How Can You Gain By Investing In The Fantasy Sports Business ?


We just can’t stay away from the game. Whether it is by watching, playing or using it as an inspiration to stay fit and healthy, we just can’t take the sports out of it. The fantasy sports industry is growing with every passing day as the application is being installed in big numbers, either on smartphones or tablets. You might find several applications online where millions and millions of people regularly make a deal. It has become the most unique yet trendy investment in the last few years. But, Is it worth advancing in the Fantasy Sports business in 2022? Before knowing the answer, let’s first dig deep and assess more about this business.

Magnifying Fantasy Sports Business

When it comes to fantasy gaming, is an online service that is functioning through a web platform or application. The users here frame a team as per the given instructions of any game they take part in. As per the points system, whosoever wins the game wins the prize. The prize is the percentage of cash reward that different users have paid to take part in the game. This helps the users to enjoy the game even more as they can have their own team that is competing against different users.

The demand for fantasy sports app developers has seen an upward graph in the last few years. Take a look at a few of the most fan-favorite applications available online in this industry:

  • FanDuel
  • Dream 11
  • Yahoo Fantasy Sports
  • Fantasy Alarm
  • Dynasty League Fantasy Pros
  • Fox Sports
  • NFL Fantasy Football
  • ESPN Fantasy Football
  • Sleeper
  • Fantasy Footballers
  • CBS Sports Fantasy
  • My Fantasy League
  • 4for4

These applications show how this industry is growing multifold. This is why you must connect with a prominent fantasy sports app development company and avail assistance of experts to invest in this domain. Before that let’s first assess how it has captured the market.

Fantasy Market Statistics 2022

Check out some of the interesting fantasy sports app development stats for you:

  • By 2027, this industry is supposed to cross USD 48.6 billion.
  • The online gaming sector witnessed more than 433 million users taking part actively in the year 2021. Around 40% of those users were using premium services.
  • Connect with fantasy sports app development company USA experts now as the market is down by 8.4% in the pandemic.

These facts reflect that 2022 is the year where you must connect with a reliable enterprise software development company to avail your own application. The market is supposed to witness a huge rise with sports action getting started after the pandemic. The year 2022 is full of exciting leagues, and you must not miss this opportunity to reap good returns through this application.

Leagues That Makes 2022 the Best Year to Invest In Fantasy Sports App

There are several leagues coming up that can attract a big percentage of users. This certainly makes 2022 a perfect time to get your own sports application. Take a look at few of the top leagues that can assist you avail a good number of users in a short time:

Big Bash League (BBL)

  • Schedule: Yet To Be Announced
  • Teams Playing: 8

It is certainly one of the most followed Cricket leagues in Australia. Sixty-one matches are going to be played in the respective league where the users from all corners of the world are going to participate. So, it is a perfect league that can give your sports app the required boost for the year.

Caribbean Premier League

  • Schedule: 26th August to 16th September 2022
  • Teams Playing: 6

A total of 33 matches is going to be played in this league and is being followed around the world. So, it is certainly one of the leagues to watch out for in the year 2022 that can help your sports application avail the much-needed gain.

IPL Or Indian Premier League

  • Schedule: 2nd April to 3rd June 2022
  • Number of Teams Playing: 10

IPL is certainly one of the most-watched cricket leagues on the planet endorsed by BCCI. In the year 2021, it recorded 380 million viewership, which is 32% higher than the year 2020. So, it is a perfect time to connect with a fantasy cricket app development company and have your application developed at the earliest.

Men’s T20 World Cup

  • Schedule: 1th October to 13th October 2022
  • Number of Teams Playing: 16

With a lot of 45 matches being played by 16 countries around the world on the best Australian grounds, make this another fascinating league cash on. It is certainly going to be one of the biggest tournaments of the year 2022 that can help you grab a lot of users in a short span. So, you must not hesitate to connect with an enterprise software development company to get your sports app.

Barclays Premier League

  • Schedule: 6th August 2022
  • Number of Teams Playing: 20

When it comes to the Barclays Premier League, is one of the biggest football leagues of all time. It has been there since the year 1992 and has become one of the fan favorites. Certainly, the number of people waiting for the 30th edition is quite high, and this can also assist you with your sports app results as well. So, it is a perfect opportunity for you to make a deal with a reliable fantasy football app development company and have your application.

These leagues make the year 2022 a lot more exciting. So, you must not hesitate and go for the investment in the field of sports application as it can assist make your presence felt. But, for that, you must have your application developed with new and exciting features. Let’s first understand the same.

Fantasy Sports Application: Features To Look For

It’s the features that make the sports application popular in the business. So, you need to give good thought to making it user-friendly in every way. You need to be different, yet things must not change a lot to give rise to confusion. To help you out, below mentioned are a few of the features that you must have in your application provided by experienced mobile app development service experts. Take a look:

  • Take Part In All Games: You can be a part of any contest, whether you are a fresher or an expert.
  • Live Scoreboard: Here, the users can check the game score live while being involved in the contest.
  • Leaderboard: With this attribute, you can check who is leading in the contest as the points change in real-time with the game.
  • Create a contest: The user here can create a contest with the known users as and when they want to.
  • Admin Panel: Here, the user can create the game or follow and connect with the other users as well.
  • Login: The user needs to provide the login credentials in the form of a user ID and password to access their account.
  • Home page: Here, the users get to know about all the matches that they can contest with other users.
  • Secure and Sound Payment Facility: This assures the users that the payment details are secure. It allows them to easily add or withdraw the amount.
  • Multiple Games: The users can be a part of multiple games at a time with the assistance of this attribute
  • Referral amounts: This feature can help the users to avail of cash rewards when they refer the application to their known sources.
  • Social media integration: With this feature, you can easily share your performance and experience on social media platforms.
  • Create a team: With this feature, they create a team as per their needs to compete in the contest.

These are a few of the common features that make the sports app engaging and fun. You can always add more features and make your application stand out from the others. Now let’s take a good look at the reasons that make 2022 the best time to launch.

Reasons To Invest in Fantasy Sports Business

Now let’s get to the point and understand the primary reasons that make sports apps a perfect investment for the year 2022:


  • As it is a part of popular leagues, it gains a lot of attention.
  • This has made several individuals be a part of the game by creating their own team.
  • Association with leagues around the world.


  • Popularity and high user participation
  • The number of users is constantly increasing.
  • A user-friendly interface helps you get ahead.
  • Exciting rewards also get maximum downloads


  • As the market is still wide open, things are not yet competitive.
  • There is a lot left to explore and grab.
  • If you stay ahead of your rivals, results are there to see.


  • Fully legal in every corner of the world.
  • Not similar to a betting application.


  • User reliability and commitment is getting stronger
  • It has witnessed humongous growth in terms of the number of users
  • With many exciting leagues around the corner, the numbers are bound to get better


So, these are a few of the reasons why you must not hesitate to connect with a reliable company. The market reflects how big it can get in the coming time. If you are thinking about investing in the world of fantasy sports in 2022, then you must connect with IT professional services developers to take things ahead in the right direction.

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