How to Build a Fantasy Sports Mobile App Like Dream11?

A3Logics 18 Aug 2022

So, you’re finally taking the thrilling step into the fantasy sports universe by kick-starting your mobile app. Truly, this is a prime opportunity to engage with the growing fantasy sports market today. Using a popular app pattern like Dream11 as a guide, you can pave your path to success. Designing a fantasy sports app akin to Dream11 could be your key to expanding your customer reach and boosting your brand image. Still, the journey of building a fantasy sports app isn’t easy.


To simplify your journey, this write-up aims to navigate you through the maze of fantasy sports app development. It will enlighten you on all you should know – from the latest market trends to useful tips and strategies to must-have features and even the expected budget to craft an engaging fantasy gaming app.


So, let’s dive in and explore the hows and whys of building a fantasy sports app in depth. With the right direction, your app might just earn a spot among successful platforms like Dream11. Let’s embark on this journey.

What are Fantasy Sports? 

In our always-changing digital world, the notion of fantasy sports isn’t known to all. Let’s simplify it – fantasy sports are a type of online game. In these games, you get to create your unique team and compete in a virtual league setting. This captivating side of gaming is thanks to the progress in fantasy sports app development. It has brought these thrilling experiences to life.


The clever twist with these games is that you form teams based on real players. These players are part of professional teams that play in real-world leagues. Whether you’re a cricket fan following the Indian Premier League (IPL) or the Caribbean Premier League (CPL), or a basketball buff following the National Basketball Association (NBA), there’s a virtual equivalent for you.


The fun part is that the fate of your fantasy sports teams is linked with their real-world counterparts. Simply put, your fantasy team’s win or loss depends on the real-time performance of the actual players in their respective leagues worldwide.


This exciting mix of reality and virtual elements is at the heart of the process. As a result, we see a growing number of fantasy sports app companies. They aim to leverage the rising interest in this type of game. These companies lead the charge in creating intuitive, engaging, and competitive platforms. They cater to the increasing number of fantasy sports fans, making their gaming experience even more enjoyable.


In a nutshell, fantasy sports app development company is a thrilling field where reality intertwines with imagination. As these games continue to enthrall more and more users, the need for robust and user-friendly apps is also set to grow. This sets the stage for an exciting future for the industry.

Unravelling Global Market Trends with fantasy sports App Development

The world of fantasy sports gaming is captivating sports lovers all over the globe. It’s driving up the need for fantasy sports apps. Recently, this interactive platform became a billion-dollar sector. It’s projected to reach a remarkable USD 9.34 billion by 2024.


Fantasy sports’ growing popularity is drawing in companies. These businesses use these platforms for brand marketing. This makes fantasy sports app developers crucial for businesses worldwide. This thriving industry is set to break records in the coming years. It attracts numerous sports fans. They are keen to use their knowledge and prediction skills across a wide range of sports. This includes everything from cricket to football and more.


Moreover, now, people from all over the world take part in various online sports leagues. These leagues are made possible by a variety of fantasy sports apps. Users get involved, make predictions, and earn rewards for correct guesses. Besides, to get a sense of fantasy sports’ popularity, consider this. By 2017, over 59 million users in the US and Canada alone were playing fantasy sports games. This data clearly showcases the rising demand for creative fantasy sports applications in today’s times.


Skilled app developers are perfectly positioned to tap into this rapid growth. They provide custom, engaging, and user-friendly platforms for the global sports lover community. With this rising demand and popularity, it’s clear. The worldwide market trends for fantasy sports app development are still going upward.

The Realm of Fantasy Sports App Development: Unmasking the USA Trends

The thrill of fantasy sports has been lighting up the US since its start in 1952. Now, it’s more than a game – it’s a whole industry. With fantasy sports applications taking huge steps, the game has become so popular that about 59 million US folks – nearly 21% of the entire population – are using fantasy sports apps on their mobiles.


But, it’s not just the number of players that’s mind-boggling. The financial effect of the fantasy sports sector is equally amazing. This lively industry has a hefty value of 18 billion USD in the US alone. Over 200 businesses are stirring this market. Truthfully, custom fantasy sports app development has turned into a crucial part of this industry. It gives custom-made experiences to players and opens up fresh business opportunities.


Besides, a fascinating fact is that close to half of all sports enthusiasts in the US aren’t just idle viewers. They’ve switched to active involvement, playing fantasy sports and lifting their game love to an all-new height.


Moreover, in terms of numbers, the US fantasy sports market, fueled by creative app creation, proudly stands at 18 billion USD. The number of fantasy sports app users in the US and Canada together reaches an astounding 3 million. This number clearly shows the popularity of this digital shift. Plus, a significant 65% of US sports fans enjoy fantasy sports through a mobile app. This shows the deep impact and the ease of app-based play in our lives.


To sum up, fantasy sports app development, and more specifically the custom development route, has changed how millions of Americans interact with their most-liked sports. It has ushered in a fresh era of engaging and custom-tailored play.

Fantasy Sports App Development and Market Trends: India

First, in India’s ever-changing scene, the buzz around and the embrace of fantasy sports mobile apps are climbing to new peaks year after year. Intriguingly, the craft of building a fantasy sports application is a key player behind this growing fame. As recent data shows, a whopping 89% of India’s online sports fans love to take part in a fantasy sport at least once every month.


Big local sports leagues like the Indian Premier League (IPL) and the Indian Super League (ISL) have sparked the remarkable growth of fantasy sports apps in India. Here are a few staggering figures that highlight the rising fame:


Around 67% of India’s cricket lovers, which comes to nearly 18 crores, enjoy fantasy sports via mobile apps, showing the triumph of fantasy sports app-making in the nation.

Dream 11, a leading fantasy sports app, boasts a huge user group of 8 crores.

Between 2016 and 2018, the user count of fantasy sports apps in India saw a 10% rise, underscoring the effective plans of fantasy sports app development company USA as well as within other countries.


Almost 89% of Indian sports buffs relish playing fantasy sports at least once a month.

Indian users spend, on average, 42 minutes with fantasy sports apps, highlighting the captivating and immersive nature of these apps.


Lastly, industry giants like IBM and ESPN have pumped big money into the fantasy sports sector. These firms use cutting-edge tech like AI, often working with top fantasy sports app companies, to make fair deals and smart choices easier. This pattern not only speaks to the growth potential of the fantasy sports sector but also the influence of advanced app-making practices.

What is Dream 11

Dream11 is a fast-growing app in the fantasy sports world, with over 20 million users. This app, a giant in the sports mobile app arena, became popular due to its widespread use and love from sports fans. For users, the fantasy sports app development of Dream11 is like a dream-made reality. This app allows you to form your perfect team with real players. You can then compete against other teams for real cash prizes and thrilling rewards.


At first, Dream11 only catered to cricket fans. But they soon realized the benefits of offering more. They now include popular sports like basketball, hockey, and football.


Moreover, you might ask, “Why invest in a demand-driven app like Dream11?” The answer from a business angle is simple. With a fantasy sports app, you unlock new ways to earn. Online contests, well-placed ads, and user entry fees can all add to your revenue.


Also, opening up the best mobile app development company is a fun and fresh startup idea. Your brand can get a lot of attention, especially if you partner with famous sports brands, contest sponsors, and advertisers.


You need a company that can make your dream a reality. One that can replicate Dream11’s success and create a unique, user-friendly platform. In the competitive digital landscape, a good app development company can mean the difference between a great launch and a lacklustre one.


In short, Dream11 inspires anyone looking to get into fantasy sports app development. With the right partners and a solid plan, your dream app could become the next big thing in the mobile app world.

How to Set Up A Business Model Dream11?

In recent times, setting up a business model like Dream11 is a path many fresh startups are taking. The charm of boosted earnings from brand partnerships, ads, and user entry fees from a fantasy sports app is hard to overlook.


Moreover, at the heart of this venture lies the task of creating a tailor-made fantasy sports app. Achieving this is possible by teaming up with a top-notch custom mobile app development company. Whether your target audience uses iOS or Android, these mobile app whizzes can equip you with a distinctive, forward-thinking app. In turn, this can shoot your fantasy sports business into a new era.


When developing fantasy sports apps, remember that the journey doesn’t stop at the app’s launch. Constant improvement based on user opinions and shifting market trends is key. Besides, it’s not only about picking an app development partner but building a lasting bond with an app development company. They’ll be there, supporting you every step of the way.


Picking a partner for fantasy sports app development should come from their proven experience, great technical skills, broad knowledge, and a history of successful projects. Choose your app development partner wisely – this choice could hugely shape your business’ future.

Features & Functionalities in a Fantasy Sports App like Dream11

If you’re a mobile app development company in the USA, there are a few key pieces and roles you’ll need to build into your Dream11-type fantasy sports app development project.

User Side Elements (Front End)


  • User Sign-up

Sign-up: Users can set up an account on the fun sports app, either with a friend invite, a social media sign-in, or by entering personal info like email ID, phone number, and a unique username.


Sign in: After sign-up, users can get into their fun sports accounts with the same info used when signing up.


Invites: An extra piece that lets users bring others to the fun sports app.


  • Tournament / Contest Page

Filter: Another use of the filter tool lets users find tournaments based on entry fee, contest type, win amount, number of winners, and contest size.


Join Contest: This part lets users take part in specific contests by paying the needed entry fee.


Create a Dream Team: Once joining a contest, users can make their dream team.


Create Tournaments: An extra role lets users set up private tournaments within their Dream11 clone app.


  • Profile Settings

Edit Profile: This role lets users change personal info put in their profile, like username and phone number.


Check Reward Points: Users can look at info about reward points earned, account money, bonuses, etc.

Add Cash: This role lets users put money into their account wallet through NEFT, UPI, or net banking, which can be used for paying match fees.


See Transactions: Users can look at a full transaction history of their earnings and games played on the fun sports app.

Such are the features and functionalities of a My 11 Circle like fantasy app development.

Admin Side Pieces (Backend Panel)


  • Admin Sign-in: Admins can easily sign in to their accounts using their username and password.


  • Whole Dashboard: This role gives the admin a full 360-degree look at all games played across different types (upcoming, going on, done). Info like total players, total income, best player, etc., are easy to find.


  • User Management: Admin has the full power to edit, delete, update, turn on, or turn off user accounts.


  • Tournament Management: Admin has full control over all games, letting them edit, manage, update, delete, etc., in a good way.


  • Game Management: The admin can manage every part of each game, including editing, deleting, updating, etc.


  • Category Management: Admins can handle each game type (live, upcoming, played) separately.


  • Income Management: This part lets the admin easily check the total earnings from every game played on the fun sports app.


  • Manage Payment Mode: Admin has the power to control and manage various payment ways.


  • Rewards Management: The admin has the only right to give reward points to users based on their game performance.


  • Manage Cash prizes: This part helps manage bonuses and cash prizes given to users.


  • CMS Management: Admin can also manage other info like help, contact us, about us, etc., of the fun sports app.

Additional Features and Functionalities

  • Score Updates in Real Time: Users can watch live scores, match highlights and a comprehensive game analysis. This is possible through live match API, a critical element in fantasy sports app development.


  • Bridging Platforms: A well-designed mobile app API for fantasy sports allows developers to connect easily with other platforms.


  • Always Stay Informed: Efficient push notifications keep users up-to-date about coming matches. This function is vital in a fantasy sports app design.


  • Insights on Demand: A fantasy sports app that pays attention to data analytics can give users instant insights into a live match. This helps users make quick decisions.


  • Location-Based Alerts: Including a GPS location tracker in the app, users get alerts about ongoing or near matches & leagues in their area.


  • Never Miss a Game: One of the great features of fantasy sports app development is setting up email reminders. These reminders keep users in the loop about upcoming leagues and matches through their emails.

Team Needed for Fantasy App Development


To bring your dream app to life, you’ll need a well-regarded app development agency specializing in building a fantasy sports application. Hiring expert app developers gives you the advantage of their broad technical knowledge. This knowledge comes from a varied team of app developers, designers, and testers.


Here’s a usual team structure for developing an Android app development agency:


  • Project Leader
  • Design Expert for User Interface and Experience
  • Developer for iOS
  • Android Developer from a trusted app development agency
  • Developers for the Backend
  • Quality Check Experts


Lastly, keep in mind the strength of your fantasy sports app relies on the team building it. Make the right choice to ensure your mobile app development company USA gives the best user experience and meets its goals efficiently.

How Much Does It Cost to Make an App Like Dream11?

Are you curious about how much it costs to make an app like Dream11? It’s not a simple answer. It depends on lots of factors. A project like a fantasy sports app development for Android and iOS could be between 19000 to 24000 USD. This includes the work to tie it all together behind the scenes.


Let’s look at a basic version. A fantasy sports app with simple user features might cost about 8000 USD. This covers both iOS and Android. But what if you want to add a special admin section to your app? You’ll need to budget about 9000 USD for this. So, you see, the cost can change a lot. It depends on how complex your app is and what features you want.


Moreover, you also need to think about where your Fantasy sports app developer is. If you’re working with iOS app companies in the USA, you could pay between 100 to 250 USD per hour.


On the other hand, European developers might charge less. They usually ask for 70 to 200 USD per hour. But, if your budget is tight, think about Asian developers. They’re usually the most affordable, with rates from 60 to 180 USD per hour.


In summary, the cost to build an app like Dream11 isn’t just one number. It depends on how complex your app is, what features it has, and where your team is. Whether you’re looking at iOS app development companies, this info can help you plan better for your project.

Factors Affecting the Cost of a Fantasy Sports App

  • Spot of the Creator: When we talk about fantasy sports app creation, the spot of your app creators is vital. It affects the cost to a great degree. You’ll see a wide range of charges worldwide. For instance, creators from the U.S. ask for more cash than their Asian partners. Keep this in mind whether you’re thinking of hiring an Android or iOS app creator.


  • Knowledge of the Squad: We often hear ‘Experience is key.’ This holds true when calculating the final cost of your fantasy sports app creation. A squad with more years under their belt brings more than technical know-how. They bring wisdom from past projects. Naturally, this impacts the cost. A seasoned squad will likely ask for more money.


  • App Intricacy: The complexity of your sports app can also raise the development cost. If you want cutting-edge features, app creators might ask for more. They aim to deliver a smooth, immersive user experience. This is key for a successful fantasy sports app creation.


  • Platform Choice: Your choice of platform also affects the cost. Whether Android or iOS, each has its own implications. Generally, iOS creation requires more complex coding. So, an iOS app could cost more than an Android app. Keep this in mind when planning your budget for fantasy sports app creation.

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We hope you relished every piece of key knowledge needed to shape an innovative business venture. Remember, fantasy sports are now dubbed as the “Future’s Game,” and are expected to skyrocket in popularity in the near future. Part of this surge is because of a growing number of nations approving it legally. Plus, the number of people, especially youngsters, who are taking a liking to this application. 


Creating a fantasy cricket app like Dream 11 isn’t easy. That’s why partnering with a reliable fantasy sports application developer, such as A3logics, is crucial.


Lastly, our experienced sports app creators are ready to help make your unique fantasy sports app dream come true. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly to learn more about our wide-ranging sports app development services. As frontrunners in fantasy sports app development, we’re all set to bring your digital aspirations into reality.


Is there another app like Dream11 I can try?

Yes, for sure! Fantasy sports app development is a booming field. There are many apps besides Dream11. They might not all give you the same fun and easy-to-use experience Dream11 does. Some you could check out are My11Circle, MyTeam11, HalaPlay, and more. But, remember, you can’t download these apps straight from the Play Store. You need to get their APK files from their websites.


How can I make an app like Dream11?

If you want to dive into fantasy sports app development and make an app like Dream11, team up with experts. You’ll need mobile app developers, designers, QA analysts, project managers, and others. By working with a top mobile app development company like A3logics, you can speed up the process and make a Dream11-like app more quickly.


Can I make my own game in Dream11?

Yes, you can! Dream11 lets you set up your own game. Here are simple steps to follow:

  • Pick the match you want to join.
  • Hit the ‘Create Contest’ button.
  • Build your contest as you like.
  • Ask your friends to join.
  • They can join through the invite link you send.
  • To know more, you can go to the official Dream11 website.


How does Dream11 make money?

Dream11 earns money through a mix of online contest fees, ads, and partnerships with brands. For each game or match, Dream11 takes a 20% cut. The rest, 80%, goes to the winners of the league.


Why can’t I download Dream11 from the Play Store?

This is because of the Play Store’s rules. They don’t allow ‘pay and play’ apps like Dream11. So, you can’t download Dream11 straight from the Play Store.