Snapchat Statistics 2024: Future Of The Instant Messaging Apps

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A3Logics 03 Oct 2023

Table of Contents

Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy & Reggie Brown from Stanford University came up with an innovative concept in 2011. It has revolutionized human communication. One of the exciting
instant messaging apps which permitted users to chat using photos and videos. It is only viewable for up to 10 seconds each time they open it.

This instant messaging app, exclusive to iOS users, was initially known as Picaboo.

At first, the app had only 126 users during its early months. Then it was being rebranded as Snapchat and made available for Android users. Since then, Snapchat has seen phenomenal success and recently eclipsed 120,000 daily active users within 12 months.

At present, approximately 382 million users globally utilize instant messaging apps daily.

Snapchat has quickly become one of the world’s favorite social networks. Today it is making its use by marketers easier for brand promotion purposes. We have prepared this comprehensive and up-to-date Snapchat statistics post that is sure to delight marketers, enthusiasts and nerds alike!

Snapchat Stats: What Makes It Such A Big Hit?

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Snapchat now reaches 74% of Millennials and Gen Z members living in the U.S.

This statistic serves as a powerful testament to Snapchat’s reach and impact among two key generations in America: baby boomers and Gen Yers. It shows the Snapchat instant message app is an integral component of social media usage today and should be included when targeting these audiences for marketing campaigns or business ventures.

Users spend approximately 26 minutes daily on Snapchat.

This statistic illustrates Snapchat’s impact on its users. This figure highlights that Snapchat is now part of people’s everyday lives. Users spend an average of 30 minutes each day engaging with it on average. Such numbers demonstrate its success as an engaging medium which captures attention of its target demographic.


Everyday on Snapchat 200 million snaps are created.

This statistic speaks volumes for Snapchat’s immense global popularity. Millions of users from every continent use its mobile app daily to produce and share content. It is a proof positive that Snapchat is one of the best instant message apps that remains an indispensable means of communication and entertainment. This app is certain to continue expanding over time.

More than 19% of daily Snapchat users access the Discover page daily.

This statistic is especially pertinent when discussing Snapchat Statistics because it illustrates its ability to engage its users. Indeed, an impressive majority of Snapchat’s daily active users actively utilize its Discover page. It is a proof of instant messaging apps success at providing content which resonates with its target demographics.

Everyday Snapchat users create and communicate through snaps and chats.

This statistic serves as evidence of Snapchat’s power as an interactive communication platform, showing that most Snapchat users actively utilize it by producing content and conversing with one another – showing its widespread appeal as an excellent means of keeping in contact and sharing one’s life with friends and family. When discussing its success as a social media platform this figure should also be taken into consideration.

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Snapchat Instant Messaging App: Features That Makes It Successful

If you want to develop instant messaging apps similar to Snapchat, the key first step should be understanding why its success has been such an enormous phenomenon. Snapchat has long been revered for its distinctive features that enable users to craft custom content for friends and followers using custom geofilters, Snapcodes, lenses or audio/video calls – these allow for specificity when creating posts related to locations or events.

Snapchat being one of the top instant messaging apps provides many custom solutions. It also provides all of the core social media platform features necessary for success. This includes messages sent and received, group creation, management, viewing snaps etc. Their most iconic feature, however, remains their Story feature which enables users to send pictures/videos.

Here we will gain more details of specific Snapchat Features that make it one of the best instant messaging apps.

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat-branded geofilters have quickly become one of the most engaging ways for users to add some flair and dimension to their snaps. Snapchat’s team of developers have done an outstanding job curating geofilters from across the world for use by its global users – whether in New York City or Paris there will undoubtedly be one that fits perfectly for your snap. While initially launched solely as a messaging app, today it offers so much more with geofilters allowing them to share location while adding personalization for every snap they share and adding some flair with geofilters!

Snapchat Lens

One of the key features of this iOS and Android instant messaging app was its image processing features. It allows users to apply filters and lenses from Snapchat directly onto photos and videos taken with their phones. Partnered with third-party developers who developed custom lenses specifically tailored for SnapChat users’ use on an everyday basis – giving snapchat more reasons than ever for people to keep coming back!


Stories is one of Snapchat’s signature features because they allow us to document and relive everyday moments and showcase them to other users. However, their 24-hour lifespan makes their appeal irresistible! However, many social network apps like Snapchat have yet to achieve the same level of success story due to being one of the first apps offering similar functionalities.


Snapchat is a photo and video sharing app that enables users to quickly send self-destructing pictures and videos (vanishing messages) directly to friends via “Snaps”, known as short, self-destructing clips with timers set for quick destruction. One key benefit is its selection of drawing tools available for customizing Snaps to individual preferences. Users can customize Snaps by adding text captions. A key benefit of Snapchat is that Snaps self-destruct after several seconds, giving users peace of mind when sharing intimate or embarrassing moments without fearing they’ll be leaked or shared without their permission. Although Snapchat allows its team members to view and save snaps deemed violating its Terms of Service agreement. Therefore users should be mindful that their snaps might not always disappear completely from existence.

Search For and Add Friends

Snapchat’s “Search for Friends” feature provides users with an efficient means of quickly discovering friends based on your current location. Users can search by adding usernames or phone numbers into the address book on their devices – this feature is especially handy if they wish to meet new people nearby! Adding friends is made simple using either of these approaches. Once added they will display a Snapcode which allows future connection attempts! Ultimately the “Search for Friends” feature offers users an excellent way of meeting local users of Snapchat!


Snapchat being one of the best free instant messaging apps offers users access to news content from big companies. This includes CNN and Cosmo via its Discover feature. When opening the Discover section on Snapchat, a list of relevant stories from editorial teams appears before you. Simply swipe left or right to read them all! Discover is an efficient messaging app similar to Instagram and Twitter that features less features. However, its focus is mobile consumption rather than content creation. Snapchat works closely with companies such as Coca-Cola to develop special editions of Discover that give an inside view into how its products are produced – providing users an interesting look into product creation processes while keeping up with news trends! Discover is a great way for staying current.


Snapchat offers users an option for sending money directly to friends through debit cards in SnapCash, but in order to use this feature you must be 18+ years old and meet certain conditions.

Video and Audio Calls

Snapchat offers video and audio calls as an online communication feature that helps you stay in contact with others in real-time. Video calls provide the ideal means for catching up with loved ones or engaging in quick discussions. Audio calls allow quick chit chat. To initiate these types of calls simply open a conversation with the person who you wish to contact then tap their icon at the top. Conference calling with up to 16 other Snapchatters using these calls also is possible using these features.

So, if you are going to build an instant messaging app like Snapchat, then the features above can work wonders. 


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Snapchat: Marketing Opportunities It Brings In to Play

Snapchat’s advanced AR advertising capabilities are helping marketers draw in customers while personalizing the shopping experience for shoppers. New features, like image processing with AR technology, give shoppers a clearer image of products while encouraging users to interact with brands through messaging platforms and user interactions.

Being one of the top free instant messaging apps, it offers companies looking to build digital retail presence an excellent tool. Thanks to its AR tools and suite of tools released in May 2022 that simplify asset creation. It also gives customers more ways to discover products.

These instant messaging apps plan on making AR a 10% contributor of its total ad income by 2023. This is as part of their next iteration of their popular AR glasses known as Spectacles.

Snapchat: Content That Drives Gen Z

Snapchat is a one of the reliable instant messaging apps for iPhone and Android users that has seen incredible traffic growth. According to Omnicore (2021), 2,083,333 snaps were sent per minute worldwide (Omnicore). Snap, Inc. also released data showing that over 90% of US Gen Zers watched shows and publisher content via Snapchat in Q4 2020 (Snap Inc, 2021), with 34% of US teens choosing Snapchat as their favourite social media platform and engaging at an incredible 80% engagement rate (CNBC 2020).

Social media networks initially attract users with quirky features. But what keeps them there are the attractive offerings it continuously updates with.

Recently, Snapchat introduced Snap Games exclusively designed for Snapchat users by Zynga and other top mobile game publishers. Over 100 million would play them by 2020 (Snap Inc. 2020). They can be played right in-app while users chat during gameplay (Snap Inc 2020).

Snap Originals was another milestone development for Snap in 2019. In particular, it attracted older users onto its platform. Since Q3 2021 alone users aged 35 or above have increased by more than 30% year-on-year (Snap Inc. 2021).

Other groundbreaking developments include Snap Minis, Camera Kits for brands, and an expanded Snap Kit with over 800 apps integrating them and receiving engagement from nearly 150 Million monthly users (Snap Inc, 2020).

By expanding its offering of Gen Zers and Millennials, Snapchat hopes to attract even more Gen Zers and Millennials – so if your target demographic overlaps, studying how Snapchat could work to your benefit would be wise. As part of your effort, invest in tools for social media management for further aiding.

Snapchat:  VR and AR Features That Might Be The Game Changer

Times may have changed, but Snapchat remains committed to what first made them popular: disappearing content. They made an immediate mark when they introduced an ephemeral format called disappearing content and AR filters were first implemented into their platform, prescient of today’s stats on AR filters and AR statistics. Overall, Snapchat revolutionized how content creation and sharing happened online — something it continues doing even today!

So far, Snapchat Lenses have been enhanced with machine learning capabilities that enable it to adapt its offerings based on each Snapchatter’s usage history and visual searches made specifically to cater for brand creator products sold. Thanks to 3D filters and other immersive content created specifically for brand creator products sold through Snapchat’s platform (Snap Inc. 2021) this advancement now sees over 200 million daily interactions between AR content on this platform (Snap Inc 2021).

Snapchat continued its efforts in improving Lens Studio to attract more AR creators, leading to over 1.5 million lenses being developed by AR creators through 2021 (Snap Inc. 2021) – with 90% of Gen Z individuals engaging with AR technologies (Snap Inc.).

As is evident by these statements, Snapchat users can expect many new contents and filters in 2021 and beyond. Businesses should therefore develop strategies to create this unique content so as to stand out amongst competitors and stay ahead of competition.

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What You Must Know About Snapchat: Highlight The All Stats

Snapchat reported Q3 2021 revenue of $1.07 billion, an increase of 57% year over year.

This statistic stands as proof of Snapchat’s successful business model and shows an exponential year-on-year revenue increase, an indication of continued user expansion as well as being able to monetize its platform – this figure makes an essential statement about Snapchat’s overall performance and future potential for expansion.

40% of users 18-24 trust Snapchat as their primary news source, followed by Instagram at 29%.

This statistic illustrates the power of Snapchat and Instagram among the 18-24 age group. It shows that these platforms are primary news sources for this demographic. Specifically Snapchat being preferred over Instagram as its source. For anyone hoping to reach this age group with news or content marketing efforts, this data serves as an important indicator. It suggests Snapchat as being their number one focus for success.

One in four smartphone users globally now has Snapchat installed on their devices.

This statistic underscores Snapchat’s reach and impact. Showing that over one quarter of global smartphone users currently use Snapchat – making this statistic an indicator of its immense popularity and significance in measuring overall success for Snapchat.

Snapchat Discover accounts for 60% of daily news video views on its platform.

This statistic highlights Snapchat Discover as an indispensable news source, showing its prominence within the news video market, while simultaneously serving as an excellent way to provide news content to its viewers. When discussing Snapchat’s impact on journalism, this statistic must be factored into account.

Ads reach approximately 498 Million People Worldwide.

Snapchat Ads offer businesses an incredible potential reach of 498 Million People. This figure speaks volumes for Snapchat as a marketing platform and it explains why so many businesses turn to this app as part of their advertising strategies. Such vast reach provides businesses with an unrivalled opportunity for getting their message across to a huge audience.

37% of Snapchat users who shop online monthly.

This statistic is of particular relevance when discussing Snapchat Statistics because it shows its promise as an e-commerce platform. A substantial proportion of Snapchat users engage actively in online shopping activities through Snapchat’s app, suggesting it offers businesses a viable path towards customer acquisition and promotion of products or services.

Lens Studio users have collectively produced over 1.5 Million lenses using its platform.

Lens Studio users have already created over 1.5 million lenses using Snapchat’s Lens Studio, attesting to the popularity and success of Snapchat as an active and engaged community platform that continues to attract millions. Users are actively creating content which others appreciate – further proof that Snapchat continues to rise in prominence amongst consumers worldwide.

Snap Games boasts over 30 titles with 100 million monthly users.

Snap Games’ success is undeniable – boasting 30 titles and 100 million monthly users, it stands as proof that Snapchat remains an industry player with its innovative offerings and ability to engage users through an impressive user-base. This impressive figure speaks volumes for Snapchat’s popularity among gamers around the globe and speaks of its impressive market reach.

94% of social advertisers used both Snapchat and Facebook Ads during Q4 of 2020.

This statistic speaks volumes of Snapchat Ads in social advertising space. It shows that many advertisers recognize its power and utilize this platform for reaching target audiences, suggesting Snapchat ads should not be overlooked as an effective business marketing solution.

Snapchat: Competitors You Must Know About

BeReal has gained momentum among Gen Z demographic, according to our comparison between fall 2022 Piper Sandler survey data and our forecasts. Fizz, Gas and Geneva will gain more traction among younger audiences through creating personal connections within small social circles.

As research conducted by Pew Research Center indicates, 60% of US adolescents place more importance on feeling “welcomed and safe” online rather than providing a space where they can speak freely online, it may become imperative for established social players such as Snapchat to change their strategies in order to compete against younger rivals who may gain momentum more rapidly than they currently are.

Snapchat: What Lies Ahead

Snapchat could have an amazing 2021. Although many parties claim the app has died because of Whatsapp. Its growth in 2018 was impressive thanks to COVID-19 lockdowns. But, slowly app development experts are experiencing high demand.

Time will only tell whether Snapchat can maintain the loyalty of its current user base, which makes the platform valuable despite other competitors such as Instagram. Even while Instagram was present at launch, Snapchat thrived successfully.

Overall, the platform appears to be adapting well. Games and innovative filters proved especially valuable during 2020. Specifically during midyear’s coronavirus pandemic panic. We shall soon witness how their efforts at producing political content and original programming pan out. Moving carefully but confidently along its trajectory is clear evidence that things are on an upward trend for them.

Snapchat stands out amongst other applications because its core users experience it for the first time as the “cool” application – this creates a significant competitive edge that must continue even as their preferences shift over time – particularly as young people shape cultural trends going into 2020 and our list of Gen Z Trends shows just where this may lead. If Snapchat can evolve along with these ever-evolving demands of its target audience then its future looks bright and secure!

Businesses should make it a point to assess how their platform is accommodating for its target audience, to improve interactions with leads and existing customers on the network. They can also ensure greater success for marketing, advertising, and sales campaigns by doing this. So, if you desire to make this work, then connect with the top Android app development services provider now!


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Final Thoughts

Snapchat has quickly become one of the world’s leading social media platforms with 289 million daily active users creating over 224 million snaps daily, reaching both young Millennials and Gen Z users both locally in America as well as globally. Snapchat users primarily consist of women aged 18-29 who spend an average of 25 minutes every day using it, creating user-generated content which accounts for 64-76% of content shared through Snapchat, while Discover drives 60% of news video views. If you desire to know more, then you can connect with the experts at mobile app consulting services experts. A3logics can help you with all the aspects. 

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Who founded and launched Snapchat?

Snapchat was established by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown and launched in September 2011.

What are Snapchat’s primary functions as a platform?

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging application which facilitates sharing ephemeral photos, videos, and text between friends and followers in real-time. To know more, make sure to connect with the best custom mobile app development services provider. They can help you avail maximum out of these traits.

What sets Snapchat apart from other social media platforms?

Snapchat stands out as an application thanks to its disappearing content (images, videos and messages), which tends to disappear shortly after recipients view them – creating a sense of urgency and transience when communicating.  To understand more about the same, you can connect with the top custom mobile app development company. They will guide you through the service.

What is the average daily active user count on Snapchat?

Snapchat reported having over 293.5 million daily active users as of Q2 2021.

How does Snapchat generate revenue?

Snapchat generates revenue primarily through advertising, such as sponsored AR lenses and filters as well as promoted stories. If you desire to know more, you can connect with the experts at a mobile app development company in the USA. The experts can guide you through it.