10 Best Messaging Apps Like Telegram for Secure Communication

A3Logics 13 Oct 2023

Nobody here could possibly not know of Telegram. After all, in April 2019 they boasted
400 Million monthly users! Telegram was second only to Snapchat among popular chat applications with 6th place secured by it in terms of downloads. What are its best features? Message encryption, delivery speed and privacy could all be considered great features of this popular application. Let us reveal some additional stats of apps like Telegram

In June it ranked among the top ten applications on every play store worldwide. Telegram app download boasted 500 million ticks by December of 2022. Their goal is to reach 1 billion active users by that point in time.

Let us demonstrate how to build apps like telegram. However, firstly you must understand what Telegram really is. While we know many consider Telegram to be an app like other social messaging or chat systems out there like WhatsApp. Our aim here is to explain exactly what Telegram actually stands for as part of its definition and functionality. Let’s get rolling

Apps Like Telegram: Why Do People Love?

Over 1.3 billion people now utilize instant messenger apps every month, such as Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber or Telegram chat app. Everyday more people are switching from social network sign-in to messaging apps instead – here are their features!


Chatting apps offer convenience; their fast delivery ensures messages reach their intended recipients quickly. No more waiting on an intermediary server which might get compromised or limit what can be accomplished with them!

Real-Time Text Messaging

Texting apps thrive due to their real-time capability of transmitting and receiving information instantly. Messages can be delivered even if recipients are offline, while they can also be threaded together for ongoing dialogue between two users.

Records of Chat History

Apps like Telegram offer one of the world’s most treasured data sets. Its chat history is hard for anyone else to gain access to because its messages remain private, making storage and searching of this archived conversation simple and manageable. Because most chat sessions tend to be short (you can delete messages just like email), its data set remains small allowing it to easily fit within storage and search capabilities.

Ease for Multitasking

Messaging app telegram offers great multitasking flexibility. While in one such app, it is easy to switch back and forth between programs on your phone – this gives you plenty of opportunities for multitasking while speaking with someone directly on a chatting application! It makes life much more efficient while talking on one!

Operate from Anywhere

Telegram app for iPhone and Android allow users to exchange multimedia content such as photos, videos, GIFs, stickers and tap backs without incurring SMS/MMS fees from SMS services.


Stickers were first developed as an aid for text messaging by adding color and graphics. But over time they have developed into their own kind of language. Emoji contain simple images made up of paint only; stickers employ vivid hues with images. This includes things such as food, animals, cars, flowers or landscapes. Giving new ways for individuals to express themselves by conveying moods or personalities. It allows one to make comments on someone else’s personality or act simply as decorations in messages they send.

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Apps Like Telegram: Market Stats

Telegram app is an instant messaging cloud-based instant messenger primarily utilized to send and receive texts, videos and VOIP service messages. As of 2015 it had delivered approximately 15 billion messages – quite an impressive figure indeed! Below app statistics can give you clarity:


  1. WhatsApp announced their newly updated privacy policy update received an overwhelming reception in January 2021 with 64 million installs worldwide.
  2. Statista reports that the Telegram app for Android and iPhone currently draws 500 Million active monthly users globally.
  3. Over 75% of Telegram users reported relying on it as their main news source.
  4. At the start of 2021, The Telegram had amassed more than 62 Million downloads worldwide and 38% market penetration by first quarter 2021.
  5. Telegram boasts over 18 million active Uzbekistani users.
  6. More than 67.2 of telegram traffic comes from searches.
  7. In 2016, Telegram web app users sent more than 15 Million messages daily.
  8. Telegram will reach over 550 million active users by 2022, making it one of the leading social media app developers.

Apps Like Telegram: Key Factors To Consider

Below are the important aspects that you must keep in mind while investing in free telegram apps. Check it out:

Cloud Storage

Telegram is a cloud-based chat application which enables users to store data securely across iOS, Android, Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux platforms – as well as track how long users spend using mobile phones for both business and personal purposes. Additionally, this tracking capability offers more insight into usage patterns across platforms than other similar offerings can.

End-to-end Encryption

End-to-end encryption embodies privacy when you download Telegram app. So this factor must be kept in mind while creating your custom Telegram app.

File Type and Size

Telegram allows you to send any type of file, from music videos and photos, to snaps shared between family and friends as well as latest tracks from bands you love that could feature in a mix tape created just for you – without limit. Send it all with just one tap! Through Telegram.

Multiple Group Creation Options

Telegram messenger app gives us the capability to form two types of groups. A normal group: This group may include up to 200 members or bots. Supergroups: 10,000 People

Top Apps Like Telegram In The Market

If you are considering investing in instant messaging app development, then below options can help. Take a look:

Signal Private Messenger

From our research of Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp messaging apps, it became evident that Signal was the safest. Utilizing its gold standard open-source Signal Protocol encryption method for end-to-end encryption implementation. Signal provides full end-to-end encryption across all forms of communication on its platform. This includes voice/video calls, chat messages, media clips or audio clips. Unlike other messaging apps which simply encrypt calls or messages but leave the metadata unsecured, Signal takes an extra step by protecting even this. Signal has taken steps to safeguard user privacy in all forms by creating Sealed Sender: an innovative system of communicating between senders and recipients that ensures nobody – not even Signal itself! So, it knows who is messaging whom, which makes for great security measures.


Are you enjoying Tor browser online privacy? Well, think of Session Messaging App as Tor’s equivalent in messaging. This open-source messaging application uses peer operated servers for routing messages similar to Tor. All this without having to register an email or phone number; messages are delivered and received using decentralised onion routing networks like Tor’s. Session Protocol provides end-to-end encryption based on Libsodium that protects audio calls as well as video calls using end-to-end encryption while EXIF data from attachments is removed so as not to compromise anonymity on either end ensuring anonymity on both sides.

SimpleX Chat

One of the most trending apps for sure. SimpleX Chat, one of the newest secure messaging apps to emerge recently. It claims to be the world’s first messaging application without user IDs and uses its proprietary platform called SimpleX for private communication. SimpleX Chat consists of multiple components such as SimpleX Messaging Protocol and TLS protocol, to name just two. But don’t get confused by its technical jargon; SimpleX Chat provides privacy features like an incognito mode to give users anonymity when communicating. 

It even features an anonymous mode which generates random usernames when communicating with contacts. Live message is another incredible feature included with this secure messaging app, offering unique communication. This unique feature enables the person you are communicating with to view messages you have not sent! Simply put, Live message allows the other party to see everything that you type without actually needing to transmit anything yourself – making Live message truly convenient and useful!


Wire is an anonymous messaging app available on iOS, Android and desktop platforms that automatically encrypts communications for added protection and group collaboration with enhanced security features. If your organization or business require private messaging apps then Wire may just be the ideal solution!


Element, also formerly known as Riot, is an enterprise-friendly secure chat application built around user privacy. Offering end-to-end encryption from its inception means your conversations remain fully protected – only sender and receiver can read your conversations! With Element as the successor name it now caters more directly towards business needs than Rio did previously.


WhatsApp, another highly popular messaging app. It has made end-to-end encryption accessible to more people by default and across all forms of communication. This includes SMS, MMS messages, voice, video calls and the Web itself. WhatsApp uses Open Whisper Systems’ cryptographic protocol named the Signal Protocol which has been peer-reviewed by various security researchers – while offering users native app lockers as well as 2FA capabilities is truly commendable.


Olvid is another open source secure messaging app packed with features similar to any other messaging platform out there, while maintaining privacy by being end-to-end encrypted and not requiring phone numbers or emails for setup – you initiate messages by sharing your Olvid ID through QR codes or receiving message requests, meaning nobody else can message you unless it was initiated first by yourself; its interface resembles that of iMessage making learning about Olvid much simpler than most messaging applications out there.


ChatSecure for iOS is a free, open-source encrypted messaging app with security measures designed to meet all of your security and privacy needs. Featuring OTR (Off-the-record) encryption over XMPP servers (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), ChatSecure enables you to securely communicate. Plus it lets you integrate social accounts such as Facebook or Google right into its ecosystem!


Dust, also known as Cyber Dust. It is an engaging secure messaging app, offering both security and privacy with features that are both attractive and seamless. It calls its messages “Dust” while its broadcast messages “Blast.” They’re heavily encrypted but never stored permanently like most of these other applications on this list; screenshots are prevented instantly upon sending, messages disappear after 100 seconds or 24 hours of remaining unopened by recipients and all messages have their own individual 128-bit AES encryption key for added protection as well.


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Apps Like Telegram: Key Essential Features

As part of their messaging app development journey, individuals should read A Comprehensive Guide on Messaging App Development. Below you’ll find sections covering essential features like Telegram that must be included within an effective messaging app like Telegram – please make sure that you read carefully for maximum comprehension!


Once signed up for Telegram, a verification code will be given. In order to use its services successfully, first use this code to authenticate your phone number by using this verification code as part of the authentication procedure.

Log In/Sign Up

In order to gain entry and set up your profile in our application, a valid phone number with which to confirm and authenticate verification codes is essential for signing up/signing in and creating your account quickly. Gathering detailed information or using an unoccupied email address aren’t essential either – both will enable faster account setup!

Create Groups

Telegram’s group chat feature is one of its core elements and adding it to any app is vital for its functionality. By doing this, more than 180k people can be involved in one group discussion at the same time!

Instant Access

Telegram offers instantaneous messaging between users by verifying phone numbers; clicking contact is all that’s necessary – there are no passwords or user names to remember!

Telegram Support for MultiMedia

This app allows you to send images, movies, documents and any other media types you need from your device directly. All file types commonly sent over Telegram are supported.

Image Filters within Apps

Telegram’s image viewer feature allows for high resolution photo displays. Before sharing them with contacts or groups, photos can be modified using Telegram’s inbuilt photo editing features before being posted publicly on Telegram’s messaging service.

Cloud Storage

Telegram provides cloud storage so all messages will be securely saved without taking up too much of your device storage. No more fearing message loss!

Deactivate Notifications

Telegram provides the option for you to mute notifications from individuals who may cause you trouble; you may if desired disable their alerts altogether if their presence causes irritation.

Voice Calls

Voice Calls Within Telegram Messaging App, to initiate voice calls you simply have to click on someone or their message and start talking – after entering their number enter your own phone number then wait until they answer!

Share Location

Telegram offers an inbuilt feature to share live/current location sharing. Making sharing easy, it allows users to simply click a contact or message name or message and select their Live Location option on that screen before sharing their live site with anyone.

Video Calls

Tap any contact’s name or message to initiate a video call. Select an available number on your phone’s dialer before pressing play!

These are the features that you must consider while investing in chat app development services. Connecting with the right experts can certainly work in your favour.

Apps Like Telegram: Development Process

Below are the important steps suggested by the best chat app development company for proper execution:

Market Research

Understanding who your target audience is is of vital importance when creating any project – especially something as critical as an app like messaging services. Without taking time to understand who will use and need the app, no one may ever want to use it – make sure you consider your audience before building anything, and more likely people will embrace your creation!

Concept Creation

When conceptualizing and planning for a social media app, one essential consideration must be what unique value proposition your app will bring over existing solutions such as Telegram. What problem will your app address that Telegram does not? Furthermore, what characteristics make yours similar yet distinct enough from Telegram that users would want to try it? Answering such essential queries when developing any messaging service app are of utmost importance in developing an ideal messaging service app.

Development Phase

First and foremost, don’t wait until your messaging app is fully complete to launch it. Instead, focus on building out an MVP with essential features so that when released to limited user groups you can collect feedback to inform improvements later.

Release Your App

There are two popular stores where you can release a messaging app developed by social media app development companies: the Google Play Store and AppStore. Many experts advise starting out on Google Play Store as it hosts over three million apps; furthermore, most global smartphone users – 87% to be exact – utilize Android phones as well.

Chat App Development Cost

Estimating how much it would cost to develop an app like Telegram is difficult. Each custom mobile app development company offers their own pricing structure and fees for development, but generally speaking it costs between $200-$50,000 plus for iOS or Android platforms if developed by reputable and well-established mobile app developers.

As per the top mobile app development companies in USA, below factors impact the cost of developing. Take a look:


  • Functionality
  • Size
  • Technology stack
  • Support services 
  • Delivery Timeline
  • Design
  • Hosting solutions
  • And more.

If you require an in-house chatbot app that involves extensive coding and API integration work, its price could reach closer to $150,00. Should additional AI functionality or graphics be requested or you require multiple platform compatibility simultaneously on both mobile platforms (iOS and Android), its price can go even higher than this initial estimation.

A3logics offers top-of-the-line mobile application development consulting services at competitive pricing. so take a look through their portfolio for more information about all their effective services offered.


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Final Thoughts

Building a social messaging app like Telegram requires patience and effort from you as the creator. So be fully committed to reaching your goal when developing one. Building this type of application won’t come cheap either. With basic features you might build one for $30,000. So start small to ensure success. If you are looking for a reliable Android and iOS application development company, then hire A3logics now. 


How much would it cost to build an app similar to Telegram?

Cost estimates for creating an application like Telegram depend on factors like features and functionality. It also depends on the developer.

Does Telegram support cloning?

Yes. Due to being open-source software, replicating Telegram should not prove difficult.

What is a Telegram App?

It is one of the most secure messaging apps in business. Telegram does not generate profits through their services and applications; according to their business model in 2021 there was zero revenue generated.