APN services.


What to look for when hiring AWS consulting services




There is an obvious need for a proven track record of delivering AWS solutions to a range of businesses. Because this demonstrates understanding of various businesses as well as diverse industries, this conveys transferable expertise to a prospective client. Additionally it shows their insights into the market and how different successful AWS solutions have been designed and deployed.


Team credentials


Notwithstanding experience, team credentials when hiring AWS consulting services is very important. Due to the AWS Certifications qualifications system, a business whose team maintains these credentials has advanced knowledge and skills. These are directly applied to client solutions. Whether for solution design for unique problems or optimizing organizational security, these are all applied to maximizing AWS cloud functionalities. Specifically valuable credentials for AWS consulting services are: AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Developer.


Range of consulting services offered


When businesses are researching AWS consulting they should know there is a range of service options for solutions delivery. In order to have access for comprehensive services, businesses should look for cost optimization, scalability, and management offerings.


Roadmap services


Following on from the AWS consulting services is the subsequent macro roadmap development. This service should equip businesses with a pragmatic framework developed through detailed needs assessment completed with the business client.


AI expertise


At the present time, AI is a leading part of all technology solutions. Moreover as we move forward this will be a foundational aspect of all solutions — not the exception or a trend. Since Amazon announced its collaboration with Stability AI, their Stable Diffusion models are now accessible through AWS. When businesses hire an experienced AWS Consulting Partner, this team combines AI experience with AWS credentials solutions. Essentially then businesses can derive more value from cloud AI functionalities as the AWS Consulting Partner understands generative AI benefits.


Development process


Above all, the AWS consulting services are delivered through the development process. Therefore the software company should have a well-articulated, progressive development approach refined through extensive experience realizing successful cloud solutions. Equally businesses should feel reassured about the consulting process that precedes any development process. Established AWS consulting services will begin with preliminary consultation that ensures their offerings are suitable for prospective clients. Once this is confirmed, they will proceed to the in-depth consultation that begins the development process. Otherwise businesses can get locked in with a development company who can’t meet their needs — a negative outcome for everyone.


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Supporting teams to effectively use AWS consulting services and maintain digital transformation momentum


Once businesses have found the development company with the AWS consulting services that can deliver for them, the process starts.


Maximizing an AWS cloud subscription is smart business and consulting services can make this happen in several key ways:


Ideating and implementing a well-designed strategy


Emphatically a strategy is crucial to maximizing the AWS computing potential. Because AWS is a massive range of products and integration options, AWS consulting services enable businesses to unlock full capabilities. Starting with consultation, the AWS consulting services set out to design a business cloud strategy that streamlines systems while scaling. In fact, the best AWS consultants will strategize then develop, test and execute, secure, and maintain cloud systems. Afterwards cloud solutions achieve high-value, profitable outcomes for a range of time horizons — short-term and long-term.


Leveraging strong internal resources


Concurrently to the strategy side is the tactic of analyzing and optimizing cloud infrastructure along with other business resources. Once businesses choose AWS, their consulting services partner will recommend how this cloud can work with other business applications. Not only does this comprehensively plan straightforward migration but also thorough management of any third-party outsourcing. In addition to this side of leveraging strong internal resources, AWS consulting services will advise how fully customized solutions work. Then these specialists can handle everything from on-premises servers integration with AWS to a full cloud migration.


Ensuring a scalable model


This model is designed to keep adding features, using new technologies, and expanding with the business. In due time this results in the model supporting growth and being ready to continually evolve with the business. Regardless of enterprise size and objectives, this approach results in cost-effective solutions so businesses derive maximum AWS value.


Using distributed technology


Businesses everywhere have unique needs so AWS consulting services will also make recommendations for distributed technology if it’s appropriate. In the event that this would benefit the business then the architects will recommend the type of distributed architecture needed. Because there are a number of AWS products that support distributed technology, the AWS consulting services can recommend suitable options. Then this keeps fortifying the AWS strategy design and long-term prospects for business success through smart system choices.


Learning from data analysis


When AWS consulting services start the strategy process, they’ll review existing business data evaluating how systems are currently being used. Once this is complete they’ll apply this data to planning the AWS solution. This is important after migration as they’ll build AWS Data Analytics into the solution. Then all data analysis will be ongoing so businesses can observe activities, profits, customer satisfaction, and other important data points. The data analytics can be continually learned from whether to identify business opportunities, design solutions to problems, or sustaining optimization. Thereupon data insights are constantly being gained and along with maintenance logs, this provides invaluable swathes of business data.


Streamlining adoption and change management


Beginning with consultation and extending through to implementation, the AWS consultants will simplify making the move. Due to how extensive these streamlining services are, businesses can reap the rewards of AWS digital transformation from the outset. Straightaway this supports business employees to onboard in all areas as their remote workspaces are set-up or new processes begin. Unlike other examples, this benefit extends beyond the software investment as it minimizes risk of staff disengagement. Consequently this can boost morale while improving team workflows and collaborative capabilities. In general this is a priceless gain for businesses as staff engagement, retention, and job satisfaction affect the entire enterprise.


What businesses need to ask AWS consulting services before purchasing systems


Before embarking on purchasing systems, there are some non-negotiable questions businesses should add to their AWS consultation discussion points:


Three case studies of AWS consulting services solution delivery


Finally, we’ll now review three case studies for businesses using AWS to expand their operations and improve their core offerings. These case studies illustrate the extensive potential for businesses of using AWS consulting services to transform global U.S. brands. For this purposes, the three case studies below cover businesses from different industries that are iconic the world over.


1. Airbnb


Airbnb is a leading success story of the last 15 years and an example of technology startups transforming real life. When the vacation rental company started in 2008, it was an “air-bed-and-breakfast” connecting guests and hosts online. Following growth, Airbnb became a force in technology and acquired other travel and event-adjacent companies.

Because Airbnb has always been a digital company offering an interface that connects users to a physical product, technology matters. As AWS customers, they utilize cloud system to meet on-demand user needs. Accordingly AWS products enable them to streamline user searches while maintaining their share of the on-demand accommodation market. In reality they use three AWS products to achieve this: EC2, S3, and Amazon Elastic MapReduce. “The EC2 enables Airbnb to automatically distribute site traffic by balancing it between multiple server instances,” writes Davis for MyTechMag. “Meanwhile, the EMR helps process and analyze approximately 50 gigabytes of user searches daily.” Overall these AWS products equip Airbnb to sustain a low-latency system which is good for security while maintaining UX.


2. Meta


Another star of the 2000s startup boom is Meta — rebranded and renamed in late 2021. Though its original moniker of Facebook now solely applies to its first platform, the rename shows the tech company’s evolution. The company was started in 2004 and nearly 20 years on, their product group includes media behemoths Instagram and WhatsApp. During that time the company has built out its research arm, now called Meta AI, working on realizing their Metaverse.


Following their rebrand, in December 2021, Meta and Amazon announced Meta’s critical choice of AWS as their strategic cloud provider. Official press states, “Meta uses AWS’s proven infrastructure and comprehensive capabilities to complement its existing on-premises infrastructure, and will broaden its use of AWS compute, storage, databases, and security services to provide privacy, reliability, and scale in the cloud.” Further to this use, Meta AI and AWS are working together to accelerate research and development. This objective to advance all areas of building, training, deploying, and operating AI and LLM is ongoing.


3. McDonald’s


Evidently McDonald’s is a different business to the previous two case studies as it began offline and offers branded products. Since its first restaurant opened in 1940, the multinational has been an icon of both American culture and franchise dining. As a heritage U.S. business, McDonald’s is a powerful example of a brand that’s instantly recognizable yet continually evolving. Over the years the family restaurant became a global franchised chain that’s customized internationally depending on location.

Accordingly McDonald’s digital transformation demonstrates how cloud products support businesses to retain their inimitable brand DNA. As a multi-billion-dollar food and beverage company, McDonald’s turned to AWS when facing issues with service delivery. When their management sought to speed up their Drive-Thru ordering they were conscious of two conflicting yet related challenges. Their goal was improving customer experience (CX) through efficiency yet they were conscious that technology improvements might compromise CX. Because this was neither an issue of personnel nor an issue with systems requiring technical solutions, creativity problem-solving mattered.

Hence McDonald’s turned to AWS and partnered with Dynamic Yield to devise a mutually beneficial solution. Amazon reports this deployable system used AWS to build “a scalable, secure digital platform” that supports customer ordering. Whether for personalized order tracking and recommendations or machine learning (ML) for automation, this revolutionized their Drive-Thrus and CX.


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In conclusion AWS equips businesses to pursue innovation for strategic, revolutionary, and sustainable growth. With cloud system capabilities, there are considerable opportunities for implementing AWS with existing systems to overhaul operations while boosting security. Despite this, strategic planning through AWS consulting services is essential to gain maximum value from product investments. Not only will this provide critical evaluations of the business and its needs but also consultants have greater AWS leverage.


Start your cloud computing journey with A3logics AWS consulting services team who help make the roadmap strategy planning simple. In addition to their experience and insights, as AWS Premier Consulting Partners their development service team is highly certified.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What are AWS Consulting Partner services?


Without reservation, an Amazon Web Services Consulting Partner has an important services roles for AWS customers. The AWS Partner Network (APN) brings together expertise, certifications, and experience to leverage the programs and offerings in AWS. What’s more, AWS Consulting Partner services can help businesses derive maximum value and capacity from the cloud services. Therefore this official certification also gives APN members exclusive access to AWS product features, tools, resources, and training.


What are the leading ways AWS consulting services deliver value to businesses?


AWS consulting services provide unparalleled value for businesses through their expertise, team certifications, and industry experience. When it comes to practical application of these services, the consultant processes are designed to maximize AWS capabilities and products. So this means the consulting services firm provides a comprehensive consultation that establishes business needs then customizes AWS roadmap recommendations.


How do AWS consulting services help businesses better use platform functionalities?


These services are dedicated to business use so that businesses can achieve specific outcomes from their AWS enterprise cloud adoption. In fact, AWS consulting services were conceptualized by AWS so businesses can leverage key features for solutions, technologies, and industries. These services are end-to-end so they cover architecture, building, scaling, and maintaining the business AWS product. Furthermore AWS Consulting Partner services have access to areas of AWS not available to uncertified and non-official partners. Hence this helps businesses in ways that they couldn’t without these services.


Where do AWS consulting services fit in with a business roadmap strategy for cloud software?


Overall AWS consulting services fulfil an essential role in the strategic planning journey for businesses. Specifically when businesses hire a company for AWS consulting services the early consultation phase will involve designing their roadmap strategy. Then this will feed into the architecting, designing, deployment, scaling, and maintenance of the AWS cloud solution. Prior to commencing the roadmap strategy design, a preliminary consultation with the experienced A3logics AWS consulting services team is essential.