Cost & Features To Build A Fantasy Cricket App Like My 11 Circle

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A3Logics 14 Feb 2024

Table of Contents

A fantasy sports game is a certified gaming strategy to deliver an entertainment experience. More than that they offer extensive opportunities, tournaments, and much more for game lovers. This post is dedicated to My11 Circle – a renowned fantasy app to play fantasy cricket and football on both Android and iOS devices.

Fantasy cricket allows users to select virtual squads of real cricket players and score points based on the actual performances of those players in matches. Some of the most popular fantasy cricket apps are
Dream11, My11 Circle, FanFight among others.

The core concept behind fantasy cricket apps is similar – users create teams by selecting players within an allocated budget and earn points based on the actual performances like runs scored, wickets taken etc. Leaderboards show the rankings and users can win cash prizes based on their total scores.

Key things to consider while developing a fantasy cricket app are – user experience, functionality, performance, monetization aspects and ongoing improvements based on user feedback. Let’s look at the estimated cost and essential features required.

My11 Circle – Fantasy Sports App

Fantasy sports gaming is growing rapidly and cricket fantasy apps are gaining a lot of popularity in countries like the USA. In this guide, we will discuss the key cost factors and essential features involved in developing a best fantasy cricket app similar to My11 Circle.

An app with a game of skill that allows its players to form their own fantasy cricket team and make a winning strategy. You get a platform to showcase your cricket knowledge through this fantasy cricket app right from your mobile.

My11 Circle lets you pick 11 players and take the lead of your team. You can make anyone captain, vice-captain, batsmen, wicket-keepers, bowlers, and all-rounders. You virtually get points for the selected team’s performance in a match.

My11 Circle offers LIVE scoreboards of different tournaments/ fantasy league/ formats like ODI, Test, T10, and T20. My11 Circle is backed with data management policies for fantasy cricket players’ account safety. In order to use the application, the customers or users have to register themselves.

Rise of Fantasy Sports

Did you know that fantasy sports in the United States have an estimated
€23 billion industry? Additionally, Eilers Research depicts that every day fantasy games will generate almost €2.3 billion entry fees this year and will continue to grow at a 41% rate annually. In 2023, the market size for fantasy sports services in the United States will reach 9.48 billion U.S. Dollars. This is an increase from the 8.44 billion U.S. Dollars of the previous year. The market is expected to grow to 9.84 billion U.S. dollars in 2024.

What’s most drawing users towards these fantasy apps is the cash winning prize. Between 2015 and 2022, fantasy sports players in America increased from
42 to 50 4 million. In 2022, there will be 50.4 million fantasy sports players in the United States. The total number of players who play fantasy sports in North America has reached 62.5 millions.

Offering multiple games, such as fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, & more, these applications, in general, boosts the user’s skill while making them enjoy the online fantasy sports at their leisure.


What Does a Fantasy Cricket App Provide?


Sports fantasy cricket app development must include 11 players, and each player must receive points on scoring. The points are given on the basis of wickets, runs, and catches just like a real match

Create Team
: Fantasy sports app gives you complete control while you enjoy seeing the match win instead of watching a team play that you don’t agree to.


Winning Factor: Fantasy sports like the My11 Circle application gives you a sense of achievement when you win cash. The app also offers everyday prizes encouraging you to play more often and become a pro.


Exciting Matches: The application will always keep you engaged by allowing you to play multiple matches, never giving users any dull moment.


Benefits of Playing Fantasy Cricket Leagues on My11 Circle

Whether you are a user wanting to enjoy playing fantasy sports or a business professional willing connect with
enterprise app development companies for apps similar to My11 Circle, here are a few things that you would want to know.

1. Effortless and Seamless


As per fantasy cricket android app development experts, easy navigation is the most essential aspect for any fantasy app to flourish. Additionally, the sports betting app must not occupy too much space, must have a clean and simple dashboard, must effortlessly load, and must be agile & secure.

2. Real Matches

The sports app must give you the experience of playing a real cricket match, allowing you to make your winning strategy.

3. Matches Selection

Ensure that the app allows quick and easy team formation within just a few taps.

4. Intuitive Interface

A captivating sports fantasy application is usually simple with a neat dashboard with no difficult tutorials to follow and understand the entire game.

5. Exclusive Offers and Promotions

Discounts, referral bonuses, visual gameplay, and lots more, engage the user more and more, enhancing the gaming experience, so always inculcate them in your app as well.

6. Real Cash Games

In a fantasy app like My11 Circle, users can win real-time cash as a reward, whether the user is an expert or novice or practice matches.

7. Timely Updates

The top fantasy cricket app developer states that timely updates of match scores or other related information help users to avoid opening the app to check scores right from the app.

8. Secure Transactions

Any fantasy sports app offering cash rewards must have stringent privacy policies. The platform must be secure, and the cash must flow directly into the account through a secure mode.


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Features to Integrate in Fantasy Cricket App

According to a
custom mobile application development company, below are the mandatory features that make up a better fantasy cricket app like My11 Circle.

1. Menu

A menu button is usually in the form of a hamburger button, which further opens up to many more options. Usually located in the bottom right as “More” or “Menu”, the feature lets you see – add cash limits, transactions, help section, account details, bonus, and much more.

2. Matches

This tab consists of three sub-tabs such as Live, Upcoming, and Completed matches. Within the LIVE match tab, you can see score, scoreboard & player stats & ranking. The Completed tab renders the final match score, scoreboard & final player stats & ranking, while the Upcoming tab allows you to join the upcoming matches.

3. Cash Contest

The feature works when the user selects the upcoming match option. The contest cash can be seen, if available, also the users get to choose from big to small contests based on the preference of the player.

4. My Matches

This tab is different from the usual Matches tab. Within this tab, users can see their upcoming, LIVE, and completed matches. These sub-tabs will help users view their scores and players’ performance on the ongoing match as well as the history of the fantasy cricket matches.

4. Private

A fantasy sports cricket full stack app development solution should have a “Private” tab to let the users join a private contest through an invite code to their family, friends, and more. Additionally, the users can create their own private contest and invite known members to join and make the most of the game. So, you must add the respective feature while investing in
custom app development services for fantasy apps.

6. Practice

A robust fantasy cricket mobile app development solution must also contain a “Practice” tab to test the knowledge around the game. This feature will also help in the prediction of the players’ performance.

7. Add Cash

Another interesting feature any fantasy sports application must have is an “Add Cash” option. You can create multiple tiles for your users to pick from and add cash through a secure payment gateway such as Credit card, Netbanking, Debit card, Paytm & more.

8. Videos

Videos add engagement to any application, whether they are educational or for entertainment purposes. Adding a video of a famous cricketer, like motivational videos of Sourav Ganguly for the upcoming matches, big Winners testimonials, match preview videos, and much more.


In order to build a mobile or web development solution like My11 Circle, you can also look for a clone application solution.


An IT consulting services provider can always help you as they have a well-equipped team, a powerful knowledge base, and offer a customized solution as per need.


Other than these features, some important aspects that are required to complete a successful fantasy app for your business are –

1. Admin Dashboard

As per one of the top iOS app development companies, a flexible yet impressive dashboard can help you control your entire business. This can range from approving different user groups to certifying and adding different payment methods.

2. Credit Card & Paypal

With the help of Mobile SDK, Stripe Credit Card Processing, and Cash on Delivery, applicable processes for users to add cash and receive cash directly in their account.

3. Documentation

Detailed documentation or a comprehensive guide to help install the web and mobile app smoothly.

4. Customization

Encryption for safe payment, integrated code of the server, admin dashboard, iOS, and Android apps.

5. Web & Mobile Apps

A clean and intuitive front-end website for users as well as a white-labeled iOS and Android solution with the source code for intense execution. The top mobile app development companies in USA provide services that include more than these features for businesses to offer to their users.

6. Social Login

Social Logins ease the user’s login. To signup using their social media accounts, such as Google & Facebook, or sign in with an email id is hassle-free and quick to start using the app.

7. Profile Page

A customized profile option lets the users design and create profile their style and maintain it till the time they want to use it.

8. Search

A user must be able to search for their query immediately instead of spending time searching it for long.

9. Instant Notification

Through a rapid notifications feature – admins, as well as the users, can get quick updates regarding the ongoing activity or the upcoming matches.

10. Reporting Abuse

Every user must be given an option to report crimes or issues. This integrated feature will help users to report trouble to the admin for a quick resolution while continuing to have a seamless experience.

Reasons to Invest In A Fantasy Cricket App


Below are the following reasons for businesses to develop and launch a fantasy cricket app.


Scope and Time for Improvement

There is always room for improvement in the early stages of on-demand app development, such as My11 Circle. As per the
best mobile app development company in USA, you always have scope for experimenting and testing and then improving to make a perfect solution.


Full of Opportunities

The market always offers great opportunities to those who wish to implement quick problem-solving or entertaining solutions. Cricket matches run on a global scale, such as ODI, Big bash, Nat West, T-20 world cup, and test matches. A fantasy cricket application lets you tap and reach a global level audience.

Limited Competition

Unlike other industries, the sports fantasy app development has less competition compared to other development of the on-demand mobile app. Hence, you can quickly offer your service and scale your business while generating a loyal fanbase and a good share of the market as well.

Invest in the Booming Fantasy Cricket Market

Cost of Fantasy Cricket Application Development

In 2022, when surveyed, 74 percent of fantasy sport players stated that they watched more than four hours on sports TV each week. Attending sporting events was less popular among respondents. Only 43 percent had attended one in the past 12 months. Most digital transformation service providers offer four different levels of pricing model – Startup Level, Executive Level, Professional Level, and Enterprise Level.

Android app development agency experts state that every level varies as per the number of features, technology integration, number of resources, and much more. However, the basic or the standard price of a sports application may cost approx 25,363.70 USD.

Let’s further segregate the amount in different levels a development undergoes.

1. Platform Code Cost

For a start-up, the cost of development remains the same. The cost increases with executive level and reaches 6,034.17 USD. For the professional level, the cost rises to 7,375.09 USD and 8,045.56 USD for enterprise-grade plus taxes.

2. Application

The aforementioned costs for startup contain Informative or Functional Web & Android app development for fantasy sports. On the other hand, the executive level offers Android or iOS plus Web, Professional and Enterprise level offers Android & iOS app development and web development.

3. Sports

Regardless of the levels – startup, Professional, Enterprise, or Executive all offer only one fantasy sports app development.

4. UI/UX & Logo

An intuitive design captivates more and more users while offering easy navigation. Within the price limit mentioned, a standard UI/UX is usually offered on all levels.

5. Third-party Integration

Usually, companies offer 3rd party API integration for users to seamlessly connect with different features of the application, such as Scores, Emails, SMS, and more.

6. Payment Gateway

In order to seamlessly render cash rewards, a payment gateway becomes a necessary aspect. Companies can opt for different gateway options connecting users to their bank accounts for quick cash transfers safely.

7. Support & Maintenance

For continuous scalability of an app, most professional companies occupy a dedicated software development team to offer bug-free support for at least 60 days. For extended support, companies demand more cost.

The total
mobile app development services in USA cost for a fantasy cricket app can range from $25,000 to $150,000 depending on the features, design complexity, choice of platforms and developer hours involved. Here is a rough cost breakdown:

App Design and UI/UX Development – $5,000 to $15,000


This includes designing user flows, wireframes, prototypes, visual designs and development of responsive user interfaces. Going for a polished, intuitive design is important for user engagement.


Backend Development – $10,000 to $30,000


The backend requires developing RESTful APIs, database integration, authentication, payment gateway integration etc. Choosing a reliable technology stack like Node.js, Python or PHP can help reduce costs.


Game Logic Implementation – $5,000 to $15,000


This involves developing the fantasy scoring algorithms, rules engine, squad/team creation, player/match data integration etc. Ensuring a balanced gameplay is key.


Native App Development – $15,000 to $50,000


For both Android and iOS platforms, this includes activities, fragments, push notifications, in-app purchases etc. costs can vary based on app complexity.


Testing and Quality Assurance – $3,000 to $10,000


Rigorous testing is critical for such apps. Cost includes unit, integration, UI, regression, performance, security testing etc. by dedicated QA engineers.


Ongoing Development and Maintenance – $2,000/month


Post-launch updates, new features, bug fixes, server hosting costs etc. are required to sustain user interest over time. This is an ongoing expense.


So, for a minimum viable fantasy cricket app, the total cost would be around $25,000-$35,000. But a fully-featured app resembling top players can cost $75,000-$150,000 depending on the customizations required.


Technologies for Building Fantasy Cricket Apps

Here are some recommended tech stacks for developing high-performance fantasy cricket apps:



  • React Native / Flutter / Swift – for cross-platform native mobile app development.
  • React JS – for building responsive web apps.



  • Node.js / Python – scalable APIs with frameworks like Express, Django
  • MongoDB/MySQL – flexible document/relational databases



  • AWS/GCP – scalable cloud hosting with services like EC2, S3, RDS etc.
  • Kubernetes – orchestrate container deployment for auto-scaling
  • Docker – standardized packages for easy environment management

Live Score Integrations


  • API from ESPNCricinfo, CricAPI etc. for live score streaming
  • Web Scraping – extract scores from cricket sites periodically

Payment Gateways


  • Paytm, Razorpay, Cred, JusPay etc as per regulatory guidelines
  • Stripe, Braintree etc for global payments

Push Notifications


  • Firebase Cloud Messaging for cross-platform push delivery
  • Web Push API for service workers on websites

Analytics & Reports


  • Google Analytics, Amplitude etc for app usage reports
  • Power BI for visualized dashboards of KPIs, funnels etc.

Choosing proven, scalable technologies is crucial for reliability and sustained growth of fantasy cricket apps.

Fantasy Cricket App Development Technologies

Monetization Models for Fantasy Cricket Apps

According to the top
fantasy cricket app development company, here are some popular monetization approaches adopted by top fantasy apps:

Contest Entry Fees


  • Charge nominal fees to participate in different leagues/matches
  • Higher fees for bigger prize pools & longer leagues

Referral Commissions


  • Credit users with coins/tokens for successful referrals
  • Allow sponsors to run referral campaigns



  • Contextual ads within the app/site as per regulations
  • Promoted contests/leagues from official leagues

In-App Purchases


  • Subscription plans for premium features
  • Coins/tokens for extra squad changes

Brand Partnerships


  • Co-branded contests with official league sponsors
  • Sponsor branding/promotions based on reach

Fantasy Tips & Guides


  • Paid services for expert/analyst fantasy tips
  • Subscription for in-depth analyses

Resale of User Data


  • Aggregate & anonymize user data for market research
  • Contextual ad targeting based on behaviors

Effective implementation and testing of monetization strategies is critical for revenue growth and sustaining long-term operations of
best sports apps. User experience should not be compromised in pursuit of monetization.


Ongoing Improvements & Growth Hacks

fantasy sports app development company USA experts states that some ways to sustain user engagement and organic growth over time:


  • Regular new feature additions based on feedback
  • Special themed contests around events & holidays
  • Leaderboard & achievement badges for top performers
  • Segmented push/email campaigns for re-engagement
  • Guest user trials for sampling before signup
  • Custom analytics for funnel optimization & retention
  • Seasonal offers & discounts during acquisition phases
  • Affiliate programs for marketers & influencers
  • Fantasy gaming tutorials & promos on social media
  • Partnerships for user acquisition & monetization
  • Data-driven product changes based on usage metrics

Consistent improvements focused on enhancing the overall UX are key to long term success of fantasy cricket platforms.

Final Thoughts

To summarize, developing a successful fantasy sports app like Playerzpot and My11 Circle requires careful consideration of all aspects ranging from design, development, game mechanics, and ongoing enhancements based on data-driven decisions. While the initial investment can range from $25,000 to $150,000 based on features, choosing the right technology stack and prioritizing user experience is paramount. Sustained user engagement through regular improvements and strategic monetization is critical for long term growth and profitability of such an app venture. 

If you are looking for one of the
top fantasy cricket app development companies in USA for your fantasy sports idea, you can drop us a line at A3Logics. However, the market of fantasy sports software platforms is evolving, and the demand for entertainment apps like My11 Circle or Dream11 has risen. Connecting with the right partner will help you answer all your questions while offering transparent development and complete involvement.


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What development approach is best – native or hybrid?

Both have pros and cons. Consider your feature requirements and budget. For most cases, a hybrid framework like React Native or Flutter works well. In fact, nowadays you can find
AI in Sports as well. To know more, connect with A3Logics.

How long does app development take?

For a minimum viable product, 3-6 months is reasonable. But for complex features, it may take 6-12 months or more depending on the team size.

What is the approximate user acquisition cost?

It can range from $0.50 to $5 per install depending on the target audience and promotions. Continuous campaigns are required to maintain user volumes.

What is the timeline for app monetization?

It may take 3-6 months to break-even on costs depending on user traction. Sustained profitability requires at least 1 year of operations and data-driven optimizations.

How can I test monetization strategies?

Start with unobtrusive options like optional purchases. Analyze user behavior to introduce paid features gradually. Track metrics to refine strategies based on real user responses. You can hire fantasy sports app developers from A3Logics to significantly benefit from it.