Making a Customer App Experience Memorable With a Custom Mobile App Development Company

A3Logics 27 Jan 2023


The customer user experience (UX, also referred to in some contexts as CX) is at the centre of how successful an app development is. As the mobile app market value booms, the projection is that it will reach to a value of $935 billion USD in 2023 . Investing in a high-quality custom product is synonymous with investing in an organization’s customer experience. The rationale is that choosing a custom app is not just investing in the final product when opting to work with a custom mobile app development company; it’s actually investing in the expertise and experience of their team, their development process, their post-deployment support and maintenance services, and the ownership of an entirely unique product that has qualitative and quantitative value. The investment in a custom mobile app is not a standalone purchase with a static, one-off ROI. What we gain is so much more.


In this blog, we’ll explain exactly what is so valuable when a custom mobile app development is chosen for investment. Read on to learn about:


  • Investment in brands with an app
  • The role of a mobile app development company
  • How UX can be memorable and elevate a brand
  • How to choose between a custom or off-the-shelf product when embarking on this type of business asset acquisition


Development of UX custom apps


Defining the role of a mobile app development company when investing in a custom product


Mobile app development is, without question, a costly investment and a lengthy process for all stakeholders. When it comes to the expectations of the organization,  there is obviously an outlook of seeing serious returns on the resources allocated. In the hands of the right mobile app development company, investing in a custom product should only have a positive outcome. “First interactions with users should be designed to encourage lasting connections,” Anne Freer astutely identifies for the site Business of Apps, “Apps must deliver on their promise in order to be successful and be updated in good time.”

Specialist app development companies have the edge in the overall market and in particular for the development of custom products. Inarguably, this is due to their expertise in the industry and the fact that this kind of work is their bread and butter: it’s what they exist to do. In terms of the unexpected value, this is where the experts and their experience is truly priceless.


A custom product that performs in a crowded market benefits from the following skills and unique value proposition that can only be found with a mobile app development company:


  • Specialization in both their area of development and software development as a whole. These skills are adaptable but the work of adept professionals is undeniable
  • Market knowledge that enables unforgettable designs that make an indelible impact
  • Technical nous to comprehend a client’s vision and fulfil it while incorporating all of the dynamic facets of technical, stylistic, optimized, and agile development features


Why investing in a custom mobile app product sets apart a customer experience


When it’s the right company to oversee a custom app development, a natural kind of synergy emerges due to the integration of experience, strategy, resources, and process. Further to this, the strategic investment in  design, development, and maintenance with a custom product for an identified audience is about two areas of revenue generation: the return-on-investment and building overarching profits.

Satisfied, happy customers are major external stakeholders for any organization — commercial, private, non-profit, or government — and an app tailored to their individualized needs is the starting point for success in any mobile app development. This component of the customer experience and overall customer service can’t be ignored nor can it be undervalued.

From information to purchases, applications are a sales, service, and marketing platform that’s entirely unique. Moreover Yahoo! Finance reported in January 2022, via their ReportLinker vertical, that over 90 percent of customers used smart mobile apps as a customer experience channel. Writer Andrew Meola sums this up for Insider with the observation, “In a world of more options and technology seemingly each day, companies need to stay ahead of the curve in order to market themselves effectively, particularly as consumers shift more and more toward mobile devices.” For companies to deliver on their value proposition and reinforce the quality of their brand, a custom app has the edge with the DNA of customer needs built into every single aspect of the interface, visual features, user flow, coding, and design.


Development of UX custom app

Where the value of a custom product from a mobile app development company is worth it


Now let’s discuss the measurable ways that opting for a custom mobile app development company’s services affects the customer experience:


    • Defines customer clearly  — Working with a company to build a custom mobile app should involve detailed research of the target market, competitors, and the unique customer segment.
    • Specific standard of UX  — A high-quality, exceptional UX is consistent across the entire app and in all app features. This is where the designing of an app, line by line of code, entirely for one company and their customers delivers a UX that’s unparalleled.
    • UX and UI are tailor-made  — Designing UX /UI entirely for a specific niche of customers offers a superior experience and interface that ensures the user feels seen, perceived, understood, and cared for. It’s also the facilitator of fast, agile, and responsive interfaces that help users have a more productive, satisfying UX.
    • Market-specific, streamlined customer service features  — Building these out for the customers’ unique needs results in service functionalities that are accessible and resolution-driven. These updations can be for new versions, resolving problems quickly with the support of knowledgable developers and maintenance experts (a key value proposition of any development process).
    • Scaleable products — Offering customization and personalization in platforms rather than limiting by a proforma , front-end and back-end is central to the value of a tailor-made product. As a business grows or changes, there can be adjustments in application  without compromising the features that users love.
    • Better Security Infrastructure — Adding in security layers that are purpose-built for the handling of customer data will reassure users while protecting the company’s reputation.
    • Sustained, accurate portrayal of brand identity — Incorporating core brand identity into the UI, the aesthetic, and elements of the UX and user flow feeds back into what the user wants. To use a company’s product  and dovetails into the internal marketing strategy.


Development of UX custom app

Choosing between an off-the-shelf product versus a custom proprietary mobile app design to shape the customer experience


It’s important to state a fundamental truth of business in the 21st century. Personalization is the number-one way a customer will feel valued. In a 2021 report McKinsey found that “Seventy-one percent of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions…And seventy-six percent get frustrated when this doesn’t happen.” They follow this with the statistic, “Furthermore, our research found that companies that excel at personalization generate 40 % more revenue from those activities than average players.”

There are plentiful options on the market for every app niche yet a unique product entirely for a target group is surprisingly rare.


How to Choose between Custom or Off the shelf app


The synthesis of function, features, and capabilities are all foremost in choosing between a custom or off-the-shelf app. If the goal is to drive a singular UX for customers that retains them and drives profits, then the choice is logically a custom app. In the development of apps, an off-the-shelf,  might be more appealing due to lower costs and faster deployment. Though understandable, the current expectations of customers might not allow for this and, increasingly, this just doesn’t cut it; there is transactionality in every part of a customer’s engagement with a brand and a disappointing UX on a branded app can result in their departure.


The nature of the UX is going to shape how a customer reacts to an organization . Paul Skeldon writes – “Consumers are showing a growing preference for using apps, but they are much more circumspect about how brands running those apps communicate and interact with them.”


Overall, there’s extensive limitations to how much an application can be improved after launch in the App Store and Google Play. Investing in robust, agile, and scaleable custom applications, with options such as hybrid apps, that can reach Apple iOS and Android customers wherever they are is a sound approach. Their integration can also be with complementary apps which are another desirable dimension of UX. Off-the-shelf products may not be able to due to inflexibility with code and the extent of the solution offered.


Development of UX xustom apps




From here, the place of a custom enterprise application in UX and macro customer experience for all businesses resounds abundantly. To summarize, the USP and brand identifier should be a company that stands apart from their competitors and delivers an outstanding UX in all aspects of their app. Being quick about development and deployment is crucial to a viable and valuable application. Don’t rush any part of the go-to market process just to get the application launched and live in app stores.


There is value in custom applications, and in fact all custom products, that far exceeds the initial investment with McKinsey finding in 2021 that, “Across US industries, shifting to top-quartile performance in personalization would generate over $1 trillion in value.” An experienced mobile app development company will be able to achieve this and more. Additionally, always pay attention to App Store and Google Play data to see what’s trending and what’s possible . Dont put limits in the approach or scope of reference for ideating a product. The disruptive and game-changing companies with apps that get people talking are looking to redefine their customer’s UX . This is where engagement and word-of-mouth marketing starts . It’s a primary ingredient in building long-term loyalty in app usage and beyond.


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