How to Develop On Demand Beauty Service App in 2024? Types, Features, Cost

A3Logics 27 Nov 2023


Our lives have become adaptable to digitalization. The lifestyle and requirements of everyone have led to a variety of companies to design an application for services that can be ordered on demand. Salons have experienced some tough competition on the market. But, being competitive enough, they’ve hoped to develop a beauty service app that will make their work easier and the customer experience more pleasant. Dressing to a specific style and preparing for the upcoming embellishments is the norm across the web.

The desire to create On-demand beauty applications is popular with the younger generation, but it also has attracted 1980’s and 90’s generation. The development of the application makes it easier for customers to select and make the best quality administration from home. People who believe that it is time to leave their home to get administrations, such as online applications in general.

According to Statista, the spa and salon industry size is expected to undergo an abrupt change from $128.59 billion last year to $190.82 billion by 2024. In other words, the beauty business is growing at a staggering rate.

If you’re a start-up looking for an on demand beauty service app, there are many important areas to consider. With advancements in technology and the impact of pandemics, the saloon and beauty industry are expanding rapidly.


On Demand App Developers


On Demand Beauty Service Mobile App: Features You Must Have

As per custom app development services expert, below are the features that you must have in your application:

Push Notifications

The emails will be sent out to clients once arrangements have been set to aid clients remember the upcoming appointment. Also, notifications about special deals and offers can convince your clients to come back to you. When you turn on push notifications, it is unlikely that a person will miss their routine of beauty with certainty. The app is based on unique algorithms that remind users to stick to their routine.

Review Your Profile

Customers must be given the option to view the descriptions of the salon’s catalogue and to book the cosmetologist as per their requirements. There are plenty of options that customers can choose the services they require in accordance with their date and time. Feedback and ratings are listed on the profile of each cosmetologist. It will assist the client to select the best one for them.

In-App Navigation

The software should also incorporate GPS that will provide both customers and service providers. This function allows offices, customers, and professional organizations to constantly track and find the areas that they share with one another. Additionally, it provides the analyzed appearance time of the employees or the clients. This guarantees complete trust and security. The customer’s and location of the service providers are secure and safe with no mishaps.

Top Steps to Strategize Infrastructure for Your Startup

As per custom mobile app development company, below are the infrastructure steps that you must consider following to strategize. Check it out:


Portfolios enable cosmeticians and beauticians to shift their work to salons run by them. These portfolios give thought to clients regarding the procedures and allow them to select the best beauticians available. By analyzing the portfolios, and the profiles of the providers is speedy, and the clients are happy.

Chat With Providers

This feature allows customers to keep in touch with cosmetologists, beauticians and cosmetics experts by providing the structure of the company that is available within the application. This allows them to communicate efficiently with specialist co-ops and to explain their concerns and questions through estimates, administrations and appointments.

Easy Integration Of Various Payment Gateways

With regard to the present situation of the Pandemic, It is more beneficial to select online instalment methods as a way to safeguard yourself. Switching off cash payments and converting to online payments is the most secure option to manage security. Certainly, cash, debit card or UPI payments will become an even more important option.

On Demand Beauty Application: Business Models


Below are the business models to be followed as per on demand beauty services app experts. Check it out:


Beauty Services Apps Business Models

The self-owned model, which is dedicated and self-owned

Salons and beauty brands develop dedicated apps to find beauty services for expanding their local business. The apps permit service providers to promote their services to potential customers and boost their online presence. The bookings are sent directly to the salon or spa that is owned by the app’s owner. The business will make arrangements for an expert to provide services at the client’s home.

App for aggregating beauty and health services

In an app that aggregates companies like beauty salons, makeup artists , hairdressers Independent, as well as independent  beauticians. They are all united in one place. For beauty salon app development, You must join forces with local spas and salons. Each time you make a purchase, there is a fee or commission charged to earn revenue through the application for beauty on demand.

Costing of On-demand Beauty Services App Development

To estimate the custom mobile app development service cost for the respective app, a variety of elements should be considered.

Features, app complexity platforms, back-end operation and third-party integrations. Examples are given in the following way. It is possible to learn more about app development costs around the world.

The Operating Platform

As per top app development companies in the USA, to create an app for beauty services on demand. It is important to know if the platform is a single or multiple like Android as well as iOS. Because single-platform apps are designed specifically for mobile users, they’re affordable and simple to create. Multiplatform mobile applications are generally more costly, however.

In addition, an app that is a multi-platform application will work with every mobile operating system and is able to reach a broader population. This means that you can determine the beauty service app development costs depending on the selection of operating system.

Screen Volume & Design Complexity

The size of the screen in your app for beauty services refers to the number of features it offers. So, if your app has more features, it will require more screens. In the end, you’ll have to devote additional time as well as money to develop the app to meet your personal preferences.

An original design for your on demand beauty service app can enhance the development cost in case you wish to draw the maximum number of clients. Before you can finalize the design for an on-demand beauty application, make a sketch that outlines the functions and layout.

Pricing Models

When outsourcing beauty services app development, there are two pricing options available: either hourly or fixed. It is clear that fixed pricing is more cost-effective, however it is important to be aware that the outsourcing beauty services mobile app development firm might charge additional fees for features or mock testing. In addition, you’ll be able to receive adjustments to your app whenever you need them when you opt for the hourly rate. The price of creating an app to provide beauty services could range between $50 and $250 per hour. However, it is possible to change the fixed rates from $10,000 and $20,000 depending on your requirements.

Maintenance & App Updating Costs by Third-Party

Launch and on demand beauty services app development aren’t the only costs related to on-demand beauty service. In a study, mobile app development costs make up 20% of the app’s direct expenses. In this manner, users know about new features, bugs and so on.

Additionally, your app for beauty should be regularly taken care of to ensure a pleasant user experience for customers. We integrate the latest technology into your app, incorporate new elements, alter the design, and offer users with on-demand beauty services and efficient enterprise mobile app development solutions. If you are looking to earn long-term profit, upgrading your app can be costly, but it’s essential. A business that is able to fulfill the function of a third party with a low cost is essential to provide on-demand beauty services development of apps.

Check that you have your Money in Place

One must consider investing in a mobile application development consulting services for the wellness and beauty industry in order to create an income stream that will last for a long time. Industry will expand in the coming years and generate more revenues. Beautifully designed and feature-packed on-demand beauty apps will draw many customers in the beauty salon industry and will provide you with these huge returns. To ensure that you don’t overspend your budget and get a greater ROI, It is important to be aware of the cost of the on demand app development services.


Beauty Service Mobile App: Team Structure Required

As per leading mobile app development company, beauty service app requires the expertise of a group of experts which includes:

Project Developer

In this capacity the app developer makes sure that development of the app goes smoothly and is in contact with the app’s owner as well as the rest of his development team. Developers and app owners are connected by a Project Developer.

Android/iOS Developers

There are a few iOS or Android app developers that may be hired based on the platform where the app is designed.

Back-end Developers

When developing an app, the backend technology is vital. It is the duty of the backend developers.

QA Testers

To ensure that there aren’t any mistakes or bugs in the application, a group of quality analysts will be taken into consideration. Any bugs or errors found by the testers will be immediately sent to the developers. They will get the same all out and ensure it runs hassle-free.

On Demand Beauty Apps: Ways to Monetize


As per on demand app development companies in USA, it can be made monetizable in quite a different way. However, there are some that are a great solution for your business. These are listed below –


Monetization Methods for On-Demand Beauty App Development



GlamSquad is able to make money through its applications by securing a share of the revenue that beauty professionals earn. Your business could benefit from this procedure and also if you adhere to the guidelines.


If you’re looking to earn money, you could advertise any of your partners in the application as part of your sponsorship program to earn an amount.


An effective and time-tested method to monetize apps is to use in-app ads and charge the advertiser an amount for each click on these ads.

The importance of being able to get back the money you put into it is also of big value. A partnership with a business that will help you turn your concept into a functioning on-demand beauty application is all you have to accomplish here.

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Wrapping Up

On-demand apps are essential to making life easier for people. Apps for smartphones that offer on-demand services allows users to access many services in only a couple of clicks. Are you looking to develop an application for services on demand? To get one of the trending apps in the USA, you need to connect with us at A3Logics. We can make it a realization with our assistance. Offering top-of-the-line IT-related services for our clients across the globe. A3Logics is the leading web application as well as iOS and Android app development agency. If you’re interested in having your application made, don’t be afraid to reach us.


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What are the costs of creating an on-demand services application?

A mobile application that can be downloaded on demand is a challenging project with various roles for users. As per Android and iOS app development companies, costs for developing an app are affected by this aspect. The development of an on-demand app could take up to 8 months and cost $70K for each platform, as per our prior estimations.

What is the process behind on-demand beauty services? function?

With a beauty app that is available on demand allows you to pamper your clients with top-of-the-line services. They could receive a haircut, makeup, or any other grooming treatments at their home or in the most convenient place. Consumers expect more from businesses due to the web.

What is it that makes apps on demand so well-liked?

Apps like these are a hit for consumers since they allow users to choose services that are easy and adaptable. Numerous companies are looking to invest in this market due to the potential benefits. In the near future these apps will become big successes in the on-demand business. So, hire mobile app developers and get the best out of it.