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A3Logics 20 Apr 2023


Making businesses run more efficiently is nearly always a top-line need for organizations. Whether it’s improving output or resolving procedural issues, the objective is to make core activities feel effortless. All in all, software that does this is a win for every organization no matter the industry. In the current software market, a must-have program is enrollment management software. As a matter of fact, this is apparent in recent figures that show this is a trending global market. What’s more, this market will potentially reach a forecast value of $2.48 billion USD by 2030. Specifically this is more than double its value at the beginning of the growth period of 2017-2030!

In this A3logics blog we’ll explore the following points of how Enrollment Management Software helps build more profitable businesses:


  • The development history of enrollment management software
  • 10 ways businesses can increase profits with enrollment management software
  • The technical features of enrollment management software that boost profits
  • The unexpected business benefits of enrollment management software beyond profits


Following this blog we will have a thorough explanation of how businesses use this software and how growth happens. In brief, this is a guide to leveraging enrollment management software in a profit strategy.


The development history of enrollment management software


To begin, let’s look at the history of this software. Overall this software is currently in use across a range of industries. Basically any organization — commercial and non-commercial — now turns to enrollment management software.


Because of the scale of the software, it’s a robust and reliable product that is changing the way many organizations operate. Accordingly, experts in both HR and the wider business market consider this a vital tool in 21st century operations. Furthermore, as technology develops more and more rapidly, it’s essential that businesses and organizations onboard sooner rather than later. To clarify, this is because of the extent of processes and tasks that are manageable in this software. Equally, this is also because of the employee benefits in two areas. Firstly, the software helps all employees with remuneration. Secondly, use leads to positive outcomes for HR team members and management. Summing up this impact, we can see that enrollment management software enables the delivery of 360-degree professional solutions.


Since the introduction of enrollment management software in the last 20 years, we’ve seen technology become increasingly powerful. In time it is also more sophisticated, intelligent, and user-friendly. What’s more, developers in this space are working with the technology available and building better products every single year. In view of the tech developments at hand, the current era of software integrates AI and is highly user-friendly. As Alejandro Martinez Agenjo declares for Benefits Pro, this is a software vertical that is not immune to trends. “HR has been riding the tech wave just like every other industry, and there’s no end in sight.”

open enrollment software

10 ways businesses can increase profits with enrollment management software


In this next section, we have a practical overview of open enrollment software features. On account of the technical nature of this topic, we’ll delve further into the specific returns for businesses. In short, hits the nail on the head with the following statement. “Having access to simple enrolment platforms and easy to understand plan information saves employees and HR staff countless emails and hours.”


Ten ways enrollment management software can increase profits


1. Quality information availability


An ongoing challenge for businesses today is getting the right information to their stakeholders. Even if they have strong communication practices in-person, on email, and on intranets, it’s still a common problem. Henceforth access to the information user interface (UI) of enrollment management software truly makes a difference in daily operations. Instead of information silos about high-level employee benefits, information is consistently current and available to both employees and management. In like fashion this empowers employees to make decisions and frees HR for other support operations. Since this standardizes communication everyone knows where to find information. Thus it reduces any dissatisfaction around how communication is happening.

In order to see the profit benefits of this, we can look at the objectives of having enrollment management software. Firstly, consider how accurate and consistent communication around enrollments ensures team members properly receive their benefits. Straightaway this focuses employees and they can proceed with their roles and not waste time following up on memos. Secondly, think of how this eliminates time-consuming conversations and correspondence for HR personnel. In due time, they can be supporting employees who need assistance with their specific benefits. Additionally HR can also be working with management to find new opportunities to build profit. Without a doubt this quality information feature supports all areas of businesses so employees can focus and engage.


2. User-friendly systems


Similarly to the availability of information, user-friendly systems are a positive reinforcer of what the business is offering employees. Subsequently, this feeds in to how all employees work — both the general team and HR who oversee remuneration. In either case, user-friendly systems are in line with people completing their work and their employee tasks without complaint. In fact, there is documentation that poor systems actually lead to a decrease in productivity and disengagement. Furthermore there is a greater risk to productivity if the system is a team’s only access point to their benefits.

Indeed user-friendly systems are essential. Specifically in enrollment management systems this ties to the software’s user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). For instance, an employee who can confidently and painlessly navigate to their benefits enrollment entitlements are likely to feel positive. Conversely, an employee who is dealing with an old, cumbersome system is likely to feel bitter about their entire job. Particularly when we consider that employees largely choose and stay with their employer because of the benefits, this is crucial. Certainly they will then engage in their role meaningfully while also staying with a business for longer. At length this supports businesses in retaining quality team members and a fruitful work environment.

3. Streamlining access from anywhere and at any time


Building upon the previous two points, many workplaces are now either partially or entirely remote. Undoubtedly this means that systems need to function reliably and not require HR to jump on Zoom to resolve issues. Despite the normalization of remote work, many businesses still don’t quite have systems where they need to be. Correspondingly this is frustrating for staff if they cannot access benefits information or lock in their enrollments easily. At any rate, this is a reasonable and basic expectation for staff yet it hinders the work output of many teams.

At the same time if employees have issues with their enrollment management systems not working this applies to everyone. Explicitly, this means that even HR cannot complete their responsibilities either. Whether they are remote or working hybrid, this is likely to be costly. Because it ties up a range of employee-centric and business activities, the negative impacts are costly. Balanced against the decision to invest in quality, reliable software, it makes sense for businesses to choose reliable software. When we say this, the expectation is that enrollment management software securely functions no matter where employees are working. In the long run this streamlines the business and employees have an optimistic outlook about the overall organization.

4. Data management


Fourthly, let’s address the matter of data management. In reality, this affects all stakeholders inclusive of employee teams across the business and even external parties. In the event that there is ineffective data management we can be sure that this will cost profits. At the present time, data management ties in to cybersecurity and organizational security. Emphatically, incorrect and ineffective data management can reflect the business’s organizational processes. Being that perception unchecked becomes reality, this can have a direct impact on profits and the health of the business.

Hence, data management in enrollment management software contributes to its value. Notwithstanding the infrastructure itself, modern iterations of this software are effective as they are extremely straightforward yet robust. For the same reason mobile apps and other technology are successfully minimalistic in design, an easily understood UX eliminates issues. For instance, functionality actually increases with an essentials-only UI that keeps users on-track. On the whole this can drive profits as all data management can happen as per the business design. Instead of user errors affecting sensitive and private data, the system is entirely purpose-built for managing data. Therefore data management actually winds up having somewhat of a ‘set and forget’ functionality that dovetails in with profit objectives.

5. Data security


Following on from data management is the more technical aspect of data security. At least every business will either face or is facing issues with data security. Being that this is part of cybersecurity in the 21st century it can have tremendous flow-on to profits. When businesses opt for enrollment management software the likelihood is that their platform will have robust security features. Due to the increase in system power and AI integrations, data security is now very reliable. Subsequently businesses can rely on this software for data management and data security. So long as there is a consistent cybersecurity and digital literacy framework in place, enrollment management software works well.

Conversely, it’s important to note how the data security works and can boost profits. Owing to data security features in enrollment management software data is largely only accessible to users with authority. On the whole, this means that it is difficult for users without applicable credentials to access data. Moreover this is customizable so individual employees should only be able to access their own records while HR has broader access. In the meantime, the data security features also automatically create an audit trail that demonstrates data access history. Overall this helps protect and grow profits as the business can proceed in activities with the knowledge that there is security.

6. All-in-one cybersecurity

Compared to the benefit of data security, the profit benefits of all-in-one cybersecurity are more specialist again. Because this deals with formally integrating enrollment management software into cybersecurity processes and frameworks, technical features are important. As shown above, data security is a core requirement of this type of software. At the same time, cybersecurity processes should overlap and work in conjunction with this. For instance, all users should uphold data security when accessing the system and they should also follow best practice cybersecurity. For that reason, the all-in-one security features of enrollment management software mean users need to have strong passwords. Given that, systems can require users to change their passwords regularly and also input multi-factor authentication credentials.

In addition to the user aspect, businesses can also utilize the reporting functions of the software to manage their cybersecurity. Rather than simply wait out an absence of attacks or breaches, using the intelligent software features involves regular reports. At the same time businesses can monitor the integrity of their systems to prevent issues that would affect their profits. By and large, breach costs are debilitating and it can be impossible for businesses to recover. Evidently then using the cybersecurity options in the software reduces vulnerabilities and even weaknesses.

7. HR task management including compliance


At this time, a foundational technical feature of enrollment management software is HR task management. In summary this often includes the employee benefits enrollment, recruitment, onboarding, and compliance. Crucially compliance is a sticking point in many cases as it involves complex legislative policies. In short, compliance requires attention-to-detail, consistency, and fastidiousness. In reality, the worst case scenario for businesses is the risk of fines and costly errors like misapplying industrial law. Therefore the technical features of enrollment management software that help uphold compliance lead to protecting profits and businesses. In like manner it also ensures employees are working in a safe, fair environment.


With this intention, we must emphasize that the compliance functionalities of enrollment management software is of massive benefit. Equally, it helps businesses complete key, obligatory processes so they operate properly. Up to the present time, prior to this software, there was extra pressure on HR. Both managing their administrative workload and adhering to compliance legal standards is an extensive professional responsibility. Altogether enrollment management software helps them complete all areas of their roles more effectively and efficiently while protecting the business.

8. Automation opportunities

After that fact about compliance and HR task management, it’s urgent that we address automation opportunities. In essence, the aspect around compliance links in with automation. Whether it’s managing tasks through scheduling reports or adding in compliance law updates to the HR dashboard, automation is omnipresent. What’s more, automation in enrollment management software platforms is key to business profits. Previously businesses might be entirely unable to undertake actual profitable activities due to administrative backlogs. On the contrary, they can now restructure their business operations and staff responsibilities to offer better conditions that free resources.

On the negative side there is some distrust and cynicism about any kind of automation. In that case, for our article here, our perspective is that enrollment management software helps businesses as well as employees. Unquestionably, this software niche targets the vast demands of businesses to operate in the current climate. In spite of resource challenges and rising costs of business, software can assist with managing tasks while reorganizing workplaces. To that end that automation negatively impacts businesses it may be that how they operate evolves rather than declines completely. In the meantime, enrollment management software features automate business activities that already consume significant resources. All in all, this is an opportunity for growth and profits that may benefit all stakeholders.

9. Report analysis


Next let’s look at the report functionality of enrollment management software. When businesses use reports to learn about their employee benefits enrollment they can derive invaluable information. At any rate these reports deliver information about enrollments, scale and speed of enrollments, access frequency, and more. At the same time businesses can then complete their own analysis or use in-built AI analytics to extrapolate data. Evidently there are nearly always insights via monthly, quarterly, annually, and multi-annual reports. Eventually the extent of data helps businesses plan their activities both for their employees and for their target market. Coupled with other market data and their own records, they make data-rich decisions.
Earlier we were also delving into how data management helps businesses. Altogether the report functionality supports data management as well as it’s the next phase of organizing business activities. Especially as businesses grow there are opportunities to keep using reports and data management to drill into targeting the market. Markedly this can lead to new growth in the business itself and employees innovating within their roles or as teams.

10. Better remuneration uptake creating more productivity

Above all businesses can also see profits as they take care of their employees via the open enrollment management software. According to Jessica Dennis at Technology Advice, “In doing so, employers are ensuring employees can make educated decisions when selecting benefits packages while streamlining the process for HR departments.” Due to the customizability, education and transparency features of the software, there are many ways employees benefit and businesses profit. Because good workplaces lead to more productive employees, it makes sense to offer platforms that properly enable reliable benefits enrollment. Rather than giving employees poor systems to navigate and work with to find out about their remuneration, this software rewards.

In brief, benefits available to workers can also improve their capability to work. In addition to health benefits, a standard of many remuneration packages, enrollment offers now include wellbeing and holistic care. Regardless of individual needs, this promotes a positive culture of employees taking care of themselves and businesses thoughtfully supporting needs. Presently many employees say that the benefits package is a predominant factor in how they choose their job. Once they have a quality offer and a user-friendly system for their benefits, they’re able to be more productive. In the same way, this can carry over across the entire organization for extensive productivity and profits, too.

The technical features of enrollment management software that boost profits

In reality, it’s important to understand the technical features that makes this software a profit driver for businesses. Thereafter we can properly understand how integrating these features enhances the macro business operations beyond the area of profits.


Technical features of enrollment management software


AI — Most software we use features AI functionalities. Not only algorithmic user analysis but personalizing the information users see. Analagous to user-friendly systems, this AI will help connect users with the benefits offers that best suit them. Accordingly, this references their unique user data to assist with decisionmaking.


User-friendly UX & UI — Following on from AI, the UX and UI makes using the software a breeze. Also this boosts employee engagement in their benefits enrollment and streamlines how they make their selections. At any rate this connects users with the right benefits, minimizes errors, and keeps all users on track.


Scaleability — Evidently this software is built for scaling. At this time, businesses can select their software according to their current needs. Being that they can adjust and reorganize as they grow, this ensures that the software is always just right. Furthermore, this makes the software more affordable.


Powerful & Robust — Balanced against the scaleability, the features of power and robust engineering are just as important. Both these features and the opportunity to upgrade the platform help businesses maintain profits. After that the software model can actually be part of profit and growth planning.


Customizability — Finally customizability is an attractive feature in every software and mobile app product. Being that each user and every business is unique, this tailoring of every UX/UI will help target needs. By the same token there are no stock standard features that can detract from the UX/UI. In light of the AI features as well, this can make every UX entirely suitable to the individual every time.

The unexpected business benefits of enrollment management software beyond profits


Lastly, there are invaluable business benefits beyond profits. In essence, the unexpectedness of these additional benefits may help drive profits. Conversely many of these qualitative benefits may strengthen the business even if they are not specifically money metrics.

The additional positive business benefits of enrollment management software


Brand integrity — Every business and every organization wants their brand to be well-regarded and well-respected. Given that, having a reputation of employee-centric systems can create healthy, consistent word-of-mouth in the business industry.


Innovation — When businesses are better at managing tasks this leads to innovation. Whether it’s the entire organization or individual team members, this can take the business to the next level. Overall quality tools give employees space to do their best.


Workplace culture — Following on from brand integrity, the internal workings of the business are what make employees feel good. Even though employees look for attractive remuneration and a good work environment, the culture makes a measurable difference. Markedly when everyone is happy and management proactively supports consistent progress this positively impacts the whole team.


Ethical progress — Ensuring people are better taken care of is an important part of caring for employees. In like fashion, dedicating the business’s values to an ethical stance on key issues and operations contributes to this. In short, platforms that include everyone, engage them, and help them receive their entitlements is ethically sound. Thereafter this maintains a fair, reliable workplace for every person no matter their role or seniority.


Stakeholder education and engagement with enrollments opportunities — This ties in with wellbeing as it promotes every person’s right to their benefits enrollments. Whereas it’s tempting to bypass education about remuneration, businesses make this simple and accessible with enrollment management software. In sum this helps employees and their dependents receive their remuneration and feel good about their work benefits. Subsequently this affects far more than just the individual employees of the business.

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In conclusion, enrollment management software is a tool that helps businesses and organizations in extensive ways. While some may consider investing in these platforms a waste of funds, it’s undoubtable that this software helps businesses grow. Equally, a more profitable business helps employees as well and can lead to countless opportunities over time. Unless a business has only a small team, there is a place for enrollment management software in nearly every organization irrespective of their profit model.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How should businesses start using enrollment management software?


Starting using enrollment management software begins with a strategic plan. In the first place, we do not advise simply buying and setting up the software. When working with this software, a deployment plan must be in place. To this end, contact A3logics for a consultation that considers business needs, outlook, profit goals, and target market.

What does enrollment management software cost a business?


Costs for enrollment management software will vary according to the power, scale, customization, and development requirements of the business. Under those circumstances, gaining expert advice is essential. Furthermore meeting with a global team of developers can simplify choosing the software and planning for the platform deployment.

Are there any industries that should not use enrollment management software?


There is no specific industry that should not use enrollment management software. Accordingly it’s worth knowing the standards of the industry of operation as this informs compliance, employee needs, and technical features. Vis a vis the right software, planning for purchase and deployment involves considering all of the industry specifications for success.

Can businesses use in-house or outsourced enrollment management software?


Businesses can choose from either in-house or an outsourced enrollment management software. Overall the recommendation of the solution refers to the specific business needs, industry, benefits available, and more. In this case, taking the time to evaluate organization-wide needs will then inform exactly which solution type is best. In time, meeting with A3logics knowledgeable software development team can help identifying the best solution and how to implement.