How To Determine the Cost of Grocery Delivery App Development?

A3Logics 28 Sep 2023


Mobile applications have revolutionized our lives. From booking cabs and delivering medicine, to grocery delivery services, mobile apps make our daily lives much simpler. One area in which mobile applications have found particular success is grocery delivery app development services. These reduce travel, traffic jams, parking space issues and long checkout lines to make grocery buying much simpler than before!


As its name implies, on-demand grocery apps provide shoppers with what they want when they want it. All it takes to place your order is opening the app, selecting your products to buy. And after that making a payment through it and having it sent right to your home! According to reports, US on demand grocery delivery app development users have grown tremendously. As per recent study, from 12 million in 2017 up to an astounding 30.4 million by 2022! This market continues to thrive. Reported usage increased from 12 million users in 2017 up to 30.4 million users by 2022!


While purchasing delivery with mobile may appear to be straightforward, much work goes on behind-the-scenes. All this makes this experience as smooth as possible. Creating and maintaining an on-demand grocery app development service requires significant capital due to its increased level of complexity.


All About Food Shopping App


Food shopping will never go away. our lives depend on it for sustenance. How we purchase it may change! Grubhub was amongst one of the most profitable businesses of 2021. Many customers will rely on grocery delivery apps in the time to come.


Statista estimates the market value of online grocery in India to have exceeded 100 billion Indian rupees as of 2019. By 2024, their value had skyrocketed to an expected 1170 billion rupees. We cannot ignore or discount its growth and impact in the grocery delivery industry.


Food entrepreneurs will invest more money into food delivery app development services over the coming years. This is due to rising grocery delivery demand and its convenience and comfort for shoppers. Grocery buyers appreciate having groceries brought directly to them in this convenient fashion and are happy customers of these services.


Grocers face increasing pressure to meet their clients’ needs by offering highly tailored delivery services. This includes the ones provided by Instacart, Fresh Direct and Big Basket. Companies such as these often offer same-day and one-hour deliveries. This helps them stay afloat and compete successfully in this competitive industry.


As such, surviving in grocery delivery may prove challenging. Fortunately, a reliable grocery delivery app may come to your aid. 


Even for newcomers to the industry, grocery delivery app development can be daunting and disorienting. Like diving headfirst into an unknown pool hoping that one comes out unscathed and unscathed! For them it can feel like plunging headlong into an unknown pool with hopes of coming out victorious. 


Grocery Delivery Apps: Why You Must Not Hesitate and Invest in It


Grocery delivery app development offering tap-and-collect, multiple payment methods and same day door deliveries have become ubiquitous to modern living. It forces brick-and-mortars out of business altogether. Furthermore, on-demand grocery delivery apps facilitate an enjoyable shopping experience & convenience for consumers. It can help businesses to increase brand recognition & build customer loyalty. Hence entrepreneurs have taken keen interest in opening online grocery stores. Not only this, they are creating customized grocery delivery apps themselves.


Shopping through grocery apps online is nothing new. But with today’s globalized world it has become even more essential than before. Below are a few benefits of using grocery shopping apps as part of an answer:


As per online grocery app developers, grocery apps could play a pivotal role in streamlining grocery supply chains. It can also help in managing product stocks to reduce food wastage and improve efficiency of delivery services.

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Quick Delivery on Demand

Delivery boy apps could ensure fast and timely product deliveries. All the while taking all the burden away from you! They take all the hard work off your shoulders so all that remains for you to worry about is opening the door when needed!

Promotes Social Distancing

Ordering products through grocery ordering apps can provide an efficient means of social distancing and viral prevention. This can be done by creating an easier shopping experience and safeguarding users against virus transmission.

Support of Small-Scale Grocers

Independent grocery shops are an integral component of grocery delivery applications and shopping apps. It can support small and mid-sized grocers through uncertain times such as pandemic outbreaks.

Promote Global Economy

Grocery delivery boy apps could play an essential part in global economic stability. This is done by creating job opportunities for daily wagers and delivery workers.

Single-store Apps

For individual grocery businesses, this category serves as an app exclusively owned and managed by its respective business. Whereby an owner manages orders through his/her app.

Aggregator Apps

This serves as platforms that connect grocery shoppers to nearby supermarkets. As there is no dependency for delivery from this type of grocery delivery app type to consumers themselves. Store owners themselves perform this service.

Grocery Delivery Apps: Types

Before embarking on grocery delivery app development, it’s essential that you familiarise yourself with its various forms. Understanding their various characteristics will allow you to select an approach best suited to your venture. All this while connecting you to key elements for app creation.

Marketplace Apps

A grocery delivery app which follows this model works similarly to an aggregator model. However, in this instance the app owner also oversees delivery services from multiple grocery stores. This is done by collaborating together under this umbrella to deliver goods efficiently and on schedule.

Personalised Grocery App

Grocery mobile app development service has proven highly successful over time. Especially among entrepreneurs, grocery chain business owners, leading brands, and startup owners, this sector is finding a lot of interest. By taking an individualized approach you have more room to implement key elements needed to optimize customer experience while making the app run more smoothly.

Grocery Chain App

In similarity with single store apps, grocery chain apps combine various business owners. They collaborate together in managing orders as well as deliveries between several grocery stores.

Grocery App Features: Customer App Side

Below are the features that you must consider for the customer panel while investing in Grocery iOS and Android app development services.

User Profile Management: Once an account is registered, customers should create their personal profile by providing details like contact info, age etc. To provide tailored user services effectively. An app that recognizes and tracks personal user preferences would help manage them effectively.

Register/Login: Our first point of interaction with customers begins when they visit the registration page to create their account in our app. Assembling and keeping user records is vital in providing smooth client delivery services. 

Advance Search Filter: Grocery Mobile applications should be easily navigable for customers. Advanced search filters allow customers to quickly locate specific items of interest by browsing various categories in a short amount of time. It expedites check out time and increases efficiency at once!

Product Browsing Amenities: For optimal shopping experiences on trending mobile apps, an effective design must provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience (lite versions for budget phones with low data speed is ideal) while simultaneously providing them with access to products from various categories.

Push Notifications: Using push notifications, this functionality enables you to notify customers about special offers, seasonal discounts or coupons via their screens.

Tracking and Delivery: Real-time tracking provides customers with real-time updates regarding product delivery status progress, further increasing engagement.

Manage Cart: With this feature, customers are given the chance to review and organize the items before proceeding with payment.

Add to Cart: With Add to Cart, customers are able to place products directly in their shopping cart before proceeding with payment on the check-out page.

Payment Gateway Integration: By offering several payment options to its customers, payment gateway integration enables customers to pay using various available means.

Wish List: With this feature, the user can shortlist items they would like to buy in the near future.

Scheduling Delivery and Tracking Order: An effortless scheduling system makes arranging delivery simple while providing real-time updates regarding its status and when delivery will occur.

Integrate an E-Wallet: For seamless check out experiences, an e-wallet may be integrated with the app so the user can load funds seamlessly and swiftly.

Discount Vouchers and Coupons: With this feature, the user is able to view and apply discount codes during payment on their app.

Delivery Slot Selection: With this feature, users are given the power to select an ideal time-slot for delivery at their leisure and decide if their order should proceed without it if it doesn’t arrive by then.

Order History: With this feature, customers are able to quickly reorder or select an existing item, creating an efficient user experience.

Ratings & Review: Customers should have access to share feedback regarding specific stores or products on an application.

Location-Based Product Listing: Customers can select one or more grocery stores based on their current location to order products from multiple stores.

Help and Customer Support: Should they encounter any difficulty with order delivery – for instance a delay, wrong product being delivered, difficulty reaching their delivery person and unavailability at their delivery address.

Pick Up and Drop Off: Customers may select their pickup/drop-off locations within the app based on either their physical location, or by manually adding addresses.

Order Cancel, Return and Replacement: In the event that a customer receives a faulty product, they should be able to submit an online complaint, return request or request refund through your app.


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Grocery App Features: Admin Panel


Below are the features that you must consider for the admin panel while investing in custom grocery app development services. 

Manage Customers: An administrator of a grocery delivery app can add or delete users and alter their active status as needed, thus giving him/her access to complete information such as contact details and addresses of each of its users.

One-Click Dashboard: A dashboard provides the admin with a central place from which they can manage all aspects of their back-end operation, tracking orders from customers as they come through, managing inventory updates, and any other business activities that take place through that panel.

Product Management: With this feature, an administrator is able to add products in bulk from the back-end and manage their availability or edit details accordingly. In addition, discontinued items can also be removed.

Payment Management: With this feature, the Administrator (Admin) is able to view and manage all the transactions that have taken place within an app, including refunds. In addition, tax and commission information in grocery apps may also be managed here.

Driver Management: With this feature, an Administrator is able to monitor all essential driver-related details including their contact info, trip details, commission earned and availability/login time.

Modifying Elements of an App: As Administrator of an application, one should have complete control of every stage – starting from user and product data management all the way through to redesign of its appearance and interface.

Inventory Management: With this feature, an administrator is able to monitor real-time availability of product inventory to effectively manage orders. By having timely information related to product stock availability available at their fingertips, business owners will have all of the resources at hand when making wise business decisions.

Plan Discounts & Promotions: Admin can utilize this app feature to add or run promotional offers or discounts within their app.

Feedback Management: With this feature, an administrator is able to view customers’ ratings and reviews while verifying their feedback.

Manage Stores: With this feature, an administrator is able to add or delete stores on an application, check on their active statuses, and administer them efficiently.

Push Notifications: Admin can receive push notifications of emails sent or orders delivered as well as drivers accepting their request.

Payment & Commission Control: An administrator can keep tabs on all the accepted online payments and set individual Store partner commission rates for every Store partner.

Reporting and Analytics: With real-time Analytics, an administrator (Admin) can gain actionable insights to manage his/her business effectively. Utilizing user and sales data helps him/her craft strategies designed to boost both sales and user experiences while monitoring which discounts or products are selling quickly – this data helps optimize offerings accordingly.

Manage Menu and Item Categories: This feature enables the organization of products according to various parameters provided by store partners, providing for an effortless shopping experience for consumers.

Order Management: With Order Management, store managers can assign grocery store orders directly after receiving customer requests for them. Once an order has been confirmed by management, delivery personnel are assigned and delivered the products at their chosen times/places as requested by customers. In addition, an administrator is able to monitor order statuses as well as earnings per order while making any necessary business decisions pertaining to them.

Campaign Management: In order to attract and keep customers, an app should include features for organizing SMS, email and Social Media marketing campaigns.

Reset Passwords: As part of managing driver and customer databases, an application administrator needs to have the power to reset passwords upon user request.

Grocery Delivery App: How Much Does It Cost?

Cost of grocery app development varies between India and the US depending on factors like framework selection and business models chosen, among others.

Cost estimates for grocery app development depend upon various variables, including application complexity and development team selection. We can give an approximate picture of basic features here.

Timeliness also plays a large part in software construction processes. There are three apps you need to develop simultaneously and their duration depends on your team size as well as what features and innovations you choose to implement into each of them. When investing in grocery delivery app development specifically, creating one takes about three months at most depending on its quality and engineering sets – although this could change with functionality changes such as adding cart synchronization features for example.

Walmart Grocery, Instacart, Amazon Fresh and Uber Eats are just some of the popular on-demand grocery apps available on the market that serve as great resources. An initial version might cost anywhere between $8,400- $24,000 depending on which features and advanced functionalities you would like included within them.

Finding out exactly how much it will cost to develop an on-demand food delivery app can be difficult, as its costs depend on various variables relating to features, functionality and budget considerations. Once your features have been defined a grocery app development company should provide an estimate.

Grocery Delivery App Development Cost: Top Factors

Grocery app users’ expectations continue to soar and we expect many updates for these apps in the near future. On one hand, development requires tremendous effort. pricing also factors into it if launching as your own business venture. On demand grocery app development costs can depend on various factors including these.

Features and Functionality

Features and Functionalities are two critical aspects that impact development costs. Simply stated, more features equal more costs. though basic ones such as geolocation or in-app video calling might already be covered in your basic software costs. any extras such as these would add on top.


Once you’ve decided to develop your grocery app, the next step should be hiring custom mobile app development services providers and choosing an ideal platform to build upon. Android and iOS are two primary mobile app development platforms. Most people worldwide primarily utilize Android smartphones while iPhone users outweigh them here in the US. Keep in mind, development costs for grocery apps for iPhone users tend to exceed those for Android apps. Therefore cross-platform grocery app development would prove cost effective in this instance.


Even though developers will create an exceptional backend for you, quality and bug-free app testing must also occur before implementation of your grocery delivery app development project. Should any extra tools become necessary then additional costs associated with it will increase accordingly.


Users tend to be drawn in by an impressive UI/UX of an application and any that falls short could lead them right off and uninstall your app, thus increasing its likelihood of uninstallation. Thus, spending money to develop an impressive application should be your top priority.

Custom Animations

Animations have an immense effect on our minds. Therefore, custom animations may make for excellent training tools when running an enterprise app or grocery app. Visuals like custom animations will bring these animations or elements to life and ensure success!

Application Security

Mobile app consulting services providers tend to prioritize app security solutions when creating apps. To incorporate this, they incorporate some additional elements that require minimal costs into the development. Due to increasing hacking attacks on applications, user security and privacy are of primary concern.

What Makes You Connect with the Grocery App Development Company?

Digital transformation through innovative technologies has become ever more essential, particularly within retail. Grocery stores are steadily expanding and meeting consumers’ demands seamlessly through mobile apps that combine scalable functionality with consumer convenience.

Time can be saved using these compact market apps instead of leaving their homes to purchase food from vendors outside.

Take advantage of digitalization by moving your retail operation online and experiencing rapid expansion. Now is the perfect time to partner with an established grocery delivery app development company!


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Final Thoughts

Make haste when selecting and hiring one of the best grocery app development companies in USA. They help in setting up your grocery delivery website as quickly as possible. While complex features might take longer to develop, development costs depend on other variables as specified above.

People just want the essentials quickly delivered. So, focus on providing key features at first. You must not feel pressured into proving your start-up concept in this instance.

Any app for grocery delivery that fulfils its function will succeed. It provides stability to help adjust and upgrade the capabilities of your website. So, do not hesitate to connect with one of the best iOS and Android app development companies in USA.


How Can Grocery Delivery App Boost Grocery Business?

Businesses no longer operate offline. Almost all have turned online now, which presents an ideal opportunity for taking your Grocery business online.  It helps in increasing brand recognition, customer engagement, revenue generation and potential new customers. To know more you can always connect with the top custom mobile app development company.

Can I Get Similar Grocery Delivery Apps as Instacart or Big Basket?

Yes, it is possible to replicate grocery delivery apps such as Instacart or Big Basket. However, certain factors must first be addressed. This includes setting goals, selecting features and functionalities, selecting target audience, location and criteria. Once all these points have been satisfied then consult an experienced mobile app development company in USAThey will help you with creating the ideal grocery app solution for your company.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Grocery App?

The grocery delivery app development cost depends on several factors. But, generally speaking, if you only require basic features, it will likely run between $8,000- $25,000. However, with advanced features, development costs could exceed this figure and even reach $35,000.