Cost & Features To Develop Fantasy Sports App Like FanDuel

There are a number of fantasy sports app company available in the market for your convenience which plays an important role in promoting the growth of your company. An app like FanDuel is developed to promote digital games and the sporting skills of the players and team leaders.

Among other fantasy sports games, there is an app known as FanDuel, that provides all the sports to the players and promotes the fantasy sports culture. If you wish to develop your FanDuel clone app, then this blog can be useful for you.

The blog will present you with all the features and costs involved in creating an app like fantasy sports.

What Is FanDuel?

FanDuel is the premier destination for sports fans online. In 2009, FanDuel reimagined the concept of fantasy sports, giving fans the ability to play one-day fantasy sports for real cash prizes. And despite many imitators, there aren’t many similar apps. After launching in 2018, it didn’t take long for FanDuel to become America’s go-to for sports betting and the #1 online sportsbook. It is one of the most famous fantasy sports app companies ruling over the market with its extraordinary qualities.

The app provides both fantasy and sports betting at the same time to the players to promote a similar culture. FanDuel also provides fantasy football app development.

What Is A FanDuel Clone App?

It is not very complicated to understand, FanDuel clone app is a replica of the FanDuel app, which can be modified as per your wants. And it also consists of all the basic features of Fanduel.

The app supports all types of sports like cricket, baseball, football, basketball, and soccer. And also supports major leagues like NHL, NBA, NFL, MLB, and more.

In the Fanduel clone app, users are allowed to draft the players and can form a team as per the Fanduel app. The clone app helps you to reach a great place in the fantasy sports market easily. These kinds of clone apps are 100% customizable and bug-free with advanced features and technologies.

The reason to prefer Fanduel Clone App is they are customizable, cost-efficient, and easy to build their fantasy sports mobile app and website like Fanduel which you can get developed on any mobile app development services.

So, don’t get worried about the difficulties. Because Fanduel clone scripts are the perfect solution to create your Fantasy Sports Mobile app.

Features You Must Add To Your FanDuel Clone App

Among so many competitors in the market, how would you make your app stand out from others? There are two ways you can do so; keep your app completely personalized by including enough user-oriented features and implement an effective product marketing strategy.

In order to know How To Hire Fantasy Sports App Developers? you must know about its features, and benefits first. Which are:

1. Social Login

Most of the applications these days, including fantasy games, such as sports betting app development allow users to use the platform using their existing social media or email accounts. Features like this enable fast, simplified, and authenticated login of users.

2. Leaderboard

Since we are talking about a fantasy gaming platform where many users would be participating in public contests, it becomes obvious and necessary to feature an interactive and informative leaderboard where names and scores of top scorers will be shown.

3. Multiplayer Lobby

You can invite multiple players to their game lobby. Such a feature would create a mutually competitive space on the platform within a particular range of users.

4. Manual & Integrated Data Feeds

Users can add their teams, account details, and a lot more using the same platform. So, who manages this data? Integration of advanced data features such as feeds and manual input makes fantasy sports apps more personalized and user-oriented.

5. Ad-Space

Your fantasy sports app can have an ad space from where admins can manage their affiliate marketing campaigns or other third-party ads.

6. Refer & Earn

The referral policy is not something new. It is a well-known network marketing strategy to expand the user base. Fantasy sports apps are utilizing this user expansion policy on a large scale.

7. Multiple Payment Gateways

A lot of applications lose the opportunity to convert customers when they fail to provide adequate payment alternatives. For fantasy sports apps, multiple payment gateways become a must-have feature.

8. Cryptocurrency Support

Cryptocurrency is a futuristic payment option. You can enable your customers to pay or earn cryptocurrencies on your DFS app. A cryptocurrency trading app can be integrated or partnered with to make this happen.

More features can be added with a more focused competitive analysis as the market of fantasy sports apps is still evolving and new features are being introduced. All you need to do is hire a dedicated software development team and all your concerns will be taken care of.

Cost Incurred In Developing Fantasy Sports App Like FanDuel

The craze over the fantasy sports app is getting huge all across the world and it can be the best time to jump into this business by creating your own FanDuel clone app. However, fantasy cricket app development can be a huge task and can be challenging for businesses and they must ensure that the app they will develop can handle a huge amount of traffic.

Following this, companies need to invest in high-quality backend and servers. Platforms like these also need a smooth user interface that is easy to use and intriguing. Hence, the estimated cost to create a sports app like FanDuel might be around $25000-$30000, in case you choose to develop an app with all the basic features and for a single platform.

The cost mentioned is applicable to the app as it requires more work and effort than any usual app, it is the best that you would find. The same cost increases when you move on to more advanced features and for more than one platform. The on-demand app development will take care of the easy and smooth development of the app.

Investing in an app like fantasy sports can never give you any loss as the demand for such an app is increasing with every passing day. The cost incurred depends on various factors like features, the kind of design you desire, the location of the app, and the kind of tech stacks you use for development purposes.

How Does FanDuel Clone App Help To Boost Business?

The easiest way to start a fantasy sports business is through the usage of FanDuel clone scripts. It helps you to eliminate the need for market research and business planning. So that, you can focus on the important stuff of setting up your business. Fantasy sports app developers have the responsibility of developing the Fanduel clone app.

Here are listed the ways that the Fanduel clone app helps you to boost your business.

Ways to boost up your business:

  1. Customized solutions– Clone scripts offer a highly customizable app as per your requirements.
  2. User-friendly design– The user-friendly and responsive design will seamlessly work across all devices.
  3. Trending technology– Clone apps come with the latest technologies and stay up with the ongoing trends.
  4. User-centric approach– The apps built are interactive and easy to navigate. Thus, it will help you to enhance the user experience.
  5. White label solution– Software solutions are 100% legitimate, and developers make sure that from Logo to UI everything is custom.
  6. Support & maintenance– A dedicated team of developers is always ready to provide you with the best possible solution for your business needs.

These things are inspired by already successful online platforms. There is a demand for Fanduel clone apps in the market. Any enterprise software development company is hired with the motive of developing a perfect tool for the organization.

Another big advantage is the cost. The cost required to develop an app from scratch is quite higher in comparison to the clone app.

Be the first to develop the Fanduel Clone App and create your own platform.

Therefore, if you’re looking forward to building a clone app in a short period with an average budget, then hiring a top-notch Fanduel clone app development company is an appropriate choice.

Fantasy Sports Tech is one such Company, They will help you to create your Fantasy Sports App like Fanduel with their feature-rich Fanduel Clone Scripts.

In A Nutshell

Developing a fantasy sports app is no easy task, it can take a lot of effort and focus of the developers. To make the process easy the blog will act as a guide for you to understand the process, features, and cost of fantasy sports app development.

Features of any software are the essence of its working and foundation, and it is important to take care of the same, following the same the above-written blog will help you in having a better idea about the cost and features of the app development.