50 Innovative Mobile App Ideas for Businesses to Execute in 2023

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A3Logics 01 May 2023

Table of Contents


Mobile apps have become an essential part of our lives in today’s digital age. They provide us with instant access to information, entertainment, and services and have revolutionized how we communicate, work, and do business. For businesses, mobile apps have become an indispensable tool for reaching out to customers, promoting their products, and enhancing their brand image. With the increasing competition in the market, businesses need to develop innovative ideas for their mobile apps to stand out from the rest. This blog has compiled a list of 50 innovative mobile app ideas that businesses can execute in 2023.

These ideas cover various industries, including healthcare, education, entertainment, travel, and more. These app ideas, from AI-powered personal shopping assistants to virtual reality travel experiences, are designed to help businesses engage with their customers. Businesses will be able to provide them with a seamless user experience. These ideas can inspire you to develop a mobile app to take your business to the next level.

To succeed in mobile app development, you’ll need good app ideas first. But many startups or entrepreneurs face difficulties while seeking answers to the following questions:

  • How To Get App Ideas?
  • How To Outline an App Idea?
  • How To Brainstorm App Ideas?
  • How To Turn App Ideas into Reality?
  • How To Patent an App Idea?
  • How To Get an App Idea Started?

If you’re also facing similar doubts, don’t worry; this guide includes some innovative mobile app ideas that haven’t been implemented yet. As a startup or enterprise, you can explore the following cool app ideas to get success in the enterprise mobility solutions arena.

So, without further ado, let’s get started: 

What are Mobile App Ideas?

Coming up with the best app ideas is not an easy task. What are app ideas exactly? In simplest terms, an app idea refers to an innovative business strategy implemented through a mobile app. The idea could be related to products, services, or even a utility.

Brilliant App Ideas for Startups to Implement in 2023


1. Room Design AR App

Today, most customers want to try and test items before purchasing them. In a pandemic like COVID-19, people prefer shopping online. Most customers shop for home essentials like furniture, groceries, etc., via online web apps/platforms. But their concern while purchasing furniture is whether it suits their room or its interior design.

To solve this problem, you can build a reliable AR app that allows customers to use their cameras to place 3D models of various items and furniture in the virtual room space. It can be easily done with the help of custom mobile app development services. It would help customers make the right purchase decisions. You can even partner with various shopping sites/apps so users can make orders from your app.


2. PDF App based on Scan & Convert

Most students and working professionals require solutions (leaving email and fax aside) that let them scan and send essential docs immediately. With a scan and convert pdf app, users can store/send vital documents like receipts, report cards, whiteboards, etc. It is among the top innovative app ideas you can try out. Provide options like high-quality PDF, JPEG files, multipage PDF, etc. Taking the help of a custom mobile app development company will be preferable if the in-house team lack experience in the development process.


3. Food Planner and Health Guide App

Health problems are rising at a skyrocketing pace globally. Poor dietary habits and lifestyle are the primary reasons for increased health risks. You can build an Artificial Intelligence-powered app that smartly tracks daily meals and provides healthy food advice to people. You can partner with top dieticians, nutritionists, and health agencies for content and support. 

For instance, a user with heart problems will receive personalized suggestions for food recipes and health tips to keep his heart healthy. Also, the user can get health advice from experts and order healthy items via your app. Connect with iOS app developers or a custom mobile app development company to build such an app and target well-off users from developed countries.


4. Railway Tracking and Alerts App

People in metropolitan cities across the globe rely heavily on trains for daily travel. They often miss deadlines due to delays in train arrival. To help them, build an app that provides accurate alerts about train arrival/departure. Apply geolocation and other location-tracking technologies to display the exact train location. Also, provide detailed train schedules/route information in your app.


5. Language Learn App

It is among the easy app ideas which you can implement in 2023. For maximum user comfort, integrate multiple difficulty levels – beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Also, add quizzes, games, rewards, and leaderboards for high app engagement and user retention. The users will stay motivated to complete courses. Also, add the “voice” feature so users can learn how to spell a word exactly.


6. Language Translation App

While travelling abroad, most people find it hard to communicate with others as they don’t speak/understand their knowledge. To seek this, you can create a voice translation app. It is among the brilliant app ideas in 2023. Travellers will use this app to translate their voices or sentences into the desired language. Make sure the app works both ways for real-time translation. You should consult with Android and iOS app development companies to develop such applications.


7. On-demand Bike Servicing App

It’s an innovative app idea that you can implement as a startup business in 2023. This app will allow bike riders to connect with top-notch bike service providers in their locality for doorstep pickup/delivery. Users can save time and avoid the hassle of visiting bike service stations, while the service providers will get more customers with planned servicing options in their pockets. You can use custom mobile app development services to develop effective and efficient applications.


8. Call Recording App with Emergency Alert

Many people today suffer due to harassment, prank, or phishing calls. To help them, you can craft an app that lets users record every phone call. The advanced facility would immediately report the harassment call to the nearby police station for quick action. Connect with Android or iOS app developers to quickly execute this easy app idea.


9. Criminal Notify App

People often don’t remember criminals seen during newspaper ads or TV flash news. To help them out, craft an app that informs users about criminals in their nearby vicinity. Add options like call police, administration number list, and more. Experts from Android and iOS app development companies will increase your app’s popularity with community support and their experience.


10. Mall Navigation App

Large mall sizes often result in kids missing from their parents, navigation difficulty, and time overrun for people. To simplify this, craft a digital mall navigation app that covers the most famous, difficult-to-navigate malls in a locality. It will let users find a store and complete the purchase faster. They can check crowdedness, parking spots, and mall open times via your app. Connect with iOS or Android app experts to turn this app idea into reality.


Best App Ideas 2023: Part 2


11. Scan and Shop App

Craft an app that lets users point their camera towards an item to purchase it or find similar items for buying. The goal is to ensure convenience for users. So, provide the list of nearby shops with the item in stock and a navigation option to reach them. For an advanced app, allow users to purchase items directly via your app by partnering with multiple stores. A custom mobile app development company can help you develop an app suitable to your business model.


12. Fitness App

A reliable fitness and health tracking app is all that fitness freaks desire today. They want quick updates on their activities, health, and nutrition. To make a dream fitness app, it’s ideal that you provide many valuable functions like tracking activity, managing weight, planning meals, checking nutritional count, and so on. Make sure whatever you offer adds value to their fitness regime. To learn more about building a fitness app, read our blog.


13. Restaurant Graphic-based Seat Reservation App

Couples, families, or businessmen often find booking private spaces at restaurants challenging. Even if they book one on call, its ambience drops their morale when visiting the place. You can build a restaurant seat booking app working on a graphical view. So, customers get an exact idea of the place or arena where the seat will be reserved. Implement this brilliant app idea in 2023 to maximize your business profits.


14. Video Streaming App

People love watching their favourite shows on OTT apps these days. It’s ideal to choose video streaming app development in 2023. To make your app stand out, don’t forget to add valuable features like quality adjustments, user profiles, watch later, and so on. Give it a try, as It’s among the best Android app ideas in 2023.


15. Find Parking Space App

It can be a handy app for people working at crowded malls or those who love shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. Partner with the maximum number of restaurants, malls, and food outlets to craft an app for their parking spaces. With the help of custom mobile app development services, it will let users find the available parking spot in no time. Use GPS, webcams, AI, and real-time data to realize your app idea.


16. Virtual Study Group App

The demand for eLearning software development is tenfold now. Students rely heavily on online learning apps for education purposes, and building a virtual study group app is an excellent option to get the lion’s share in this growing market. The competition is low, and growth is high in this segment. Add features like live chat, study guides, expert help, and more.


17. Supermarket Self-Checkout App

No one likes to wait long before POS terminals at supermarket stores. Convenience, speed, and comfort are what delight customers the most. So, level up the billing and checkout game by building an app with the features of POS that lets users scan the product and make the payment instantly at the store.


18. Virtual Interior Design App

This app is handy for users who want to explore different designs and colour options for their houses, rooms, or any other place. Users can click pictures of their rooms or any living space in the virtual app to try different colours, objects, stickers, etc. Also, they can purchase the best-suited items directly via the app.


19. Goods Exchange App

You can design a social networking app where people can connect with their friends and family members to buy/sell stuff online. The app will enable users to suggest products to their friends and purchase them. You can take the help of IOS and Android app development companies if you lack expertise in this area.


20. Subscription Arrange App

Most people now have 3 to 5 active subscriptions to various OTT platforms. Managing or making payments timely often becomes a cumbersome process. To save users from such fuss, design a subscription management app that keeps track of everything, from bill payments to upcoming recharges.

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21. Receipt Management App

Is it cool if one can store all his receipts/bills in one place securely with instant access? Turn this thought into reality by building a receipt storage app that keeps user bills intact with a one-tap share option.


22. Maximize Credit Card Rewards App

Credit card buyers with high spending often seek to maximize their reward points/cashback earnings by finding suitable deals. Build an app that provides matching services for credit card users so they can maximize their earnings.


23. Loaned Money Track App

Often people outing together in a group find it hard to remember who contributes how much to a particularly fun or leisure activity. To avoid this confusion, you can build an app that keeps track of money spent on a group outing. It makes managing expenses a breeze.


24. Toy Exchange App

Parents often face the problem of their kids getting bored with the available toys in the house. Building a dedicated app where parents can exchange their kids’ old toys with neighbours or family might be considered among the most innovative app ideas in 2023.


25. Book Sharing App

Like freelancing marketplaces, this app will be a boon for book lovers looking to share and get new reading material at affordable rates. People will collect and exchange books on his app after registration. Add app modules like arranging meetings, chatting, sharing locations, etc.


26. Skill Building App

It is among the best app ideas for 2023. All you need to do is craft an app that lets experts from various fields (art, programming, dancing, custom mobile app development services etc.) register on the app. They can build a profile and share their expertise with other users looking to upgrade or learn new skills from various niches.


27. AR App for Tracking Carbon Footprint

The latest AR & VR solutions have inspired the modern AR app development for tracing carbon footprint. This app will allow users to track their carbon footprint due to various activities like coal burning. For example, coal businesses engaged in fuel production can use this AR app to track emissions by scanning burning material. The app will require manual data entry for unknown activities and will self-improve over time to help users comply with eco-friendly practices.


28. Event Management App

Managing various event tasks is a hectic task. Workforce and money get exhausted a lot with event planning and management. So, it’s ideal you build an app that lets event planners synchronize and manage multiple departmental tasks while getting updates on the go. It is handy for meetup events, professional events, product launches, etc.


29. Smart Home App

Smart devices are the new norm these days. People love turning lights off/on, getting news updates, and more via voice commands instead of manual efforts. So, build an app that syncs with most smart devices at home and lets users manage them all from one place, on the go. You should contact Android and iOS app development companies for better results.


30. On-demand Courier Delivery App

The on-demand mobile app development has many use cases. One majorly is – a courier delivery service app where users can select among multiple courier professionals to pick their couriers via home and deliver to their destination on time. You can connect with various third-party courier businesses to execute this idea.


31. Wedding Arrange App

When planning a wedding event, planners take care of everything to achieve success. In some countries, weddings are long events with multiple activities. So, build an app that lets wedding planners manage and organize multiple tasks like decoration, catering, lighting, etc., with instant updates.


32. eBook Reader App

Most digital-savvy readers love reading e-books these days. And are constantly looking for app solutions that improve their online reading experience. So, get an LXP development service embedded into your reading app to proffer exceptional learning experiences to your readers. Additionally, integrated latest tools can let readers organize and sync their eBook collections while providing suggestions for new books. You can add modules for the eBook catalogue, download list, my library, and more. You can take the help of IOS and Android app development companies if you lack expertise in this area.


33. Benefits Administration App

Most employees want multiple benefits (health, vision, dental, etc.) without getting stuck in paperwork. They want to track their benefits from one place with timely updates. So, build a benefits administration app where employees can select, update, and change their benefits plans. However, if you see this service is also among the most outsourced, especially for people working in the healthcare sector. Nonetheless, outsourcing benefits administration also applies to other industry verticals as it is meant to enhance efficiency and accuracy.


34. Deals Alert App

Most Millennials seek the best deals while performing leisure and fun activities outside the home. Building an app that notifies or alerts users about the best deals in their nearby vicinity is a worthy idea. A custom mobile app development company can help you personalize the app’s categories (food, leisure, etc.) you wish to include.  

Note: Most of the app ideas depicted above are suggested by our app experts and by using reliable internet sources. Some of the above ideas may already be realized. So, proceed with caution.

Also, if you need any assistance with mobile app development, connect with our expert team at A3logics. Our mobile app developers have years of experience building futuristic app solutions for various verticals, including health, travel, e-commerce, and more.


Real-Time Application Ideas


35. Blockchain apps

Well, these applications can be built on-demand only as blockchain is a technology required for a purpose. And we can’t develop these like chatting applications or any other. Blockchain is a technology that is required for some purpose to be embedded within something that needs security and transparency.

Do not forget to look for a dedicated blockchain development company for this if you are an entrepreneur running a business and thinking of launching a blockchain-based application for your business.


36. Mileage-app

Although vehicles already have adequate hardware resources embedded in them, an application could help you remember when to refuel the engine. It works with GPS and keeps tracking the distance travelled by the vehicle through it, analyzing the fuel consumption on a traffic and speed basis.

The driver could manually enter the vehicle’s mileage on an ideal basis and get accurate results with the help of it. Connect with an IT professional services provider to get your idea turned into reality.


37. Tax management apps

An application that could assist the user in paying and managing taxes without requiring any tax and money advisor. It can save a lot of time and money by allowing the user to file an Income tax return and manage all the money investment at different sources. If you lack expertise in this area, then it would be preferable to contact IOS and Android app development companies.

Such applications require some registration from the government and are required to have adequate safety regarding financial matters.


38. Application for Color Blinds

Again, an application that is not just a money earner but a helper to those in need would be, if developed.

A colour-identifying application could help those who are colour-blind and cannot recognize green and red, i.e., the most important colours of our lives. Also, some hesitate and prefer not to ask anyone if they are in the market.

This app could assist them in choosing the appropriate colour while purchasing something from the shop or elsewhere.

The last few are daily-life applications that could be helpful in real-time and assist people in need whenever required. As far as enterprise software development is concerned, most of them are easy to develop and could even earn well if launched in the market with adequate agility for their size, scale, and integrability.


Miscellaneous Applications to Consider


39. Handyman App

Maintenance, whether house or business, is essential to keep them going. Handyman App frees people from searching for the fit handyman for their house repairs. The on-demand handyman software solution can solve your multi-service work, empowering industries to find the right audience dedicated to providing fixing services of all kinds.


40. Virtual Health Apps

After the deadly virus spread, people have become more conscious of their health. Seeing the concern, many product engineering services providers amalgamated with care providers to provide patients with virtual assistance keeping their distance intact. The concept today is gaining popularity as a patient has been leveraged to speak to the care provider from the comfort of his home and gain more opinions in no time.


41. Manufacturing Execution System App

Unlike the other industry verticals, the manufacturing industry handles most of its tasks manually. As the work done and handled is precise and crucial, the organization could not achieve efficiency and delivery accuracy due to enormous data and lack of time. This system application delivered responsiveness with enhanced productivity while empowering the manufacturing workforce.


42. Dog Walking App

You may not have heard of this app much, but this one is for those with excessive work and too busy to stroll down the lane with their pet. With this app, the dog owner can look for a suitable dog walker and reserve one for their pet. The scope of this platform is broad and open.


43. Warehouse Management Application

Companies dealing with enormous goods require stable and reliable software to calculate and offer management of everyday business activities, such as picking & packing, inventory replenishment, putting away & much more. This app is best for business owners and requires a dedicated software development team to understand business needs and provide a substantial solution.


44. Electronic Health Record (EHR) App

These days we have been dealing with many chronic diseases, and many patients rush to hospitals, which are most struggling with management. The EHR program is an efficient way to manage patients and the inefficiencies within the medical industry. With a robust EHR, app hospitals can deter severe errors and protect data while providing comprehensive and nourishing patient care. One of the most prominent examples is integrating EDI into the Healthcare industry, which is helping them to manage & control data while increasing productivity.


45. Trip Planning and Budgeting App

Since the excitement of travelling is seen, professional travel agencies have adopted the idea of providing their services from the comfort of home. Travel app development services are advancing to attract customers and make them loyal. With these apps, customers face less chance of getting cheated and enjoy travel.


46. Emergency Alert App

Safety is an essential aspect for any individual to look upon. Seeing the crime rate rise and uncertain conditions, such as fire outbreaks, emergency alert apps have been developed to cope with such situations and save people quickly.


47. On-Demand Car Wash App

This on-demand app is revolutionizing the need for quick services. No wonder people have been using the car wash app for quick and reliable service for their vehicles. With the help of this app, car owners can order a car wash within their house, giving them real-time convenience and reaching for car repair and wash service owners.


48. Telemedicine App

The fastest and the most convenient app to get medicines at your doorstep or even have doctor access when you cannot visit them is the telemedicine app. The app is helpful with multiple functionalities such as tracking medicines, ordering, virtually getting assistance from a doctor, scheduling an appointment, and much more.


49. AI-Enabled Text Extraction

This kind of artificial intelligence solution is used to observe data patterns. The NLP and machine learning amalgamation can allow companies to extract data using predefined algorithms quickly. This app can save a lot of time and money in cleaning, pre-processing, and segregating data based on different parameters.


50. AR Painting App

This AR app development solution is a fun and creative way to draw and paint. Paint or draw your masterpiece using the phone’s surface. Explore new ideas and expressions to paint without the need for caution. Experience virtual technology while giving way for beginners to discover more.

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The mobile app market continues to grow rapidly, and businesses need to keep up with the latest trends to stay competitive. The 50 innovative mobile app ideas mentioned in this blog offer businesses a wide range of opportunities to engage with their customers, streamline their operations, and generate new revenue streams. Whether it’s a fitness app, a virtual interior designer, or a personalized shopping experience, there’s something for every business and industry to consider. As we move into 2023, it’s clear that mobile apps will remain crucial for businesses to connect with their audiences and drive growth. By exploring these ideas and executing them effectively, businesses can unlock new opportunities and stay ahead of the curve in the mobile app landscape.


FAQ: Mobile App Ideas


How to Make an App Successful?

To turn the above app ideas into reality, you need to check whether the idea is feasible. To make your app successful, perform market research, app features finalization, app prototype development, regular maintenance, etc.


How To Turn an App Idea into Reality?

To turn your app idea into a working solution, you must perform multiple tasks like setting app objectives, identifying the target market, creating a solid development plan, etc. For fast project completion, collaborate with an expert mobile app development company like A3logics.


How To Monetize an App?

There are various ways to monetize an app. Some popular methods include in-app advertisements, in-app purchases, freemium models, subscription models, sponsorships, etc.


What are the best app ideas in 2023 for startups?

Some of the best app ideas for startups to execute in 2023 include an on-demand bike servicing app, smart home app, travel planner app, language translation app, supermarket self-checkout app, etc.


How Much Does It Cost to Develop/Execute App Ideas?

The overall cost to build an app depends upon factors like app complexity, features, developer location & experience, total development hours, etc.