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Logistics & Supply Chain Software Development

A3Logics Helps you Unleash Efficiency and Streamline Your Supply Chain

Unlock the power of seamless logistics and supply chain management with A3Logics. Take your business to new heights of efficiency and profitability. From production to consumption, we are here to change the game for all things logistics and supply chain. Achieve seamless integration, real-time visibility, and enhanced efficiency in your global supply networks.

What We Offer

Stakeholder Management and Channel Development

We provide solutions for stakeholder management and channel development, helping businesses engage with stakeholders, optimize channels, and automate processes. Our features include a self-serve web portal, job-based approval, stock availability reporting, and status reporting.

Sourcing and Management of Operations

We are the leader in providing the best solutions for sourcing and managing operations, improving productivity, and achieving operational excellence. We offer technologies for sourcing, purchasing, and supplier management, including tools for reviewing supply chain procedures and assessing company-vendor interactions.

Inventory Management Services

Improve your business’s operations and profitability with our Inventory Management Services. We offer RFID and barcode connectivity and use built-in intelligence to determine optimal inventory levels and provide efficient solutions for tracking, managing, and optimizing your inventory levels.

Transportation Management Services

Combining expertise and innovation, we offer transportation management technologies that monitor and guide the movement of supplies across various modes of transportation. Our services help detect issues early on and improve efficiency in logistics and supply chain management.

Insurance Claims Management Software

As a ruling provider of claim software management solutions, A3Logics offers modern Insurance Claims Management Software that upgrades how insurance companies handle claims, streamlining processes and maximizing efficiency for seamless customer experiences.

Success Stories By The Numbers

Transportation & Logistics Technology Solutions


Percent of brokers who gave positive remarks for the automated load upload feature present in our load board solution


Percent of carriers who found it easy to track new loads in their locality using our load board platform


Percent of shippers using our platform who liked the third-party TMS integration feature in our load board solution


Percent of brokers and carriers who were satisfied with the real-time load alert facility present in our freight- matching platform


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