Why is Justworks the Gold Standard for Benefits Administration Software?

A3Logics 18 Aug 2022

Are you searching for enterprise benefits administration software solutions? Have you heard about Justworks and wonder how they provide such reliable solutions?


As part of today’s competitive job market, providing comprehensive benefits to employees is crucial. This can attract and retain top talent. Therefore, the market for benefit administration software solutions has experienced exponential growth over time – though not all solutions offer equal features; Justworks stands out as being user friendly while boasting numerous useful tools that make managing benefits straightforward.


If your organization needs solutions like Justworks, certain features should be integrated to meet those same high standards. It can help you in terms of reliability and comprehensiveness. 


Justworks is among the popular HR, payroll, and benefits administration providers that streamline and grow the business with agility. This article is focused on enterprise-grade, customized, and full stack development of software just like Justworks.


What Is Benefits Administration Software?

Benefits administration software, also referred to as benefit administration systems. These are technology solutions designed to assist businesses with administering employee benefit plans more efficiently and cost effectively. Such systems help automate and streamline this process for health insurance plans, retirement funds and employee perks like gym membership.


Benefit administration systems typically consist of various tools and features. This includes enrollment management, benefits plan design/selection/implementation/compliance tracking/reporting analytics/compensation analytics etc.. It can reduce administrative costs while simultaneously improving accuracy and efficiency for benefits programs. These can help businesses save both time and costs. They streamline benefits administration programs to achieve optimal efficiency for employees.


With a benefit administration software provider, businesses can access an assortment of benefits management solutions customized to their unique requirements. These providers provide customizable software that can be configured according to each organization’s needs. It includes workforce size, types of benefits offered and automation needs.


Benefit administration systems offer businesses many key benefits. This includes improved accuracy and compliance, reduced administrative costs, and greater employee engagement. Not only this, it also assists with enhanced data management and reporting capabilities. All these advantages help companies remain competitive in today’s fast-paced and complex business world. It also attracts top talent to remain successful in business environments that demand them.


Benefit administration software is an indispensable asset to businesses seeking to streamline their employee benefits management practices and enhance overall effectiveness of employee benefit plans. By working with an established provider, companies gain access to tools, resources and expertise needed for success in today’s highly-competitive business world.


Overview of Justworks

Like any other benefits administration software, HR, and payroll, Justworks accelerates smaller businesses leveraging cost savings and efficiencies associated. Like Gusto, ADP Workforce Now, Paylocity, Rippling, Zenefits, and many others, Justworks allows easy access to benefits with comprehensive support for employment-related compliance needs. 


Justworks benefits management software streamlines back-office functionalities so companies can invest their valuable time in making strategic decisions. Some prominent benefits of using Justworks are-


  1. Simplified payroll process with automated direct deposits, flexible pay frequencies, tax filing, and W-2 generation.
  2. Empower team with effective management through in-built HRIS tools for onboarding. compliance, reporting, and PTO tracking.
  3. Streamlined and quick access to health insurance and other corporate-level benefits at affordable rates.
  4. Quick business administration to employment-related responsibilities such as payroll tax filings and compliance training.
  5. Continuous 24X7 customer support for employers and employees through multiple channels.

Justworks support tools make it easier for employees to navigate through onboarding in minutes, enrolling in benefits, and managing employees. This benefits software allows new hires as well as current employees to set direct deposits while reviewing the company policies. You can also choose benefits and perks from Justworks without the need for lengthy paperwork.


Justworks simplifies employee management with the help of integrated tools allowing geolocation tracking, automated reminders, shift scheduling, overtime alerts, and powerful integrations that easily sync with timesheets and then to payroll. 


Why It Is Important to Invest in Benefits Administration Software?

Benefits administration software solutions have grown increasingly popular among companies of all sizes. Benefits administration solutions help automate and streamline the administration of employee benefits. So, from enrollment to claims processing, it saves businesses both time and effort in doing so. Benefits administration software investment has many important reasons behind it including:


  1. Increased Efficiency –  Benefits administration software can greatly enhance efficiency when managing employee benefits by automating time-intensive processes. So, data entry, enrollment and claims processing becomes easy to work on. This saves HR teams significant amounts of time while decreasing errors.
  2. Improved Accuracy –  Manual data entry and processing can lead to mistakes. This results in delays, disputes and legal complications for employees and employers alike. Benefits administration software helps lower this risk by automating many of the tasks associated with employee benefits management.
  3. Cost Savings –  By streamlining their benefits administration processes, companies can significantly cut administrative costs. In fact, costs related to errors and disputes can also be curbed. This leads to long-term cost savings.
  4. Compliance –  Benefits administration software can assist companies to comply with both federal and state regulations such as the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). It helps companies avoid penalties or legal complications. This might otherwise arise from noncompliance with such acts as the Family Medical Leave Act and Affordable Care Act respectively. By keeping their compliance levels within legal standards, benefits administration software helps companies minimize potential fines or legal proceedings. 
  5. Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention –  Benefits administration software provides employees with an easier, user-friendly process when enrolling. It also helps in managing their benefits, helping to enhance satisfaction and retention rates. This may increase employee retention.
  6. Improved Reporting – Benefits administration software offers HR teams real-time information and analytics regarding employee benefits. This includes s enrollment rates, processing times for claims filings, plan utilization rates and utilization patterns. It enables companies to make more informed decisions regarding their offerings and identify areas for potential improvement.
  7. Scalability – Enterprise benefits administration software can easily adapt to meet the growing needs of companies as they expand and hire additional employees, helping to manage benefits more effectively when managing expanding programs. This feature helps enterprises manage employee benefits more efficiently as their organization expands with each addition of employees.
  8. Integration – Benefits administration software can easily integrate with other HR systems such as payroll and time and attendance to provide a more complete view of employee data and help reduce risks while simultaneously increasing accuracy. By linking all relevant HR databases together in this manner, errors may be reduced while simultaneously improving data accuracy.

Investment in benefits administration software offers many benefits to companies of all sizes. From increased efficiency to cost savings and compliance, benefits administration software helps HR teams streamline the benefits management process. It also enhances employee experiences. No matter whether it be small business or large enterprise sized companies alike – benefits administration software has solutions tailored specifically.


Cost of Developing a Benefits Administration Software like Justworks

Justworks is a white-labelled solution offering flexible plans to help businesses run them with confidence. The two of its plans – Basic and Plus offer fundamental to premium features.


  1. Basic offers comprehensive payroll, benefits administration, compliance requirements, HR tools, and 24X7 customer service is $44/month per employee.
  2. Plus, the plan lets access to the medical, dental, and vision, along with Basic plans at $89/month per employee.
  3. The cost includes a team of a dedicated software development team. The experts can design, develop, and test the entire software for seamless implementation.

However, the cost may vary depending on the location. Outsourcing a team from eastern Europe may cost you 187,360 whereas from western Europe may cost you 459,200. In North America, the development cost may go around 601,600.


 If you are looking for a customized solution, you must check out these features to integrate within a robust software.


Features of a Benefits Administration Software Like Justworks

Justworks is a proper bundle of HR, compliance, benefits, and payroll that helps in better employment administration and access to health insurance and other perks. So, let’s learn about these features one by one. However, ensure that you have a perfect partner offering custom software development services for a robust solution.


  1. Benefits

Justworks leverages only high-quality manifold insurance to meet the diverse needs of the team. Employers, as well as employees, can access a large group of benefits with quality coverages. Justworks can help you connect with leading insurance carriers to access richer plans.


More than just healthcare insurance, Justworks empowers companies and its team by leveraging employees to view, enroll, and even manage their coverage. The employees can have on-demand Medical’s primary care services and health advocates’ personal health services without any extra charges, such as EPO, POS, HDHP + POS, HMO. Additionally, you get


  1. Quality Coverage

It has crafted plans in a fair way pairing with the healthcare experiences and resources for employees to get the most of the healthcare experiences while focusing more on being productive. 

Justworks’ data-driven underwriting process furnishes a holistic view of the team’s unique needs for accuracy and better predictable costs even when you renew health insurance plans in the coming plan years.


  1. Wellness Perks

It’s a perfect platform for employers as well as employees to access top-notch health and wellness solutions. The platform also leverages companies to go beyond their status quo by offering mental health, primary care, and care navigation services for the team.


  1. Commuter Benefits

In Addition to on-demand primary care services, health advocacy services, and life insurance, Justworks assists companies to engage their employees to the highest level leading to better loyalty. Justworks aids employees to invest anywhere, including 401(k) retirement plans, commuter benefits, HSAs, and many more.


  1. Payroll & Payments 

Employees keep changing so do the rules of the company, but do not let these things impact your business. Justworks syncs seamlessly with current systems, managing your remote, salaried, hourly, full-time, part-time employees. This software also simplifies your payroll process, uplifting your heavy load.


  1. Simplified Payments

Justworks lets you run payroll smoothly by automating direct deposits for full as well as part-time employees. A website development solution, such as Justworks, supports bi-weekly and weekly pay frequencies for hourly and salaried non-exempt employees. Additionally, Justworks lets you set up payment reminders, split deposits across multiple accounts, & much more.


  1. Taxes Compliance

The best thing about this Benefits administration outsourcing is that you stay updated with employment regulations change. The in-built tools help you file W1-2s, 1099s, payroll taxes (940/941), run reports, and fill timecards to stay compliant always.


  1. Easy Management

Managing multiple vendors and contractors while aligning with employees’ needs is tedious. Justworks makes it all easy for you by automating the direct deposits, bonuses, commissions, reimbursements, over or one-time payments without any additional costs. So, pay everyone from one window leaving no room for error.


  1. Seamless Synchronization

Justworks’ payroll consists of a built-in time and attendance attribute to seamlessly connect timesheets, increase team accountability, and run payroll with more confidence. It’s tracking solution automatically alerts on overtime, shift schedules, geo-stamped time-keeping all through any device for an exceptional experience.


  1. Third-party Integration

Justworks can be seamlessly integrated with any third-party management & accounting application, such as QuickBooks or Xero. So, companies can easily link their accounts with the benefits administration software and access any information inclusive of payment details from a single platform.


  1. HR Tools

No more endless spreadsheets or paperwork to operate HR functionalities Justworks HR – software management offers multiple tools to manage the team. Justworks eliminates tedious and mundane tasks while allowing easy handling of administration. Through robust HR tools and integration, HR can remove the complexity and keep everyone on the same page, be it onboarding, permissions, reporting, or org charts.


  1. Streamlined Onboarding

Justworks’ simple and sophisticated dashboard lets you simplify onboarding new hires. Moreover, Justworks gives you the confidence to expand your team the right way by letting you enter direct deposits, choosing insurance plans, establishing a company directory, setting an employee handbook, and much more.


  1. Calculative Time Offs

In order to develop a platform like Justworks, you must integrate comprehensive and calculative time-off. Integrating HR tools lets you manage leave policies, track accruals, approve PTO requests, set holiday calendars, and sync with the PTO calendar to view the team’s PTO within the system.


  1. Customized Reports

Justworks offers deep insights into individual employee performance, leave balances, and much more. Track key metrics and develop a comprehensive report by combining the most relevant data points that make sense. You can also customize reports in real-time for instant view and accurate results.


  1. Document Management

A Software development methodology must be integrated with a robust employee document management feature. The most white-labelled solution lets you securely upload and send documents to your team while storing valuable data with encryption. Justworks all in one employee document management offers an electronic signature for quick signature completion while automating the email reminders.


  1. Flexible Access

What’s more advantageous about integrating or getting a customized SaaS software solution is flexibility in permitting employees to access various functions within the system. Justworks leverages the accountant, HR, and COO to make any changes as required without any intervention. Moreover, you can also keep yourself and your team updated and on the same page through company policies, calendars with birthdays, anniversaries, pay dates, org charts, and much more.


  1. Compliance

Justworks is a platform that supports multiple rules and regulations, whether it is filling payroll taxes, insurance or ACA filings, rule-break reminders, or any other. So, no more worries regarding adhering to federal, state, and local employment regulations ensuring workers compensation, EPLI, and empowering employees through training.


  1. Stress free Tax Filing

With Justworks, you can easily handle payroll taxes, remittances, withholdings, reporting, and much more. Justworks lets you file multiple taxes, such as W-2s, 1099, 940, and 941, hassle-free.


  1. Harassment-Free Workspace

One of the essential aspects for an employee is a peaceful harassment-free environment to work. Justworks has a suite designed to meet sexual harassment prevention training requirements and help employees stay away from harassment while fostering a healthy workplace.


  1. Secured Insurance

Business is all about managing employees and handling valuable documents. Documents with workers’ insurance and compensation information can be easily secured with Justworks as it helps with staying compliant with unemployment insurance filings and ACA filing both 1094-C and 1095-C.


  1. Error-free Timesheets

Justworks is an amazing tool that removes most of your headaches caused due to inaccuracies. A robust attribute – time and attendance – lets you track employees’ and contractors’ time, track projects, track working hours and overtime, track meal breaks and reminders, and much more.


  1. Keep-up with Regulations

Justworks lets you always stay on top and aligned with the changing employment regulations through regular updates. The “Plus” plan offers compliance updates on a regular basis to deter any impact on your business.


  1. Support

In order to create and implement a comprehensive HCM solution, you must integrate a support feature for employees, contractors & vendors to reach out to you whenever required. Like Justworks, your custom software product development solution must have full-service support through email, chat, phone, SMS, or other third-party collaboration application.


Companies can either have comprehensive support for all the features offered or have separate sections for –


Benefits Support

Payroll Support

HR Support

Compliance Support

Onboarding Support


A dedicated support executive can be assigned to handle and assist customers with their queries. You can also integrate Artificial Intelligence solutions, such as Chatbots, for resolving quick and easy issues.


Finding The Best Benefits Administration Software Development Company

Employee benefits have become an essential element in recruiting and retaining top talent. This makes benefits administration software invaluable for streamlining employee benefit programs. It also helps in managing them more efficiently. Finding one of the best benefits administration software companies may seem is a daunting task. But we offer tips below on how to identify one suitable for your organization.


  1. Focus on Experience and Expertise. When seeking benefits administration software providers, it’s crucial to find one with both experience and expertise. Look for companies that boast track records in providing software solutions tailored toward employee benefits management systems.

  2. Check for Customizability Options. Every company’s employee benefits administration needs differ. This makes finding software with customization features all the more crucial to meeting those specific requirements. Inspect the customization capabilities when searching for benefits administration software companies. This ensures the program will fit seamlessly within your workplace environment.

  3. Consider Scalability. Your employee benefits administration needs may change as your company expands. So, look for benefits administration software companies offering flexible solutions that can expand with you as your needs do. Doing this will save time and money over the long-term by eliminating the need to switch software solutions every time your needs alter.

  4. Evaluate Usability. Employee benefits administration can be an intricate task. To make sure employees can easily access and manage their benefits, look for software with an intuitive user-interface . This will make their access and management much simpler.

  5. Determine Integration Capabilities. Employee benefits administration software should integrate seamlessly with your HR systems. This includes payroll or time and attendance software. Find an employee benefits administration company offering these capabilities. So, all employee information will be accessible from one central place and easier to manage.

  6. Search for Compliance Features. Adherence to regulatory requirements is of utmost importance in employee benefits administration. So look for benefits administration software companies which include features designed to ensure that your benefits program complies with all governing bodies and all regulatory obligations.

  7. Consider Customer Support. When selecting a benefits administration software development company, it’s essential that customer support be top of mind. Be wary of companies offering subpar customer care. They should offer excellent training and ongoing assistance so your benefits program runs seamlessly.

  8. Examine Security Features. Employee benefits administration software contains confidential employee data that needs to be protected. Find an administration software company with robust security features. This includes data encryption and secure user authentication that offers these protections for maximum employee protection.

Finding one of the top employee benefits administration companies is paramount to the success of any employee benefits program. By considering all the above criteria, you can identify an administration software company. It can help you meet the company that ticks all unique requirements. Make sure to check with experience, expertise, customization options, scalability and user friendliness. Also check how good their integration capabilities, compliance features, customer support features and security capabilities are. This can help you make your decision wisely. 


In a Nutshell

Since small and mid-sized enterprises are struggling to match the user expectations and market competition. A survey by CII claimed that 20% of medium enterprises and 80% of small companies do not invest in a compiled solution such as Justworks due to budget. 


Partnering with IT professional services providers can be the right choice. Make sure to find one with relevant experience in developing a customized solution.


A customized solution is always a win-win solution. It flexibly lets you manage employees, vendors, and contractors. And also assist while building a harmonious working relationship ensuring scalability of the business. In short it enhances employee benefits experience big time.


To get a robust and secure platform like Justworks, you can connect with A3logics now




What are the key features of Justworks’ benefits administration software?

Justworks’ benefits administration software offers numerous features designed to streamline employee benefit administration. These features include automated enrollment and onboarding, customizable benefits options, and more. Furthermore, Justworks gives employees a user-friendly interface through which they can view and manage their benefits. 


How will Justworks’ benefits administration software features help my organization?

Integrating Justworks’ benefits administration software features can bring many benefits for your organization. First and foremost, they can streamline HR processes by automating tasks like onboarding, offboarding, benefits enrollment and benefits renewal. Justworks provides your HR team with timesaving functionality while decreasing errors. Furthermore, Justworks offers an impressive variety of benefits options. This includes health insurance plans, 401(k) plans and commuter benefits to attract and retain top talent. Justworks software was specifically created to meet federal and state regulations, decreasing risk for costly fines or legal complications. Integrating Justworks benefits administration software will save time, money, and effort while improving employee experiences while meeting regulatory compliance.


What steps must I follow in integrating Justworks’ benefits administration software features with my organization’s HR system?

Steps involved in integrating Justworks benefits administration software features into your organization’s HR system include: 


  1. Researching and assessing Justworks software features for compliance with organizational needs.
  2. Signing up and setting up an account.
  3. Connect Justworks with an existing HR system or set one up from scratch within Justworks.
  4. Import employee information into Justworks for import into Justworks for further use by your organization’s policies.
  5. Tailor benefits packages offered within Justworks according to organization-wide needs.
  6. Inform and enroll employees into your new benefits offerings and enrollment processes.
  7. Instruct HR on how to utilize Justworks for benefits administration. 8. Monitor the system closely in order to make any necessary modifications over time.


What are some potential challenges associated with implementing Justworks’ benefits administration software features, and how can these be overcome?

Problems associated with Justworks’ benefits administration software can include compatibility issues between Justworks features and existing HR systems. Employee resistance to change, and providing adequate training and support to HR staff. To overcome these obstacles, conduct an in-depth assessment of existing systems. Also offer clear communication to employees regarding benefits offered by new software. You must provide thorough training to HR staff about this new application. 


How does Justworks’ benefits administration software stack up against similar offerings on the market?

Justworks stands apart from similar software on the market due to its user-friendly interface, customizable options and comprehensive support services. Justworks stands out among similar solutions. It comes with a user-friendly interface, customizable options and comprehensive support services. As well as its comprehensive benefits options such as health insurance, 401(k) plans and commuter benefits which makes it attractive for small and mid-sized businesses in search of one-stop benefits administration solutions. Furthermore, Justworks regularly updates itself in compliance with changing regulations and industry standards. It gives users peace of mind knowing their administration remains current and accurate.