The Best EDI Solution Providers in USA – Top 10

A3Logics 20 Sep 2023

In a world, where “Data” is considered the new oil and around 2.5 quintillion bytes worth of data is generated every single day, it would take around 181 million years to download all the data we have even in this 5G era. Finding the best EDI solution providers in the USA is like discovering a map to success. Just imagine that you’re a business owner or manager, and you’ve heard about the revolutionary benefits of EDI. You also know how it can make your daily operations more efficient and your communication with partners seamless. Since there are a lot of options out in the market. There might arise a huge confusion about which one to choose for. 


Well, don’t worry we have got everything figured out just for you. We have thoroughly researched the market, consulted industry experts, and surveyed a lot of case studies. And now, we’ve listed the 10 best EDI solutions providers in the USA for you. So let’s begin!!


What is an EDI Service Provider?


Let’s understand this in a very simple way, imagine you’re into online gaming. You want to play an online game with your friend, but the only concern is that your friend is far away from you in a different city. Let’s assume you are in New York and our friend is in Chicago. You need a strong internet connection to accomplish that, right? However, occasionally your internet may not function completely, which can make the game sluggish and annoying.


Now, think of businesses as players in a different kind of game. They need to share important information with each other like orders for products or invoices for payment. But just like your internet connection can be slow, sharing this information between businesses can also be slow and complicated.


So that is where an EDI service provider comes in.  Electronic Data Interchange allows businesses to exchange data efficiently using computers. And the EDI provider is a  company that makes sure this sharing happens smoothly and quickly. It acts as an intermediary which allows secure information exchange between businesses.


Top EDI solution providers in USA


There are a huge number of top EDI solution providers in the USA market. Businesses have to choose wisely how to choose the best EDI solution provider. Below is the list of top EDI providers who can help to simplify and streamline your business operations. Have a look:


1. A3Logics


Founded in 2003, A3logics has firmly established its position as a key player in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) service providers in the USA. Offering the one-stop solutions for the complete EDI solutions. A3logics has earned its place among the top 10 EDI solution providers in the country. 


A3logics’ inclusion in the top 10 EDI solution providers in the USA is not a mere coincidence. They have a serious commitment to excellence. It doesn’t matter weather you are a startup or a tech giant, there is something for everyone.  With the trust they have created with their ability to deliver real solutions that drive efficiency and collaboration. Whether your business prefers cloud-based or on-premises solutions, A3Logics offers the flexibility you need to thrive in a digitally transforming world. Let’s have a look at the key factors one by one.



Key Factors
Experience in the Domain
A3logics has more than 2 decades of experience in providing EDI services. With years of experience under its belt. Their long-standing presence signifies deep industry knowledge and reliability.
Extensive Services
Offering a wide range of EDI services, A3Logics provides solutions to diverse business needs. From software to cloud, they cover it all.
Proven Track Record
The proven track record, positive client reviews, and testimonials serve as a testament to A3Logics’ success in delivering effective EDI solutions.
Proactive Onboarding
A3Logics takes the hassle out of onboarding by assuming full responsibility for the process. From initial vendor contact to testing and training.
Proper Monitoring
The efficient monitoring ensures the smooth exchange of documents ultimately minimizing performance issues and disruptions.
In house Expertise
A3Logics offers flexibility with EDI solutions, allowing businesses to choose in-house setups to suit their preferences.


By choosing A3Logics as your EDI partner, you’re not just investing in a service provider. You’re investing in a seamless and efficient supply chain that gives a kick-start to your business at the forefront of digital transformation


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2. Data Interchange


Data Interchange, a pioneer of data communication technology, holds more than 35 years of experience in electronic data interchange (EDI).  At Data Interchange, the approach is driven by a modern EDI-as-a-Service model. 


This encompasses the use of EDI managed services and self-service tools enabled by cloud access that provides a flexible and customizable approach to EDI. Their cloud-based Web EDI (Darwin Hub) and VAN EDI solutions (DiNet) make adopting our solutions easy for your trading partners while our managed services provide on-demand expertise, support integration services translation services along with other benefits. Not forgetting consulting for businesses looking for help improving their strategic vision!


Data Interchange listens carefully to its customers and values their feedback on their EDI managed services. Offering Complete EDI Solutions and tailoring our self-service offerings in line with the changing needs of customers. 


As a subject matter expert capable of servicing large enterprises alike, Data Interchange’s approach aims to identify innovative methods of improving processes. Offering both off-the-shelf products as well as customized solutions tailored specifically to each of their unique requirements.


3. MuleSoft


Mulesoft stands out as a remarkable EDI Service Provider on this list. Their Anypoint Platform for B2B integration enables the modernization of your EDI solutions with APIs. Moving beyond point-to-point integrations to simplify information sharing within networks. Mulesoft provides a solution that connects any party regardless of their systems or applications, with rapid onboarding of new stakeholders, popular protocols, message-logging capabilities, and much more. Mulesoft is the perfect solution for traders with extensive trading networks who require managing multiple solutions simultaneously. A free trial version is available through their website.




Youredi provides an iPaaS (integration Platform as a Service) ideal for electronic data interchange (EDI). The cloud-based integration platform enables connectivity across any systems or applications, be they hosted in the cloud or on-premise, connecting all to enable data transfer that can take place real-time (or be scheduled or batch processed).


Youredi’s B2B integration solution comes equipped with data governance tools designed to safeguard the quality of data. In order to avoid errors in transmissions and reduce errors within messages, all messages are validated against customers’ business rules before being forwarded back for enrichment by Youredi.


Youredi provides highly scalable integration platforms that meet changing integration needs with ease, quickly onboarding new partners. Their professional services and support teams oversee everything. Though exchange occurs via cloud technology, Youredi does not own your data. Built on Microsoft Azure platform for maximum security and reliability when exchanging business-critical information.


5. Celo


Cleo provides modern businesses with reliable and best EDI solutions that enable faster partner onboarding and increased visibility. So they can create the connections that work for them best. Cleo claims to have created and refined an EDI technology engine. Which has been rigorously market-tested over a decade on one of the largest deployment platforms available. Their solution can easily integrate with business applications on-premise or in the cloud. Their flexible yet easy-to-use integrated platform maximizes growth, agility, and flexibility to support business strategies and future challenges.


But here’s where Cleo goes a step further – their EDI solution isn’t confined to just one specific platform. It’s like having a versatile tool that can adapt to different workspaces. 


What makes Cleo’s integrated platform even more enticing is its flexibility. It’s like having a toolbox with all the essential tools neatly organized and easily accessible. It maximizes growth, agility, and adaptability, providing crucial support for various business strategies and preparing organizations to tackle future challenges head-on.


6. Cyop Consulting


Cyop is designed for small & mid-sized companies looking to boost business efficiency at reduced costs. While expediting payments faster. They provide a seamless implementation of EDI software for document exchange, which reduces human interaction while eliminating paper storage costs.


Cyop has dedicated EDI professionals who work closely with its customers to plan. Also, they implement complex EDI processes to connect with global trading partners. Following a structured methodology approach for implementation success. They ensure their EDI implementation reaches completion at each step for maximum return on investment in EDI technology.


Cyop provides an EDI implementation process with integrated translator and document mapping features. To optimize workflow & transaction performance, along with an extensive range of cloud EDI services. Such as VAN connectivity, maintenance of in-house systems, and extensions to current ones.


7. Adeptia


Adeptia is renowned for providing strong and trustworthy EDI integration services to streamline, improve, and automate company procedures. Their integration technologies help them make decisions more quickly and are more responsive to customer needs. By reducing inventory shortages, canceling projects, and providing real-time visibility into B2B EDI transactions. 


With automation system data flow that requires little to no human interaction, Adeptia’s EDI integration solution is exceptional.  By automating the mapping between sources and targets. Adeptia’s cutting-edge EDI integration solutions enable teams to execute EDI transactions more quickly and with less effort. Adeptia’s EDI integration services offer exception & error-handling services, self-service integration, EDI-XML integration, internal application integration directly, broad support for data transfer alternatives, and decreased cost in addition to automating the most complicated procedures.


8. TrueCommerce


TrueCommerce provides managed electronic data interchange solutions for international business partners, including EDI-managed service and B2B E-commerce. You can maximize sales and order value by achieving EDI compliance with all of your suppliers with the aid of those solutions.


For quick connections with any trading partners, TrueCommerce provides over 92,000 global trading partner maps. You can connect with their partners through a directory they provide.


You don’t want to miss the fantastic client success stories, the useful information center, and the in-depth descriptions of the EDI solutions offered on their website. Additionally, you may arrange a demo to observe the solutions in use.


9. Bableway


Babelway is an innovative mechanism for automating 2b2 document flows between partners who use various data formats and transmission techniques. The following advantages are provided by the business to its clients:  It is simple to connect any two IT systems, translate between any two document formats, integrate new partners or documents, and support new technologies and standards without having to update software.


The solution’s users will then be able to link anything or anyone, translate from or into any data type, modify data with ease, manage document flows, produce reports, and securely archive.


Before deciding to buy their product, Babelway offers a free 30-day trial so that you may try it out for yourself. It is simple to assess which is the best answer for you thanks to their transparent pricing. They also provide customized, big, even bigger, and little solutions.


10. SPS Commerce


You can rapidly set up your initial connections to send messages thanks to the web-based nature and simple interface of SPS Commerce’s EDI solution. The transmission takes place through VAN, AS2, or other communication protocols. 


What’s more impressive is that SPS Commerce’s EDI solution is incredibly flexible. It seamlessly integrates with various fulfillment models, adapting to the unique requirements of different businesses. Whether you’re handling traditional retail, e-commerce, or a combo of both, SPS Commerce ensures that your EDI needs are not just met but exceeded. It’s like having the perfect tool that fits snugly in your toolkit, ready to tackle any EDI challenge that comes your way. They’ve created a vast network where communication flows effortlessly, making your business operations smoother and more efficient than ever before.


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How to Select The Best EDI Service Provider?


Among the best options available, picking the best EDI provider might be difficult. It’s crucial to keep in mind that choosing the appropriate provider might imply the difference between process improvements and an undesirable experience. The important things to consider before starting any EDI program are listed below. 


  1. Connections and integrations


Each solution offers various connection possibilities; therefore, you should evaluate which connections your business requires before verifying whether the EDI Solution provider can assist with them.


Next, evaluate what integrations of ERP, business systems and EDI solutions. Assess whether updating is required if an integrated solution is sought out.


As integrated solutions within an ERP are simpler to manage and track than isolated islands of technology that need to be connected to another piece of software, when selecting solutions make sure to verify whether or not they integrate seamlessly into your ERP.


  1. In-house or Cloud-Based EDI Solution, do they fulfill your preference?


Establishing on-premise EDI requires specialists and infrastructure in-house, making this kind of deployment suitable for businesses with fewer trading partners that share similar EDI standards and formats.


Cloud-based EDI works via an external network, making the process more suitable for businesses that lack experience or internal resources to manage EDI transactions, organizations with multiple trading partner connections in different formats or standards, or businesses looking for greater scalability.


Once you make up your mind, check with potential EDI providers on how their solution works and whether or not it fits with your current and future infrastructure. Whichever path you take, ensure it can integrate seamlessly.


  1. Pricing Model


Pricing is often the determining factor when it comes to business decisions. Most Managed EDI Providers offer three pricing models – pay-as-you-go, monthly or annual subscription – when choosing an embedded solution; most service providers charge annual subscription fees while those opting for VAN providers who specialize in everything from EDI mapping and translation charge per transaction instead.


When discussing pricing with an EDI services provider, be wary of any hidden or additional charges like character limits, free VAN service, mapping fees or record length restrictions. For larger data exchange projects it might be beneficial to look at all-inclusive packages.


So to determine EDI cost effectively, it’s necessary to first assess the volume of data exchange. By doing this, you can select the pricing model which most aligns with your business environment.


  1. Security of the Platform


Security has become an increasing concern as cyber attacks threaten business stability and cause losses, so it’s imperative that your EDI provider offers a safe platform as you will exchange crucial documents with business partners using it. Request proof of accreditations or certifications so as to feel secure using them.


  1. What software do they provide?


Outdated EDI technology that requires manual entry processing may become less effective as your company expands and business transactions increase. Pre-configured maps can ease data exchange; for instance, when an EDI user posts their packing slip for processing by the system, which then processes and sends off to its correct trading partner as an EDI message in the background.


As a best practice, check with your business partners on what formats are being used before inquiring with an EDI provider on what formats their solution can support. Furthermore, it is wise to inquire as to whether translation services will be offered when import/export services for documents received from customers/vendors are utilized.


  1. Customer Support and Downtime


An EDI solution failure could impede on receiving or sending key documents, so this becomes an essential aspect to consider. If for example you receive an order but the customer doesn’t get a response in time then that could result in lost business revenue if not adequately protected with response times stated within your EDI agreement as this could ensure downtime penalties don’t happen as frequently.


Your expectations of an acceptable downtime are likely clear, yet it is still wise to check whether your EDI solution has adequate backup plans and processes in place should this situation arise. Also clarify whether any support from teams during downtimes should be expected.


As part of your global operations, ensuring business continuity requires 24/7 EDI support services if different time zones operate within the organization. If multiple formats exist within, translation services might also be required if different regions need them.


  1. Does the provider prioritize customer needs, and offer user-friendly solutions?


Before scheduling a demo with an EDI provider, be sure to inquire as to their resources and processes for handling issues during and post implementation. Additionally if any customizations may be required be sure that this can be accommodated by them.


EDI mapping and data management should be straightforward with an automated platform, eliminating manual data sorting time. Add business partners easily while making use of our solution a breeze; for instance, our customers regularly give feedback on tutorials embedded within it for onboarding purposes – these make onboarding simpler!


  1. Experience


Electronic data interchange (EDI) has proven immensely efficient across various industries due to the standard formats it supports. Automotive industries use different formats than food or retail companies for example, so an EDI provider who understands your particular sector will likely already understand its unique formats and have connections within that circle of trading partners.


  1. Growth and adapt with respect to your Business


A high-quality EDI solution should allow you to expand and add new EDI business relationships such as customers, vendors and warehouses easily. Should your business decide to scale, the EDI provider should be capable of handling changes smoothly while an expedited onboarding process for all your vendors and customers can help get things up and running more quickly.


EDI in Industries


  1. Add-On Services


What additional services does your EDI Provider offers you? Going back and forth between vendors for EDI can be time consuming and inconveniencing. As your business expands and needs evolve, if an additional service like Master Data Management becomes essential. Will your EDI service provider support this feature? Will their software seamlessly integrate with add-on services like this one? All these questions are necessary when choosing an EDI service provider.


Get Started with the EDI solutions by A3logics


Starting your EDI journey with A3logics is a wise decision for businesses seeking to optimize electronic data interchange processes. A3logics stands itself as a dependable vendor well known for its know-how and dependability in this field. You may rely on a team of EDI specialists at A3Logics to customize solutions to your specific requirements, guaranteeing effectiveness, accuracy, and time savings. They provide safe data exchanges with partners through their reliable and strong systems. Their  continuing assistance is easily accessible to keep your EDI operations running smoothly. A3logics is a great option for companies wishing to improve their electronic data interchange capabilities as it is dedicated  to flexibility, effectiveness, and reliability.




In conclusion, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) has become the backbone of efficient data exchange between companies. We’ve explored the top 10 EDI solution providers in the USA. It’s clear that these providers are very proficient and masters in offering customized, reliable, and secure EDI services. But when it comes to selecting the best EDI service provider for your business. It is recommended to consider your complete requirements, budget, and the EDI Service provider’s expertise. A3Logics, as one of the standout options, offers a comprehensive EDI solution with a reputation in the industry. As you start looking for an EDI services provider , keep in mind the importance of finding the right partner to streamline your data exchange processes and providing success. 




What is EDI?


EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a method for businesses to exchange information electronically in a standardized format. It streamlines tasks like sharing orders and invoices between different companies’ computer systems.


What are the types of EDI?


There are three main types of EDI:


  • Web-based EDI: Uses web platforms for data exchange.
  • EDI via VAN (Value-Added Network): Adds a secure middleman for data transmission.
  • Direct EDI: Connects directly to a partner’s system for data exchange.


Why Hire an EDI Service Provider?


Hiring an EDI solution provider brings expertise to set up, manage, and secure your electronic data exchange. They save you time, reduce errors, and enhance efficiency, acting as valuable resource.


How to Choose The Right EDI Solution Provider?


To pick the right EDI provider, assess your business needs and budget, review their industry experience, customization options, and support quality. Seek recommendations and read reviews to make an informed choice.


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