How To Build A Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Playerzpot? (A Complete Guide For You)


If you wonder about launching your own fantasy sports mobile app, think no more. It is a great opportunity to grow and make business in the fantasy sports market today. You can develop an app of your choice like Playerzpot, access all its functions, and get the best deal out of it.

However, starting a fantasy sports betting app development project is not an easy task, it requires a lot of engineering and effort of a team and then you will get an app like Playerzpot. The below-written article will provide you with all the information you might need in order to get your app developed.

A detailed sketch of fantasy sports app development, including its, trends, features, cost, scope, and many more, will help you in having a complete of the fantasy sports app that you want to develop.

What Is Fantasy Sports?

Fantasy sports are online prediction games, where you put together a virtual team of some real sports players, and a match is organized, which is played online. You can earn points on the basis of real-life statistics that are then converted into fantasy points, which determines your level in the game.

You play against other managers and their teams, the better your player will play in real life, the more fantasy points you will earn. There are a number of fantasy sports apps in the country, for example, fantasy football in the US is one of the most popular apps, used by a huge population.

Fantasy cricket app development is also often mistaken as illegal games by people, whereas, federal law classifies such fantasy sports as gaming skills rather than actual gambling. There are a number of perceptions for such innovations, and yet it continues to be one of the most used apps across the world.

Trends And Scope Of Fantasy Sports Apps?

According to the fantasy sports and gaming industry, more than 59 million people are engaged in fantasy sports across the U.S. and Canada, and 20 million people are playing fantasy sports across India, a figure projected to reach 150 million by 2022. Look for a website development company that is dedicated and has complete information about your tasks and their requirements.

There are millions of young sports lovers, who engage in fantasy games, and this number is projected to accelerate at a rapid rate in the coming years due to the launch of user-friendly fantasy gaming applications and rising internet penetration.

The global fantasy sports market is expected to grow from $ 20.36 billion in 2020 to $ 22.31 billion in 2022, with an average annual growth rate CAGR of 9.5%. The reason for this growth is mainly due to the growing youth population, the growth of digital infrastructure, the availability of affordable smartphones, the increasing popularity of players in various sports, increasing investment in internet infrastructure, and the introduction of fantasy sports applications.

The fantasy sports trends and projections suggest that the global market for online fantasy sports should grow from $20.4 billion in 2020 to $86.3 billion by 2025, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 33.4%.

Fantasy sports app market trends in the US suggest that the app first came into existence in 1952, and since then its popularity has only increased. There are 59 million users of fantasy sports, which is 2%  of the population of the US. Almost half of the US sports fans play fantasy sports today.

  • 18 Billion USD is the size of the US fantasy sports industry
  • 59.3 Million is the number of fantasy sports app users in the US & Canada.
  • 65% of sports fans in the US play fantasy sports via mobile app.

A number of IT consultation services can assist you with more such information to help you in having the sports app of your dreams.


What Is PlayerzPot?


PlayerzPot is a fantasy gaming platform, which is a reliable, secure, and fast-growing fantasy sports arena. It offers you various speculation games and casual sports to keep you entertained and at the same time, you can earn points through the app.

Following the product engineering services, it provides you with the liberty to choose your team, players, and your desired pot. Other games like snakes and ladder, ludo, rummy, housie, quiz, carrom, along with cricket are also offered by the PlayerzPoyt.

PlayerzPot is a game-changer fantasy platform with users playing cricket, football, and kabaddi across the world. The company operates on the gaming skills of the participants and provides a platform for all such sports enthusiasts to utilize their understanding by owning a team and by creating various interactive activities to engage with similar fans.

Fans can create their team made up of real-life players from the upcoming matches, scores based on their on-field performance, and compete with other fans and their choice of the team and players. Apps like this can be developed by hiring fantasy sports app developers.


How To Set The Business Model Of Playerzpot?


The business model of PlayerzPot is adopted by a lot of startups today as an opportunity to boost their revenues through advertisement, brand partnership, and entry fees received from users of a fantasy gaming app.

By partnering with a reliable iOS or android app development company, you can create a custom fantasy sports app or website for your business. The development experts will provide you with a unique and innovative application to grow your fantasy sports business. Choose the right app development partner based on its experience, technical expertise, knowledge, past projects, and so on.

Apps such as PlayerzPot can be accessed from your mobile devices as well, for which you require a mobile app development company to make sure that you get the best fantasy sports app for your business.


Features And Benefits Of A Fantasy Sports App Like Playerzpot?


For game app development services, here is a list of essential features in the display screen, that you will need to include in your PlayerzPot clone app:

List Of Games

Including a list of games tab on the first screen of the app will help in attracting players to surf in the app. List tab must be creative and include all the games offered by the app. Make sure that there is something for everyone coming on the app.

Every game has its specialty and significance to different players, some people want to play small games, which are not as tricky as cricket or football. To entertain such an audience it is important to include other games as well.


Available Pots


Create a tab for the available pots in the app, which will allow the players to create their own squad in the desired sport if the pot is available. It will also provide the option of creating or entering any pot, created by any other person.

The option of pots provides access to the players of indulging in every game they want and earning digital money out of it.


Weekly Tasks


A tab of weekly tasks is a must in the display screen of the app, as it attracts more players to join the app and complete the given tasks, along with providing monetary rewards to them.

Weekly tasks help increase the skills of the existing players in the app, they find it interesting and challenging when they are given some tasks to complete and promised rewards in return.


Squad Creating Tab


The most important feature to add to the display screen of the app is to provide the option of creating a squad and organizing sports according to the choice of the owner.

It should be easy and fast so that there are fewer chances of delay and errors in the making of the team. The feature is proved to be compatible with almost every player in the app, as it gives them a chance to create a dream team of their choice.

Social Status


A tab of social status must be included in the display screen of the app, as it keeps the players motivated by showing their scores and updating all the status of their games and teams. It will give a heads-up and updates on the upcoming sports events.

You do not need to worry about the security of your information on the app, as the cloud computing services used in the app protect all the necessary data.



A dashboard where all these tabs will be displayed in combined form and will give access to its users to operate in a systematic way, resulting in efficient business and app usage.

Your dashboard will be an image to your entire app, so make it wisely and in a way that will serve the audience and players to its fullest.

User Side Features

User Registration 

Registration: Users can register on the fantasy sports app through a friend or platform login or by entering personal details like email ID, personal number, a unique username, etc.

Login: After registration, the user can log in to this fantasy sports account, using those same details as entered during the time of registration.

Referral: Users can also refer other people/users to join the fantasy sports app.

Landing Page/ Main Screen

Search: Users can search across several sports games that are being played. Even, the upcoming matches can also be accessed on the landing page for sports like Cricket, football, etc.

Filter: Users can apply a filter to search according to their preferences. They must be able to search and only see what they wish for, which is done with the help of filters.

List: Users can select a match from the list received after applying the filter. They can see details about the match, like timing, match teams, venue, etc.

Tournament / Contest Page

Join Contest: Users can join any particular contest by paying the entry fees for the same.

Create a Fantasy Team: Once users enter a contest, they can create a fantasy or dream team.

Create Tournaments: Users can also organize private tournaments in their PlayerzPot clone app.

Profile Settings

Edit Profile: Every user can edit their personal details (e.g. username, phone, etc.) entered in their profile using this feature.

Check Reward Points: Users can see details like reward points gained, account balance, bonus, etc.

Add Cash: Users can add cash via NEFT, UPI, or internet banking facility into their account wallet for paying the match fees.

See Transactions: Users can see a detailed transaction history of all earnings and matches they played in the fantasy app.

Admin Side Features


Among all the other features, admin side features are equally necessary for perfect app development, one must find an enterprise software development company to have the app developed. Those features include:

Admin login: Admin can easily login into their account using Username & Password.

Interactive Dashboard: This dashboard feature provides a complete 360-degree view of all matches played under different categories (upcoming, ongoing, and played matches) to the admin. details like total contestants, total revenue, best player, etc. are also available.

User Management: Admin can fully control to edit, delete, update, active or deactivate user accounts.

Tournament Management: Admin can control and manage entire matches of Fantasy Sports app with capabilities like edit, manage, update, delete, etc.

Match Management: Admin has full control over each match with permissions like edit, delete, update, etc.

Category Management: Admin can manage each games category (e.g. live, upcoming, played, etc.) separately.

Revenue Management: Admin can easily review the total earning of every match played on the fantasy sports app.

Manage Payment Mode: Admin can control and manage various payment Modes.

Rewards Management: Admin has the sole right to distribute reward points to users based on their match performance.

Manage Cash prizes: This feature helps in managing the Bonus and Cash Prizes offered to the users.

CMS Management: Admin also manages other details like help, contact us, about us, etc. of the fantasy sports app.

Additional Features And Functionalities?


There are a number of additional features and functionalities in the fantasy sports app, that you are about to develop. Including these features will help the software grow and provide benefits to the company.

Some of those are:

Live Score: Users can view the live score, game analysis, and highlights for a particular match by the integration of the live match into the app.

API Integration: Developers can seamlessly integrate with other platforms via a fantasy sports gaming mobile app API.

Push Notification: Regular alerts and updates about upcoming matches can be provided to users via push notifications.

Data Analytics: The analytics feature in the fantasy app can help users make quick decisions by offering real-time insights into an ongoing match.

GPS Location Tracker: Alerts can be sent via the app for ongoing or upcoming matches & leagues near user locations.

Email Reminders: Users can be sent an email on their account IDs to inform them about the upcoming leagues and matches.

Team Structure Required To Develop Fantasy Sports App?


You will need a reliable fantasy sports app development company to develop superior quality mobile applications, Hiring such an app development partner, you can take advantage of the technical expertise of its skilled pool of app developers, designers, testers, and so on.

Below is the common team structure for fantasy sports app development: 

  • Project Manager
  • UI/UX Designer
  • iOS Developer
  • Android Developer
  • Backend Developers
  • QA Experts

In order to develop a perfect fantasy sports app, one must understand how to hire fantasy sports app developers?

Cost Of The App And Factors Affecting It?


The cost to build a fantasy sports betting app for both Android and iOS platforms varies between 19000 to 24000 USD. On the other side, the cost to build a fantasy app with basic user features costs around 8000 USD for both Android & iOS platforms. Similarly, the admiral panel development costs around 9000 USD.

  • The US-based developer charges somewhere between 100 to 250 USD per hour.
  • Europe-based developers can also be hired for 70 to 200 USD per hour.
  • Asian developers are the least expensive as they charge between 60 to 180 USD.

Developer Location: The location of your mobile app developers has a significant impact on the overall cost of your fantasy sports app. It is observed that the developer’s charges vary region-by-region globally. US developers cost quite high when compared to app developers in Asia. Hence, keep the location aspect in mind when you hire an Android or hire an iOS app developer.

Team Experience: The more experienced the members of your, the more it affects the final cost of your fantasy app.

App Complexity: If you request more complex features and functionalities in your sports app, the app developers will charge a high fee to you for delivering a brilliant app experience to users.

Platform Support: Depending upon the platform (Android/iOS) you choose for launching your app, the cost will vary. Generally, the iOS platform requires a higher level of coding; hence, the cost to build an Android app will be less compared to the iOS app.

Wrapping it up

These were the details that are important to building a custom fantasy sports app for your organization. This type of sports app is expected to grow in the future and provide benefits to the market along with increasing the profit and giving business to the customers.

Building a fantasy cricket app like PlayerzPot is not an easy task. You need to partner with reliable and trustworthy fantasy sports like A3logics.