May 27, 2020

Mobile App Development

How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11? (The Ultimate Guide)

So, you have decided to launch your own fantasy sports mobile app. Well, it’s a great opportunity to make inroads in the fantasy sports market today by building a popular app like Dream11. Building a fantasy app like Dream11 can really help you in brand promotion by reaching a wider pool of customers. However, starting a fantasy sports betting app development project is not an easy task. 

To help you out, the article will provide you with a detailed overview of fantasy sports app development - right from market trends, tips & tricks, features to the overall budget required to build a fantasy gaming app. 

So, let’s dig deep and discuss everything in detail: 

What is Fantasy Sports?

Well, not everyone is exactly aware of what fantasy sports games are. Put it simply- Fantasy sports is a game that allows online users to create their own teams to play and compete with other players in a virtual league. These teams are created on the basis of real-players from the professional teams, who are participating in different real-world leagues like IPL, CPL, NBA, etc. across the globe. The win or loss of these real-world teams (or statistical performance) decides the fate of fantasy players, participating in online games.

How is it Different from Sports Betting?

Sports Betting

Fantasy Sports App: Global Market & Trends

In the recent past, fantasy sports gaming has become immensely popular among global sports enthusiasts. The global fantasy sports market is expected to be worth USD9.34 billion by 2024. Use of fantasy sports applications for brand promotion is the most common among global businesses today. This business is ready to break all the records in the upcoming years by drawing a large number of sports fans by testing their knowledge and prediction abilities in a myriad of sports, including cricket, football, and so on. 

People from all over the world today are taking parts in different online sports leagues, conducted over varied fantasy sports applications. Users play, predict and earn on the right prediction. More than 59 million users have played fantasy sports games until 2017 in the US and Canada alone, which shows the growing popularity of fantasy sports. 

See the other engaging stats related to global fantasy sports in the below infographic: