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Grow Business With NLP Solutions

“Siri, What’s the Time?”

“Alexa, Play Taylor Swift Latest Release.”

“Hello, Google!”

Sounds familiar? Yes, these do. Life has become super easy ever since devices that can take voice instructions have come into existence. The technology has moved from the houses to the business environments. You may find it strange but yes, it has seeped in the business environment without your knowledge. Artificial Intelligence was first coined not for domestic use, but for business support. “Internet of Things” has taken the world by storm and exploited the benefits of Natural Language processing. 

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is the most advanced computer program that understands human language or speech. This artificial intelligence system has a structured document of content, subsections for explanations of sentences and sections that require a fine, clear and precise human voice to speak programming language. Sometimes, faulty human voice and typical linguistic structure create problems such as regional accent effect, slangs, social context, etc. It performs various tasks co-reference resolution, sentence segmentation, parsing, and part-of-speech tagging, named entity extraction and deep analytics.

A3logics is the leading NLP and AI (Artificial Intelligence) company offering intuitive system applications that understand text across various domains and effectively respond to human language. 

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The technology sees a great application in the field of health care. Although it is seeping into different industries, but the health care industry is exploring it to other levels. For a long time, the analysis of unstructured health care data was manual, resource-intensive and prone to errors. But after the healthcare solutions found  their way in the industry, the information is confined to a small amount of discrete data, which are fed to the system in unique formats, such as the required selection of specific ranges of numbers for significant or laboratory data fields. 

With the adoption of Natural Language Processing along with Big Data and artificial intelligence, the process of analysis of data has transformed. As the number of patients and payer data numbers continues to grow at an exponential pace, traditional methods will simply be no longer viable.

“We have been exploring the new, different types of documents that can help the industries work and manage data easily.” says a member from the IoT development team. “The number of dictated and unstructured data is growing at a rapid pace and so is the need for NLP solutions in the healthcare industry. 

As for now the application of NLP is quite limited in the sector, but with the use of machine learning, we can easily expand the power of this approach. Very soon the users would be able to not just put healthcare information in details, but will also be able to explore the new levels of predictive analytics and artificial intelligence to help in the decision-making process. 

The healthcare industry has been taking advantage of NLP and other technologies that majorly run on data. It has successfully managed to reflect the transition from value-based care and achieve superior clinical, financial, and operational outcomes. 

The next generation NLP solutions of A3logics have been designed to analyze the searched content and deliver accurate information at great speed. These solutions strongly stand against every task problem including from system integration, performance, quality to data cleaning and character encoding. Our flawless, efficient and precise NLP services will defiantly perk-up your business efficiency. We offer comprehensive NLP suite that includes

  • Language-Independent Solutions           

It is important that the NLP solutions that you get understand your instruction and reflect with the right set of actions. To ensure this, our dedicated development team codes the devices in a way that it understands the instructions in different languages and dialects accepting the local tone too. 

  • Amazing Learning Ability

One thing that is expected of the IoT devices is their learning capability. The solutions that you get to suit the NLP atmosphere of your business can take new updates easily. It has amazing learning capabilities that ensure each device works according to your needs and can be upgraded as and when required.         

  • Understand Contextual Nuances

It is important that the solution plays well with the contextual nuances. We ensure to deliver the NLP solutions that are hands-on and thus help you get the best ROI. 

  • Analysis and Understanding of Work

The solutions reflect precise analysis and understanding of topics, slang and specific terminology. Thus, when you ask us for NLP solutions, you would be provided solutions that can analyze and understand the basics of the work you are engaged with.

These are a few points that indicate how NLP has been changing the game for specialists in the industry.  

The foremost advantage of natural language processing is the offered flexibility with the system that can be executed with electronic health records and several other customized programs. For example, in clinical decision tools NLP and HER work together and provide precise information to physicians which are extracted from clinical notes. Besides the great flexibility, NPL provides remarkable accuracy and uniformity across the network. The algorithms and components are set for the different languages which are analyzed, processed and retrieved to deliver the highly accurate results. With the vigorous advancement of technologies, there is tremendous growth in NPL development.

NLP technology works independently of linguistic restraints that understand contextual nuances with dynamic learning ability, automatically leverages human interaction and understands slang, industry-specific jargon, topics, and sentiments. The well-designed solutions integrated with rich search features like automatic hyperlinks, automatic categorization, interlinks, internet-based ranking, unified information access, automatic clustering and visualization, automatic query guidance and drag-and-drop personalization.

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