Best HR Management Apps At Workplace – Top 20

A3Logics 13 Feb 2023


In any organization, all the responsibilities related to team build and people management lie on the shoulders of the Human Resources department. It can be said that HR managers have to manage the enormous amount of data and information related to the people working in a company and the candidates coming for any new hiring. The complexity of the task is also dependent upon the size of the company and HR is working in. For example, the HR manager working in large-scale firms has to keep track of a larger amount of data as compared to the one working in a startup. 

Keeping track of all the information on a manual basis is going to be very complicated. Thanks to technological advancements and HR management app development companies, all the work can be automated, which will definitely improve productivity and smoothen the workflow for HR managers. Currently, there are multiple HR apps that you can use for maintaining data. 


It will save not only your time but also the money you pour in while hiring multiple resources to manage human resources. The HR applications allow the employees working in the HR department to access information even from mobile devices and make the HR management journey pretty convenient. This clearly means that as an HR, you are not required to finish all the work sitting on your desk all day. 

These apps can reduce the loads of physical files that consist of employee records. With the use of Human Resource management apps, you can track all the necessary information like leave requests by employees, benefits, payroll of the individuals, and even travel reimbursements. Moving further in this article, we will talk about the basic meaning and purpose of HR apps, their benefits, the types of HR applications, and the top 20 Hr applications available in the market. 

What is an HR management app, and why do you need it?


In simple terms, HR management applications are the ones that automate and break down complex human resource processes along with managing them with minimal or no human interaction. There are multiple applications available in the market from the best mobile app development companies in the USA that deal with talent acquisition, payroll, and other Human Resource management aspects. These applications are mostly bundled up as HRMS software or HRIS software. 

Human Resource Management app benefits


All the automated HR applications that let the employees get the data via a mobile browser or a dedicated HRMS app are a boon for the ones who spend most of their time traveling. Not only this, but the HR management apps have a bunch of benefits that have been mentioned below:

  1. They tend to boost employee engagement.
  2. They minimize administrative costs and even save time.
  3. They enable instant access to crucial information.
  4. They mitigate compliance risks.
  5. They boost decision-making. 
  6. They also skyrocket collaboration. 


Types of HR management apps that you should look out for

Before discussing the best HR management apps that one can go for, here we have listed down the types of HR management apps you will need in order to ensure that the processes go on seamlessly. 

App for Employee Information Systems


This feature will help your human resource department in aligning the tasks by integrating a system to track employee information and keep all the data at a single location. All the human resource data that gets uploaded to the employee information system goes through a check and balance scrutiny. This removes the pressure related to data loss or mistakes made in manual entries. The most amazing part about these apps is that they back up the data automatically in a particular routine. 

New Staff Hiring Requests App


Without financial investment, no organization can increase its workforce or hire new people. The use of HR software for the process of hiring lets the HR department and the hiring managers know exactly what they are seeking for. This removes all the scope of misunderstandings. Not only this, but the HR management apps also allow both hiring managers and the human resource department to keep a tab on the interview and application process in real time. Keeping that in mind, make sure you go to the best custom software development services providing company so that they can provide this feature to you. 

App for Tracking Applications


Suppose you got around 1000 applications for a particular opening in your organization. Now, tracking all of them manually will take ages and a lot of resources. To curb this issue, custom mobile app development services offering companies integrate the applicant tracking feature into your HR management app. This feature will allow you to get a deeper insight into the talent acquisition process in real time. Your business will be able to display the open positions to the appropriate candidates at the right time with a personalized and multichannel approach. On top of that, the business will be able to create collaborative interview processes that can be accessed from any device. 


Employee Onboarding App


The employee onboarding apps will surely help the HR department of your organization in many ways. These apps let you onboard the new candidates and provide them with all the stuff they require to complete the initial formalities and start their employment journey. The human resource department can send all the forms to be filled by the new joinee digitally. This will also reduce the time taken by a candidate to complete the onboarding process. Apart from that, it will also restrict the loss of documents that happen in transit. Any company that is providing you the custom mobile app development services should offer an employee onboarding app if it is developing an HRMS for your firm. 

Training Management App


The training management applications help you in making the employees engaged and motivated with training programs that help them in improving their individual performance growth. As a business, you can extract the data and constructive feedback from the trainees to analyze the efficiency of a training program deployed by your organization. So, if you are on your way to hiring mobile app developers to develop HR management apps, make sure you get one for training management too.

Timesheet Management App


As the name suggests, top mobile app development companies offer timesheet management applications that reduce the time the managers invest in going through employee timesheets for the verification of the hours put into executing a job. Using a timesheet management app will help the organization in tracking and monitoring the data required to process the payroll without making any manual entries. The managers also get the leverage to approve the timesheets for payroll without going through them for hours. All the best mobile app development companies in the USA offer this type of app in their HRMS bundle. 

Time off Management App


It always gets hectic when the managers or HR executives are supposed to approve time off for the employees on paper. Instead of that, organizations can go for time off management applications that let them easily manage the time off requests raised by the employees. It also allows the business to arrange the requests for time offs from different employees on the basis of priority, approve or reject the requests, and even track the process. The time off management applications can also be used to check if the employee has a sufficient amount of leave in their bucket or not. 

Performance Review App


Team managers are supposed to perform multiple duties as a part of their job. Keeping a check and updating the employee performance appraisal is not a high-priority thing for managers, and it’s the bitter truth. In this situation, having an application for the performance review of employees could help the HR department to notify the manager when they are supposed to have a look at the performance of an employee. It is suggested that all businesses should go for HR management app development companies that also develop this type of application. 

Attendance Management App


As a business, you can even get duped by your own employees when it comes to wage theft issues pulled with the help of applications that work in synchronicity with your biometric devices, payroll systems, and even physical time clocks. Attendance management applications allow businesses to create unique time schedules, week offs, workweeks, and holidays list based on the requirement. Make sure that the custom software development services providing company you are relying on offers an attendance management application too. 

Employee Self Service App


Employee self service apps are a crucial part of the HR management app development fraternity. These applications allow businesses to provide self-service capabilities that can help in organizing, engaging, and fulfilling the digital requirements of their employees on a global level. These applications also help streamline different tasks like organizational charting, training requests, and networking. These apps are so in demand these days that most of the best mobile app development companies in the USA offer the same with their HRMS bundle. 

Employee Offboarding App


The employee offboarding app is as important as an employee onboarding app is for a business. These applications help the HR department to process and record all employee terminations. The HR department can organize exit interviews, and the finance department can make sure that the leaving employees are removed from the payroll database with the help of the employee offboarding applications. Similarly, the app can also help the team managers in guiding the leaving employee to hand over the company equipment and key cards.

Top 20 HR management Apps at the workplace


  1. Keka HR


Keka HR can be dubbed as one of the best HRMS software available for human resource management. It offers employee-centric solutions for your business. The software is pretty different from the traditional HRMS solutions. Keka HR allows organizations to perform tasks like Asset Management, Email integration, HR and Payroll, Mobile support, Project Management, Exit Management and Separation Management, Performance Management, employee self service management, multi user Login, and Role-based access control. Keka HR offers all the types of applications that you need to get developed if you hire mobile app developers


  1. Wallet HR


Wallet HR is a time management software solution provider for businesses. It offers Hr solutions ranging from recruitment to retirement cycle of employees in an organization. The app can serve as one of the best options for large-scale as well as small-scale businesses. It comes with features like a help desk, Reimbursement management, recruitment management, shift management, and a lot more. The application is available for Windows and Android, and it offers customization, mobile support, and API. You can also hire mobile app developers to customize the application. 


  1. Qandle

Qandle can be said to be the HR app that is sufficient for all the employees, Human Resource managers, and even the leaders of the organization. It provides an entirely configurable application with a fully functional mobile application. The app offers features like Exit Management and Separation Management, HR and Payroll, Multiuser Login, Role-based access control, Expense Management, Document Management, Audit Trail, Email Integration, Inventory Management, etc. It offers Live support, Email support, Training, tickets, and more. You can also head to the best mobile app development companies in the USA after purchasing it, as the app also offers customizations. 


  1. Freshteam


Freshteam is one of the best solutions for the Human Resource department of your business that wants to find new talent. The app helps in scheduling interviews and even sending out status updates that the HR team needs to streamline team-building processes. It ships with features like interview management, job requisition, job posting, collaboration tools, candidate management, bulk resume parsing, and resume search. The app is compatible with the Windows operating system, MacOS, and Android. Freshteam also supports multiple languages, including French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, and more. 


  1. Grove HR


The Grove HR can be said to be an HRIS platform developed for businesses that are growing at high speed. The application is available on both mobile-based and cloud-based platforms, and it automates HR tasks and boosts the employee experience of the company. The features offered by Grove HR are performance management, time tracking, applicant tracking, time and attendance management, employee database, mobile support, document management, workflow administration, and more. 


  1. HRMantra


HRMantra is a decent human resource and payroll software that helps automate the highly complicated tasks of the HR department. It includes features like Expense management, project management, shift management, task management, reminders, resume search, timesheet management, interview management, overtime tracking, compliance management, multi-currency, payroll integration, balance scorecards, MIS reports, incentive management, reporting, integration with biometric, excel import, and more. You can also hire mobile app developers to customize the applications. 


  1. SmartH2R


SmartH2R is an employee and domain-centric HRMS solution that helps streamline HR activities. The application is available on both cloud and on-premises, coupled with built-in analytics. It is beneficial for startups, enterprises, agencies, and SMEs. The app provides support to the customers via Email. It is compatible with web app setup, Windows operating system, and mobile support. The application offers language support in English and Kannada. 


  1. Oorwin


Oorwin is an integrated SaaS platform that offers features that help in smoothening recruitment processes. The application comes with features like expense management, statutory compliance, bulk resume parsing, contact management, shift management, mobile application, HR and payroll, document management, email templates, help desk, application integration, social recruiting, internal HR, job board integration, self service portal, eligibility management. It offers support via Email, training, tickets, live support, phone, and Email. 


  1. Zimyo


Zimyo can be dubbed as one of the best employee experience platforms that offer HR management solutions to HR managers. Features offered by the application are payroll management, performance management, online tests and psychometric tests, employee self service management, exit management, separation management, bonus, loan, advance management, attendance management, and more. The application is compatible with platforms like a web app, Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Zimyo app too. You can also opt for IT consulting services for customization of the app. 


  1. Timelabs professional


Timelabs professional is for organizations that deal in a multi-branch setup. The HR management processes can be smoothly operated by the app with features like Employee database, mobile app, employee management, HR and payroll, shift management, exit management and separation management, arrears calculation, multiuser login and role-based access control, time tracking, key performance indicators, employee lifecycle management, geo-tracking, leave tracking, letter generation, and more. The application is compatible with a web app, Windows, Android, and iOS. 


  1. Engagedly


Engagedly is a cloud-based HCM solution that integrates multiple types of HR applications to offer a full-fledged solution. This application allows the employees to get their appraisal ratings and offers the managers to keep a tab on the team’s performance via a dashboard. Features offered by Engagedly are an employee database, performance management, self service portal, payroll management, social learning, gamification, learning paths, built-in course authoring, etc. It is compatible with platforms like Android, iOS, and web-based interfaces.


  1. PCRecruiter


The PCRecruiter is an ATS/CRM hybrid solution for the purpose of sourcing and recruiting professionals. It offers tools that help in the management of hiring contacts, open positions, and associated activity logs. Features offered apps like CRM, resume database, workflow management, job management, recruitment management, candidate profiles, applicant tracking, self service portal, onboarding, resume search, and more. It is compatible with Cloud, SaaS, Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems. 


  1. ApplicantStack


As the name suggests, ApllicantStack is more of a tracking system that offers solutions to the real-world problems human resource managers face. The application includes features like calendar synchronization, a careers page, background screening, collaboration tools, configurable workflow, boolean search, assessment management, activity tracking, notifications, approval process control, candidate tracking, recruitment management, candidate profiles, onboarding, performance management, training management, and more.


  1. emPerform


emPerform can be said to be a hybrid employee performance management solution that aids in automating performance reviews along with aligning, developing, and retaining talent. Features offered by the application are reporting, activity dashboard, appraisal history, assessment management, commenting, customizable branding, competency management, approval process control, notifications, benchmarking, etc. 


  1. iRecruit


iRecruit can be said to be a cloud-based HCM solution that lets the HR department post and track positions via computer or do the same remotely via a smartphone. Other features offered by the application are Internal HR, self service portal, social media integration, email templates, interview scheduling, resume parsing, job posting, workflow management, and more. It is compatible with operating systems like Android, Cloud, SaaS, web-based, and Windows. 


  1. Zoho recruit


Zoho recruit is one of the easiest to use and sorted HRMS solutions. It is developed in consideration for a modern workforce that aids in hiring the appropriate candidates faster. The application offers interview management, candidate management, workflow management, analytics, resume database, job requisition posting, bulk resume parsing, jobs board integration, social recruiting, search jobs, multi-language support, predictive analytics, job description creation, and more. 


  1. Hively


Hively is a cloud-based HRMS solution that is perfect for small, midsize, and large enterprises. The Hively application offers features like complaint monitoring, mention management, recognition tracking, social recognition, rewards points, poll management, mention management, and a lot more. The application is compatible with cloud-based, SaaS, and web-based applications. 


  1. HROne


HROne is a complete HR management process package suitable for enterprises, agencies, SMEs, and startups. It offers features like asset management, attendance management, document management, employee self service management, expense management, mobile support, exit management, separation management, and a lot more. The application provides support via phone, training, live support, tickets, and Email. It is compatible with Mac, Web App, Windows operating system, Android, and iOS. You can also hire mobile app developers to customize the HR management app. 


  1. Sage HR


Sage HR offers some of the best employee database management features and reduces the challenges that an HR department faces every day. The features offered by the application are project management, recruitment management, pay slip, leave management, multi-language support, applicant tracking, data security, survey management, employee self service management, exit management and separation management, payroll management, survey management, etc. It is compatible with mobile platforms like Android, iOS, and the Sage HR application. It has multiple languages support, including English, Arabic, Azerbaijani, Czech, Estonian, and more. 


  1. HRAPP

HRAPP is a solution based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. It lets the HR department streamline different processes, like support for 300+ biometric devices. This application can be the best choice for freelancers, enterprises, SMEs, Startups, and agencies. It provides support by Email, phone, live support, tickets, and training. The application is compatible with Windows, web apps, and Android. 

It ships with features like payroll management, shift management, task management, training management, workflow administration, mobile app, asset management, employee self service management, online tests, and psychometric tests, time and attendance management, recruitment management, statutory management, application tracking, salary information and history, grievance management, letter generation, TDS calculation, offer management, MIS reports, and a lot more to mention. 



Any business can leverage the HR management app development services offered by different companies. These HRMS and HCM solutions offer decent services to ease out the problems faced by the Human Resource development team. With HR management applications, you can develop an ecosystem where there is no delay in the human resource management-related stuff.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is HR management software?


HR or human resource management software can be said to be an application that helps the HR department of a company to manage and streamline all the processes related to benefits, payroll, employee tracking, and other necessary stuff. These types of applications are offered by all the best mobile app development companies in the USA for executing hassle-free HR services. These applications also use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to make working more efficient. One thing to mention here is that all these applications are packaged as HRMS software or HRIS software and are sold in groups. 

What are the types of HR management applications?


There are multiple types of HR applications that are used to solve different problems related to the working of the human resource department in companies. 

There are multiple types of applications based on human resource management, including employee information systems, new staff hiring requests, applicant tracking, employee onboarding, timesheet management, employee offboarding, Time off management, training management, attendance management, employee self-service, and performance reviews.

So if you are buying an HRMS package from any of the best mobile app development companies in the USA, then make sure it has all the types of applications. Moreover, there are multiple IT consulting services that provide you with insight regarding which of the mentioned applications will be required for your business. 

What is the requirement of HR management applications?


If you are one of the top mobile app development companies or you are aspiring to be one, delivering an amazing HR application for the human resource needs of your client. For that, you first need to understand why a client needs an HR management application so that you can deliver better results when it comes to the development part. Here are the issues that one tries to solve via HR management applications:

  • Human capital improvement: Organizations that want HRMS applications to see the growth of their employees. These apps help in the development of incentive programs and personnel document flow.
  • Streamlined management of business processes: Human resource management applications help in managing HR processes like employee records maintenance, payroll, personnel solutions, and a lot more.