20 Best Live Streaming Apps in 2024 [Free+Paid]

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Are you looking for cool live streaming apps where you can watch TV free on your mobile device? Today, we’ve compiled the best list of sites that offer both free and paid TV streaming. Crackdown on the Internet to remove websites that stream free illegal content without licensing. You could be jailed for watching illegal streams without authorization. In some countries, unethical streaming is punishable by the legal system. Both the accused and perpetrator can be punished. Most of the time, it is the person who created the website that is punished. In 2022 the OTT video revenues was estimated at 150 billion U.S. dollars, with the United States accounting for the biggest share of the revenue globally.

OTT TV and video revenue worldwide

There are many best live streaming apps that allow you to watch Live TV without any legal issues. Most non-legitimate websites do not stream the streams from their servers, but instead search through web directories or openly available links. 

Many apps like YouTube are misleading and are designed to infect your device with malware. Free broadcasting of content that is copyrighted results in millions of dollars of losses for entertainment media and the film industry. Production houses have spoken out against unethical content providers online.

Illegitimate sites are potentially dangerous and malicious to your system and data. They are capable of harassing privacy and collecting sensitive information from your devices. Today we will list some of the best sites to watch Live TV Online for Free or Paid, without copyright issues.


Types Of Live Streaming Apps


There are multiple categories of live streaming apps based on use cases:


Social Live Streaming Apps: Allow broadcasting to social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitch. Examples – YouTube Live, Facebook Live.


Gaming Live Streaming Apps: Optimized for game streaming. Popular options include Twitch, YouTube Gaming.


IRL (In Real Life) Streaming Apps: Meant for vlogging daily activities. Periscope, YouTube are commonly used.


Educational Live Streaming Apps: Specialized for online learning through live classes. BigBlueButton, Blackboard are examples.


Live Commerce Streaming Apps: Integrate e-commerce enabling viewers to purchase directly. Examples are Anthropic, Firework.


Enterprise Live Streaming Apps: Customized on-premise solutions for businesses. Kaltura, Wirecast are leading solutions.


The type chosen will depend on the target audience, domain, business model, and integration requirements. A hybrid approach combining social + commerce features is also trending.


Best Live Streaming Apps For Android

‘OTT Video’ section of the market for media is led by the United Kingdom with 120.12% and is closely followed by Canada (117.95 percent). After this the position is dominated by New Zealand with 106.53 percent. Below list can help you find the best app for live streaming as per your convenience and needs. Take a look.


DaddyHD.com offers more than 120 live tv stations and other sports programming in the USA and Canada. This is one of the streaming sites which offers free streams. It can also be called a premium chord-cutter for all your streaming requirements. If one of the streaming links isn’t working, you can use this site to find other options.

The best thing about DaddyHD, is its clutter-free interface. It’s smooth and has a nice clean look. The top on demand app development company states that there are no ads such as pop-ups, click ads or third-party ads. This gives you a smooth viewing experience.

TV247 US

You can watch Live TV exclusively from US TV programs on TV247 US. The USTV site is very clean and has fewer or no ads. The site has over 80 live premium TV channels, including Cartoon Network and ESPN. Discovery Channel, NGC, Nicktoons. History TV. ABC, Showtime. Science. NBC, TCM. CBS. CMT. Cinemax. CNN. Disney. HBO.

It is one of the most popular free live streaming apps offering a wide range of free channels, including kids, movies and infotainment. Some streams may be unavailable due to developer issues. Here is a short guide to the service.

Please note that the Popular US TV website is no longer available. Its sister site USTV247.TV has also been closed, with the same error message: “Sorry we are closed”. USTVGO’s Twitter account has also been suspended. Discord is also no longer available.

Free Internet TV Player

You can watch live TV from anywhere on your phone. IPTV allows you to access free live channels around the world. Add *.m3u to IPTV, and you can stream live TV in your browser. You can find IPTV players on the web or IPTV apps that are free for your PC. Examples include Kodi VLC Plex etc. Just paste the URL in the IPTV player to enjoy free live TV channels.


USTVGO has died. However, there is an alternative site called USTVGO Live which provides access to free live streams from various television channels. The site includes many popular US channels. Although the number is smaller, the channels still work. The live streaming app development company expert claims that the website does not have any affiliation with the channels that it streams. The quality and availability of the streams can also vary.

USTVGO Live tv

You can watch and stream over 80 channels on the website, including family entertainment, movies, sports, news, etc. On the website, you can watch and stream over 80 channels for free. Some of the most popular channels are available on USTVGO.

Plex Live TV

Plex, one of the best apps for live streaming, offers a subscription-free streaming service. It delivers over 600 channels with your favorite TV shows and movies. You can also watch live TV. Plex offers over 300+ channels of live TV, recording your favorite shows and Chromecast support.

You can also use its Picture-in-Picture mode to multitask and watch your favorite shows. Plex allows you to stream free dozens of live TV channels, from movies to sports to kids and entertainment. You don’t need a Plexserver to get started.


StreamWink (formerly Wizler TV) is one of the most clean and best live streaming app service providers. It offers free live channels ranging in genres such as movies, kids, documentary, infotainment and entertainment. The video player looks super clean and simple, like a clutter-free version of YouTube.

This site has a very simple interface, and a TV guide that lets you check out what’s on and when. StreamWink offers the best streaming live TV network to watch the USA live channels. Check it out today.

YouTube TV

YT TV, an over-the-top content (OTT app development technologies), streaming subscription service is available in the United States. The service includes ABC, CBS The CW, Fox NBC and other networks. Cloud DVR is available without any storage limits. Six YouTube TV accounts, each with a login and DVR. The service provides more than 80 US channels that can be streamed directly on a PC or phone without requiring a cable box.

YouTube TV

Sports – CBS RSN Channels, ESPN Network, FS, Golf Channel, MLB Network, NBA TV, NBCSN, NESN, Olympic Channel, Tennis Channel, etc.

Entertainment – AMC, BBC America, Bravo, Comet, Decades, E!, Freeform, FX, FXM, FXX, IFC, MyNetworkTV, Nat Geo, Nat Geo Wild, and more.

News – BBC News, Cheddar News, CNBC, CNN, Fox News, HLN, MSNBC.

Kids – Cartoon Network, Disney Kids, Universal Kids


FreeInterTV allows you to stream live TV channels from around the world. As per the leading mobile app development company, FreeInterTV has a basic interface that looks a bit shabby. But, it allows you to stream live your favorite TV shows. Some streams may not work but popular shows and tv channels will. Use a VPN to bypass ISP restrictions if the service or site won’t load.


TV Player allows you to watch more than 80 Live TV channels on the Web and any mobile app. You can access 60+ channels for free. The App’s premium version ($9/mo), which supports more popular channels, can be accessed for a fee. Currently, the service is only available in the UK, but the team plans to expand the network into the US, Canada and other European countries. Enjoy live TV, catch-up features and live recording. The custom mobile application development company states that it is a well-designed TV service.

TVPlayer App Features:


  • All the best UK Channels
  • Watch Live TV and Catch Up TV
  • Record your favorite shows to watch them at any time
  • You can use your TVPlayer Plus on 5 devices simultaneously


Stream2Watch hosts links to a variety of online resources. Watch live TV from the UK and other countries. You can also switch to Sports Streaming Channels by clicking on the site.

As per mobile app consulting companies, many of the streams on the site may not work because the live channels are from unreliable providers. The site offers multiple links to a single stream. On the site, you may come across aggressive advertisements. This little inconvenience is well worth it, given that the site offers a number of channels for free without any subscription or account.

Sling TV

Sling TV, free live streaming app, offers a decent Live TV streaming service. It’s easy customization, the number of channels and its just-OK pricing make it an attractive platform for all supported devices. Sling’s orange package costs $15 per month and includes 31 channels. The mix of sports, entertainment, and news channels is good. The blue package costs $15 a month and includes 45 channels. Orange and Blue packages can be combined for $25 per month.

Sling TV


Dazn, one of the best free live streaming apps, offers a video streaming subscription service. The service provides live and on demand streaming from a variety of properties. Also, Dazn operates in Austria, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, Canada, United States, Italy, Spain and Brazil. It holds digital rights to all major sporting events that will be broadcasted in Austria, Germany Japan Canada and Switzerland. DAZN offers UEFA, FIFA and La Liga matches, among others.

You can cancel the service at any time. DAZN works with a wide range of devices, including TVs, smartphones and tablets, gaming consoles and more. Use an internet-connected device capable of streaming high-quality videos to get the best viewing experience.

Goods about DAZN


  • Legal and Free
  • All major events entitled to rights
  • HD Support
  • Multiple device support
  • Enjoy a 30-Day Free Trial

DirecTV Now

DirecTV, by AT&T, is rapidly gaining a huge and colossal number of subscribers. These internet TV services stream Live TV. TunerMedia is a powerful tool that allows you to access a vast library of media and TV channels.

Movies and TV Shows are also available. Also, the App itself is plagued with bugs and issues, making it difficult to use. DirecTV’s powerful mix of entertainment, music and sports channels, as well as news and other general channels, is a formidable force in the streaming content industry. In fact, it is a popular music streaming app as well.

Yupp TV

YuppTV offers a wide range of Indian content, including Live TV, Movies and Shows. Apps are available in a number of countries including the USA, UK, Australia, Malaysia, Middle East, Canada, Singapore etc. Also, the App includes all popular channels, from Movies to Entertainment. Yupp TV offers a variety of live TV channels, including national and regional Indian Channels. The premium channels are $3.99/month and include some of the top TV Channels.

YuppTV, one of the top live streaming apps, provides a 7-day free trial. After that, it charges $6.99 the first month then $3.99 thereafter.

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Now TV is an internet TV subscription service that does not require a contract for the UK, Ireland and Italy. Sky plc owns it. As per the top Android app development agency, Now TV offers all Sky Network’s TV Channels and Live Sports. This includes Movies, Programs and TV Shows. Sky Network Sports Channels and live sports channels are available.

There is a free 14-day trial. You can choose between an Entertainment Pass, Kids Pass and Movies Pass. You can watch up to 10 sports channels. Now TV can be accessed on more than 60 devices, including Smart TVs and consoles. Also, you can get a 14-day trial for free if you’re serious about streaming sports events.

Now TV Features


  • Live Sports Broadcasting
  • No Contracts
  • Support for 60+ Platforms during 14-Day Day Free Trial
  • Only available in the UK, Ireland and Italy

Best Live Streaming Apps for iPhone


Hulu offers a subscription service, but it also allows you to watch a limited amount of content (more than 150 TV shows and movies) for free. The Hulu Live TV began in 2017. Before that, the service only hosted a variety of TV shows both old and current, movies and other entertainment programs.

The Video streaming app development companies experts state that it is a hybrid between Sling TV, Netflix and Live TV. Content and presentation vary depending on the price. Low prices offer content with ads, while high packages provide Live TV without Ads. Hulu TV pricing starts at $7.99. Although the price may seem high, I think it’s well worth the purchase.

Pluto TV

PlutoTV offers over 100 TV channels, as well as a number of movies and TV shows that can be viewed for free. Video advertisements are used to generate revenue between programs. You can choose from On-Demand movies and Live TV.

Pluto is partnered with more than 80 distributors and the content comes directly from the providers. Also, you can watch movies on Live TV Channels. Pluto TV offers both Live TV and On-Demand movies. The top mobile app development agencies state that the TV is available on all major devices, including Android, Roku and iOS. Apple TV also has an app.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV: Goods and Services


  • Watch Free Movies on Demand
  • Live TV Movie Channels
  • Supports all devices

Pluto TV: Bads


  • There are only a few live TV channels
  • Long Video Ads


Time4TV.net allows you to watch channels from around the world. Watching UK, US, Sports, News and Hindi Channels is all free. You can find the station you want by searching for it. This site is a heaven for sports fans.

Access to over 60 sports channels including Sky Network and BT Sports. There are multiple links for each channel in case one link fails to load. This is the best way to watch live TV without country restrictions or accounts.

As per the top mobile app development companies in USA, it’s only annoying that the site offers aggressive popups and intrusive ads. If you’re comfortable with the site, you can go ahead. If the site does not work in your country, you may need to use a VPN or Proxy.


Offers Live Channels Around the World: Football, Cricket and More!


SquidTV simplifies your search for live TV. The platform collects all available streams around the world, which can be further classified by country, language and genre. The majority of streams are legal and open streams available from all over the world. Squid TV allows you to access any channel from any country, if it is available. Squid’s easy-to-use channel guide will save you time and effort when searching for channels. You will be redirected to the local website or player in order to stream the content.


Hotstar, by 21st Century Fox is your best option if you enjoy Indian content. Hotstar has an extensive library of Indian dramas, soap operas, movies, and television shows, which makes it a great place to watch top-notch Indian content. It has many international movies in its library, is launched by Hotstar in the USA and Canada using content libraries. This avoids any digital rights infringement.

Disney+ Hotstar

You can currently access the service on Android in the USA. It will be available soon for iOS and Apple TV. However, you can also use it via the web at us.hotstar.com. Hotstar is the best option for Indians. Star India offers a wide range of Live TV channels, including Hindi, Telugu and movies. You can also access News and Infotainment channels like Nat Geo.


Free TV curates the best free Live TV channels around the world. The site searches for any Live Streaming sources that are publicly available on YouTube, websites or third-party sources. You won’t find any premium channels on Free TV. Free TV will allow you to access FTA channels for free without requiring a subscription or account.

All the channels you want are available, including News, Entertainment, Kids, Music, Sports and many more. You can watch channels from Africa to the US and Canada. You can find the best Live Streaming service for free on Free TV.

Free TV: Goods and Services


  • Legal Source
  • FTA Channels Around the Globe
  • All the Genres
  • Easy Navigation
  • There are very few ads

Bads about Free TV


  • No Premium Channels
  • The links may not be available or dead


Steps to Building Live Streaming Apps in 2024


Building high-quality live streaming apps involves careful planning and execution of key elements. Here is an in-depth look at each step:

Steps to Building Live Streaming Apps
Define Features & Monetization Strategy

The first step is defining the core value proposition – what type of content will be streamed, key features, target audience etc. Some features to consider include live video/audio streaming, video-on-demand, chats, polls, payments etc.

The monetization strategy should also be planned in advance. Options include in-app purchases, subscriptions, advertising, tipping/donations, affiliate/referral revenue. Free and premium tiers can be explored. Market research and competitor analysis provides useful inputs for feature selection and monetizing effectively.


Choose Live Streaming Technology

Selecting the right live streaming technology is crucial for high quality, low latency experiences. Common options are RTMP, RTSP, HLS and DASH streaming protocols. Factors to evaluate include platform support, bandwidth optimization, encoding capabilities, integration friendliness etc.

Streaming servers from Wowza, Kaltura and Red5 are major options. Leverage WebRTC for direct peer-to-peer broadcasting. Cloud-native services from Google/AWS also provide scalable turnkey solutions. Open-source frameworks like FFmpeg help for media encoding/transcoding needs.

Quality testing on different network conditions is important to finalize the optimal technology combination.


Develop Backend Infrastructure

The backend infrastructure should be rock-solid to handle live video streams reliably. Common choices are Node.js, Django, Laravel and Flask frameworks. Scale-tested databases like MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL store metadata.

Authentication/authorization is vital – common methods are social login, email/password. Session/token-based technology ensures seamless content viewing across devices.

A CDN like AWS CloudFront or Fastly optimizes low-latency delivery globally. Asset/video storage utilizes cloud storage services. Serverless compute with AWS Lambda runs automated workflows. Overall infrastructure should support high availability and failover mechanisms.

Continuous Integration/Deployment pipelines help deploy code changes seamlessly to cloud-based environments. Logging/monitoring tools provide operational visibility.

Build Responsive UI/UX Design

The app interface directly impacts the live streaming experience. Modern UI frameworks like React Native, Flutter and Xamarin enable building responsive cross-platform native mobile apps.

Web-based apps leverage React/Vue whereas Twitch uses ElectronJS. Accessibility best-practices allow usage by varied audiences including disability communities. Elements like fullscreen video player, sidebar panels, menus should work well across both portrait/landscape modes on varying screen sizes.

Fluid interfaces adapted for tablets/mobile are preferred over desktop-only designs today. User testing evaluates ease of navigation,discoverability, loading performance etc. Animations and micro-interactions boost engagement on feed/individual streams. Video/content quality changes should feel seamless during adaptation.

Implement Authentication/Authorization

Signup and sign-in processes allow community formation securely. Reliable authentication prevents unauthorized streaming/moderator permissions. Popular methods are social login via Facebook/Google+, OTP on mobile number verification and email/password.

User profiles contain metadata like photos, interests for connections. Authorization controls edit/sharing based on user roles -public, subscriber or private streams. Session/token management when switching devices retains account access. Periodic audits ensure credential security standards compliance.

Permissions let creators organize fans into membership tiers with access to different benefits/content types. Payment provider SDKs help mobile billing requirements.

Integrate Social Platforms/Payment Gateways

Strategic platform partnerships unlock wider discoverability and engagement. Popular options to Integrate Social Media and API include Facebook Live API, YouTube Live SDK, Twitter Periscope API, Twitch developer platform. These provide single sign-on, sharing functionality natively within parent social networks as plugins/extensions.

Payments underpin monetization – mainstream providers include PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay supporting payments across apps/web. Features like tipping buttons, subscription workflows, in-app purchases for virtual goods require customizable integrations from standard/custom gateways. Compliance with PCI regulations protects transaction security.

Optimize Video Encoding & Delivery

Encoding Live videos for diverse networks and devices is imperative. Server-side encoding adapts resolution/bitrate based on available bandwidth. Interactive encoding tools like FFmpeg, Wirecast aid this process along with analyzing hardware capabilities. Optimized multibitrate profiles ensure high quality under varying network conditions.

Video formats like HLS, DASH split content into discrete chunks for playback without rebuffering. CDNs like AWS Cloudfront cache assets at edge locations globally. Encoding also reduces file sizes significantly through technologies like AVC, HEVC without compromising quality. Real-time transcoding converts input streams efficiently into end-user formats.

Add Engagement Tools like Chats, Polls etc.

Enabling viewers to interact contributes meaningfully to live conversations. Tools like live chat allow real-time discussion, emoticons boost experiences. Moderation features prevent spam/abuse while allowing creators to selectively approve messages. Polls gather instant audience feedback on different topics.

Social sharing buttons propagate streams virally. Likes, follows, comments leave an invaluable user trail for personalized recommendations and analytics. Interactive features can range from simpler to elaborate workflows for loyalty programs, transactions directly within streams. Notifications keep everyone updated about new streams, messages, activities.

Implement CDN for Geographical Distribution

Content Delivery Networks cache and serve videos/assets accelerating delivery worldwide optimally. Integration with CDN providers helps abstract away underlying network complexities. Popular choices are AWS CloudFront, Fastly, KeyCDN, Akamai leveraging their global edge network.

CDNs reduce latency by serving requests from data centers closest to the end user’s location. Features like HTTP/2, TLS enable fast encrypted streaming. CNAME records configure DNS to point custom domains seamlessly. Detailed controls specify caching rules, purge/invalidate for seamless updates.

Leverage analytic dashboards to optimize cache misses, bandwidth overage, viewer migration patterns. On-device adaptive bitrate streaming ensures consistent quality globally. CDN integrates future-proof streaming infrastructure against rapid traffic spikes and geographically distributed audiences.

Carry Out thorough Testing & Deployment

Testing all functionality under realistic conditions maintains high quality rigorously.

Technologies like Cypress, Jest automate cross browser, API testing at scale. Load/performance testing tools like Apache Bench, K6 simulate production usage patterns revealing bottlenecks.

Security checks using OWASP penetration testing framework identify vulnerabilities proactively. Accessibility compliance with WCAG, Section 508 guidelines ensure usability for varied needs. Configuring error handling prevents crashes while maintaining uptime through server monitoring services.

Continuous Integration/Delivery workflows make deployments seamless across environments using Docker containers, Kubernetes clusters. Progressive roll-outs reach target users gradually mitigating potential risks. Server logs provide debugging aids. Monitoring dashboards offer a unified view of vital metrics across infrastructure, applications and end-user experience. Development practices including code reviews, documentation ensure maintainability.

Technology Stack for Live Streaming App Development

The common technology stack utilized includes:


  • Streaming Protocols: RTMP, RTSP, HLS, DASH
  • Backend: Node.js, Django, Flask, Laravel
  • Database: MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Streaming Servers: Wowza, Kaltura, Red5
  • Encoding: FFmpeg, HandBrake, Telestream Cloud
  • CDN: AWS CloudFront, Fastly, Akamai
  • UI Framework: React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin
  • Testing: Jest, Cypress
  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Amplitude
  • Infrastructure: AWS, GCP, Azure

Specialized services like plays.tv also offer turnkey solutions. Dockerization helps deployment across cloud providers.

How Much does it Cost to Build a Live Streaming App?

The cost of developing a live streaming app ranges from $10,000 to over $100,000 depending on factors like:

Features – Adding functionalities like VoD, chat influence cost.

Platforms – Native apps cost more than PWAs.

Backend Infrastructure – Cloud-based is cheaper than on-premise servers.

Design & UX Complexity – Simple vs animated/customized designs affect cost.

Development Team Size – More developers finish faster but increases cost.

Testing & Security Practices – Extensive testing is important but expensive.

Maintenance & Support – Ongoing costs for bug fixing, updates & support staff.

Partnering with specialized video streaming app development companies helps get a fully-functional MVP within $10,000-$25,000 typically. For advanced customized enterprise solutions, expect $50,000-$150,000 on average.

Some Key Factors that Determine Cost of Live Streaming App Development:


  1. Platform (Android, iOS or Web)
  2. Target Audience Size
  3. Features (Chat, Notification, Comment etc)
  4. Security and Privacy
  5. Testing & Deployment
  6. Payment Integration
  7. Backend Infrastructure & Hosting
  8. Maintenance & Upgrades
  9. Developer Expertise & Experience
  10. Development Location

With the right partner, engaging live streaming experiences supporting business goals can be developed within realistic budgets and timelines for today’s highly competitive markets.


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Final Thoughts

This post lists some of the top websites for watching Live TV Channels without an account or subscription, both paid and free.  Also, you can use the sites without worrying about privacy issues or data leakage. You are also not subjected to the annoying ads that you see on third-party streaming sites. Also, these services are all free and offer a wide range of movies to watch. If you are looking to invest in live streaming apps and desire to connect with the top iOS app development companies in the business, then A3Logics can be your choice. You get all the aspects covered as per your needs. Good luck! 


What are privacy and data security concerns related to live streaming apps?

Due to privacy and data breach issues, free streaming websites that are not licensed content providers are always critical. Also, cyber rouges are constantly on the lookout for innocent internet users who may fall victim. Due to legal actions, the use of non-legal free streaming services could also be considered a crime. If the site does not work or is blocked, you may need to use a VPN.

Litigations vary by country and also depend on the content. It is illegal to stream copyrighted content that you do not own, without paying or obtaining permission. Also, the governing bodies are primarily targeting the developers. To know more you can connect with the top mobile application consulting services experts like A3Logics.

What should I do if my site is not working?

You can use a VPN site or proxy site to load content if the site won’t load or is restricted. Also, you can bypass restrictions and network limitations and access the content.

What exactly is a VPN (Virtual Private Network)?

VPNs are a type of online service which hides data by sending it to a secure location. It creates a secure tunnel that provides end-to-end security. Your ISP won’t know what you are doing. It sends data to another country. Also, this makes it hard for your ISP to track the internet activity of the user. Proxy services allow you to access restricted websites.

Miscellaneous Details


  • You can use Hola VPN on Chrome Store to access websites anonymously.
  • You can use proxy servers such as VPN to stream content if any streams are having problems loading.
  • To fix the problem, I suggest you clear the data and cache in your browser.

How Do You Save Streaming Videos for Offline Viewing?

You can record or download the video using one of the converters. 


  1. Download and install converter 
  2. Download the Downloader Feature
  3. Copy the URL of the streaming video and paste it into the ‘Downloader.
  4. You will be able to download and start analyzing it instantly.

What exactly is a converter?

The converter is an all-in-one video toolkit that combines a downloader, recorder and converter with a compressor and editor. Also, it allows you to save 1080P/4K live streaming videos in seconds. So, you can also download subtitles, playlists, channels, M3U8, and audio quickly. It allows you to download from 1,000+ websites and in bulk 999+ URLs.