Best Programming Languages for App Development in 2024

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A3Logics 01 May 2024

Table of Contents


It’s no secret that the current epidemic has led to a dramatic increase in demand for mobile app consulting companies. These companies are using technology to help them to grow and adapt. This change has made being proficient in coding among the most sought-after abilities in the current job market. With a vast array of more than a thousand programming languages for app development, distinguishing the most popular one of 2024 can be difficult.

Although well-known languages like Python, SQL (Structured Query Language) and JavaScript continue to enjoy dominance, the future of 2024 offers a variety of alternatives that are worth considering. The ability to diversify your programming repertoire by becoming proficient in a variety of programming languages will surely increase your ability to work and flexibility.

The digital world is changing quickly, which is why it’s essential to know the range of the most popular programming languages 2024 which are in high demand.

What is a Programming Language?


The programming languages for app development provides a means for programmers (developers) to connect with computers. Programming languages are a set of rules which converts string values to a variety of methods of machine code. This is for using different graphic elements for the app development. There are 8945 programming languages in the business.

Programming Languages for Cybersecurity

In general, an app programming language is a set of instructions written in a specific scripting language. This is to complete a specific job.

Learn how to harness the power of programming languages to prepare for cybersecurity bootcamp. As per iOS app development companies, exploring the world of cybersecurity and hacking techniques is important and this can be done through programming languages. It is important to master these programming languages that run digital environments. Starting with Python through C++, equip yourself with the tools you need to find vulnerabilities and strengthen the systems against cyber attacks. Join us as we build the foundation of cybersecurity and programming so that you can stand solid in the ever-changing digital age.

Find out more about the most trendy and most sought-after programming languages and take the first step toward advancing your skills now!

Major Types of Programming Languages


Procedural Programming Languages

A programming approach that makes use of routines or functions to simplify and organize the code into blocks that can be reused is an underlying language for procedural programming. C, Pascal and FORTRAN are the most popular programming languages to support this type of paradigm.

In this type of programming language, the program is split into processes or functions. They are typically insular sub-programmes that are able to perform a specific job. They come from different program components that allow for flexibility in programming and reuse of code. The primary goal is the systematic execution of an application. Additionally, it is a focus on the sequence of instructions and affects the variables that store data.

These are the best programming languages for mobile apps. You can use it in fields such as gaming, engineering and finance. Procedural programming is less adaptable, however this doesn’t make it any less one of the major methods of programming taught in top-quality computer science classes.

Functional Programming Languages

In contrast to procedural languages, functional programming languages can be more adaptable. It consists of a set of functions. This paradigm of programming emphasizes modeling computations as well as transformation of data. Haskell, Clojure, Lisp and Scala are the languages to support this particular model.

As per mobile application consulting services expert, functional programming helps programs to understand and improves their accuracy. Functions solely work using input arguments. They are not as popular yet, however they have seen enormous growth from an standpoint of education. 

Functional programming is an efficient form of parallel programming. They are not mutable. It is possible to program functions and work in parallel as instructions. The codes include nest functions and consist of distinct units that work in a coherent manner. Therefore, it is more efficient.

Object-oriented Programming Languages

When programming with an object-oriented system, objects define the data as well as the behaviour of objects. They usually contain data attributes that define the object’s state as well as its method. This allows users to create a complicated system of interconnected objects.

The language conceals the implementation components away from outside sources via the process of encapsulation. This allows you to create complex systems without worrying about the internal workings of the objects involved. Another reason that makes this programming language sought-after is the function of inheritance. It helps to create a list of classes which share similar features but also allows the possibility of personalization.

The most well-known programming languages include Java, Python, C++ and Ruby. These are all top programming languages sharing the same principle of the feature object-oriented.

Scripting Languages

Simple to learn using simple grammar and dynamic type, the scripting language is a type of language that interprets instead of written. Two types of the language are server-side scripting and clients-side scripting language. These languages permit communication to other languages of programming.


  • Python is the most simple programming language that developers use. The language is object-oriented. The language has high-level data structure, as well as integrated libraries, which make it simple to learn and appropriate for quick development of applications. It is simple to decode and is an evolving semantic language. A Python developer with a basic skill earns between $70,000 to $1,00,00 per year.
  • Perl It is a language that is ever-changing and features newer technologies that make it a hit and distinctive from the other languages available for Linux as well as Windows Server. Websites that have a lot of traffic typically make use of Perl and IMDB, among others. IMDB since it assists with text manipulation tasks.
  • Bash – Bourne Again SHell, a scripting language which is the default command interpreter for the majority of Linux/GNU operating systems. It’s easier than the majority of other programming languages. Bash is a great way to write documentation for script stores for other users and also provides reused scripts.

Logic Programming Languages

Like the name suggests, this is computer programming that is based upon formal logic. This is the best programming language for app development consisting of a set of logical assertions or rules which establish the relationships between objects. It permits the system to expand the information it has.

Expert systems and artificial intelligence development typically utilize this language whenever logic and speculation are essential. It is a clear and expressive program that is simpler to think about and manage than systems that go back to different paradigms.

To summarize, logical programming can be an effective and flexible method to solve problems with computer programming.  It is suitable for all kinds of problems. It’s a useful tool in a variety of applications too. The most widely used logic language is Prolog which is composed of the facts and rules that describe an issue and explain it.

Imperative Programming

The programmer gives an instruction set which the computer uses to modify the program’s state and the structure of information within it. This model outlines the steps computers must follow in order to solve a problem instead of delineating the mathematical function. C, C++, Java, and Python are a few imperative programming languages.

Imperative is one of the programming languages used in the field of software engineering for systems programming as well as low-level programming, which is a direct level of control of hardware resources.


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Other Ways to Classify Programming Languages

Front-end and Back-end Languages

Front-end languages are also known as client-side languages. They can be used to create interactive and virtual elements on websites that visitors can interact with. The languages that are front-end include HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Backend languages are referred to as servers-side languages. They are the ones that create logic and functions behind the pages including processing storage and managing user’s accounts and authentication. Python, Ruby, and Java are a few of the backend languages.

High-level vs. Low-level Languages

As per custom mobile application development company, high-level languages are simple to write and read since they can be understood. Developers can write code on the higher levels of abstraction without worrying about the operating system or hardware, since it’s similar to natural language. There are built-in libraries as well as frameworks to make it easier to perform basic programming tasks, such as managing data structures, or performing calculations. Examples of high-level languages are Python, Java or Ruby.

However, languages are more complicated to comprehend and write. Code written using these languages is highly effective and directly interacts with the memory and hardware that computers use. But the programmers must depend on manual effort and knowledge. C and Assembly Language C are two examples of this kind of language.

Interpreted vs. Compiled Languages

The interpreter executes directly and reads the code line-by-line without making it machine-readable. It is able to be executed instantly without the need for separate compilation steps, like Python, Ruby and JavaScript.

However, the compiler first converts the compiled languages to machine-readable code. It then converts the human-readable code to computer-readable code that computers can run. The languages like C, C++ and Java belong to this category.

What Programming Language Should You Learn?

With constant updates in the world of technology candidates should stay current with the latest mobile app programming languages. But, other elements are a major factor in the choice of programming languages to master.


  • In the beginning, one should know their goals and the job they would like to pursue after learning programming.
  • After that, conduct thorough market research to select the area you’d like to get into.
  • In the next step, you must be aware of the demand in the industry and job opportunities of your chosen profession. Learn the languages and skills required by the field you are interested in.
  • It is possible to begin with using one of the simplest programming languages and then increase the difficulty level. Python as well as Ruby are excellent programming languages for the beginning.
  • Search for materials which will allow you to learn fast. Join groups and connect with professionals at the top of their field.
  • Finally, never stop innovating and improving since the market is constantly evolving.

The Best Languages for App Development in 2024

Below is a list of most well-known and popular programming languages that are expected to be in high demand by 2024.


Java is a popular programming language to develop mobile apps that are compatible with various operating environments. It’s a two-phased language that is interpreted and compiled. However, it differs from other compiled languages because it does not compile into an executable file in the first place.

In Java the code is compiled first, and then transformed into a binary format called Java Byte Code. In the next step, JBC gets compiled and later translated into the native language that is required to run in the intended operating environment. This is a major benefit for developers because it allows them to write their code in one go and execute it from anywhere.


Python is an all-purpose high-level language that is commonly in various futuristic areas. This includes machine learning, artificial intelligence data analysis, web development and more.

The most popular language for building apps and is highly regarded by developers due to its simplicity of use as well as its robust standard library and the dynamic semantics. As per the top Android app development agency, another benefit of the language lies in its large developer community. They help to grow the language with a focus on making it simpler for developers to understand and comprehend, as well as cutting down on the code.

The many uses of Python include:


  • Web development
  • AI models
  • CAD designs
  • Machine learning and data analysis
  • Games


Kotlin is the best language to program apps by JetBrains. It comes with functional programming features that are a combination that combine functional and object-oriented programming. It is compatible with Java meaning that both languages are able to communicate and share information. Another commonality is in the fact that it is similar to the Java compiler. Kotlin compilers can create Byte code, which you can use on JVM.

It is the most common programming language for Android. Kotlin for mobile enterprise mobile application development has become quite common. It is used extensively for creating server-side apps, multi-platform mobile development, and more.


Swift is a multiple-paradigm general-purpose, imperative, functional and block-like language. It  comes from Apple as an efficient iOS application development language. Swift works with both the Cocoa as well as the Cocoa Touch frameworks. It also works as Objective-C code for Apple products making it much easier to develop iOS apps.

As per the top Android app development companies, a few of the USPs which comes with Swift are –


Rapid Development: Swift is a rapid development process. Swift is a language with a simpler grammar and syntax that makes it easy for people to learn and write. The language is compact, which means that a lesser amount of code is required to accomplish the same task when compared to Objective C.

Scalable and Easier to Use: Swift allows you to create an application that is future-proof and is able to be extended by adding new features and a development team whenever required.

Better Performance: Swift is a better performing browser Swift has been built upon the LLVM compiler framework, which has been recognized for its ability to convert assembly language into machine code and, it optimizes the code and make the development process quicker. Furthermore, it has an efficient typing system as well as an error handling feature that can prevent crash and code errors in the production phase.

These advantages, which Swift provides, has put it to become the top iOS programming language for apps in particular when compared to the language that was its precursor Objective-C.


C++ is a popular high-level programming language. In C developers write clean and efficient code for projects such as large-scale games, applications and software development, or even for operating system development. It is an extension on C, a C programming language. It also contains OOPs.

With a syntax that is like Java, C, and C#, C++ programming language is one of the most easy languages for beginners.


PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language. It is specifically for mobile and web development of applications. The fact that it’s open-source makes it extremely user-friendly for developers. But, it is different from other client-side languages such as JavaScript. The code is executed by the server and HTML is created that is then sent directly to clients.


C#, one of the most powerful programming languages used for developing mobile apps, is a powerful, versatile object-oriented programming system developed by Microsoft. As a key component of the .NET framework C# is utilized in a variety of app development processes.

C# is well-known for its ability to combine system-level control with high performance of languages such as C or C++ as well as the ease of Java which makes it a preferred choice for developers who are focused on quality.

With a robust typing system and a modern feature set, the language allows developers to develop a range of apps, including desktop applications, web apps as well as mobile applications. The extensive library of features and support for a component-based design makes it ideal to create Windows applications as well as web services and even game development using platforms such as Unity3D.

C# continues to grow with each new version, expanding its capabilities and making it a key component in the world of software development.


Go is also known as Golang. It is an open source programming language by Google. Golang comes with simplicity and efficiency in mind, both for the development process and its execution. It is popular for its ability to handle concurrency issues. Also, it is ideal for creating high-performance, scalable apps. Furthermore, it is a simple and clean syntax that allows developers to write code that is efficient quickly.

As per custom mobile app development services expert, Go’s standard library as well as its robust tools boost productivity. Its static typing assists in finding errors in the beginning of application development. Because of its speed, ease of use and a strong community backing, Go has gained popularity in a wide range of areas including web development and system programming.

The emphasis on speed and ease of use makes it a highly attractive choice for modern software development.


R is an open-source, versatile programming language, One can use it for statistical computing as well as data analysis. Created by data scientists and statisticians, R provides a wide variety of libraries and packages to perform tasks such as visualization, manipulation of data in addition to statistical models. Its ability to perform the exploration of data and statistical analysis is a top option for researchers and experts in data.

R comes with its extensibility and flexibility that allows users to customize programs and functions. Its remarkable plotting capabilities permit the creation of top-quality visualizations of data. With a strong community and widespread use in fields like bioinformatics, data science and even in the field of bioinformatics, R is a vital instrument for data analysis and research using statistics.


The goal is to be the top programming language for Android Flutter is an open source UI tool for software developers developed by Google. It’s a powerful tool for creating cross-platform applications that use the Dart programming language as well as the widget-based architecture that lets developers create an impressively visual and highly customizable user interface.

What makes Flutter programming language distinct is its ability to build natively for different platforms, including iOS, Android, and even desktop and web using a single source code base. This speeds up development, cuts down on time and ensures the same user experience across different devices. With a wide library and expanding crowd, Flutter has found popularity for its performance and native-like design features, which makes it a popular choice for developers wanting to build visually pleasing multi-platform applications that are feature-rich.


Julia is a high-performance, open-source programming language. It was specifically for scientific and technical computing. It was to address the weaknesses of existing programming languages in mobile apps in relation to numerical and computational tasks. Julia is well-known as a fast language, and is on the same level as low-level languages such as C and Fortran which makes it a fantastic option to use for data analytics, machine learning as well as scientific research.

What makes Julia apart is its just-in time (JIT) compilation that allows faster execution of code. It also has an evolving kind system with multiple dispatch as well as a simple and clear syntax that is easy for developers to master and apply. The language also comes with an extensive set of applications and libraries. It allows users to access a vast selection of resources and tools to help their projects. Because of its performance and flexibility it has become a popular choice in the development of mobile apps creation services such as finance, data science and engineering, where speedy computation is vital.


Ruby’s dynamic and open-source language that has a clean and simple syntax, coupled with its object-oriented structure lets developers write a short and easy sequence of code that makes it a great option for developing web-based applications.

As per the top mobile app development companies in USA, One of Ruby’s most distinctive features includes its Ruby on Rails framework. It revolutionized web development by using conventions over configuration. This framework, also referred to as Rails, is able to support a fast development of web-based applications which makes it a preferred choice for both established and startup businesses.

The strong community support of Ruby has resulted in a thriving collection of libraries that allow developers to use pre-built functions and reduce their workload. Because of its focus on the productivity of developers, Ruby has become a preferred choice among developers for a variety of kinds of apps, including web development and scripting.


Rust is a system-programming language that is renowned for its focus on performance, safety, and reliability. Its capabilities make it an ideal choice to create low-level systems such as operating systems, game engines as well as embedded software. Its main advantages are:


Memory Security: Rust’s ownership mechanism solves common programming issues like null pointer dereferences as well as data races.


High-performance: Rust can achieve the same performance as languages such as C as well as C++ due to the low-level control and optimization capabilities.


Concurrent Programming: It provides safe concurrent programming with its ownership structure, which makes it simple to write safe code for threads.


Communities and an Environment: Rust has a rapidly growing community as well as an extensive set of libraries and tools.


Cross-platform: Rust is a compiler that can run on various platforms, which improves accessibility.

These features allow Rust the preferred choice of designers who want to build a reliable and reliable system software.

The following are the most popular programs that are transforming the mobile app development process to improve the quality of applications more durable and scalable as well as technological advances.

App Development Language Trends 2024

In this article we’ll look at the upcoming trends in the development of app languages in 2024. Paying attention to these trends will allow you to keep your company at the forefront of the field.

App Development Language Trends 2024

Low-Code and No-Code Development

Platforms that do not require code are increasing in popularity. These platforms facilitate rapid development of apps with little code, which makes it easy for businesses to build applications in a short time.

Cross-Platform Development

Developers are increasingly adopting cross-platform development in order to reach out to a larger market. Tools such as Flutter or React Native allow for the development of apps that run seamlessly with the two platforms of iOS as well as Android.

Edge Computing

With the growing popularity of IoT application development and the demand to process data in real time the use of edge computing has become increasingly important. Languages such as Rust or Go are ideal for this type of trend.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

As per the top iOS app development agency, the need of AI as well as machine-learning apps is growing. Python along with R are the most popular languages used to incorporate these technologies into apps.

Considerations for Language Selection

Project Requirements

Analyzing how specifications for the project influence the language you choose to use.

Community Support

Insight into the importance of a strong developer community.

Learning Curve

Analyzing the learning curve and the resources available to every language.


The discussion focuses on the need to select languages that are able to accommodate current trends in the market.

How to Get Going?

There are many programming languages, only a few are in the list of languages that you must be aware of. The ones mentioned above stand out according to our view as the top programming education choices. If you’re planning to begin an occupation as a programmer, make a lateral shift into a different career, or move up the ladder in your current position, learning some of the above languages can be a great starting point to start your journey. With courses ranging from AI/ML with Python for beginners to Java for those with experience You can choose the perfect fit for your needs.

In case you’ve got any queries you’d like to ask, you can always connect with the experts at A3Logics and get all the assistance you need in terms of programming languages. They are the best mobile app development company in the USA to help you with your development needs. They never have to worry about the mobile app development cost.


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What are the most popular programming languages that you can learn in 2024?

In 2024, the most popular programming languages to study will comprise Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, and TypeScript. JavaScript as well as HTML/CSS are among the most popular programming languages by software developers across the globe in the past, with over 63.6 percentage of those surveyed reporting that they use JavaScript

What programming language would be the best for novices?

Python is an ideal option for novices because of its easy syntax, easy to read and the large community that offers a wealth of learning sources.

Is there a most popular programming language used for web development?

JavaScript is still the most sought-after technology for web development, because it is the engine behind interaction and functions of websites today.

What language is most commonly used in mobile app development?

Swift (for iOS) and Kotlin (for Android) are the most commonly used programming languages for mobile application development.

Which programming language is the most popular for machine learning and data analysis?

Python is the most popular language for machine learning and data analysis because of its many libraries, including NumPy, Pandas, and TensorFlow.

What are the programming languages known for their speed and power?

C++ for its speed and efficiency making it a preferred option for programming on a system level.

Do you think that learning old languages such as C as well as Java in 2024 is worthwhile?

Yes, acquiring C as well as Java is still beneficial since they form the basis of a variety of applications and systems, and are in significant applications in a variety of industries.

What are the primary benefits of learning a language that is versatile such as Python?

Python’s flexibility is evident in its use across web development and machine learning, data science automation, and scientific computing. This makes it an extremely powerful language to learn.

Which programming language is the best suitable for game development?

Languages such as C#, C++ as well as Python are for game development.

What are some of the languages that are popular to build backend web pages?

The most popular languages used for web development backend are Python (Django, Flask), JavaScript (Node.js), Ruby (Ruby on Rails) along with PHP (Laravel). To know more you can connect with the leading mobile app development company, A3Logics.