How a Business Uses Salesforce Application Development Services Right Now

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A3Logics 10 May 2023

Table of Contents


Businesses everywhere need outstanding tools that drive customer engagement, support employees, and achieve strategic goals. For this reason Salesforce is a market leader in cloud, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) customer relation management (CRM). Markedly it makes sense that their revenue was in excess of $8.3 billion USD in 2022.

Not only is Salesforce a leader in web business software, but also in delivering platforms that work across business models. Accordingly their promise with this number one CRM mobile app product is to transform businesses. Specifically, this Salesforce platform branch helps businesses deliver a mobile experience that nurtures employee productivity, customer connectivity, and partner success. To unpack this in detail, this blog covers how Salesforce application development services are in use right now.


Over the course of this A3logics article, we’ll explain the ways Salesforce application development services inform platform development and deployment for this multi-billion dollar SaaS product with:

  • Facts
  • Examples
  • Industry tips
  • Strategy pointers


Understanding why businesses choose Salesforce application development services to:


To begin, let’s review the leading Salesforce platform features that make this the world’s number one business software:


  • SaaS cloud platform
  • End-to-end Customer Relationship Management (CRM) interface
  • Live and secure data reporting and analytics
  • Customizability beyond the standard platform offerings
  • Scalability depending on business needs
  • User-friendly for employees
  • Intuitive user-interface (UI)
  • Flexibility for users to access wherever and whenever with an internet connection
  • Integratable with existing business software
  • Teamwork collaboration
  • Enhances individual and collective workflow
  • Brings all departments under one umbrella


Salesforce is essential for businesses for their individual workers and how they deliver their offering to customers. On the whole, Martin Gessner asserts for Focus on Force that Salesforce benefits companies in increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction. Equally Gessner writes, “There’s no denying that implementing Salesforce in your company has a number of advantages.”


Previously, businesses would struggle to manage the following standard operational and organizational areas:

  • Data storage and management
  • Organizing customer information, leads, and orders
  • Connecting between internal departments
  • Securely maintaining records and details in line with legal obligations
  • Producing and analyzing business reports
  • Personalizing customer service and sales outreach
  • Scaling business operations with available resources
  • Pursuing and achieving strategic business growth


Since the inception of business CRM software the areas above can be:


  • Targeted
  • Secured
  • Integrated
  • Monitored
  • Maintained
  • Scaled


This is where Salesforce stands out due to its web and mobile application development services delivery that ultimately encompass these facts:

  • Heritage software company launched in 1999
  • Innovative market leader
  • Reliable global use
  • Established expertise across developers, engineers, and consultants
  • Powerful front-end and back-end with extensive integratable tools
  • Instantaneous platform building and deploying
  • High-level business support
  • Extensive, user-friendly features
  • Highly accessible
  • Proven contributor to revenue growth
  • Essential business operations made more accurate and easy to maintain
  • Designed to improve team operations and collaboration
  • Options for both web and mobile service delivery
  • Works for businesses of all sizes

A 101 on Salesforce mobile features businesses can opt to use through application development services


Now that we have a clear overview of Salesforce as an enterprise tool, we’ll hone in on Salesforce mobile CRM.


Significantly, mobile is now where most consumers — both in business and leisure contents — spend their time. For instance, current data shows that nearly 60 percent of all internet traffic is mobile. Undoubtedly it makes sense for businesses to invest in mobile business tools and offerings. For example, Salesforce developer Michael Thomas explains that using their mobile apps goes hand in hand with modern business. “Companies today use Salesforce Mobile Application development to engage directly with clients or customers in the digital age.” Businesses hiring application development services for a Salesforce mobile app that the parent company promises “function flawlessly” guaranteeing user engagement. Correspondingly, this reduces pressure on employees to manually focus on CRM and instead they dedicate to quality sales and care.


Summing up, these are the key platform features available with Salesforce application development services


  • Cross-platform development for Apple iOS, Android, and Windows
  • Functional on mobile and tablets
  • Extensive mobility capabilities
  • Drag-and-drop interface
  • Customization for every business’s unique needs
  • Customer 360 accessible anywhere for 360-degree view of customers
  • Swiftly deployable to users
  • High-security infrastructure
  • Personalized user-experience (UX)
  • Offers online and offline mobility
  • Ongoing data insights both online and offline
  • Lead generation


Regardless of the industry, using Salesforce apps ultimately means more meaningful, productive, and data-driven relationships. At the same time businesses are able to make positive outcomes central to every customer’s experience. Although this might sound impersonal, it’s actually consistent with strategies to provide better value services and products that benefit stakeholders. Furthermore the stakeholders who benefit are both internal, such as employees, and external, such as customers.


In effect, investing in Salesforce application development services can help keep businesses in the following two ways:


  1. Staying afloat in the short-term — A key reality of business in an economic downturn
  2. Growing in the long-term — A strategic investment for maintaining operations


The intuitive Salesforce mobile platform is entirely analytics-driven in order to make deals and close sales. Unlike the standard web Salesforce product that works solely online, the Salesforce Mobile App keeps business moving at all times.


Why Salesforce application development services help businesses stand out


In the main section of this blog, we’ll explore the important ways Salesforce application development services help businesses stand out. Both Salesforce web and mobile app development platform are inherent to successful business in 2023. In particular investing in Salesforce mobile application development services is part of operating a business that reaches customers where they are. Meanwhile a business app with a quality app design, slick UX/UI, and features that uphold the brand’s value offering. All in all, deploying a Salesforce business app is a CRM that builds the brand and is a marketing tool. Additionally, Salesforce says that prioritizing a business is part of operating a modern business that’s consistent with market trends. Furthermore, “But, by coming early to the app party with an app designed with your customer in mind, your business can lead the pack in providing tailored customer experiences to its tech-savvy clientele.


Salesforce mobile features strengthening businesses to benefit from in application development services:


  • High-quality apps
  • Swiftly deployable in the App Store, Google Play, and Salesforce AppExchange
  • Salesforce App Cloud development tools
  • Powerful app development
  • Robust and intuitive development platform
  • Extensive yet simple customization
  • Innovative operations and customer UX/UI


These Salesforce mobile features benefit businesses in all industries. Whether it’s logistics management and e-commerce or customer service and loyalty programs, apps are usable both internally and externally. What’s more, these apps help businesses offer diverse and creative UX/UI that strengthen sales, customer experience, and operational workflows.


Examples of platforms built through Salesforce application development services

  • Automotive — Toyota Europe used a Salesforce-built app ‘Heroku’ for customers to choose view car customizations.
  • Retail — Office Depot uses Salesforce in a customer app for seasonal initiatives at Christmas.
  • Entertainment/Culture — Spotify uses Salesforce as a CRM.
  • Hospitality/Food — Red Robin uses Salesforce for discount codes and customer loyalty.


Common industry operations that can be integrated during Salesforce application development services

  • Customer service, engagement, and communications
  • Data security, management, analytics, and reports
  • Marketing promotions and brand building
  • Sales processes, promotions, and e-commerce
  • Customer administration for loyalty programs and rewards
  • Omni-channel marketing for 360-degree customer experiences in-store and online
  • Stock management and logistics


Nine ways businesses working with application development services builds the best Salesforce mobile apps


Consequently these Salesforce mobile app features and industry uses lead us to how application development services contribute invaluably to businesses. Emphatically, these expert services contribute consultation insights, Salesforce architecture qualifications, and experience to every project. Overall this results in better custom apps that incorporate business needs while using Salesforce features effectively and engineering unique UI.


Standout benefits of working with Salesforce application development services

  1. Streamlining the launch process
  2. Changing the way customers interact with businesses
  3. Leveraging business data for business operations and UX/UI
  4. Overhauling and redefining customer service
  5. Making sales personal and engaging for every customer
  6. Simplifying and elevating business operations
  7. Improving the way employees work
  8. Maximizing productivity for better business resource management
  9. Using emerging technologies to reach a broader customer group


Reach out to our experts for Salesforce App development services


Benefit 1. Streamline the launch process using Salesforce application development services


Firstly, every business must consider their launch process when they are building an app. Regardless of the industry, the development process is the leading factor in a success application. This is irrespective of if it’s a Salesforce or other enterprise application.


When investing in an application, every phase of the development process is contributing to the launch process. In detail, a knowledgeable application development company will make this process central to their services. Because the consultation, ideation, research, testing, and refinement phases precede the launch, this will be proper frameworks in place. Likewise, preparations for the deployment to the app marketplace — including the App Store, Google Play, and Salesforce AppExchange — are overseen.


Streamlining the launch process is of key value to businesses as it establishes certainty around the product. Due to the internal and external app use potential with employees and customers alike there is extensive nuance to deployment. For example, there is extra focus for deployment tasks as it requires training for employees and perhaps marketing to customers. For this purpose then development services will advise on the best way to approach this for both Salesforce efficacy and deployment management. Even though the Salesforce app itself might have a slick, minimalist UI, the back-end is likely sophisticated needing support. Lest there be staff mistakes, application development services can onboard all employees in advance across departments for better organizational cooperation.


For the most part, it is important to remember that streamlining this part of custom application development results in:

  • Comprehensive ideation, design, and engineering
  • Thorough testing with the target market
  • Elimination of bugs and refining the beta product
  • Better response from the customer base
  • Positive employee experience working with a new business tool


 Benefit 2. Target and change the way customers interact with the business using Salesforce application development services


When a business chooses development services for their Salesforce app they free integral resources. Instead of fixating their own team on overseeing all areas of the development, they refine their focus. Even if there are developers in the business team, their role working with application developers is to explain needs. Subsequently this dedicates their attention to what the business needs and conveying this to the Salesforce development experts.


In any event, the outcome then is that all energy — both of developers and the business hiring them — targets solutions. In brief, this solution is most likely for the customer experience both in the CRM and in sales outcomes. Thereafter, Salesforce developers are responsible for changing the way a business’s customers interact with them. In that case these interactions are improved through:

  • Customer service
  • Data management and analysis
  • Omni-channel connectivity
  • UX/UI with customization and design elements
  • Accessibility
  • Business outreach and follow-up


Thus developers engineering app features that align entirely with business operations and customers behaviours/needs achieves a 360-degree UX. Eventually this reinforces a brand and reinvents how the business operates at large leading to growth. In the long run these services help build platforms that sustain meaningful, user-centric, and data-driven customer engagement.


Benefit 3. Work with Salesforce services professionals to leverage business data during application development

Equally important to customer interactions is how data gathering drives personalization and innovation. In particular is how Salesforce app development services teams will use existing data to:

  • Ideate
  • Test
  • Deploy
  • Maintain


Further to this, leveraging business data to target services results in a custom application that meets user and business needs. Instead of developing apps that vaguely suit user needs, the deployable Salesforce app is custom-built with existing data. Additionally, future iterations — both updates and scaling — will integrate data from employees and users. As a result, development experts conceptualize and deliver applications that are continually improving while maximizing the range of Salesforce features.


Due to the scope of data insights in current technology, developers can tap into analytics that inform:

  • Staff resource allocations
  • Customer support
  • Personalizing UX/UI including userflow elements
  • Designing new services
  • Reviewing customer support and sales processes
  • Flagging leads and follow-up
  • Identifying technical issues
  • Maintaining security infrastructure


Benefit 4. Overhaul and redefine customer service using Salesforce app development services


Similarly to the Customer Interaction benefit, quality Salesforce development delivery transforms customer service entirely. Obviously customer service is at the heart of both the Salesforce software and every business the world over. Nevertheless increasing digitization can lead to devaluing and deprioritizing customer service. Undeniably this then leads to this crucial area being an afterthought.


On the other hand, prioritizing Salesforce application puts businesses in a position to bring their customer service back in focus. In short, Salesforce mobile app features equip businesses to both be available to customers wherever and whenever. Identically, technology offers sophisticated customer support with AI and algorithmic personalization. On the other hand, developers offer businesses a means to review and redesign their customer support during the app planning. Then this allows for revolutionizing how customer service works both in the app and outside it. Henceforth the business can schedule team members to more hands-on customer support for specialist cases and meaningful stakeholder care.


Overall, the end-to-end redefining of customer service results in major evolution for:

  • Resource planning
  • Strategic business growth
  • Customer experience and repeat business
  • Business brand and marketing outlook
  • Identifying opportunities for sales and product/services offerings


Benefit 5. Make sales personal using Salesforce application development services


By and large sales is seen as impersonal and even mercenary. Until now it could be a means to an end that doesn’t give room for building relationships. Because Salesforce’s design is customer-centric, the mobile features offer businesses a chance to double-down on this value proposition. Consequently expert developers consult with businesses to identify exactly how they want to combine sales and customer care. Then they ideate how to integrate this into the app design in all areas from UX to lead generation communications.


At any rate there are standout ways developers can work with businesses so sales feel personal in their app:

  • Userflow design that feels natural and helpful
  • Analytics reports that inform individual and collective customer patterns to then resolve sales issues
  • Indivualized customer outreach in line with data records of interests, activity, and support enquiries
  • Following up on sales with personalized codes
  • Cohesive integration with third-party apps for sales such as Instagram and Pinterest




Benefit 6. Level up business operations using Salesforce app development services


Concurrently to customer service, working with developers to build a custom Salesforce mobile app feeds positively into all business areas. Chiefly the benefit here is how app development integrates key business needs. Although developers will lengthily consult to identify high-level objectives, adept mobile developer teams can target low-level ones simultaneously. Afterwards this enables businesses to improve all areas of operations. All of a sudden they are able to better manage resources, respond to stakeholder needs, and consistently decision make strategically.


Business operations that are typically simplified and elevated using custom-built Salesforce application development services are:

  • Customer resolutions for common and outlier issues
  • Internal communications and inter-departmental collaboration
  • Data collating, reporting, analyzing, and follow-up
  • Sales outreach, lead monitoring, and customer database organization
  • Logistics management and correspondence
  • Simpler resource management and planning for consistent services


The leading outcomes of simplifying and elevating these business operations are core to an effective business model:

  • Accurate data input and management
  • High-level operational and infrastructure security
  • Logical and data-driven internal workflows
  • Audit trail for operations that maintains compliance, customer service, and sales standards


Benefit 7: Improve the way every employee works using Salesforce app development services


Analogous to business operations is the positive impact on baseline employee workflow. Because this can be specifically incorporated into the Salesforce mobile app development process it’s a standalone benefit. Given that every employee has their own work style and individual contributions, choosing app features that celebrate this cohesively matter. Even if employees work in a team or regularly interact with other departments in the course of a day, a robust custom app allows for this. For one thing, every Salesforce mobile app is simple yet ergonomic. Moreover, developers integrate app customizations with core features in line with business needs so it works for employees and customers.


The outcome of improving individual employee workflow is consistent with the following features qualified and experience Salesforce mobile developers integrate:

  • Communication audit trails — Showing team activity so individuals can respond accordingly and follow-up with data at hand.
  • Mobile platform — Giving each person access both online and offline so they can always do their job whether they’re onsite or remote.
  • Inter-departmental transparency —Encourages fruitful independent and collaborative work that eliminates silos and equips every person to fulfil their role responsibilities.
  • Live data updates and records — Always delivering up-to-date information for customers and sales.


Benefit 8. Maximize productivity for better business resource management with Salesforce application development services


Maximizing productivity and business resource management further benefits individuals and entire teams. So developers understand how the business operates and their concerns, professional services consultation ahead of Salesforce application development covers this. Presently across all industries many businesses are struggling with issues such as:

  • Reduction in staffing budgets and general operational budgets
  • Customer expectations around live, 24/7, and omni-channel responsiveness
  • Managing hybrid and remote teams
  • Employee burnout and disengagement
  • Global disruptions to product and services availability
  • Economic, political, and social upheaval leading to market uncertainty and outlook volatility


In order to combat the above factors, businesses can revise their tools and opt for technology solutions encompassing multiple solutions. Though outcomes cannot be guaranteed, expert Salesforce app professionals can work to address these during development. Owing to the thorough ideation, research, testing, and deployment process for Salesforce apps, it’s possible to strategically work towards this. Prior to commencing development, reviewing the below issues then designing app infrastructure solutions meeting them can drive the development process:

  • Workflow
  • Operational
  • Stakeholder interests


Key Salesforce mobile app components that are proven to help with productivity for better resource management are:

  • Audit trails
  • In-built compliance features
  • Stock management
  • Order tracking
  • Internal/external communications frameworks
  • Online and offline accessibility
  • Robust and scalable UX/UI


Benefit 9. Integrate emerging technologies in Salesforce app development services to reach a broader customer group


Finally, all knowledgable Salesforce experts will always refer to emerging technologies during mobile app development. At this time, the headline emerging technologies developers can integrate in Salesforce that are disrupting and completely revolutionizing business are:

  • AI — As an app features this consistently delivers more personalized and user-driven business services and outcomes. As can be seen in the explosion in generative AI and conversational AI, the future of all software — including mobile apps — lies with this tech. As a matter of fact, AI helps businesses sustain more accurate, fast, consistent, and tailored UX/UI.
  • Smart algorithmic code — In-built data science is core to every Salesforce Mobile app. Specifically, this is the Einstein Analytics function that gives businesses insights into every user. Both data of employees and customers can be constantly reviewed to improve the UX and allocate resources.


As shown above, most users prefer a mobile product meaning that emerging technologies are a central feature to memorable UX. Especially as AI continues to evolve and become believably humanoid, developers will have the cutting-edge insights into integration. Obviously this is a “watch-this-space” and Salesforce is continually integrating these interactive and analytical features for enterprise use.




In conclusion, Salesforce application development services make the difference in businesses having a deployable, professional product that incorporates diverse needs. Significantly Salesforce mobile may well be the better choice for businesses as customers continue to choose apps over web products. Although businesses can use the drag-and-drop low-code feature for their own Salesforce app, development services remain justifiable. Because experience informs consultation and the development process, experience and knowledge build custom app UX/UI that stand out to all users. Both for short-term planning and long-term business impact, working with Salesforce experts leads to measurable return-on-investment.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How does hiring Salesforce app development services benefit businesses?

Hiring Salesforce application development services benefits businesses in varying, measurable ways. For example, developers will oversee all areas of the development including:

  • Researching the market
  • Establishing business needs
  • Incorporating core Salesforce Mobile application features and integrating these with custom components for the business
  • Testing and revising development
  • Preparing for deployment to the relevant app marketplaces including Salesforce AppExchange
  • Integration with existing business apps and software in use
  • Maintaining the app, resolving issues, and preparing updates
  • Scaling the platform as the business changes

Businesses can start the process on a preliminary level through an A3logics Salesforce business consultation.


Do experts in Salesforce app development services make a difference to the final app?


In terms of market evidence, working with platform experts is likely to lead to a better app. Furthermore, Salesforce is an in-demand developer skill due to Salesforce Technical Architects expertise and industry-based experience. All in all, Salesforce experts can advise business on the best platform features for them while delivering customizations. Subsequently this leads to an entirely tailor-made app that properly integrates all technically beneficial features for a high-level performance.

How do Salesforce application development services help test and plan for deployment including staff training?

Salesforce development services will incorporate all business needs into the application development process. Because this includes testing and deployment they will support businesses with onboarding their staff teams through training and guidance. Overall this prepares all internal personnel to use the new app and to effectively care for users from deployment.

Can Salesforce application development services build cross-platform and native apps?

Salesforce Mobile application development can be both cross-platform and native apps. Specifically this means businesses can opt for apps that will be available in app stores for:
• Apple iOS
• Android
• Microsoft

Most important, professional Salesforce development services will also be able to deploy a business application to the business Salesforce AppExchange.