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A3Logics 10 Jan 2024

Table of Contents


Do you realize that one in four people use an app that allows real estate buyers to search for, purchase or sell property online? Real estate has always been a profitable business and with the advancement of smartphones, it’s grown in importance. This has made the demand for real estate app development service higher. 

The rise of search for properties has reached an unprecedented level which has led to intense competition on the market for real estate.

As per research on the markets that a staggering 95% of real estate agents have websites with listings for properties.

As per the top iOS app development companies, the fact is that creating an online presence is merely one tiny move when you think about a huge concurrence. Apart from having a website, you must also have an custom mobile application that is specifically designed for the real estate company in order to stay ahead of the pack.

Furthermore, your real estate transaction management software must be distinct from the crowded app stores to ensure that people are able to download and use it.

What is an “outstanding” real property app? What makes your app unique? Before we answer the above questions, we’ll look at the reasons why developing a mobile application is vital to your real estate company.

Why Should You Have A Mobile App for Your Real Estate Business?

The real estate market has become very digital. This is why the demand for
real estate mobile app development has gone up. Home buyers do not have to move through one agency to the next in search of a suitable home. Customers can now look at a variety of homes and properties from their phones.

Based on the National Association of Realtors report:


  • In 2018, over 44% of the people searched for properties on the internet first. This number will only increase in 2024.
  • Around 81% of the older millennials, 81 percent of younger generation millennials, as well as 78% the generation buyers found their homes via mobile devices in the year 2018. ( Source)
  • Over 90 percent of babies (aged 53-71) think that virtual tours of homes are the most important aspect of a property application.

Sellers, buyers, and Realtors all of them are using mobile applications to explore the market for real estate.


In light of the huge field of competition, you have to ensure that your app for real estate is unique and has features that make it stand out.  But, before that let’s take a look at the tech stack that comes along with the respective app as suggested by a top real estate app development company.


How to Develop a Real Estate App: Tech Stack

For real estate app development services you will require a strong backend. This list contains important tools to aid in the development of real estate applications:


  • CoreData and Realm Frameworks -manages a list properties that are saved.
  • Google Places API gives users information on the neighborhood and local area.
  • The Firebase SDK Apple Push Notifications Service includes push notifications.
  • SimpleRets iHomeFinder and Spark APIs -Normalizes MLS flow of data.
  • Facebook SDK includes an Facebook account sign-in feature.
  • Zillow API allows the ability to access Zillow’s neighborhoods data and listings.
  • Mapbox as well as Google Maps API -creates custom maps.
  • Onboard Informatics Community, Spatial Neighborhood APIs provide demographic data as well as information on specific districts.
  • Java as well as Kotlin — a development language for Android.
  • Swift and Objective C — a development language for iOS.
  • Amazon S3 -cloud storage for listing listings.

In most cases typically, the mobile app development company in USA completes the technological aspect of the app.

The Steps You Need To Take To Build A Real Estate App

As per the top mobile app development companies, below are the three steps to assist you in develop your real estate mobile applications:

Step 1: The Discovery Phase

In the initial discovery phase of the development of a real estate app The main objective is to collect data and learn about the project’s needs.

In addition, it requires conducting research, analyzing the needs of users and defining functions and features of the app.

It establishes the foundation for the development process to be successful and ensures that it is aligned with the client’s expectations.

Step 2: MVP Development

As per the top Android app development companies, once the discovery phase is complete We suggest you develop an application for mobile real estate rather than launching into fully-featured product development in the correct method.

It is important to keep in mind that an MVP does not include the most essential features, however, the product has to have enough worth to be able to compete on the market.

The goal is to swiftly launch the app and collect feedback from users to verify the concept, make opportunities for improvement and then refine the application prior to entering further development. In addition, MVP development services aid companies with an affordable method to test concepts, collect feedback from users and rapidly iterate.

Step 3: Scaling And Upgrading

After you’ve launched the app to sell real estate then you can concentrate on its improvement. Additionally, it gathers user feedback to help discover the missing elements and the improvements needed.

After you have resolved all issues then you can begin thinking about the possibility of scaling your app. You must ensure that you have a strong user base, meet all of your goals for business and have a steady cash flow, and minimize the risks prior to scaling.


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Why is Real Estate Mobile App Development One of the Leading Trends in the Industry?

As per custom mobile app development experts, the market for real estate is growing faster than can be imagined. It doesn’t leave a possibility of making errors. You must meet the demands of all customers; else you’ll lose the battle. The mobile real estate app could be a weapon against any competitor.

Here are the top advantages of using real mobile app development and design:

A faster sales process. Agents can accelerate their sales with a custom real estate software that offers online tours, digital signatures and transfer, as well as sophisticated property searches.

24/7 in-app communication channel. A 24/7 in-app chat channel within apps allows instant communication and minimizes waiting times.

A more satisfying customer experience that is more satisfying. Customers will be pleased to save their searches as well as their most-loved properties, receive comprehensive neighborhood information, easily access the mortgage calculator, go on 3D tours, and many more.

Automating routine tasks. Homebuyers and agents will gain from the simplified home information filling out quick document exchange and chatbots that respond automatically.

Must-Have Features of A Real Estate Mobile App

The principal goal behind developing an app for real estate is to catch the attention of consumers and aid in making the buying or selling process more efficient.

Of course, you do not want an app for real estate that is just another one on the app store that nobody downloads. So, it’s important to stay on top of the most recent developments and features and integrate these into your application.

Here, we will discuss the most basic and fashionable features that should be a part of your real property application as per the top real estate app development companies.

User Onboarding (Signup/Login)

Onboarding users is among the most fundamental aspects of a real-estate application, and it needs to be as easy as possible. There are three methods to achieve this –


  • Social media authorization
  • Authorization via email
  • Phone verification

You can select any of the methods above for allowing users to sign-up to your application. However, combining all of the options above is an excellent idea. It can provide ease of use and flexibility for users, as well as making registration even more simple.

User Profiles (User, Sellers & Agents)

As per real estate mobile app development company, Users should be able create profiles within the app in order that they can take part in different tasks within the application. There should be profiles for different types of users.

For instance the choices available for the profile of the buyer will be significantly different from that of the profile of an agent. Buyers can access the house listings as well as save their favorite listings, view specific listings or make an inquiry etc. (We’ll be discussing these features in the coming days.)

An agent, on the other hand, could view any of the properties he owns, including schedules and lists of buyers who are interested, the number of views for each listing, options for advertising as well as other information.

There are a few commonalities also. Features, like messages and maps, may be made accessible to everyone.

Listings and Database

Listing properties is another essential aspect of the app for real estate. You must display the properties that are available and include all necessary information on the property listings.

People who wish either to lease or buy their house will be able to include their listings without hassle.

It is essential to have a huge database as the number of listings will continue to grow. It will have more users and consequently there will be more listings in the future. Therefore, ensure that the databases or servers are able enough to handle the increase in operations. A reliable database is essential to any property application.

Filters and Categories

Have you ever thought about the most difficult aspect of looking for homes on the internet? It’s getting the RIGHT property.

As per custom mobile app development services expert, you’ll have to offer advanced search options for users. Create categories and filters, so that people can quickly find properties that meet their requirements.

Property Profiles

The profiles contain a wealth of information on the house, which includes descriptions, photographs, videos, rich media, pricing details, valuation propositions details, homeowner information, neighborhood information and much more.

A majority of people decide to purchase an apartment or not, by looking at the images and videos they have added.

Additionally, you may be required to include contact information of the owner of the property or the agent on property profiles.

Favorites (Shortlisting)

The app you create should allow users to create a shortlist of their top properties. This makes the decision-making process much easier.

Users have access to their most-loved properties and all information on their profile.


It’s impossible to imagine a real estate application with this option. Integrating maps into your application can provide lots of useful information to the end-users.

In addition to showing the locations of your properties and their locations, you can also show the information and statistics for the property as well. On the government’s websites, you can find information on location, like the crime rate infrastructure, nearby schools in addition to the average income as well as the likelihood of natural disasters.


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Push Notifications

Push notifications are an effective marketing strategy. It is essential to incorporate this feature into your real estate app in order to be successful in the long term.

Push notifications let you keep in the forefront of your customer’s mind. It also helps in effectively promoting your business.

Use push notifications to contact your potential customers or send them updates to the industry each and every so often. You can also notify clients when price is changed or an additional property is erected in a specific area.

But, messages have to be personalised to get the maximum benefits from push notifications. Only send messages that are valuable to users who are the final recipients.

Property Cost Calculators

Price calculators are an excellent addition to your mobile real estate application. Developers can request to include an option for cost estimation that is custom that gives users an idea of the overall cost of the property.

Check that the calculator is accurate enough. It should permit users to determine the amount to be paid dependent on various variables like the first payment range and taxes, the interest rates on loans, as well as the loan repayment plan.


The calendar may sound like an appealing feature but it’s a great tool for both agents and buyers.

If buyers are looking to set up an appointment with an agent or the seller They can simply search for available dates and then schedule an appointment on the application. The calendar will notify buyers to both parties at the set time.

Call or Direct Messaging

Offering users complete information about their property is just one of the aspects. It’s time to take users to the next level on the sales funnel, by incorporating the direct or call feature.

There are many ways to get buyers to talk with agents:


  • Direct phone
  • Callback option
  • Chat online
  • Book a consultation

If buyers are interested in the property of a particular type then he or she must be able contact the owner or the dealer for more information.


Analytics is among the most essential aspects of mobile applications.

You may want to develop an online marketplace for real estate which allows customers to purchase and rent or sell their property or create an app that is exclusive to your business, it is important to know how your users are using your application.

Analytics provides valuable information on the performance of your app and what should be improved to boost the performance. It provides useful data about your users and their behavior in the app like how long they are spending at a specific screen. This information will aid you in making better decisions about your app.

To make the most of your data, sort your users according to their habits and then include them in different marketing campaigns in line with.

Virtual Tour

Last but not least, Virtual tours or 3D walkthrough is a fantastic method of giving buyers an experience in real-time of the property they would like to buy. As per the study 70% of buyers who are first time home buyers think that a virtual 3D tour of the homes on sale is as crucial as an open home.

“Rich media, such as these brand new 3D Homes, will help buyers and renters to more easily visualize their lives in the house, no matter how far away they happen to live,” says Jeremy Wacksman CMO at Zillow Group.

Naturally, photographs and videos are an essential part of the listings however, virtual tours provide an interactive experience where visitors can view the property from all angles without the need for an in-person visit.

How Much Does it Cost to Develop A Real Estate App?

Okay, now that you understand why your real estate firm ought to invest money in developing apps, but you may be thinking about the expense.

How much will it cost to create an app for real estate? In truth there are a lot of variables that influence the cost of developing an app.  

As per the leading mobile app development company, the development costs are based on the following elements:


  • Features set
  • Design
  • Device (iOS and/or Android) and Technology
  • The hourly rate for development company

The hourly rates are largely based on the area of the mobile app development firm. For example, businesses operating in North America usually charge between $50 and $250 per hour, whereas you can find a variety of affordable alternatives within Eastern Europe. If you’re interested in checking out the approximate cost of creating an app for real estate You can use our amazing project cost calculator tool here.

Innovative Technology Trends For Real-Estate Apps In 2023


Below, we’ve highlighted some of the latest technologies that could be useful to property or real estate app development solutions, like:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Development is a key part in real estate applications. Additionally, it improves the user experience as well as provides useful functions.

AI offers property recommendations based upon user preferences and previous data. It also helps simplify the process of searching for property by automating processes such as appraisal of property and processing documents.

It enhances efficiency, accuracy, and user-friendliness for real estate apps. Overall, it allows the user to make better choices by streamlining the process of searching.

Augmented/Virtual Reality

In real estate applications, AR VR solutions offer amazing advantages. With AR you can make use of your tablet or phone to experience virtual objects overlapped in real life and help you visualize the way furniture or other decorations appear when placed in the real world. In addition, VR takes you into a totally virtual world, where you can look at properties and imagine living there. This makes home hunting more fun and easy for all.

IoT Technology

In a real estate application, IoT (Internet of Things) technology is a little bit to the magic. !!!!. Additionally, it connects the appliances in your home such as thermostats, lights, and locks with the application. By pressing the app on your smartphone, you are able to manage them from any location. Imagine switching off the lights or altering the temperature, even if you’re not at home. This is like having super-powers that make your home more efficient and more efficient.

Big Data

In real estate applications, massive data is a key element. !!!. Additionally, it gathers and analyzes a huge amount of information about homes such as prices, trends and other aspects. This helps you make more informed decisions when you are buying or selling an apartment. You can get accurate information on the market to compare prices and forecast the future mobile app development trends. In addition, it’s a wealth of information that is available, assisting you make the most effective real estate decisions.


In real estate apps blockchain development services provide security and transparency. Blockchain technology is decentralised and creates an irrevocable record of property transactions. Each step, from purchasing to selling the property, is recorded and cannot be altered. Additionally, it lowers the chance of fraud and increases confidence between the parties. All in all it helps keep all crucial information safe as well as verified. This gives you peace of mind and peace throughout your real property transactions.

Most Successful Real Estate Apps in the US

A home purchase is among the most costly purchases that we make in the course of. If someone is planning to invest six figures on something, they’ll want an effective, feature-rich platform to look up every detail about the property.

Incorporating the features discussed above into your real estate app you can give detailed details about your property to your customers and boost the level of trust.

Below is a listing of the most popular real estate apps in the US that have disrupted the market for real estate through providing unique services for homeowners as well as sellers and agents alike.


It was established in 2006 and the Zillow app was launched in 2006. It is among the most well-known real estate applications in the US in the present. The app has more than a million available for sale and rental listings, as well as it has a distinctive home value calculator that calculates the current value of a home as well as the prices of previous sales.

“We believe that the true consumer attraction for sellers and for the buyer comes when all of the diverse intricate, costly, and expensive components are put together into a seamless bundle,” says Rich Barton the chief executive officer of Zillow.


Based in Seattle, Redfin is both an app and real estate brokerage company. In addition to providing the most accurate estimates of the value of homes it also provides users with numerous search options. The business model of Redfin is based on the principle of customer-first.

In an interview that was published by Geekwire, a Geekwire web site Redfin Chief Executive Officer Glenn Kelman states, “We want to have the kind of service that feels completely different from the consumer, and in which the quality of the service is superior as you can move houses quicker and sell your house on the instant if you’d like to.”


The company that owns it is CoStar Group, this real property app is ideal for investors in property. LoopNet is an app that is a Zillow listing of properties that are commercial.

It could be your best option if you’re in search of commercial space or industrial property or a huge property for investment. LoopNet has distinctive features designed to help promote commercial properties.

“With CoStar, people think about leasing, information and leasing, as well as large U.S. cities. When people think of LoopNet they are thinking Mainstreet commercial real estate as well as suburban market sales” stated CoStar CEO Andy Florance..

Innovative Technologies That You Can Implement in House-for-Sale Apps

There are many emerging and emerging technologies that you can utilize to enhance your real estate and developers of mobile apps for realtors. A few of them could include the following:

AI for Task Automation

AI can help automate data collection, process data to create reports and analyses and even some customer-related interactions.

AR/VR for Property Showings

A real property VR app lets buyers limit travel and view homes via their smartphones and tablets. They can also use the app to modify the homes they want to see using AR. In our second article, you will find out more information about the VR app development costs.

IoT Technology for Real Estate

Increase productivity, simplify operations and improve customer engagement. It is possible to do this by adding IoT into the real estate app. In the course of developing the app for real estate Rently we employed the start home and lock technologies to allow agents to unlock homes to show properties remotely.

Big Data

The process of analyzing and extracting information from massive amounts of information aids in making data-driven decisions. Big data is able to predict the behavior of users and their decisions and provide more accurate searches and alerts.

It’s time to turn Your Ideas into Digital Reality

Are you prepared to build an app that will be the successor to the “Zillow” application? Are you looking to hire a real estate app developer to revolutionize your real estate business on the internet? 

We at A3Logics, are a prestigious mobile and web-based on demand app development company with a wealth of experience in developing innovative apps for real estate companies. You require an impressive mobile app to help take your business in real estate to the highest step. We are aware of what is an outstanding application for real estate.

Our skilled white label app development experts will help transform your ideas into digital reality.


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Do you think your company creates real estate-related applications or takes part with business analysis and research?

For mobile apps specifically for the real estate industry, our goal is to reconsider the entire user experience within the application and design new visual appeal which will breathe fresh life to the app. Our design and business analytics team were required to take on the task first in order to bring enterprise mobile application development experts to create extremely functional real estate applications.

Which was your primary result of the business after completing an app for a real estate design project?

The primary purpose for any property application is to resolve issues of its users. All this is done through an incredibly seamless A-Z method of showing, choosing, purchasing, renting, selling and renting an estate. This doesn’t require the owner or agent to be present physically. In order to create an effective proptech application, work with experts who have already delivered complex systems in this industry.

How do you choose a real estate app development firm?

The choice of a real estate app development firm is enough to find out if they have expertise in the creation of similar applications and the level of success. In addition, you will only have to conduct an interview in order to determine whether you would like to work with developers for real estate apps from this firm.

What’s better than to start with an app for mobile devices or a real estate web-based application?

As per the top mobile app development agencies, the choice you make will depend on the needs of your company. In general, it is best to begin with a web application, which will serve as the foundation for your mobile application.

Mobile applications, for their part, will require more work for your employees. This is when you’re not creating an application that is cross-platform, but separate applications that are designed specifically for iOS as well as Android. But, they could help your business in a way because you save information in a local location on your device. It also brings certain features such as GPS that is accessible offline.

Does the creation of a mobile app for realtors quite different?

Real estate app development experts must implement many of the features we have discussed today. Thus, developing such software is not that different from creating an app for real estate.