Apps like ChatGPT: 10 Best ChatGPT Alternatives in 2024

A3Logics 02 Nov 2023


The moment of this emergence was with the unveiling of chatGPT. The impact of this is such that now even the developers view AI differently. Indeed, this chatbot has greatly refined various sectors like accurate search results, honed human abilities, and, most notably, coding.

This is mainly because of the wide adoption of apps like ChatGPT all over the world, therefore causing congestion during its peak usage periods. It also struggles to generate long and complex code segments. However, it has only 2021 knowledge.

We are here with the list of the Best Alternatives To Chat GPT that can tick all the boxes as per your specific needs. Each of the machine learning solutions below is taken care of with respect to its advantages, characteristics, drawbacks, merits & demerits.

What is ChatGPT App?

ChatGPT is a new-generation chatbot which utilizes conversational AI to understand, respond to, and generate text at will for every query posed by the user.

The acronym of ChatGPT is OpenAI’s state-of-the-art GPT-3 technology.

ChatGPT like apps are different from traditional chatbots as it is trained over a lot of data. It is capable of having intelligent conversations on difficult issues.

Hence, it may be possible to write an algorithm which will allow it to be used for different object programming as well as the development of material.

Therefore, the smartness of apps like ChatGPT grows in proportion to the amount of feed data injected into its system as AI technology evolves.

Imagine, for instance, a time when an AI-powered conversation is like talking with another being. It has become one of the trending apps and that too in all sectors.


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ChatGPT Alternatives: Why You Must Consider?

While the merits of apps like ChatGPT are indisputable, there are still compelling reasons to include other generative AI systems in your toolbox:

Accuracy of ChatGPT

As per Artificial Intelligence development services expert, apps like ChatGPT are not bulletproof. As with any large language model (LLM), the accuracy of ChatGPT is dependent on the data used to train it. If the data utilized to create ChatGPT is not accurate, up-to-date or biased, it could result in inconsistent results when it comes to responses or the creation of texts.

Insufficient Real-time Data

ChatGPT app can’t connect to the internet. It is, therefore, unable to offer real-time information, like current news or weather forecasts for today. This is due to the fact that ChatGPT is an instrument for processing language and not an engine for searching.

Limited Information

There is a limited amount of domain-specific information. ChatGPT was trained on an enormous corpus of text from various internet sources. Despite its huge reservoir of data, ChatGPT struggles when dealing with particular topics, which makes it a bit unusable in these circumstances.

Accuracy and Credibility

One of the main complaints against ChatGPT has to do with the fact that it does not offer footnotes, sources or hyperlinks to the data upon which its solutions are. This can be particularly painful in research or scientific situations.

Security of Data

Because ChatGPT has been trained using in-depth sources of data, it could contain sensitive and personal information that could be accessed through quick injections, which can lead to privacy breaches and data breaches.


The handling of demands for millions of people simultaneously can overload ChatGPT over its capacity, resulting in the performance being slow or even stopping altogether, as was reported in the past.


Apps like ChatGPT are available as a free version. If you’re looking to harness all the capabilities that come with ChatGPT, OpenAI also offers an upgraded version dubbed ChatGPT Plus. But for a lot of businesses, this premium version of the best chatbots could be too expensive.

User Experience

As per AI Prompt engineering experts, ChatGPT is well-known because of its interface for chat. But for certain tasks like programming, using copy and paste to get outputs from chat isn’t appropriate for coding workflows.

ChatGPT Alternative: Features You Must Keep In Context

The features you require from the best ChatGPT app alternative are contingent upon your job and the way you plan to utilize ChatGPT initially. If you’re in the field of marketing, it could be necessary to have an AI creator of content. If you’re working in the field of software development, you may require AI software for code. Most of us require AI to assist us in working faster and accomplish more.

As per Conversational AI solutions expert, to determine if the ChatGPT app ideas AI program is right for you, below are the characteristics that can help:

Natural Language Processing (NLP) 

The majority of AI technology for apps like ChatGPT is based on the natural processing of language. You can feed it a question in plain English, and it comes up with an answer. However, how natural language processing works could differ significantly from one AI model to the next. Be sure you ask AI chatbots a lot of questions and be sure that you’re satisfied with the quality of their responses.


The goal of AI is to speed up our work and be more efficient. Auto-completion functions — where the AI completes the remainder of your messages, code or other long-form information–will accelerate your workflow.

Use Cases

Different AI performs different tasks. You should ensure that the AI you choose is skilled in your area of expertise. For instance, content creators could require the use of generative AI capable of writing long-form content, designing AI artwork, or designing calendars of content. Project managers may require AI to plan meetings, create summaries of projects, and even modify Excel spreadsheets.

Integrations and Plugins

Plugins let you use your AI in conjunction with other programs you are already using. This will help the AI seamlessly integrate into your workflow. Furthermore, certain plugins let an AI-powered program complete other tasks.


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Best Alternatives To Best ChatGPT app for iPhone and Android

If you are still looking for apps like ChatGpt, few of the best ones are below as suggested by a top custom mobile app development company. Check it out as we specify below from the insights of app development market experts.

1. ChatGPT+ (GPT-4)

This is the most recent AI model ChatGPT android app developed by OpenAI. They are the company that developed ChatGPT. GPT-4 is an upgrade from GPT-3.5 and GPT-3.5, both of which are chat-based LLMs that are built into ChatGPT. It has a higher performance than GPT -3.5 in generating more human-like responses, being able to recognize images and content, and performing more difficult tasks with greater accuracy.

GPT-4 is a GPT-4 model based on more datasets than GPT-3.5 and is compatible with a range of programming languages that are popular. You can also use an extension such as GitHub Copilot to connect to GPT-4 inside an IDE.

We have discovered that GPT-4 is very clever and efficient in its use for tasks in programming. It finds solutions to problems in less than two minutes, which would require an average programmer several minutes to work out and possibly hours writing the program. GPT-4 can transform a sketchy concept sketch into a simple, functional website, test code in a short time, and then analyze codes for security flaws.

The only limitation currently in place is that GPT-4 is a requirement for a 20-dollar monthly fee to ChatGPT Plus, and it’s not completely available for free.

2. GitHub Copilot and Copilot X

It can be described as an “AI pair programmer” created in collaboration with GitHub that is made possible with OpenAI technology. These apps like ChatGPT are a great AI device for software developers since it’s a generative model created using millions of lines of code found in GitHub open repositories.

By using the machine-learning process, it automatically completes your code according to context, like comments, variables’ names, and the structure of your code. GitHub Copilot functions as an extension for code editors and supports different programming languages, including JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, and Go.

This OpenAI ChatGPT app recently announced a brand-updated version of Copilot known as Copilot X. It is built on the GPT-4 model. It comes with new features such as AI chat assistance and pull request support testing, as well as built-in CLI capabilities and all of these functions run directly from an IDE.

However, the code suggestions offered by GitHub Copilot aren’t always correct since it can suggest lengthy codes when a simpler, shorter one is in place or codes that are deprecated.

GitHub Copilot provides a 30-day trial for free to try the AI software, and after that, you will be charged a monthly subscription. It’s free to use, but it is not available to teachers, students as well as those who manage popular open-source projects.

3. OpenAI Playground: Best ChatGPT App For Android

OpenAI Playground is more of a demonstration version of ChatGPT, but it comes with a variety of features that can be altered easily. The neural network it uses is bigger than ChatGPT’s, which makes it a more sophisticated AI software for programmers.

As per iOS app development agency, there are a variety of adjustments that can be found in the OpenAI Playground. This includes setting the type of model frequency penalty, model type load presets, and the token count, as well as others. If you’re a developer and you’re looking to use the OpenAI API and the Playground, then the Playground is the perfect place to experiment with the AI capabilities before incorporating it into your application or website.

Because it is based on exactly the same OpenAI technology that is used in ChatGPT, It is as efficient and precise in helping to answer and resolve questions about programming.

The main limitation that it isn’t able to overcome in comparison with ChatGPT is that it’s not completely free. When you first sign up for the first time on the OpenAI playground, you’ll be given a trial account worth $18 that you use when prompted by the AI. The credit expires once you’ve used it up or after three months. After that, you will no longer be able to play on the Playground unless you buy additional credits.

4. Bing AI

Microsoft has finally discovered a potent strategy to compete with Bing, Google’s main search engine. Bing is now far more advanced than other search engines because of Microsoft’s integration with AI capabilities developed by OpenAI.

What Bing AI distinguishes itself in the list above is its capacity to give accurate, current results from code and provide other sources for further reading.

In addition, it generates any other prompts that you might require when you have questions. For example, when we requested a JavaScript function that made use of the mapping array technique, it asked us if we’d rather use alternative array methods to resolve the issue.

In addition, it operates on GPT-4 and can generate images in real-time, and the capability to create fake images to use in projects is a great benefit to developers.

The issue is that there is a limit to the number of prompts you can give to the AI during a single session. To make use of the AI, it’s possible that you’ll be required to create several sessions.

Bing AI is currently available at no cost, and just as with Google, it is probable that Microsoft will continue to provide users with the AI service for free.

5. Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer is like how GitHub Copilot functions by using AI to provide code snippets while you enter. CodeWhisperer is, as of the time of this writing, still in an unreleased state.

CodeWhisperer is an AI tool that was developed by using a mix of open-source code as well as code from Amazon libraries. This means that it works extremely well for developers working with Amazon web services. However, it’s not restricted to just Amazon; it has been tested and works extremely well with certain programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, and Java.

Similar to GitHub Copilot, you’ll need to connect to CodeWhisperer using IDEs such as JetBrains and VSCode. to be able to use it. After you’ve connected it to your IDE in order to use it, it will analyze the circumstances of the code you’ve created and offer possible code you may need to type. In the absence of leaving the editor you use, it’s the most efficient method to deal with possible bugs and fix performance problems.

At present, CodeWhisperer is free since it’s still in the preview stage. There’s no info about whether it will stay cost-free after the official launch.

6. ChatSonic

It’s a huge-scale and trained model for the generation of dialogue responses, which functions similarly to ChatGPT. The platform that powers ChatSonic’s AI chatbot is dubbed ChatSonic the “ChatGPT Alternative with Superpowers “.

This ChatGPT iOS app provides a wide range of unique features, including up-to-date results in the code, voice-text-to-speech and even image creation.

We utilized ChatSonic to conduct a variety of tests involving code, and it did extremely excellently. It offered clear explanations for numerous code-related issues and also solved bugs. The maximum input allowed for queries to the chatbot is 4,400-word inputs.

However, unlike ChatGPT, We found a couple of issues during our tests. As an example, the UI isn’t as well-designed and simple as ChatGPT’s, and it’s packed with too many details and leaves little room for users to look at all the AI outputs. Additionally, the speed of response isn’t as quick as ChatGPT, and even though it does remember conversations, it’s only efficient after 3-4 inputs.

7. Tabnine

Tabnine was among the first programs to provide auto-suggestions for code snippets within an IDE, which is similar to the way Copilot works in GitHub. Copilot operates.

Since Tabnine AI has been trained with a variety of open-source software, It can provide code suggestions according to what is happening in your program. Additionally, users can build and alter the AI model they have created in Tabnine.

The most interesting thing about Tabnine AI is that it runs not just on IDEs, but it can also run on your personal computer or in the cloud on servers as well as offline. This alone is what makes Tabnine different from the other AI tools.

As per best mobile app development companies in USA, Tabnine can be used with numerous IDEs. This includes VSCode, Sublime, Vim, Android Studio, etc. It is an extremely versatile and generative AI tool listed on this list. Developers who are actively programming using a variety of well-known programming languages like JavaScript, Python, TypeScript and others will find this tool beneficial.

In spite of its capabilities, Tabnine AI, in contrast to ChatGPT, is unable to provide precise code with small snippets. It isn’t taught the same amount of information as ChatGPT, which could be the reason for this.

8. Rix

Rix can be described as an AI chatbot that was specifically created for developers. It is a fantastic replacement for ChatGPT. Hashnode is a platform for blogging specifically designed for developers, created by Rix.

These apps like ChatGPT continuously improves the AI model using the most up-to-date data from popular open-source projects. It offers substantial programming solutions, citations and references, which makes it an excellent tool for developers who are looking for solutions to programming issues that are quick and easy.

The code generated by AI can be instantly executed due to an important feature. This feature allows developers to run their code without having to leave the AI chatbot. This feature can reduce time.

This ChatGPT mobile app is able to support a variety of frameworks and programming languages that include Python, NextJS, TailwindCSS, React Native, and numerous others. Hashnode provides customized training for every programming language.

9. Askcodi

It is an AI software by OpenAI. It comes with publicly accessible source code and for developers at all levels. This enables it to have an in-depth understanding of different programming languages.

AskCodi has the unique capability of being fully integrated into almost every aspect that is taken into account in software development. It comes with specific sections for front-end and backend usage documentation for code explanation, testing and many more.

This ChatGPT iphone app is ideal for developers since it is compatible with a wide selection of frameworks and programming languages that range from well-known ones, such as JavaScript, to lesser-known ones, such as LUA.

The drawback of AskCodi has to do with the fact that it gives just 100 tokens of free use for each prompt in the month. If you do not use all of these tokens prior to the expiration date, then you will need to move to a premium plan and wait for the next month.

10. Google Bard

Google has also released the company’s own AI chatbot, called Bard. There are a few facts we know about Bard. It is built on an advanced large language model that is based on research (LLM), which is an organized and improved version of the PaLM2. The model is built on Google’s extensive knowledge of reliable sources of information.

Because Bard is in its beginning stages, when compared with other options like Bing or ChatGPT, it is not as effective in analyzing codes for developers. As per AI Development companies, certain code types can be clearly described, but not all. For more information, refer to Google Bard FAQ,

With Google’s abilities and capabilities, it shouldn’t take very long before the AI chatbot is ranked among the top choices for both general and programmers.


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Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoy our selection of the top 10 alternatives to ChatGPT AI App in this ChatGPT guide. The AI sector is expanding rapidly, and new artificially generated AI models are entering the market every day.

We live in an exciting time. However, with an ever-growing array of choices, it can be difficult to choose apps like ChatGPT. We’ve explained that apps like ChatGPT have advantages and disadvantages. Try them out and read user reviews. This is the best way to determine which is best for your requirements and pockets. If you are thinking of investing in ChatGPT mobile app development services, then you can always consider connecting with A3logics. We are going to guide you about every aspect related to it. Good luck!


Why should I think about ChatGPT alternative options?

ChatGPT is just one of many creative AI tools. Although it is popular, the tool does have some limitations and flaws. Based on your preferences and budget, other options might be better.

Is ChatGPT the most effective machine learning tool?

As per enterprise mobile application development company, it all depends on what you’re searching for. ChatGPT is not a perfect solution and can be improved. Depending on the application, different tools may be more effective for your needs.

Is ChatGPT available for free?

Yes, but for the most up-to-date models (GPT-3.5-Turbo as well as GPT-4), You must subscribe to a service.

How can I use an AI tool with the coding task?

Most well-known AI programming assistants, such as DataCamp Workspace AI Assistant or Amazon CodeWhisperer, are worth looking into.