A Foolproof Guide To Developing Women Safety App in 2024

A3Logics 24 Nov 2023


Women aren’t restricted to driving around the streets and also when they are at home. We live in 2024, but the safety of women is a hazy subject. How modern is a woman in the age of technology? It is impossible to separate them from the reality that females require security. To ensure their safety women require emergency assistance that can protect them on their own. In this blog the women safety app development process includes every feature, cost and techstack.

According to a survey, 60% of women feel unsafe walking alone at night, highlighting the need for women’s safety apps. The purpose of the women’s safety app is that it will function as a friend. It will help them push their boundaries whenever they wish in terms of time. With a safety women app, they don’t have to be able to answer questions as they can act on it with the app. 

The safety apps for women can provide the solution that a woman requires at any time without hassle. Being an expert in the field, it is your duty to offer useful and engaging solutions. You need to decide on all angles to develop a comprehensive application for women. Research indicates that 90% of women believe that having a safety app on their phone would make them feel more secure.

We will assist you create your own women’s safety apps. It will help women by providing the most possible defense against criminal activities. They will be provided with an immediate solution for that security app for women.

Let’s begin and the next step is an analysis of the market regarding the security and reliability of the applications. What additional is needed to close the gaps between the current market and the best mobile app development services for women prior to the technological environments in the apps.

Market Analysis

Over the last five years, we’ve seen an increase in the number of apps for women’s safety. It is particularly with the rise in incidents of molestation and accidents that happened by women. The industry that is already in place is likely to expand its technological advancements and innovation. This is for the solution designed for women in order to offer them more secure solutions.

Technology, specifically 5G and AI, has played significant roles in the development of women safety app solutions. It uses GPS alerts for warnings and SMS and also to alert families in moments of crisis. The app could see a rate of 20 percent growth in implementing safe options for females. Its app for women’s safety comes with different features. This includes texts to email or even a loud alarm that sounds like a whistle, to warn and entice the next man who is trying to molest the woman.


Women Safety App Market Highlights


All About Women Safety App

If we’re discussing how the safety of women applies all about, then in just one sentence we will discern that it’s an option for surgical treatment for women who require help when they’re away from their home and face any type of danger.

To address the issue, there is a solution available that will aid the victim at the time they’re in danger. As per the top custom mobile app development company, the solution is that could be stored in their mobile and make a call to parents and their family members. They can inform them that they are in a terrible circumstance. In order to help them quickly intervene and rescue your child out of the circumstance.

Application is a complete solution that includes advanced technologies, features and functions that provide the most essential solution in times of crisis.

Another feature of the best women safety app is an emergency button that when tapped will alert the police and security personnel nearby investigators on the scene.

We’ve talked about the basic idea of what a woman’s security application is about. It’s time to think about what it could do for women, and what you can do to create an application that incorporates all important features in mind.

Women Safety App: Workflow

The app’s target audience even includes people who are not very technically exposed. The interface automatically leads you and provides access to all the features you expect from the app. Let’s understand the workflow of safety apps in simple steps as per
top app development companies in USA.


First, the user must log in or sign up for the app. A verification code is generated over the email that has to be used to complete the login. 

Once you have signed in to the app, you will be welcomed on the home page. The home page will show you panels where you can update your profile, select the emergency contact, share the story, know about the app, or access the tips provided. 

After setting up the profile and contacts, the same home page will show you the options for call, alarm, recording, panic, contact to hospital or police, and de-stress. You can activate any of these actions with the accessibility you have set in the app.

Women Safety App Workflow
Importance of Creating the Women’s Safety App


Women safety app development is useful in a variety of ways. It keeps parents informed about their daughters ensuring that they are connected in the most critical scenarios.

Let’s examine some of the most important elements for safety apps for women as per mobile application development consulting services expert.

First, the application is secure and is ready for parents to know about the current location of their child.

Because the application provides 24 hours assistance for women, it is beneficial for parents as well as family members to stay in touch with their daughters’ women by using the GPS tracking technology.

The app consists of the SOS emergency button which sends an alert or a message when pressed by women in the moment when the location is not safe and they require assistance immediately.

The application gathers all the details from a set of relatives and family members and retraces previous journeys as well as the routes they take and will provide the most likely location where the girl can find in case of an emergency. All crucial information is gathered through the application. At the moment it detects a Trigger or an urgent call from the ladies, the app will immediately trace the entire journey to provide the most accurate location for the women.

Application is much more than a security tool for women. It is able to store and retrieve all sensitive information such as ID and provides protection restoration, too, to provide the most effective safety solution for women, and ensuring trust in the hearts of parents of the child.

We now know the purpose of the best apps for women’s safety and how useful it could be. We’ll now look at the next crucial part which is the elements that would be required to build an effective application for women’s security.

Women Safety App: Features To Have

Below are the features you must including while investing in this custom mobile app development services for women safety app:

The first login process

This is the initial step to sign in for this application. Women who use the app are able to choose from a variety of options to sign up and login through the app. They can log in through the social media accounts or with her phone number and email address she will be able to create the username and password.

When using this feature, make sure your application has an extremely secure login process in order to stop hackers from entering the app platform.

Profile management

This is a powerful feature that allows administrators to control the users within the apps with a couple of clicks on their phones. When using these profile management tools, the administrator can restrict any undesirable users in the application, and allow only the legitimate user to provide full security throughout the day.

24/7 Support

As per the best mobile app development company in USA, this feature is designed to help users with their assistance 24/7. This is a feature that is free and provided by the app’s owner to its users.

Installation of servers is free

This is a server administration feature that provides a crucial solution for all users who belong to an application group to ensure that they have access at all times for their loved ones.

Location sharing feature

The feature of location sharing is a well-known function that makes use of GPS technology to immediately send an alarm to family members during times of crisis. It’s an extremely advanced technology that can access the current location of a person in question and immediately assist people in difficult situations.

Alert the authorities in case an emergencies

Utilizing using the SOS emergency button, the person who is in the victim’s position knows about relatives, family members and friends when they aren’t in a secure situation and require assistance from them, even if they are not reliable.

Monitor of battery

It is a further advanced technology that allows for the management of batteries on mobile phones in a way that during times of crisis the user will not have a problem in shutting off their mobile phones. It provides alarm and push-up notification to the entire group, to make each participant aware of their battery and will be charged according to their needs.

Management of data from the prior location

With this feature, the administrator makes use of functionality to collaborate. The application manages the information of everyone in the group, and also tracks their past history.

Sharing two places is a good way to alert

The emergency buttons function of the safety app for women will relay the alert messages to the entire group. If parents and other family members are available, as well as at the police station nearby to ensure that anyone could contact the woman and at the appropriate time.

Family driving record

As per the custom app development agency, this feature aids in the management of all the information from the source. As well as the locations which the family has been to during the last few days. This could be the main reason at this time to discover where the girl was.

Send an SMS notification every 5 minutes

This is a vital aspect because it keeps the alert on a loop for 5 minutes in order to ensure that every person in the group is aware that there’s an emergency.

Wearable devices can integrate your body’s vital organs

Variable devices assist women to maintain their health during their normal routine by sending them alerts. All this regarding messages and assessing their health. The app can help women to maintain their health on the right path.

Blockchain analysis to safeguard the personal information of the user

Blockchain Development Services isn’t a way to work solely on the financial app but it’s an undercover method that could increase the protection of human rights within the safety app to provide a solution and decrease the risk effectively. It also stops hackers from using fake identities to obtain the details of women or victims thus blockchain is an crucial feature that needs to be included in women’s safety App development.


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Women Safety App Development Cost

In discussing the mobile app development cost element, other elements will be considered. The development cost of the security application is contingent on the technology used and the features that are implemented. Also you hire mobile app developers that affects the costing quite significantly. 

As per top on demand app development companies in the USA, the average price is estimated to be between $25k and $35k.

Popular Apps for Women’s Safety in 2024

Let’s review some of the trending apps in USA in 2024 that will provide safe and speedier solutions to women.



It is among the top applications designed to help women feel safer. It is a special application for women that will enable them to be conscious of their security as well as health concerns. The app are experts trained to provide them with virtual assistance and help users to make the most from their mental health services.

The app, in essence, includes important features like career advice, a no-cost women’s helpline and legal advice. Additionally, women can make new friends and talk about the issues they face with them. It also aids in finding the ideal expert in your professional life. It could be a convenient alternative for them, and the app is more focused on the whole set of features that are free for both operating systems iOS as well as Android.


Like the name suggests, BSafe is among the most effective applications available in the field of girls’ Safety App development. It lets you tap on the emergency SOS button during times of an emergency. BSafe able to record close footage of the emergency zone and then share it with the group.

It will track the real-time location and even send it to your parents. It has many features that could shield you from being a victim of criminals in your home and also out. Utilizing features such as voice activation including call recording, live streaming, and location tracking, Women can be confident knowing they’re secure and are free to do whatever they wish to do.

How to Develop a Women’s Safety App?

In the current state of society the need for women’s safety apps as well as security apps for personal use is huge. Thus, on demand app development services like this can enable you to earn a healthy income while contributing to the well-being of society. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge in the field of developing apps, you can follow these steps to develop your app.

Plan Your App and Develop the Vision

Every project needs a specific plan and a clear vision. Plan efficiently for the app you’d like to create. You need to determine whether the app is solely for women’s security or if it is designed to guarantee personal security regardless of gender. Create a vision for the creation of your app and then decide on the basis of the vision. Additionally, decide on the platform that you would like to develop your app on (whether it’s Android, iOS, or both).

Go deep in market research

Learn the depth of the water before you go in. Learn everything you can about the business you’re planning to join. Also learn about other apps currently operating in the market. List the things you’ll need to include for your application. Discover your competitive advantages that you could benefit from. Keep track of the performance of various applications according to their capabilities.

Contact the team responsible for app development

The team responsible for app development is the other part in constructing your app. Contact the enterprise mobile app development team to discuss your idea and then transform your idea into a mobile app. Be sure to communicate all of your requirements with the vision you have for the app, the features you would like to see, etc. Be sure to be your team’s partner rather than merely as an outside stakeholder.

Make sure to check the prototype and demand it

App prototyping services represent the basic design of the application. It gives you an outline of what the user experience it will be carrying and the functions it offers. Check that the prototype matches your requirements. Be sure to take your time in analyzing the prototype because once the prototype has been tested it could be time and expense to make any adjustments.

Check the app, check, and then re-check the app that was developed

Once your app has been created, it must go through the quality control process several times. This will allow you to find bugs, eliminate them, and speed up the performance of your application. To simplify things we can say that the fewer bugs, the better users experience.

Upload the app and then market it

Upload the app onto the platform or platform that it is on so that it is accessible to all users. There are a huge number of applications available on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store. So, market your app via different marketing channels. Make use of digital media, social media, as well as traditional media. As each of them reach the targeted people who will be using this type of app.

Maintain the app

The demands of users are constantly changing, as will your application. Update your app, add new features, continue marketing, and keep your app to ensure that it’s running for your benefit.


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Final Thoughts!

If you believe women should stay with their families and not display their skills to their employers we don’t believe that’s an alternative. When we are faced with few other choices, we would like women to have a secure option. For example, they should carry at least one spray on their or conscious of the self-defense system to aid themselves in the event of a crisis.

However, we believe it’s not enough. There is always a safe tracker that alerts if women are in a dangerous situation. To help them be more aware in case of an accident. The app informs them with all the necessary elements that need to be in the app to protect their own safety.

It’s time to take action if you’re a woman. You should utilize those apps to know what they’re all about and how you can use the best results. If you’re an entrepreneur connect with the top iOS and Android app development agency like A3logics. It is an opportunity to create an effective and sophisticated solution that gives women an improved return. All of this while still adhering on track to achieve their goals.


How does the app for women’s safety function?

Women safety apps enable women to send and receive alerts in case of emergency. They can communicate messages as well as their location to emergency contacts in the event of an emergency.

What is the algorithm that is in the app that protects women?

Advanced Encryption Standard is the most common algorithm in women security apps. It assists users in encrypting the messages they send via the app. Also uses GPS to transmit the precise location that the person is.

Which are your top five female safety apps?

As per top ios app development agency, some of the most popular women’s safety programs are:

  1. Moonlight
  2. Life360
  3. Red Panic Button
  4. Sheroes
  5. Chilla