How to Create Your Own Face Swap Apps like Reface: A Step-by-Step Guide

A3Logics 27 Dec 2023


Are you familiar with the photos you find on social media where your two friends pose with each other swapping their faces? Seeing the picture your mind is a bit confused? It does look hilarious for a few seconds. This is known as face-swapping. It’s been increasing in recent times quite significantly. All this is happening with the help of AI technology. With AI, the boundaries between reality and fantasy are becoming zero. This leads to apps like Reface.

If you’d like to swap faces with a family member, friend, or even a stranger, the possibilities are limitless. In fact, it is more readily available than before. Face-swapping isn’t only reserved for Hollywood film editors. It’s now at the tip of your fingers with the best app like Reface.  You can access it via any device connected to the web.

We’ll take you into the thrilling world of face-swapping. We’ll walk you through swapping faces in a picture or video on the iPhone, Android, tablet, or laptop in only two clicks.


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Apps Like Reface: Overview

Free apps like Reface are built on the idea of Face swap technology. It’s software that swaps the face of the user with a different one by using a machine-learning algorithm.

The popularity of Reface is an indication of a wider trend, which is the emergence of entertainment apps powered by AI. This sector of the market is seeing significant growth. According to a study by Grand View Research, the global AI in media and entertainment market size was USD 10.87 billion as of 2021. It is expected to increase at an annual compound growth of (CAGR) that is 26.9 percent from 2022 until 2030.

Reface app allows users to swap their face with a different one more realistically with Artificial Intelligence Development as well as Machine Learning. The selfies of the user are projected onto a different face, including every expression and movement. This makes the photo-realistic. The application allows you to:


  • Make friends with famous faces and other popular celebrities.
  • Have fun by live face-swapping or gender-swapping.
  • Enjoy funny videos with your family or friends.
  • Make a fun GIF and a different type of image.

From a popular point perspective, Reface has managed to secure its position as one of the top five applications across 100 countries. Its number of downloads is more than 100 million, and its score is 4.5. 

Users can try it for a free trial, and if they want the premium version, they must pay for the subscription cost, which includes:


  • Monthly- $12.99
  • Weekly- $2.49
  • Annual- $24.99

Let’s look at the features below to know more about the way an Reface like app operates.

App Like Reface: The Features You Need To Consider

The functionality and features of the app have made apps like Reface iconic applications that allow face-to-face swapping. As per
mobile application development consulting services expert, users love and appreciate the idea of being able to swap faces with their preferred professors. It’s a great feeling when a user uploads a video that is inspired by a great film or web series. It is ideal to incorporate these features into your next facial-changing video app as per the custom app development services experts.

Face Editing Features

Apps like Reface are built on the editing of faces and wrapping. If you plan to build an original app, it must have powerful face editing tools to offer the most user-friendly experience. The features include image cropping images, image filters, contrast, brightness beautifying options, and much more.

Powerful Search

A second feature that must be included is a search engine that allows users to search for images of celebrities as well as movie scenes. This means that they can utilize it to create a humorous video using the face-swapping feature. It is best to add search filters.

Personalized Suggestions

As per enterprise mobile app development experts, the majority of popular mobile apps offer individualized suggestions. Through the use of the AI algorithm, you are able to identify a user’s preferences and preferences. You can recommend filters that will ensure the most enjoyable user experience and increase engagement to the highest level.

Video Recording

Certain users made the video by face swapping, but they used their voices to record. If you add an option to record voice when making the video, it boosts the satisfaction of users, which makes your application stand out.

Image Uploading

As per custom mobile application development company, the app should have seamless uploading capabilities for images. It lets users upload their pictures so that they can change them to display their creativity. It is recommended that such a feature be created using the assistance of mobile app developers. When users upload photos to the app that allows face changing, the app will then redirect them to switch the image with the face of a famous celebrity on the screen.

Social Sharing

It’s among the best features of an app similar to Reface, which allows users to share images or edit videos using the Changing Face video apps. This feature lets users demonstrate their video editing abilities. From a growth perspective, with this option, you can get no-cost branding on a number of platforms on social media.

Video Editing Options

With Apps like Reface, users can upload images, long-form videos, short videos, or GIFs. It is also possible to include this feature in your application. Many video editing options will enable users to create something original according to their preferences.

Download or Delete

There are times when people create a video but don’t like it once they have uploaded it. Thus, a program such as Reface gives users the option to remove the video from its storage. For instance, if you want to transfer the file to share through other applications like WhatsApp or Telegram, An in-app video downloader can assist you.

Advanced Search

It’s okay to have the option to search, which is necessary for apps that change faces, such as Reface. For greater user experience, it’s ideal to add an advanced search feature so that users can use advanced filters to identify the video they want to use for face swapping.

Attractive GUI

In any mobile app, GUI is one thing that developers do not wish to overlook since if there’s an inability to use a simple and appealing GUI user, they can never even consider the app prior to installing it. With the assistance of pro Android and iOS app development companies, you can create it.

Tutorial and App Walkthrough

When people install the app, it’d be beneficial to give them an explanation of the app so they can be familiar with the sections of the app. Some users don’t know the way in which the app works, so you can assist them with a tutorial or help section.

Reface App: How Does It Work?

The app comes with a range of options to modify your experience to make your own unique experience. Face swap apps like Reface is a straightforward, user-friendly, easy-to-use, and fun method of capturing the moments. Take a look at how it works.


  • Click a photo. Take a picture with the front camera of your device.
  • Select any of the four backgrounds. Select four backgrounds when you take a photo using the Reface App, which includes black, white, or blue. The app allows you to give a unique look to your image while keeping it easy!
  • Apply filters. Click on the filter icon at the bottom right corner of your screen, and then apply filters. The screen will display the list of filters you can select from and then adjust their brightness with the slider located at the very bottom of every filter. It is also possible to double-tap any filter to take it from your image If you don’t like the way it appears!

This shows how free face swap apps like Reface operate. But, there are many more reasons behind its popularity. We discuss the same below. 

How Reface-Like App Gains Popularity?

As per top mobile app development companies in USA, the app’s popularity is boosted because of a variety of reasons including its uniqueness. Reface is ranked 55th in the category of entertainment on the Google Play Store. The primary reason is that the app can offer a service that’s not yet available in the market.

In this scenario, Reface offers a way for users to swiftly alter the appearance of their phones by installing various faceplates. There are other apps that allow users to alter the appearance of your smartphone. However, they’re not as straightforward as Reface since they require rooting to your device and downloading additional applications.

As per top mobile app development agency, Reface does not require any extra software or knowledge. It will only require you to swap out your current faceplate by downloading a new one on their website.

Another factor that has contributed to Reface’s popularity is its user encounter (UX). The design of the similar face swapping apps allows users to browse through the different faceplates on their website or search for specific faces and download them to their devices with no hassle.

This creates Reface, an appealing option for a lot of people looking for an easy method of changing the look. All this without undergoing any major effort to do this.

The Specification Required To Run The Reface-Like App

As per custom mobile app development services expert, to run the apps like Reface you require an operating system that is either an iPhone or Android. It should include internet connectivity and a working camera as well as an audio device.

Android smartphones require 22 MB of storage space for downloading the app. In addition, iPhones have 110MB of space on cloud storage. However, the app needs Android 5.1 or higher to function and run for every iPhone platform.

The celebrity face swap app was designed for people who are 17 and over. A parent or guardian is required to manage the app if users are younger than 17.

A Face Swap App: The Development Process


It is possible to simplify the process of face swap app development in three stages. However, it’s not as easy as doing that. You must consider the latest techniques and also hire a team.

Check Technologies

Before you begin, it is important to understand what’s available and how it functions. It is important to know what type of tech is out there and the way it functions, as this will allow you to identify which is the most suitable for your requirements.

It is also important to think about whether or not patents might stop you from using the technology or if there are other legal issues associated with the technology you are considering using.

Hire Experts In The Business

Once you’ve picked the appropriate technology for your application and checked to make sure it won’t create problems in the future (if there’s any), then it’s time to begin building!

This is where the hiring of a development team can be a benefit. You’d like to employ app developers to create applications that work seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms without any problems.

Plan Monetization

As per custom mobile app development company, the third stage is monetization of the process to develop the face swap application.

It is important to determine whether you’ll try to make money from the app or whether it’s free. If you choose the latter, you’ll have to figure out ways to earn money from it through other methods. To make the app monetizable, you’ll have to determine the price and also where users can purchase the app.

There are several ways to achieve this; however, the most popular methods include the following:


  • Purchases in the app: These are the purchases made through your app. They may include premium features or cosmetic improvements.
  • Advertising: It is where you offer advertising in your app to businesses that want to connect with specific demographics or geographic areas.
  • Subscriptions: Subscriptions let users use your app without having to pay upfront. However, they have to pay a monthly charge. They are typically used for subscription-based apps like Spotify as well as Netflix.

As and when you’ve best monetization strategy for your particular product, you need to begin with the cost you need to develop. It must include each feature that you might include in the development process. In this way, if new features are developed after the launch, it won’t eat up your budget!


Apps Like Reface: Tech Stack You Need

The tech stack used in AI face swap app is robust. So, you require a strong tech stack. It has to be in line with the changing needs of technology and users. This is why we have the specifics of the development of apps that are platform-oriented.

#1. Tech Stack For Android App


  • Programming Language: Java, Kotlin
  • OS: Android X, Android 11
  • Technologies: Android SDK, Android NDK
  • IDE: Android Studio, Eclipse
  • Design: Photoshop, Adobe XD
  • Database Engine: Sqlite, Postgre, Active Android
  • Testing: Emulator, Testlabs

#2. Tech Stack For iPhone App


  • Programming Language: Objective-C, Swift
  • OS: iOS 13-15
  • Technologies: iOS SDK
  • IDE: Xcode
  • Design: Photoshop, Adobe XD
  • Database Engine: SQLite, Core Data
  • Testing: Emulator, Testlabs

#3. Tech Stack For Web App


  • Programming Language: JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Technologies: NodeJS, ReactJS, Angular
  • IDE: Visual Studio
  • OS: Chrome, Safari, Firefox
  • Design: Photoshop, Adobe XD
  • Database Engine: MySQL, MsSQL, Postgre, MongoDB
  • Testing: Selenium

The above tech stack is generalized technology. If you wish to enhance your app by incorporating AI & Machine Learning, you’ll need –


  • Tensor Flow: A popular framework developed by Google to program AI using machine learning.
  • Knime: Software to aid in data visualization, modeling, and analysis using less code.
  • PyTorch: A formidable rival against the Tensor Flow and ideal as a deep-learning tool.
  • Shogun Shogun: One of the best choices for creating an application based on machine learning.
  • Rapidminer: Excellent for text mining predictive analysis, deep learning as well as machine learning.

App Like Reface: How Much Does It Cost

The price will differ according to the size of your team as well as the complexity of your app. Also, other elements might come into play. As per top iOS and Android app development agency, costs for developing an application similar to Reface could vary between $70,000 and $150,000.

The cost of developing an application such as Reface that works on Android or iOS depends on the sophisticated features you pick. This means that there are not all face swap apps that will be the same price and come with identical features. The functions and features they offer may differ, and the prices will vary.

Reface is a stylish design and distinctive functionality that is powered by AI. Depending on the number of developers and features you employ, the cost of developing a mobile application similar to FaceApp will range from between 70k and 200k USD.

If you’re looking for a precise estimate for a similar FaceApp application, call A3Logics now. A3Logics has experienced and competent developers who are adept at developing complicated apps.


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The Final Thoughts

All over the world, there’s an accelerating technological change, which is the development of new technologies. If you’re looking to reference an innovative business app, such as Reface, it is the best choice. It’s an AI-powered application that is awe-inspiring in its ability to entertain its users. Users can make funny videos by reversing the faces of their character’s face with their own faces.

In addition to their videos, they also make funny GIFs and short videos. For the most enjoyable experience, hiring experienced smartphone app designers from a respected on demand app development company is highly advised. Experts can assist you in transforming your idea into a reality.


How can I begin making my own Face Swap app like Reface?

To develop the perfect Face Swap app like Reface, you must have a solid understanding of computer vision and image processing techniques. Begin by studying programming languages like Python or Java and then look into frameworks and libraries such as OpenCV and TensorFlow to detect faces and manipulate images. If you are looking to hire mobile app development firm, then A3Logics can certainly be the way to go.

What are the main features I should incorporate into my Face Swap application?

The main features you should consider when designing your Face Swap application include high-quality face identification and tracking. Also, there is a seamless blend of faces swapped onto the original image, as well as real-time face-swapping capabilities and the ability to share the images swapped through various social platforms. Also, think about adding effects, filters, and animations that can increase the user experience.

How can I make money from the Face Swap app I have created?

There are a variety of ways to earn money from Your Face Swap app. It is possible to offer in-app purchases for premium filters or features, display advertisements in the app, or set up a subscription plan to gain subscription to content exclusives. In addition, you could look into partnerships with brands to create collaborative filters or partnerships to promote your brand. To know more you can hire mobile app developers at A3Logics.