Top 15 Flutter App Development Companies in the USA

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A3Logics 01 Jan 2024

Table of Contents


If you’ve stumbled upon this blog and do not need to describe the concept behind Flutter or explain why the excitement surrounding the framework is growing rapidly. If you’re unsure the reasons why it’s popular, or you want to make certain you’ve made the right choice, go through this extensive guide to flutter app development companies

Today increasing numbers of businesses are taking advantage of this technology and offering the Flutter services for development. As per Statista the number of Flutter users is 46 percent of software developers use Flutter. It is essential to work with an expert Flutter custom application development company to facilitate Flutter application development and transform your ideas into a functional application. According to our study this article will guide you through the best Flutter app development agency in the USA that can aid you in finding a potential business partner.


Cross-platform mobile frameworks

Flutter: What You Must Know About It?

Flutter is a great tool for developing cross-platform applications. It is an open-source mobile UI framework that was developed by Google and is a thriving community of designers and developers continually challenging the limits in user-interface design. The demand for Flutter mobile application consulting services is always growing and bringing a variety of transformative advantages. Employing top companies for app development to create attractive and captivating applications in this kind of situation is the ideal choice. To make the search simpler we have compiled a listing of the top Flutter app development companies within the USA.

Flutter is predicted to enjoy an estimated market share of 25-40% of the multi-platform mobile application development market in 2024 and its developer community predicted to grow to 2.5 million. The forthcoming Flutter 3.0 release promises significant enhancements, and Firebase as well as TensorFlow Lite integration provide additional features. Companies can anticipate lower costs, a faster time to market, as well as better user experience due to Flutter’s cross-platform design and native-like performance. All these aspects show why one must hire flutter app developers to gain significantly. But, it is important that you connect with the right company. If you are looking for one, then the segment below will help.

Top Flutter App Development Companies in USA

1. A3Logics

Since its beginning, A3Logics, one of the most highly rated Flutter app development companies based in India and the USA is proud with the constant delivery of great solutions based upon Flutter. They are serving startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses (SMEs), providing premium services at affordable prices. The exceptional project management methods employed by A3Logics will ensure spectacular results and complete satisfaction for their clients.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA, India
  • The hourly cost: <$25
  • Rating for Clutch: 5.0
  • Services: Mobile App Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Custom Software Development, Open Enrollment & EDI Services

2. Hedgehog Lab

The well-known tech consultancy Hedgehog Lab combines a human-centred strategy with a range of services that allow the development of custom applications along with digital transformation. Their skilled team focuses on UXR, engineering, UI/UX cloud, data science. They create solutions that are top of their game. Hedgehog Lab work with well-known firms such as AJ Bell, Deliciously Ella, Deliveroo, Edwards Lifesciences, Globe Life, Kodak Alaris, Lasership, Microsoft and Santander. They are located in the UK and the US and Bulgaria.


  • Website:
  • Locations: USA
  • Hourly cost: $150-$200
  • Budget for a minimum project: $100,000+
  • Rating for Clutch: 4.7
  • Services: Mobile App Development, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence

3. Jafton

Jafton is an U.S.-based technology company that was founded more than 10 years ago is recognized for its speed and reliability in the creation of mobile applications. Because of their approach to business, they have made their name in the tech industry as a trusted partner. Jafton is a reliable choice for any project since it is able to steer teams away from the common mistakes and prevailing trends by drawing from their vast experience and knowledge.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Hourly cost: $50-$100
  • Budget for a minimum project: $25,000
  • CLUTCH rating 4.9
  • Services: Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development

4. SolveIt

The best mobile and web application creation services make SolveIt well-known. They specialize in the development of enjoyable applications for medium and small companies. Expect top-quality apps developed by SolveIt experts that have passed audits, offer impressive performance and visually appealing interfaces. To lower development costs and deliver efficient mobile solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, SolveIt successfully uses the Flutter framework and has experience in the creation of native mobile apps and cross platform app development.


  • Website:
  • Location: US, Poland
  • Hourly cost: from $45
  • CLUTCH rating 5.0
  • Services include Google Android iOS, Native and Cross Mobile Development, Mobile Ux/UI, FrontEnd, BackEnd, Swift Kotlin Java, Objective C, JS, Mobile, Prototyping and Flutter

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5. Netguru

Custom software is developed for distribution by Netguru using their Flutter Framework. Netguru is one of the top mobile app development companies and has a team of enthusiastic developers who are working on over 100 projects at a time. Their clients include PureEarth, SolarisBank, Volkswagen as well as COSMO Group. Their two most successful Flutter initiatives included the app for food delivery as well as the application for recording and reporting contamination at locations.


  • Website:
  • Location: Poznan, Poland
  • Hourly cost: $50 – $99 per hour
  • Rating for Clutch: 4.8
  • Service: consulting, web development, mobile development product design, user experience the user interface, design and development, review of code security and healthcare, property and entertainment

6. MobCoder

Mob Coder can be described as a website and design of user interfaces/user experiences firm. They are highly creative in the development and design industry and are proficient in the production of efficient, user-friendly, and data-driven mobile and web-based applications. They offer a variety of solutions, including the creation of wearable or iOS applications, wearable app development, as well as gaming apps, user interfaces and experiences.


  • Website:
  • Location: Seattle, Washington
  • Hourly cost: $50-$99/ hour
  • Services: Mobile app development, iOS development, Android Development, Web Development, IoT Development, Internet of Things, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, React Native, Flutter, Cloud Technology, Machine Learning, and Blockchain

7. AppsChopper

AppsChopper is the preferred choice for a variety of reputable businesses for sophisticated Flutter programming. They employ a team of professionals who design Flutter-based apps and offer the latest solutions for platforms like Google, Apple, and Windows. In addition, you can choose various hiring options for their developers. They have quick responses using an agile method. They also offer top performance, scalability, as well as reliability due to their Flutter developers.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Hourly cost: $25-$49/ hour
  • Services: Mobile app development, iOS development, Android Development, Web Development

8. Computools

The top mobile app development agency with offices all over the United States is Computools. Utilizing Flutter and other advanced technologies, it can provide top-quality solutions. It is staffed by experienced specialists who have deep knowledge of the subject and expertise. They also provide every customer with a customized plan to meet their business requirements.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA, UK, France, Japan, Ukraine
  • Hourly cost: $25 – $49 /hour
  • Rating for Clutch: 4.8
  • Services: Mobile app development, iOS development, Android Development, Web Development

9. Excellent Webworld

Excellent Webworld is a leading mobile app development company located in the United States. It is a leader in the creation of innovative apps for platforms such as iOS and Android that run without issue on a variety of devices using Flutter. They also offer specialized maintenance and support for applications created with Flutter. If you’re in search of an efficient and reliable flutter application development company, Excellent Webworld is a great choice.


  • Website:
  • Location: Australia, Canada, India, NY
  • Hourly cost: $25 – $49 per hour
  • CLUTCH rating 4.9
  • Services: Mobile app development, Website development, iPhone, Android, Ionic, Phonegap, Wearable Device, Enterprise mobile app, PHP development

10. Endive Solutions

Endive Software has experienced tremendous expansion since its inception back in 2008 and boasts an international group of professional solution architects and experts. Their expertise includes developing mobile apps, development for websites web design, as well as Salesforce Development and Integration services. They are a multi-award-winning IT Services firm in Sarasota, Florida (USA).


  • Website:
  • Location: Sarasota, Florida (USA)
  • Hourly cost: $25 – $49 /hour
  • Rating for Clutch: 4.7
  • Services: Mobile Development, Web Development, Web Design, and Salesforce Development

On Demand App Developers

11. WebClues Global

With years of expertise in application development, WebClues Global is the top flutter app development company in USA. They have developed into a comprehensive solution provider that assists both large and small businesses to achieve their goals. The company has offices throughout Canada, the USA, UK, Canada along with an Indian development centre that can supply its customers across the world with a variety of quality, cost-effective solutions.


  • Website:
  • Location: India, USA
  • Hourly cost: < $20
  • Services: Website Development, Android App Development, iOS App Development, Graphic Designing, and Internet Marketing

12. inVerita

inVerita is one of the top flutter app development companies based in Lviv founded in the year 2015. The company places a lot of emphasis on developing web (.NET/Node.js/JavaScript), mobile (Flutter, Native, React-native), QA, and team extension services for clients.


Being a Flutter first in Europe the company is now among those that offer the most effective Flutter custom app development services.


  • Website:
  • Location: Ukraine, Poland, USA
  • Hourly cost: $50 – $99/hr
  • Services: Mobile Applications, logistics, finance Healthcare Software, dedicated team web Development, QA, EHR/EMR

13. Designli

Designli is a well-known digital production studio located within Greenville, South Carolina. It is known for its rapid speed of creating innovative software concepts for clients, swiftly changing their initial ideas into an elegant Version 1 (V1) product. Startups and established businesses gain from the strategic layout of Designli’s method, which uses strategic pausing points that facilitate the process of validation feedback, validation, and investment.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • The hourly rates range from $99 – $150/hr
  • Services: App Development, Web Development, and Graphic Design

14. Red Hawk Technologies

Red Hawk Technologies is a Flutter app development company specializing in mid-market firms. They offer staff augmentation and dedicated development teams at an affordable monthly cost. They also offer system integration as well as mobile and web application development.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Hourly cost: $150- $200/hr
  • Services: Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, Systems Integration, and Internet of Things (IoT)

15. Andersen

Andersen is a well-known On demand app development company that has over 3500 specialists, including engineers, QA engineers, and business analysts. Since its inception the year 2007, it has worked with prominent businesses on difficult projects, and gained a wealth of knowledge that can be applied to your IT plans. Andersen has built reliability in its work, as well as innovation, and commitment to the highest standards.


  • Website:
  • Location: USA
  • Hourly cost: $50 – $100
  • Rating for Clutch: 4.9
  • Services: Custom Software Development, IT Managed Services, Mobile App Development, Application Testing

How to Choose the Right Flutter App Development Company for Your Business?

An efficient and user-friendly app is vital for businesses of any size. Flutter, Google’s free-of-cost UI framework is an increasingly popular option for app development because of its cross-platform capabilities, speedy development processes with native performance.

But, selecting the best Flutter development tools may be a daunting task, especially because of the many possibilities that are available. This guide will help make the right choice and find the right partner for your application.

1. Define Your Project Requirements

Before beginning your search, be clear about the requirements of your project. This can include:


  • App concept and function: What problem does your app address? What benefits will it bring customers?
  • The target audience Who does you build the application for? Knowing their preferences and needs is vital.
  • Features and functions: What features are crucial to your app’s basic function? Prioritize these features first.
  • Budget and timeframe: Determine your budget and timeline you would like to follow for the project’s completion.
  • Tech specs: Do you have specific requirements in terms of technical specifications or integrations you need to run your app?

2. Research and Shortlist Potential Companies

Conduct thorough research to determine reliable Flutter application development companies. Find companies that have:


  • Experience in development of Flutter: Prioritize companies with the track success with Flutter-related projects.
  • Industry-specific expertise: If your app is targeted at a particular industry, select a firm who has experience in the field.
  • Positive customer testimonials: Read online reviews and testimonials from previous clients to assess their experiences with the business.
  • Portfolio that is strong: Review the company’s portfolio to determine their aesthetics and abilities to develop.
  • Price transparency: Ensure the company offers an upfront and clear pricing structure.

3. Evaluate Shortlisted Companies

Once you’ve narrowed your list and you have a firm in mind, evaluate it through:


  • Contact the company directly discuss your needs and needs in their offices. Examine their ability to communicate and their understanding of your requirements.
  • Proposals for proposal: Ask each company to submit a complete proposal detailing their plan to their methodology, timeline, as well as cost estimations.
  • Analysing their development procedure: Understand their development process, including their usage of agile methods as well as testing methods as well as quality control measures.
  • Meeting with your team members: Schedule meetings with team members who will collaborate on your task. Assess their technical skills and communication style as well as their overall alignment to your group.

4. Consider Additional Factors

Beyond that, think about additional aspects for example:


  • Locale: Working with a geographically near company can allow for more efficient communications and collaborative.
  • Culture of the company: Choose a company that is in line with yours, which will ensure an efficient and smooth working relationship.
  • Support post-launch: Ensure the company offers continuous support and maintenance following the launch of your app.
  • Scalability Select a business which can scale your application as your business expands.

5. Make Your Final Decision

After careful consideration, pick the one that is most compatible with your project’s requirements budget, requirements, and overall goal. It has always been Flutter vs. React Native, but with Flutter, many get an edge. Making sure you choose the right Flutter app development firm can be a significant investment for the app’s future success.

Average Cost For Flutter App Development

Cross-platform apps are priced as much as $500,000 and costs between $37,000 to $171,450. Developers are required to spend $150 an hour for the development of these apps. In India however the cost to develop Flutter is considerably less. At an hourly cost of $18 to $35, it’s possible to engage a developer in the shortest amount of time. The cost of your Flutter application should be determined following a thorough analysis of your business and application specifications. Based on the complexity of the features you wish to add to your application and the features you want to include, the cost will differ.

The Benefits From Using The Flutter Apps


The hot-reload feature of Flutter increases the efficiency of developers by more than five times. Flutter speeds up and facilitates an interactive experience for application development.

If a flaw is found the issue can be addressed without impacting functionality, or even redesigning the application. This can improve efficiency and allow rapid enhancements. This also cuts down on the amount of time spent developing that is usually covered by mobile phone carriers. The cost for developing the Flutter application is extremely low.

Small-sized businesses are strained for resources, which impedes their investment decision-making. The primary reason behind the high development costs is that developers must write various code for various operating systems. Flutter can solve this issue with an all-in-one base of code. Flutter has unique UI libraries that can help you develop an app ideal for mobile devices.

It is important to note it is an application framework that encourages games. Including entertainment, e-learning, and consumer applications like utilities, banking, commerce, and games. It is clear Flutter is an excellent tool for all businesses of all sizes.

Leading Companies That Use Flutter

If you are still confused between Swift vs. Flutter, below companies can give you clarity.

Google Ads

Google’s online advertising program is known as Google Ads. You can create ads online to people who are looking for your company’s products or services. The Flutter app’s development has allowed the app to be more flexible and effective. It gives better insights and more rapid notifications on advertisements.

The app provides information about campaigns including real-time budgets, live alerts in real time as well as tweaking keywords, and the capability to connect with a Google specialist.

Google Pay

The online transactions are becoming more well-known by the minute. That’s for why Google Pay is so convenient. It’s a wallet that’s a digital and payment app by Google which lets Android as well as iOS users to purchase items both online and in retail stores. Flutter is the perfect application because it needs to increase its capabilities and its surroundings.

eBay Motors

Similar to eBay like eBay, the new eBay Motors application functions as an exchange platform to buy and sell. It’s one of the biggest marketplaces where you can purchase, search and sell cars. Like many other apps Flutter functions as an open, user-friendly and developer-friendly framework. It is the same with this eBay Motors app as it has added more features. Flutter was tested for weaknesses. The process was a success because Flutter could effectively manage all the responsibilities of the business.


Another car-related app developed with Flutter was one called the BMW app. It can be used on iOS as well as Android and functions as an app that can help BMW drivers locate places to park, communicate POIs and so on. The Flutter framework has been able to enhance the capabilities of the app and has ensured it comes with an easy-to-use and lightweight user interface.


For the lowest-cost coupons and discounts, users should check out Groupon. Groupon app. It provides coupons and discounts for a variety of brands. This app is an excellent feature from both a customer’s as well as the retailer’s point perspective. The remarkable attributes of the app result from the application of Flutter. Flutter is highly effective since its interface is simple and easy to use.


Selecting the best Flutter app development agency for your company is an important choice that can have a huge impact on the performance of your application. It’s not an easy job. By taking into consideration the size and nature of your company, and by focusing on the most important aspects such as the experience and portfolio, communication, location, cost and support after launch, you can make an informed choice. So, choose a leading custom mobile app development company which is a good match for your needs and requirements.

One of the most reputable Flutter mobile app development companies USA to consider is A3Logics. We are a top developer of Flutter apps services. We also are staffed by experienced developers who are knowledgeable about the most recent technologies and trends. Our goal is to deliver top-quality applications that meet the specific requirements of our customers. For more information about our Flutter development solutions go to the A3Logics Flutter App Development Service page.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Flutter app development companies optimize an existing Flutter app for better performance?

Indeed, A3Logics offers optimization services for Flutter applications that are already in use. In terms of speed improvement as well as enhancing the user experience or UX/UX or optimizing code our team can to make your app more efficient and user-friendly.

Does Flutter create any application?

Indeed, Flutter can build any type of app since the platform is an open-source and mobile UI framework that was developed by Google. It allows you to create native applications that work on Android and iOS and desktop and web applications.

Do companies that develop apps for Flutter offer ongoing support and maintenance?

Reputable Flutter application development companies like A3Logics provide post-launch support and maintenance services that address issues, update and ensure the smooth running.

What does A3Logics do to ensure that Flutter apps are secure applications?

A3Logics is one of the top mobile app development companies in USA. They take security seriously when developing your application. Our developers adhere to the best practices for secure coding and conduct rigorous testing and employ robust security measures to protect your app as well as the data of users.

What makes Flutter app development services different from other apps development services?

Flutter app development services are distinguished by its single codebase that is compatible with iOS and Android and hot reload features for rapid adjustments, a variety of custom widgets to provide an attractive UI as well as high-performance with Native ARM code compilation as well as active community support with open source. These attributes make Flutter an excellent option for cross-platform app development.

What is the cost to develop a Flutter application using A3Logics?

The price varies depending on the complexity of the app features, features, and the time required to develop. Flutter’s efficiency may result in cost savings over developing separate applications to iOS or Android. It could cost anywhere from $40,000-$90,000 or more.

Is Flutter a frontend, as well as backend?

Flutter can be described as a frontend platform used to create user interfaces. It utilizes Dart as its Dart language to create applications, and can be used in conjunction with other backend technologies such as Node.js, PHP, and many more.

Is Flutter good for app development?

It is indeed an ideal choice for developing apps since it lets developers create apps swiftly and effectively. Flutter also offers a broad array of options which make it simple to create high-quality apps with gorgeous UI layouts.

What’s the standard timeframe for app development using Flutter?

The timeframe for a Flutter application development plan could be dependent on the degree of requirements and complexity. A3Logics Flutter app development services employ an agile development method which allows for frequent revisions and changes. We collaborate closely with our clients to set realistic deadlines and to ensure prompt delivery.

What is the language that Flutter utilizes?

Flutter utilizes Dart, the Dart programming language to create applications. It was created by Google and offers numerous options that make it simple to develop and use applications quickly.

Which is the top Flutter app development firm?

A3Logics is the best mobile app development company in USA. They provide a variety of options, such as developing mobile apps, design and testing. Highly skilled experts can create eye-catching applications designed to meet your particular needs.