Role of Mobile App Development for Healthcare Industry during Pandemic Times

A3Logics 30 Nov 2023


We all clearly remember how the pandemic broke out. It affected the lives of thousands of people all across the globe in the past few years. However, advancements had already been in place even before the pandemic. The outbreak caused a sudden spike in the technological advancement of mobile app development services. Countless smartphone applications have come into existence since then, providing a plethora of services for anyone seeking medical attention. Everyone today is becoming more and more comfortable with using healthcare applications for their day-to-day needs. Numerous healthcare institutions have either already made their entry into the digital environment or are planning to adopt it. This is why we are here to help you understand how it has made a huge impact and what lies ahead. 


COVID And Digitization: Overview

The COVID outbreak caused heavy chaos and suffering. But on the other hand, it was the reason behind the digitization of healthcare facilities. Digital transformation is now helping the industry focus on its patients more effectively and efficiently. Whether it is medicines, general fitness, or booking an appointment with the doctor, custom app development services cover it all!

In addition to assisting patients, mobile applications make it easy for doctors. It allows them to collect and maintain patients’ private medical data. Individuals can upload their documents as well as other relevant information to mobile applications for healthcare. Thus, it reduces documentation errors for healthcare professionals.

You may seek a doctor, schedule a visit, and access all of your diagnostic medical reports with an app. You can do so from the convenience of your residence with the support of healthcare apps. People were able to make video calls to medical professionals to talk about their health problems online. All this during the worldwide outbreak. The healthcare app development trends promote healthy living and wellness tracking to routinely check on themselves. It enables individuals to feel more relaxed. There is no questioning that patient access to medical care via custom mobile app development is a great privilege.


Challenges the Healthcare Industry Faced


In the face of the global pandemic, the healthcare industry faced numerous challenges that demanded innovative solutions. One such solution that played a crucial role in transforming healthcare services was mobile application development. 


Challenges Faced by Healthcare Industry During the Pandemic

Custom app development services provided by top mobile app development companies in the USA have become the need of the hour for the healthcare industry. In this article, we will explore the challenges faced by the healthcare industry and then move forward to why mobile applications were essential during these unprecedented times.

Overwhelmed Healthcare Systems

The sudden surge in COVID-19 cases overwhelmed healthcare systems worldwide. Hospitals and clinics struggled to manage patient flow, appointment scheduling, and resource allocation efficiently. This led to long waiting times, delays in treatment, and increased stress on healthcare professionals.


Limited Access to Healthcare

Social distancing measures and lockdown restrictions limited access to traditional healthcare services. Patients faced difficulties in visiting healthcare facilities due to fear of exposure to the virus. This resulted in delayed diagnoses, canceled appointments, and increased healthcare disparities.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Quarantine measures require monitoring patients remotely, especially those with chronic illnesses or recovering from surgeries. Healthcare providers needed a way to track the vital signs, symptoms, and overall progress of patients outside of the traditional healthcare setting.


Contactless Consultations

The need for social distancing led to a surge in demand for telemedicine services. Healthcare professionals had to find ways to provide consultations and medical advice remotely while maintaining high-quality care.


Social Distancing and Remote Care

Social distancing measures restricted in-person visits, making it difficult for patients to access healthcare services. A study published in the Journal of Medical Internet Research found that telemedicine visits increased by 154% during the pandemic. Healthcare providers needed a solution to offer remote consultations, monitor patients’ health, and provide timely guidance.

Reasons to Go For Mobile App Development for Healthcare Industry

Our way of interaction and communication is being significantly reinvented by healthcare apps like Zocdoc. Listed below are some noteworthy ways in which healthcare app development services are changing the medical industry.

Enhanced Connectivity

So many people across the globe have now embraced the convenience of smartwatches. You could simply synchronize your mobile applications with the smartwatch on your wrist and have access to all the health-related data at the snap of your fingers. A smartwatch helps in tracking and monitoring routine activities and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle through healthcare apps. It’s as if the only thing smartphones lacked was wearability. According to a report by Statista, telehealth visits in the United States increased from 36.9 million in 2019 to 202.3 million in 2020, showcasing the significant role of mobile apps in providing remote healthcare services.

There are several apps available on Android and iOS devices that are compatible with smartwatches and let you easily track and manage your health on the go. Many apps have now incorporated an interactive user interface that allows individuals to compete with one another through fitness challenges and statistics. Thus, motivating a generic urge among people to lead healthier lifestyles.

Increased Clarity

During the initial phase when healthcare app development companies had just touched the healthcare industry, it was a bit tricky to establish trust among people. For ages, people have been very private about medical conditions and have preferred one-on-one appointments at the clinics they trust the most. But with the recent advancements made in the smartphone industry, it is now possible for people to establish complete control over the kind of information that they want to share. They can actively choose not to disclose certain kinds of data if they don’t want to. Various kinds of encryption and standard safety authorizations are used to ensure the medical history of patients is safe.

Tracking of illness and Symptoms

Whether it’s a physical clinic or online medical services. It’s always a humongous task to constantly monitor or track the general patterns of different conditions among patients. More often than not, patients seek information and guidance regarding their health conditions. It is not practically possible to maintain an endless loop of information channels between medical professionals and patients. Here’s where mobile apps come into the picture. These apps provide individuals with all the required awareness through videos, chatbots, and a lot more. According to a study published, remote patient monitoring through mobile apps resulted in a 35% reduction in hospital readmissions.

Many times, patients fail to find a way to voice their issues regarding their health condition. Mobile app development has reached a stage where it has enabled virtual support for patients. It is known to have made a moderate impact on their tendencies to follow the prescriptions and diet plans assigned to them.

Minimum Waiting Time

Gone are the days when people had to wait in line for their turn at clinics. It is such a troublesome and frustrating thing to know that you’ll need to wait for hours before you can even see the doctor, especially when you are ill. On demand app development companies have made this issue a thing of the past. Now you can easily book appointments as per your schedule, from the comfort of your home. It is also possible to book a counseling session online with the doctor, where you can get on a video call with the medical professional and speak to them about your condition.

Development of Vital Solutions

If there is one thing that the COVID outbreak has taught us, it’s that we need to constantly upgrade our medical service facilities. Mobile app development services help in gathering patient data which assists in medical research and development. It helps us in preparing for possible future medical emergencies. The existing patient data is useful in simplifying and accelerating the response of the medical experts’ team. A number of possible documentation-oriented errors could be avoided through the automation of data gathering.


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Type of Mobile App Development for the Healthcare Industry

Below will explore the various ways in which Custom mobile app development company have revolutionized the healthcare industry during the pandemic times.

Telemedicine and Remote Consultations

The biggest contribution of mobile application development consulting services to the healthcare industry in a pandemic scenario has been that of telemedicine and remote consultations. This is possible with the use of health apps whereby patients can consult with doctors and healthcare providers virtually to reduce the chances of being exposed to the disease. Specialized mobile app development companies focusing on healthcare have developed friendly platforms for scheduling appointments, sharing medical records, and having live video consultations with the doctor, and these can be executed from home safely without moving an inch.

As per Statista, the TeleMedical market will be worth $460 billion in USD by 2030 with a CAGR growth rate of 25.2% (2020-2027). This underlines the greater significance that is accorded to mobile applications in the healthcare arena.

Contact Tracing and Monitoring Apps

Fortunately, contact tracing is an effective way to track and control the virus. Healthcare app development companies have been very important in creating contact tracing and monitoring apps used to track people who could have interacted with a patient diagnosed positive for coronavirus. The apps are location-based, using Bluetooth to determine when two people come into close contact and alerting them about a positive diagnosis in their vicinity. These apps have helped a lot in controlling the spread of the virus, providing timely quarantines, and organizing tests at an early stage.

Appointment Scheduling and Virtual Waiting Rooms

Android and iOS app development companies have also revolutionized the way appointments are scheduled in healthcare facilities. With the help of healthcare apps, patients can book appointments with doctors, specialists, and diagnostic centers seamlessly. The apps offer real-time information on where available medical providers hence helping the patient to select their appropriate appointment moment. Furthermore, virtual waiting rooms have been established which make it unnecessary for the patient to sit in a waiting room filled with people. This enhances safety for both the patients and the healthcare workers as patients get notified when it is their turn and hence no unneeded interaction occurs.

Mobile Apps for Health Tracking and Self-assessment

With the onset of a pandemic, health tracking and self-assessment apps have become rather widely spread. Experts in the healthcare mobile app development company have created apps for monitoring vital signs, tracking symptoms, and self-assessment of your health condition. Some applications tailor recommendations to an individual’s health data; that is, what can he or she do, in general, for health improvement. Self-assessment apps have also played a major role in offloading pressure on health facilities enabling people to self-evaluate their symptoms and determine whether or not they have to go to the hospital.

Medication and Prescription Management

Prescription and medicine management through the provision of mobile apps has transformed healthcare in unprecedented manners for several people. Such applications let an individual create a schedule of medication reminders, set their dose, and receive fill-out notifications. Statista research finds that the healthcare industry’s medication management sector will hit $3.04 billion during the forecast period.

User-friendly apps have been created by companies developing the healthcare mobile app. This supports patients in being consistent with prescribed medicine thereby minimising missed dosage and side-effects.

Mental Health and Wellness Apps

Mental health and wellness apps have been in high demand since the outbreak of the pandemic, which has affected many people’s mental well-being. Such products offer people means of talking to therapists via phone calls through videoconferencing or participating in meditation sessions and stress coping exercises as well as providing self-help materials on their websites. According to a report by Research and Markets, the global mental health app market will reach $4.31 billion by 2027. Healthcare app development companies have been instrumental in creating innovative apps. These apps connect individuals with mental health professionals, offering support and guidance during these challenging times.

Data Privacy and Security Considerations

With the sensitive nature of healthcare data, ensuring data privacy and security is of utmost importance. Healthcare enterprise mobile app development companies have focused on implementing robust security measures to protect patient information. This includes encryption protocols, secure authentication processes, and compliance with data protection regulations such as HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). By prioritizing data privacy and security, these apps instill trust in users and encourage widespread adoption.

According to a report by Grand View Research, the global healthcare app development market will reach $111.8 billion by 2025. It is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 38.8% from 2018 to 2025. The increasing adoption of mobile apps in the healthcare industry is driven by the need for convenient healthcare services.

Why Mobile App Development for Healthcare Is The Need Of The Hour?


Healthcare app development company experts played a vital role in addressing the challenges faced by the healthcare industry during the pandemic. Mobile applications improved access to healthcare services, streamlined resource management, facilitated remote patient monitoring, and enabled contactless consultations. 

The demand for custom app development services will continue to grow as the healthcare industry embraces digital transformation to provide efficient and patient-centric care.

Mobile Apps Revolutionizing Healthcare

Improved Access to Healthcare

Mobile applications provided a solution to the limited access to healthcare facilities. Patients could now book appointments, access medical records, and consult with healthcare professionals from the safety of their homes. This not only reduced the risk of virus exposure but also ensured timely medical attention.

Efficient Resource Management

Custom mobile application development services helped healthcare organizations develop applications to streamline resource management. These apps enabled hospitals to manage bed availability, allocate resources effectively, and track real-time data on COVID-19 cases. This resulted in better coordination and improved patient care.


Remote Patient Monitoring

Mobile applications equipped with remote patient monitoring features allowed healthcare providers to monitor patients’ health remotely. Patients could record their vital signs, symptoms, and medication adherence, which was then transmitted to healthcare professionals. This helped in the early detection of complications and timely intervention.


Telemedicine Services

Mobile applications facilitated contactless consultations through telemedicine services. Patients could schedule video or audio appointments with healthcare professionals, discuss their symptoms, receive prescriptions, and even get referrals for diagnostic tests. This ensured continuity of care while minimizing the risk of virus transmission.


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Mobile app development trends can be viewed as a critical tool for the healthcare sector that helps develop digital architecture. In times when everything including food, cab services, flight tickets, travel, entertainment and so much more is done through mobile applications, it is critical that healthcare facilities also maintain their developmental pace. A strong and detailed framework is being offered to healthcare service providers through access to online diagnosing, health records, seamless interaction between doctors and patients, and improved patient awareness. 

We are witnessing a shift in the structure that used to include heavy shuffling of traditional documentation. Everything is moving to the cloud and the automation of everyday tasks is supporting the staff in managing the institutes in a much better way. Mobile app development services are helping the healthcare industry streamline processes and provide rapid assistance to patients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best technology for mobile app development for healthcare?

There are several technologies available, including R Programming, Flutter, Swift, Python, Java, Kotlin, and more. Before selecting the aforesaid technologies, it is recommended to consult the development team. The technology will be picked by the mobile application developers depending on the app and finances. To know more you can connect with the leading mobile app development company in the business, A3Logics now!

What kinds of healthcare mobile applications are available on smartphones?

As per one of the best Android app development companies, the top 4 healthcare application categories are listed below:


1. Medicine Monitoring –Such apps keep a record of the time intervals during which patients take their medicines. Their primary purpose is to notify and inform users of their medication schedules and timings.


2. Urgent medical services –When a person is incapable of taking an action, these apps can be used. The UI of such apps is extremely user-friendly. Patients can contact hospitals for urgent medical services with just one click. These mobile applications are essential for saving patients in critical condition.

3. Wellness apps –These kinds of apps assist individuals in leading active lifestyles. Such apps include extensive functionalities that keep a record of blood pressure, the number of steps taken, calorie consumption, and sleeping habits.

4. Fitness Tracker apps –Such apps allow users to access and manage all of their health-related statistics. Real-time monitoring of heart rate, sugar levels, fat percentage, and more could be easily analyzed through the usage of these mobile apps.

How much does mobile app development cost for healthcare?

Depending upon the kind of services and functionality that the app is going to offer to its users, the final cost is evaluated. It can completely change the healthcare app revenue model. Mobile app developers are drastically changing the way we used to look at medical solutions. The exponential growth in mobile app development services has made it possible for doctors as well as patients to have seamless control and access to health-related data, wherever and whenever.