Key Questions That Employers Must Ask Potential Employee Benefits Brokers

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A3Logics 22 Aug 2022

Table of Contents


Today, finding the right employee benefits broker has become quite a challenge. Several employers have complained about the struggle to find the right one for the company. We all know the number of options available today for the respective purpose. This is why it becomes quite overwhelming to reach the appropriate one. If you are in the respective scenario, then you have certainly landed on the right page. We are here to help you find the ideal employee benefits broker following the right approach.


Today, taking the assistance of Employee benefits administration softwarethings have become easier for brokers to manage employee benefits. But you are only going to get maximum benefits if you find the right broker for your respective needs. Not all brokers are the same. You must check the different aspects before hiring one. You need to check your experience and expertise before making your decision.


Before hiring one, it is important that you ask the right questions to them. Here we are going to discuss some of the most effective questions that can help you choose one. These questions have proven to be effective while evaluating benefits administration software for brokers. So, read on and get a complete hold of how you can connect with the right brokers. Before starting with the questions, let’s first understand the importance Employee benefits brokers bring into play.


Importance of Employee Benefits Brokers

Let’s start by answering a simple question – “How much time do you spend selecting your outfit?” The average answer will be half an hour, and to state the facts, women spend almost a year while men spend four months of their respective lives picking what to wear. Now, what is the average time that you take to choose an employee benefits broker for your company? Not even 15 minutes. Yes, you heard it right. This is the time that you spare to hire someone who will be making decisions for your best interests.


From increasing employee retention to boosting workplace productivity to influencing employee turnover and whatnot, your insurance program has a huge impact on your organization and the employees working there. Moreover, it is one of the top business expenses, consuming almost 30% of your compensation cost. With so much at stake, you must hire a trusted benefits broker who will be responsible for all of this. You need to have someone on board who can build attractive packages for your staff members. Also the expert can meet your objectives at an economical cost.


But how to find an employee benefits broker who is reliable and can be trusted with such prominent matters?


There are a plethora of reasons to evaluate a benefits broker for any business. Any IT consultation services provider requires a broker who is.


  • Well-versed with legislative or compliance changes, such as the Affordable Care Act.
  • Embrace technology, such as online open enrollment or integrated HRMS or EDI solutions.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of brokers and carriers, in terms of experience, skill, and right technical expertise. This can deliver the best value.
  • The broker must also align and stack up with the competition.

Also, a few general themes can assist you in identifying the type of broker you have come across.


Good Brokers. Their focus lies completely on insurance. So they may not offer other services related to HR or employee benefits administration.


Better Brokers. These brokers offer much more than insurance. They understand the interconnected wants of HR with their employees. This type of broker may also lack the requisite resources to assist you. But, they can prepare the right roadmap for new programs or systems.


Best Brokers. They are the perfect technology partner that evaluates organizational needs. The experts will also recommend the right health insurance, technology, support, and more. Their goal is to empower the company and its employees, hence preparing plans that benefit them.


Questions You Must Ask Your Potential Employee Brokers

Taking time to ask the right questions is an evaluation step. So, here are a few questions that you can ask the potential employee insurance brokers. This can help them evaluate their knowledge, experience, and eligibility as per your business requirements. Have a read.


Quest 1: Do you have any effective method for controlling healthcare costs?

As we already said, employee benefits administration demands huge investments from their employers. Although you want to provide your staff with the best plans without compromising on any aspect, it won’t hurt anyone to find the methods to control the cost. Also, this question will help you analyze the knowledge and intelligence of your broker.



A skilled professional will come up with the most effective ideas to create a scheme that works in the long run and adapts to the changes. The experienced employee benefits brokers use benchmarking and data analytics to show where your premium falls as compared to other companies in your industry. They will also get you the best rates by negotiating with insurance carriers and recommending options to fund the benefits program.


Ques 2: How did you manage your most critical challenge related to the benefits plan?

The primary aim of every employee benefits plan is to protect them and make them feel secure in unexpected situations. The schemes are tailor-made to suit their personal interests and offer them maximum benefits while they are sick or face a severe accident. However, when the time arises to actually avail those plans, the challenge is to execute them smoothly and easily. This is where brokers step in by playing a perfect middleman between doctors, sponsors, and employees.


Therefore, it is essential that you know their past experiences and how they dealt with the most challenging scenarios. Their answer will make it easy for you to evaluate how the benefits broker will assist your office members in their time of need.


Ques 3: How do you plan to keep us updated on legislative and compliance changes?

Here is one significant question to find out how much faith you can put in your benefits brokerage service. There are constant updates that employers need to know, and this job is done by none other than brokers. They are connected with their clients regularly via emails and messages to give them all the latest information and news related to attorney services, online libraries, HR consulting, and other legislative changes.


They will also be responsible for telling you where the news is coming from. Are they putting these newsletters together themselves, or do they have a third-party team of ERISA to work on the updates? Remember that an authentic and credible insurance broker can play a key role in keeping you in compliance with regulations.


Ques 4: What online health benefits administration capabilities do you offer?

The manual way of keeping records and administering the benefits programs demands a lot of time and energy. No wonder why employers and brokers are shifting toward online tools and incorporating new employee benefit software systems into their schemes. Needless to say, evaluating the right platform can be a strenuous task for you; hence, discussing the same with potential brokers is the ideal way to go.


They can help you with a smooth online transition which is more convenient than seeking the solution on your own. Furthermore, you can deal with your benefits plan strategically and also have access to online tools to tackle the challenges. So, make sure that you hire a professional employee health insurance broker who can integrate your system into the benefits plan.


Ques 5: Can you provide me with some reliable references?

Of course, every insurance broker will claim to be the best, but you need to know if they are suitable for your company or not. The most convenient way to do so is by asking for their references. The genuine and reliable ones will not hesitate to give the list of clients they have worked with previously.


Ask those previous employers about their experiences and align them with the answers provided by the brokers. In case they don’t, read it as a warning. Also, consider the industries and clients they have served because it is better to hire a broker who has worked with a similar business as yours.


Ques 6: What kind of online enrollment and other online tools do you offer?

A good broker will give you recommendations to integrate the necessary technology. Regardless of ample knowledge, they may lack the resources to integrate them. A broker with advanced solutions will offer a comprehensive solution to every individual’s needs. They will also work alongside you to ensure that the technology-integrated offer must deliver a complete resolution to the problem.


A perfect broker would offer enterprise-class HRMS and Open Enrollment option solutions, including – benefits administration, enrollment, payroll solutions, and advanced and customized HRMS with employee-self service. Additionally, IT professional services providers can quickly and easily train their staff through integrated solutions.


Ques 7: How do you manage the renewal process?

Different brokers underline different timelines for renewing plans before the open enrollment date. Some may recommend you 60 days prior to open enrollment. Others may reach out to you three months prior to the renewal date for improvement till the last minute.


A broker who approaches you six months prior renewal date gives you ample time to think & review the data, gather competitive quotes, and make the best decision for the company. Certainly, a perfect broker would give you the ability to investigate products and recommend the best that will work for your employees, which also aligns with your budget.


Ques 8: How much compliance support do you provide?

A good and relevant broker consumes all the knowledge regarding federal and state regulations. They will guide the associated company with better compliance information. A dedicated broker would go a step further. They would offer audits and modeling along with communicating the relevant compliance and ways to manage related issues, such as ACA reporting and tools required to make informed decisions for remaining compliant.


Ques 9: How will you advocate for my employees?

Any broker would look into how efficient and effective your communication about the benefits to your employees is. Enterprise software development firms have 50 to even 10,000 employees, and communicating benefits plans to each employee is a vital as well as time-consuming task.


A benefits broker ensures that every employee understands the benefits plan and selects the most suitable for them. Brokers also serve as a liaison with the carrier on behalf of the firm’s employees to clarify doubts regarding coverage issues and plans.


Ques 10: What kind of wellness programs do you provide?

Some brokers may offer you limited options in a wellness program as per their knowledge and will focus on selling those underlining their benefits. On the other hand, brokers with better knowledge regarding extensive programs will first look into the cost and then offer solutions that match your budget with the best features.


Exceptional brokers offer tailored solutions, which they prepare after a thorough investigation of the current wellness program most recommended and adopted by the people of the state. They also closely work with carriers to identify the current disease state data to deliver the best plan for the well-being of the employees. Large IT consultation service providers majorly opt for a tailored solution for maintaining employee well-being.


Ques 11: Does your technology integrate with our payroll data?

HR and payroll have become imperative for HRs to manage employees’ data tirelessly. The advanced solution has become the need of the hour, so the broker would understand the need for the flow of information and continuous monitoring for error omissions.


If your broker offers a solution that streamlines payroll, it can certainly save a lot of HR time. Those brokers offering employee benefits bundle packages that connect with each part of the process are the brokers to pick and associate with. By the time the questions are answered, you may have understood that brokers make efforts to ensure that your HR delivers productivity while assisting employees with the right plans that also suit the company’s budget.


Benefits of Hiring The Right Employee Benefits Broker

If you consider following the above-mentioned questions, then certainly you are going to narrow down your search. It will help you come closer to the right employee benefits broker who can build a successful employee benefits program. Managing employee benefits can certainly be quite a task to perform. But finding the right hands to do it can certainly make it easier. If you are thinking about how the best-qualified employee benefits broker is going to benefit, then you are on the right page. Let’s take a look below:


1. Knowledge And Expertise

The biggest advantage that you get with the help of an employee benefits broker is their experience and expertise. They have already assisted many names in the industry with their respective services. So, you can trust them with your requirements. They are going to understand your needs and help you with valuable insights and knowledge to avail maximum benefits out of benefits administration software solutions.


2. Time-Saving

Another major advantage that benefits administration software provides provider is in terms of time-saving. When you benefit from being a broker, you are able to save not only resources but also time. They take care of all the aspects related to the benefits process. All you need to do is to find the right broker who can manage things well and help you enhance your productivity.


3. Cost-Effective

One of the biggest advantages that come along with the benefits broker is in the form of cost-effectiveness. With the help of benefits brokers, you can save a lot of bucks, and that too without any compromise. You can serve your employees to the fullest and also save big time with the right employee benefits broker.


4. Compliance

Benefits laws and regulations are constantly changing, and it can be challenging for employers to keep up. A benefits broker can help ensure that your company is in compliance with all relevant laws and regulations.


5. Customization

Taking the assistance of a benefits broker, you can have your customized package. The custom benefits package can tick all the boxes as specified for your company and employees. So, you can have assistance as per your business needs with the right broker by your side.


6. Employee Satisfaction

With the help of HCM software solutions, you are able to help your employees work without any hassle. You can keep your top talent satisfied and ensure that they remain with you for a long time. The broker understands the employee’s needs and designs the benefits package accordingly to keep the employees satisfied.


7. Support

One of the biggest benefits that you get with the right broker by your side is in the form of support. You can have all the questions and queries resolved with the right broker taking responsibility. They will understand the issues you are having and ensure that it is resolved without any delay whatsoever.


So, these are the benefits you get with the best HCM solutions taking control. All you have to do is to research well and choose the best employee benefits broker. They can assist you in terms of experience, cost-effectiveness, time-saving, and more. So, do not hesitate and do proper research before you hire a professional employee benefits broker. It can help you experience all the advantages mentioned above.

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To Conclude

You simply search for Employee Insurance Broker on Google, and you will get a myriad of results. Amidst so many options, finding the most trusted and credible one can be challenging. It is impossible to analyze their performance by just looking at their names and websites. This is where these questions will come in handy for you. Considering their answers, you can recruit an expert who is perfect for your business. It also helps you create a plan that is ideal for your employees. If you are still looking for one, then A3logics can be the right choice. They have the best team to take care of your employee benefits program needs. 





1. Why is it crucial for employers to inquire about potential employee benefits brokers in terms of experiences? 


The answer is essential for employers to inquire what their experience was with benefits administration software companies since these software tools are crucial for managing employee benefits efficiently. Brokers who have worked with these companies’ software can give valuable insight. They can guide you through the most effective tools to meet their business requirements.


2. What are the most important aspects employers should take into consideration when choosing a benefits provider for their employees?


Answer: Employers must consider aspects like the broker’s expertise, experience and expertise in the field communications skills. As well as the ability to provide solutions specifically tailored to the requirements of their business also need to be considered.


3. How can employers be sure that the employer benefits broker they choose is well-versed in compliance with regulations?


Answer: Employers can inquire prospective brokers about their experience in complying with regulations and solicit references from previous clients who have worked with them in order to confirm that they have a positive experience in this area.


4. What are some advantages of working with a benefits broker?


Answer: Benefits brokers are a valuable resource for advice and help with managing the employee benefit plan, such as choosing the right plan as well as negotiating rates, and providing ongoing support for the administration of benefits and ensuring compliance. They can also assist employers in keeping up-to-date on the latest trends in the field and changes to laws.



5. Which questions can employers be asking prospective employee benefits brokers about their compensation and fees?


The answer is that employers should inquire prospective brokers about their fees and the way they will be paid for their services. This may include questions regarding charges for commissions, flat rates, and hourly fees. It is essential to comprehend the structure of compensation for brokers to ensure that it is aligned with the budget of the business and requirements.